Bolt jumped up with the scream. He was so in his sleep he could not tell if it was a boy or a girl. He looked around. Everything was pitch black. There was no difference wether or not his eyes were opened. It was not long before it was not just one scream but multiple screams. All from very young people. There was sobbing from many directions. Bolt tried to go towards the nearest scream, until he was kicked on the stomach. The pain shot through his body. He found himself crying before he could do anything.
"Bolt!" called Naruto, "can you hear me?"
Bolt was unable to answer. The pain had paralyzed him. He heard the screams from all directions and footsteps running around. He heard someone messing with the box he received earlier. He regained control and pounced at the sound.
"Bolt," called Sarada, "Is that you?"
"Sarada?" he said, "It's me! Are you messing with my box?"
"Yeah! The flashlights!"
Bolt remembered them and began to search for the box with his hands. He finally got to it and began to search around for the flashlights. Just then, he heard Sarada scream in pain.
"Sarada!" he called before diving towards her. He believed he had her before feeling a wet ripped shirt.
"Ouch!" she said.
"But why?"
Before she could answer, Bolt was jerked away from her and thrown. He tried to sit up but was kicked on the ribs. Then he got multiple punches on the face. He did not move from then onwards. The screams went on until a few minutes after some noises of things walking through the vents. The sounds quieted and died down in the dark room.

Bolt woke up the next morning filled with pain in the ribs. There was also a tremendous weight on his ribs right where he was kicked. He once again could barely move his face.
"Wakey wakey!" called Springtrap's voice, "I'm lying down right beside you so we can talk-"
"Lying down right beside him," mumbled Mitsuki, "Your on top of him!"
"Bolt means the world to the Hokage, so in this case, I'm on top of the world! Considering the Purple Guy is very inflated! We should start calling him Balloon Boy instead!"
"Shut up with your puns!" said Chou Chou.
"What?" said Springtrap, "don't you want me to 'show shome' of my puns-"
"What do you want, Springtrap?" protested Bolt, "Just say it and get off cause something kicked me there!"
"I know something did! Why do you think I'm lying right on the spot-?"
"…okay okay…"
Springtrap sat up slowly. Bolt tried to get up. Then a whip slashed across his chest. Springtrap giggled and swung the whip round and round above his head as Bolt fell back down.
"Hehehehe," he laughed, "how does it feel?"
"What on earth do you want, Springtrap?" asked Bolt, sitting up again.
"I came to explain what happened yesterday at night-"
"Finally some answers!"
Springtrap got close to him slowly. He got near his ear.
"What happened was that-" he whispered.
"What?" said Bolt.
Bolt fell back and everyone halted. Springtrap looked around at every one of them. His voice was in a tone even the bravest people would run to their mothers and cry. Some kids did not take it and cried in the spot. Springtrap growled at them and they silenced almost instantly. he gave a side grin.
"That's better," he said. He leaned back at Bolt.
"You know the box I gave you?"
"Yeah," said Bolt.
"Well, I did say it had a price right?"
"Yeah you did. What is your price?"
"I took it already! It was yesterday."
Bolt shifted and looked around. There were kids sobbing. He then realized they had gashes on different places.
"On the night I was forced to escape from prison," said Springtrap, "I was in a dark place and hard to see things. I was not like my little blind brother that was used to be unable to see where he went. That night, I lost a man that was like my father, Mr Mike Schmidt. I just made you go through the same thing. Now I hold something, or better, someone dear of your's in my possession. I don't think you will see it or them again."
"But that had nothing to do with me!"
"I could have not gone to jail and gotten stronger with you all in the academy. strong enough to save him perhaps. But you never helped me out of the mess. The fight was near my mother's house, so I would have gone for sure. But no. I was just a prisoner."
"So what did you take from me?"
"You will find out very soon! The more you care about this someone, the faster you will notice them missing and the more you will suffer!"
Springtrap wake out and dashed into an opened vent window on the wall. Bolt looked around, trying to see what Sprigtrap meant. He did not see it. His friends were there, his family was there, his-
Then he saw a broken chain on the floor.

Dun dun DUUUUN! Something terrible happened to someone Bolt loves! ST took this someone and who know what he will do to this person. It could be anything really! Spingtrap that growls at crying innocent kids… what will he do with someone that is loved by his enemy and he wants revenge.

There's something else I want to talk about. I bet many noticed Bolt's change of behavior towards ST. He became the "I'm sorry" type to the "leave me alone" type in just one night. He is slowly losing fear and pity for our Misery Bunny as his anger grows towards him after seeing him taunt his friends and threaten him. When ST was Orion, he was very tolerant, to the point he loved his mother even though she abused him and took him from his father (the two were very close) and he still considered Bolt his BFF even while Bolt bullied him. But the incident in which he became Springtrap opened his eyes to who Bolt really was, effectively making him realize the way other people thought of him. In a way, realizing how something really worked led him into realizing how many others did by noticing how they were both similar and linked. Well, guess here we can see how one thing can change someone good and innocent into a terrible slaver. So here we have a life lesson too! We need to be careful with what we do and tell people, cause depending on what it is, it can only be forgiven, not forgotten.

But thanks for reading! Stay tuned for next chapter! I'll be going to the World Scout Jamboree tomorrow, so I might not be able to update before August 10th.