Full Summary: Allen and Charity Walker, twin siblings from London have moved to America to start a new life where they meet the trio, Lavi, Lenalee, and Kanda, who are trying to start a band. When Allen's offered to join them, he gladly accepts! But he holds a terrible past that only Charity knows about. Will his new friends discover his pain? Will he discover their pain as well? And what other things will happen?

Genre: Romance, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort.

Pairings: KandaxAllen, LavixLenalee, Possible OCxOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own D. Gray-man under any circumstances whatsoever.

"Hey, freak! What are you doing here?!"

"Yeah, freaks don't belong here, so get lost!"

"Really, you have to wonder why someone like you was even born. Especially that freaky sister of yours!"

The boys head shoots up at those words and he glares at the group of kids in front of him. "Insult me, beat me, do whatever to me, but you bastards better not insult or touch my little sister!"

"Watch that damn mouth of yours or we'll kill you!"

The kids corner the poor albino boy against a wall and start beating him. They yanked off his gloves and tore off his sleeve to reveal his arm. Their faces were full of disgust and hatred as they started kicking him over and over again. The boy cried out in pain, whimpering as the group of kids left him on the ground.

"He's so stupid! Not to mention weird looking! Did you see his hair? Freaky!"

"I hear he's an orphan! His parents didn't want him!"

"Not surprising, considering how much of a mutant freak he is."

Their laughter echoed through his mind as they continued to walk away. He was happy they picked on him instead of Charity but...

Why... Why me...?

Allen woke up to the annoying beeping of his alarm clock and quickly pressed the snooze button. He groaned, reluctantly pulling himself from the covers and getting dressed for school. He decided to wear a pair of dark blue jeans, a T-Shirt, and a jacket with a hood that covered his face. The black jacket said on the back in big white words, 'At Times, I Fit into Lyrics More Than I Fit into Life.' Allen had it specially made for him because the words described him thoroughly. He loved music; he felt it was his only escape from reality.

Of course, this wasn't the only jacket he had specially made. There were hundreds of others in his room, all with quotes. He, believe it or not, had once tried to take his own life. It was a failed attempt however because Charity, his younger twin sister, had found him in the classroom after he had stabbed himself. He could have sworn there were others with her at the time but didn't pressure the situation as she was already hysterical when he awoke in the hospital the next day.

She had been angry he had tried to take his own life but at the same time she didn't slap him like he expected. It was then he realized that she was not angry at him, but herself, because she couldn't protect him. He hated seeing her like that. He swore to himself never to attempt suicide ever again. He had his sister; he needed to think of her and his own life.

He sighed as he walked out of the room and down the hall towards the next room which happened to belong to his younger twin sister. They had recently moved from London to America, so now they were in Hampton, Virginia. At least the more beautiful part of it - they bought a large two story house with money they received from a relative who happened to live somewhere in Virginia. His name is Neah Walker, one of the richest men in the US. Afterwards they unpacked all their belongings and furniture and put them in the appropriate places. The house had three bedrooms, one being a guest bedroom.

He knocked on his sisters bedroom door. "Hey, sis. It's almost time for school, lets go." He called. When the door opened, it revealed Charity in her kitten sleepwear. Allen grinned and leaned against the door frame, trying to hold himself back from laughing. "You're still not dressed? I am indeed beginning to question who is the more responsible one here." A giggle escaped his lips. He was the same height as his sister and their hair was the same length, although she probably didn't notice that detail. She was younger by two minutes. They were the same in every way, even the scar and arm. Their personalities and appetites were somewhat different however.

She furrowed her brow in confusion before looking down and her eyes went wide. She looked up, glaring at her big brother in embarrassment with her cheeks flushed. He couldn't hold back anymore and started laughing, causing Charity to slam the door in his face. He went to the bathroom, took a shower and brushed his teeth. Charity knocked on the door.

"Open up! I need to take a shower too, ya know!" she demanded, her thick british accent piercing the door. He laughed.

"There're two or three bathrooms in this house. Use one, I'm busy." He replied, a mouth full of tooth paste. He heard a groan as she rushed to the next bathroom. Allen shook his head in amusement as he finished and wiped his mouth.

They quickly rushed out the door, skipping breakfast because they didn't want to be late. The twins arrived at the bus stop in time to jump on the bus and arrive in time for school. The teacher for the first class took them to a classroom and opened the door before walking inside, followed by Allen and Charity.

"All right, class! Shut your mouths for a minute! Here are our new transfer students. This is Allen and Charity Walker, a pair of twins here from London. I hope you treat them nicely. Now Allen, there's an open seat next to Kanda in the back and Charity can take the seat next to that one." Mr. Wenhamm explained.

The twins nodded and quickly took their seats. Class felt longer than expected, and the new school had a weird name. Black Order High School. He sighed then felt 'Kanda' staring at him. Allen looked at him and his eyes widened. He was Japanese. So thats why his names a bit strange. And then there's the girl sitting in front of that red-head... She's Chinese. Wow, it's like a mixture of different nationalities. Allen and Charity add to the mix. Shortly after class, the three classmates walked up to the twins.

"Hi. My names Lenalee." the girl said.

"I'm Lavi~! And you already know Yuu here!" the red-head said cheerfully.

The long-haired boy glared at him. "Call me that again, baka usagi. I fucking dare you! Cause when you do, I'll hunt you down like the damn rabbit you are, gut you with my family's katana, and throw your body in a damn ditch where no one will find you."

"O-okay... Well, I was going to ask where he got that jacket. Its pretty cool," Lavi cheered, grinning. Charity rolled her eyes and sighed as Allen answered slowly, "I had it made. I've had hundreds of jackets made with different quotes, but they're all true about myself." Lenalee smiled happily at that as the five hurried to their next class, coincidently having the same schedule.

When it was lunch time, the twins decided to eat outside with the other three. Kanda, Lavi, and Lenalee seemed to share his interest in music and it made Charity happy to see her brother smile, even if most of his face was hidden by his hood. That's when Lenalee asked the most unexpected question.

"Would you be interested in joining our band? We need someone like you. You can sing, write lyrics, and even play instruments! You're so talented! Please?" She asked, practically begging. Although she couldn't see his face, she was sure he had an expression of shock, joy, and surprise. Slowly, he nodded and Kanda clicked his tongue in disdain.

Charity learned quickly that Kanda isn't mean to one person individual - he's also mean to everyone else. Except Lenalee when she's in a bad mood, he'll gladly retreat then. Lenalee squealed with delight and hugged Allen.

"Alright, here's the address. It's at my house in my garage but be careful, I have a crazy brother as a scientist. But I'll tell him you're stopping by, kay? I'll be home shortly after school, so I'll send him a text," she noted, happily smiling. Allen nodded, smiling. After school, he looked at the address. He was surprised to realize that the house wasn't that far from his own so he quickly arrived at the house with Charity. Komui, her brother, let them in when he told them who they were. When he went to the garage, he met the rest of the band.

"Hey, Allen! What's up? Ready to be a part of the band?" Lenalee asked, crossing her arms with a graceful smile. Allen felt a surge of happiness all of a sudden and looked around frantically until he found a notebook. He looked through the pages of Lavi's horrible songs and eventually found a clean, unused paper inside it. He pulled out a pen and immediately started writing.

"Wh-whats he doing?" Lavi asked, obviously embarrassed the kid saw his horribly written lyrics. Charity laughed and looked at Allen.

"He's writing another song. He always does, especially when he has a strong emotion. He's probably happy to be joining your band,"

There's suddenly a large growl that made everyone look around except Charity. As the younger twin searched her knapsack, the other four looked around until Kanda grabbed Komui and shook him.

"Is that another one of your damn robots, Komui?!" Kanda shouted, causing the scientist to shake his head frantically. The three gave Komui disbelieving looks until they heard Charity crack up laughing, carrying a large Japanese bento box called an Osechi which separates like three different lunches in one. Kanda's eyes widened. "That's from Japan. Its an osechi. Each stack has food in it and usually a lot of it. Where'd you get it?" He asked incredulously.

"We ordered it from Japan. Allen and I have studied many different languages and nations. Japan so happens to be one of them. I bought this for Allen because he has the most ridicuously big appetite. I don't know why, though. Anyway that sound was his stomach, not robots," she says, placing the food in front of Allen who immediately starts eating. Kanda reluctantly released Komui and everyone stared at Allen.

"How does he not gain weight?!" Lavi asked, eye wide. The younger twin only shrugged happily.

"Perhaps he has an extremely fast metabolism? It wouldn't be surprising; it's possible for someone to eat this much if their metabolism is extremely fast," she explains. Before anyone knew it, Allen was finished with the food. They gaped at him for a minute before Lavi laughed and threw his arm over Allen's shoulder playfully.

"You're awesome, Brit!"

Weekend, Saturday, 6:00 A.M.

School for the rest of the rest of the week went surprisingly smooth. No one bullied Allen, even after finding out what he looked like by pure chance. But he didn't consider them friends. His friends were Lavi, Lenalee, and Kanda. After that day at Lenalee's house, they met every day. But he wasn't sure it was proper to show up over the weekend.

"Has anyone seen Al?" Lenalee asked worriedly as she entered the garage. Kanda scowled at her.

"The fuck, Lenalee? Who cares? Moyashi's probably at his damn house or something!" Kanda growled, his guitar in his arms as he sat in a chair. Lenalee sighed in frustration. Lavi grinned at her from behind his drums, twirling the drumsticks between his fingers as she pulled out a piece of paper.

"Their house is nearby which explains how they get here so quickly. Come on, guys. Let's go, move those asses! We're going over there!" Lenalee shouted, opening the garage door with the boys trailing behind her. When they were in front of the house, they knocked and waited for an answer. When no one answered, Lenalee went to open the door and was surprised to find it unlocked. They heard a guitar playing clearly and Charity singing an upbeat and beautiful song.

"I think the universe is on my side

Heaven and Earth have finally aligned

Days are good and that's the way it should be

You sprinkle stardust on my pillow case

It's like a moonbeam brushed across my face

Nights are good and that's the way it should be


You make me sing "Oooh, la la la" Allen sang 'Oooh' with Charity for a moment with both lines while she started on the drums.

You make a girl go "Oooh"

I'm in love, love


Did you see that shooting star tonight?

Were you dazzled by same constellation?

Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?

I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right, Allen went quiet for the next part of the verse.

Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright

Bright, so bright


And I see colors in a different way

You make what doesn't matter fade to grey

Life is good and that's the way it should be

You make me sing "Oooh, la la la" Allen copied what he did last time, singing the word "Oooh" with her.

You make a girl go "Oooh"

I'm in love, love


Did you see that shooting star tonight?

Were you dazzled by the same constellation?

Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?

I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right, Allen went quiet again.

Cause now I'm shining bright, Oh, so bright

And I get lost, oh, in your eyes


Did you see that shooting star tonight? The first two lines were sung by Charity, until Allen rejoined the song on the third line.

Were you dazzled by the same constellation?

Did you and Jupiter conspire to get me?

I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right

I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right

I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right, Allen went quiet again as Charity kept singing.

Cause now I'm shining bright, so bright

Bright, so bright

Bright, so bright

And I get lost in your eyes tonight." Charity giggled when she and Allen finished the song.

"Oh, my gosh! Allen, it's beautiful!" Charity said, hugging Allen. She seemed to have noticed half way through the song that Lenalee and the others were in the house. She glanced at the trio behind her and grinned.

"And I think that the Break-In Trio agrees!" She announces cheerfully. Allen's eyes widened as he looked up and saw the three. His face turned beat red. Kanda scowled at her as the trio walked in.

"We knocked, actually. When you didn't answer, the door was unlocked so we came in," Lenalee replies apologetically.

"It's fine. Allen here woke up this morning debating on whether or not it'd be proper to show up over the weekend. The debate in his little head ended in, 'No, it's rude to show up unexpectedly over the weekend' and despite my protests, holed himself up in his room." She explains, patting Allen's head with a petite hand. Lenalee giggled and shook her head slowly.

"Allen, we always meet up over the weekend. We spend time as a band but also as friends. Don't worry about the minor details." She reassured. Allen nodded and gathered his things to put them away.

"Well, you're guests at our house this time so follow me," Allen was still blushing from embarrassment, but even so he took his friends downstairs into the living room. The time is only 6:39 A.M., Allen noted. He sighed and poured fresh cool water for everyone and handed them the glasses. They didn't have anything fancy like tea or anything at the moment so this was the best he could do.

"Allen! What the bloody hell is wrong with your damn room?!" There were clattering noises following Charity's voice, "Shite! Bugger it! Quit your chin wagging and get your arse up here!"

"No! I'm with my friends!"

Charity ran out of Allen's room and scowled at him. "Why the bloody hell is your room so damn depressing?!"

Allen only shrugged with a boyish grin. "Cause I thought it looked absolutely smashing - as well as the other stuff in my room. To me it isn't depressing its just how I prefer it." Charity gave up at that and just sighed. Lavi had a big stupid grin on his face and was laughing hard although he tried unsuccessfully to hide it. He stopped when Kanda him in the side with his elbow as Lenalee pulled out a bag.

"Okay. I was thinking that the five of us could come up with a name for the band. We'll vote on it using slips of paper with names on them." She said holding the bag out. Everyone reached their hands in and pulled out a folded slip of paper. "Don't blame me if they're bad though," Everyone opened their slips of paper and read it.

"I have 'The Exorcists'." Kanda announced.

"I have 'Akuma'." Lavi added.

"I have 'Miracle'." Charity said.

"And I have 'D. Gray-man'. What's yours, Allen?" Lenalee asked. Everyone turned their attention to the older twin.

"Black Order. I guess it's okay. But Kanda's seems a bit better," Allen replied. They nodded slightly, and after some debate decided to use Kanda's and Allen's together, making it Black Order Exorcists. Allen's phone started ringing and he groaned as he answered it. He didn't seem too happy with the caller.

"What do ya want, deadbeat?" Allen asked spitefully. His face, although clearly full of anger, was calm. At least until the person on the other line of the phone replied.

"Yes, I called you a deadbeat! Rubbish! You're a barmy git and you know it! Sloshed prat! Yes you heard me! What? Huh?! Don't bring Charity into this, you old sod! I'll kill you if you come within a six hundred meter radius of my sister!" Allen yelled furiously. He looked absolutely livid. He was using so many British cuss words that only Charity understood him. Allen's face was practically red with his anger.

"Is that an old boyfriend of yours, Char?" Lavi asked curiously. The three friends were a bit surprised when Charity almost choked on the water she was drinking. She shook her head and coughed a bit before replying.

"No. He's a guardian who lives with our uncle. He took us in after our father was killed in an accident. Although, Allen kicked his ass when he was merely thirteen years old, due to the fact he got tired of living with the drunkard." They stare at her for a moment before looking back at Allen.

"If you even come near this house, you- wait what? You say you're gonna kick my British arse? Hah! Not blooming likely! You're so drunk you can't even stand straight and don't tell me I'm wrong! You probably won't even remember this damn conversation! Best of the British to you, ya stupid perverted prick!" and with that Allen hung up, a voice managing to get through before he did, saying something like, I don't need good luck from your British ass! Fuming, Allen went to the kitchen to refill his glass.

Lavi grinned, chuckling as Allen sat back down beside Charity. "So Allen... I never knew you could blow your top like that over one person,"

"That man is insufferable! He's a drunk that sleeps with any woman he can! No way am I letting that pervert near Charity or myself!" Allen replied, frowning. The three friends could understand how he felt; Lavi didn't have a sister but he wouldn't want a man like that around the Lenalady. Neither did Kanda. And Lenalee, although she didn't have a sister, she still had Komui. She wouldn't want anything bad happening to him.

Charity giggled and sighed as she checked the clock. It was 7:56 A.M. Things are going to get very interesting now that Allen has friends, She mused.

Saturday, Time Skip: 12:30

"What the fuck was with that room of yours? Are you a goth or some shit?" Kanda asked as he entered the garage with Lavi and Allen. The British boy shook his head angrily.

"No, I am not! And what right do you have to say about it when your wardrobe is full of nothing but black clothes?! I was at your house on Wednesday. Your clothing isn't any better than my room." retorted Allen. Lavi snorted in an attempt to hold back his laughs.

"But Allen, your room...it's kinda depressing," The red head countered, so Kanda didn't end up punching the boy right then and there. Which was a failed attempt...

When they had walked into the room, they were met with the most unbelievable sight. Most of the room was black, with black curtains. The bed was covered in a black sheet and comforter, as well as two black pillows and two white ones.

The blanket had a thick lining of white stretching across the top hem. The floor was a pure white carpet, but the walls were a dark greyish color that was almost black. The heading of the bed was a creepy white like snow, the book cases being tall and black as well. And they were full of books of many different subjects.

The desk next to his window was black with ghostly white drawers. The windows were big but not too big as there were only two in the room on separate sides of the same wall so it all stared out into the neighborhood. Kanda sneered and reared back, punching Allen and Lavi in the stomach.

"Boys~! I've got a shocking surprise! So get your asses over here and stop fighting!" She singsongs the first two sentences before practically growling the last sentence. Immediately they rushed into the Lee Family's kitchen, after landing a few more good punches on one another.

"Yes, Lenalady!" Lavi cheered, leaning on the table with his elbows under him and his hands holding up his head. He had a grin practically permanently plastered on that face of his. Kanda scowled as he entered the room, guitar slung over his shoulder without the case. Allen entered next, his hood pulled up but not hiding his face this time.

"Okay, listen up! I've got us a show next weekend on Sunday." she announced proudly. Kanda and Lavi's jaws dropped but before she could see Allen's expression, he quickly hid his face with the hood shyly. Kanda was the first to speak.

"You're pulling my chain, right?"

"It's not a real one, so quit looking so shocked. Its for amateurs. But I'm not sure what we should wear." She slid the pamphlet the man who owned the place gave her across the table.

Allen lifted his right hand shakily, the hood hiding his face. "I... I can take care of that. I know how to get clothes specially tailored, and I have a friend here in Virginia - well, not friend. He's really nice to me since I always purchase clothing from him after explaining the details and having him make it - but anyway he can help with the clothes and don't worry I'll pay for it," Allen explained.

"Okay, thanks Allen! I owe you one! Make sure its black or something," Lenalee smiled. Allen nodded and quickly left to get things started on the clothes. He knew that if anyone could make the proper clothes, it was Tokusa. He quickly headed to a downtown tailoring shop and entered.

"Hey, Tokusa! I have a request." Allen called as he walked up to the blond.

"Anything for my most valued customer," the man replied with a smile.

"Okay, so I've recently joined a band. We named it Black Order Exorcists - just Exorcists for short - and need some clothing. I was thinking black long coats with white trim, and silver buttons. Also, an emblem on the side in a shape of a sort of rosary might be good too. Except we have a girl in the band too who mostly wears short skirts," Allen explained. The young British teen also decided to explain his friends' appearances and attitudes thoroughly, starting with Kanda.

Tokusa hummed in thought then came up with a brilliant design. He immediately nodded and sketched it out quickly but carefully. He decided to add pants and shoots to go along with it. There were different designs - a long coat with no hood, one with a hood and another that wasn't as long, stopping near the knee with a scarf to go with it. These were the male outfits, and once he was finished sketching, he started designing.

"Come back in a few days, Al. I'll try to have 'em finished by next Saturday." Tokusa said. Allen nodded and started on his way back to Lenalee's house.

Allen arrived back at the Lee house twenty minutes later and yawned sleepily. His lack of sleep was starting to catch up to him. He wasn't able to sleep last night because of nightmares that he really hadn't dreamt for two years at the most. So he stood up most of last night, writing lyrics. He managed to fall asleep somewhere around 3:34 A.M., and when he did he didn't have a nightmare like he was afraid of waking up to for a fifth time that night. The first four times, he had woken up between 11:04 and 12:42. Afterwards he decided to stay awake, so he was more than happy that the fifth time he fell asleep was dreamless.

Charity was in the garage when he arrived and she smiled her greeting, sitting in a lawn chair. "Okay, everythings set. Tokusa said he'd try having our clothes ready by next Saturday," Allen announced. Lenalee smiled big while Lavi was being reprimanded by Kanda most likely for saying something stupid and calling him by his name. At the same time.

"That's great! Thanks so much, Al!" Allen nodded in response to her with a smile. They started to set up their band instruments and mic's for band practice. Kanda scowled when picking up his guitar, checking the strings while Lavi inspected his drums. Once they finished checking all of the instruments and making sure everything was as it should be, Lavi grinned.

"Alright, let's get started!"

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