JaA is back again! This time, we have quite a special chapter.

A silent figure walked silently around the amusement park at night. It was late, therefore, the entire park was closed. But she did not want to ride in any attractions. She just wanted to call back some memories and search for her friend. When she was little, she often went there with her parents. She used to have so much fun. But then, some shinobi attacked her village and she never got a chance to return. Her father mysteriously disappeared during the attack and her mother was used as a healer until she died from overuse. She was forced to take her place eventually.

She could not help but to sob. She was not truly smiled at since other than by a boy who saved her life and one that eventually became her husband. Now she had nothing other than a man she served.

She sat down silently on a table near a snack bar. She took out three pictures. One with her and her parents and the other with the one her family after she was married and with four kids. She did not remember how she lost them. The photos were her only proof they existed. She sobbed for several minutes.

Then, out of the darkness, a hand touched her shoulder. She felt relieved with that. Suddenly, fear shot through her spine. Fear of that being the park's manager or a policeman wanting to arrest her.

"Hello my dear," hissed a young male voice

She stiffened.

"Calm down," he said no longer in hisses, "I won't hurt you."

She relaxed and tried to ignore him.

"What are you doing here so late?" he asked.

"I-I could ask you the same thing," she said, "But I just wanted to recall some memories."

"We are birds of a feather then. It's been year since i've last seen a face around here."

"You also have some memories here?"

"Not exactly from here, but from the village."

"Okay, but who are you?"

"I'm just a lone creature… I live in one of the latest fright attractions. I have my masters, but they are terrible. My only real friends I have are Fred, and the darkness."

"You actually live here? I'm sorry! I did not know I was invading! I'll le-"

"Please don't. Stay here a little. Please.. don't avoid me."


"It's terrible when people hate you. You are lonely. You are scared. You need to fake your death sometimes. You can't do anything about it. And many times, they hate you for something it was not even your fault."

"I know exactly what you mean."

"I bet you do. What is your name?"


"Oh, Karin, very nice to meet you."

Karin slowly began to turn her head towards the speaker. Before she succeeded, he stopped her head.

"Don't," he said, "I don't want you to see me like this."

"Oh please," she said, 'It can't be so bad."

She turned and came face to face with a yellow animatronic rabbit. A perfect playmate for a baby. But something about his eyes did not feel right.

"I'm a human," he said.

"W-what?" she asked.

"i am. I was normal. Until one day, I was trapped into this suit. I hate to tell this story to anyone. But now, my name is Springtrap."

"Oh, that's terrible."

"humph! Springtrap or Spring Bonnie were my choices! You might not like Springtrap, but I'm not karen too much about it!"

"Wow! That was literally the WORST pun I ever heard!"

"My puns are one of the reasons no one likes me!"

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"It's alright… what are these?"

He pointed at the pictures. Karin handed them to him and explained who the people were. Springtrap however listened to the first few sentences only. His eyes focused on the pictures. He saw the picture of her parents. He never saw anyone looking like them at all. he looked at the picture of her married and with her kids. A about five year old boy was there. Beside him, there was a three year old that greatly resembled the father. There were also two babies. He did not recognize anyone by name, but the three year old and the five year old looked very familiar. He then looked at the last picture. There was a man and a woman on each side and a girl about twelve in the center. He knew who they were. Guilt began to build up in him as he shook.

"Are you alright?" asked karin.

"Yes," he said flatly, "why did they make you cry?"

"You saw me crying?"

"I heard you wailing."

"It's that I haven't seen them in years. My friend disappeared a few days ago."

"Oh my! I haven't seen my own family in a long time either!"

"How terrible! You look very young!"

"I'm twelve! I've been stuck in this suit since I was nine. I did not know it had spring locks ad they crushed me and now i'm stuck in it. It's horrible! I can't move without feeling their stings. It's so often I got used to the pain."

Karin began to shed more tears on hearing the rabbit. He realized it and wiped her tears.

"It's okay," he said, "I am dealing with those responsible."

"Are you?" Karin asked.

"Yes, they and their families will pay. And one day, I will also get my… mother."

"Why would you want to make you mother suffer?"

"She hated me! She messed up with me! I will deal with her myself!"

"W-what about your father?"

"He… I will find him someday… but he doesn't deserve me."

"Springtrap, how can you say that? He is still your father."

"Exactly. He doesn't deserve someone like me. He deserves a lot better..."

Springtrap began to tear up. Karin, noticing in, pulled him lightly into a hug, careful not to let the springs in the suit stick into him even more. He sniffed and hugged her back. Springtrap then felt, for the first time in three years, comfort from someone. His masters had been no better than Bolt in many ways and they even hit him sometimes when he was not used to the suit. But now he was there, being cuddled by a nice woman who had also lost everything. She could not do much, but that was more than enough for the Golden Bunny.

He got her a snack from the closed snack bar and walked her over to the exit of the park.

"My master does not like people in the park at this hour," he told her, "you should hurry."

"Okay," she said walking out, "thank you."

"Karin," he said.

"what is it?"

"I promise... one day, I will find and bring your family back to you."

It was hard for him to say that. Considering he was a monster to Bolt and his friends in the past. But that hug was more than enough to help him say it.

Karin did not say anything. She nodded and walked away, not noticing she left something behind.

Springtrap is not always that monster we see most of the time. He has pity for people who cry and such, unless he knows them for being bad to him, like Bolt. What can I say? One of those filler episodes gave me lots of inspiration! I just had to include Karin! She was always my favorite in Naruto.