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Allen started playing the piano and Kanda joined in with the guitar, with Lavi using the drums a bit before going quiet and starting on the drums again in certain parts of the song, with Lenalee playing the backup guitar.

"We have to keep running to the unseen end

We may never have such restful days again. Kanda and Lavi sang the third and fourth line with Allen.

Bury your despair deep in your heart,

Let your face show nothing but strength.

Ever onwards our tired wings carry us.

They'll never ever beat us down. Kanda and Lavi began singing with Allen again.

We'll keep going forever,

Until we change the world.

We'll defeat every last one of them

no matter what the cost.

Out of the light is born with the darkest shadow;

As lies obscure the truth

Deception pierces our souls

We may never break through this endless night,

but that tiny, selfish dream remains

That we'll see another morning

If we can only accept our sins and the pain they bring!

A voice whispered, "I want everything."

Without even bothering to regain what is lost

The finger that is reaching forward

Didn't notice the cold

If love is to be left

Let it be on your frozen lips.

Only the purest light can give birth to darkness

As warmth is overlapping with suspicion

Of the feelings that you've come to face

The promises we've made in our connected hearts

Don't care about the wound of eternity

And leaves their mark

Before they disappear in the crack constructed by time

Out of the light is born the darkest shadow;

As lies obscure the truth

Deception pierces our souls.

We may never break through this endless night

but that tiny, selfish dream remains

that we'll see another morning

If we can only accept our sins and the pain they bring." When the song ended, Lenalee and Komui started clapping, smiling wide. The song was written by Allen, and he named the song Doubt and Trust.

"That was pretty good. The lyrics were nice, Brit!" Lavi stated, grinning as he held up his hand for a high five. Allen high fived Lavi, but Kanda refused.

"Aww, don't leave me hangin' here, Yuu!" He was honestly pouting like a child.

"What did I fucking say about my name, baka usagi?!" Kanda yelled, grabbing Lavi by the shirt and shaking him.

"Honestly, Yuu, it slipped my mind," he replied with a sly, mischievous smile that's likely to get him killed one of these days. As Kanda pulled back to punch him, Lavi slipped out of his grip and ran out of the garage. Laughing, he ran down the street.

"Gotta go! See ya, Yuu! The Old Panda's gonna be mad if I don't go home soon!"

"Don't fucking come back! Damn rabbit!"

Lenalee just shrugged with a sigh. Well, we did enough for today I suppose. Lavi's better off going home in case Kanda really decides to kill him... Wait, Lavi's grandfather might do that for him. She thought then shrugged it off. Nothing new.

"Whose Old Panda?" Allen asked curiously, tilting his head to the side.

"That's Lavi's grandfather. Everyone just calls him Bookman, but Lavi calls him Old Panda." Lenalee replies with a sweet smile. "Bookman replies with something along the lines of 'Idiot Grandson', even though Lavi is one of the smartest guys at school."

Kanda scowled at that, glaring at Lenalee. She looked at him and stuck her tongue out. Allen stretched his arms and yawned. "Well, I suppose that's believable. Even though he acts like a complete moron sometimes... like when he doesn't know how to leave a snake alone, Kanda being the snake," Allen mused, seeming to imagine the situation as Kanda as a big man-eating snake and Lavi as a red rabbit who can't seem to leave the snake alone.

Kanda flicked him in the forehead hard. "Quit your fucking daydreaming, Moyashi!"

"I'm not a beansprout, Bakanda! The names Allen!" he retorted, glaring right back at his bandmate. Kanda only smirked. With a huff, Allen pulled his lunch and water bottle out for the evening and started eating.

"Oh no, the Moyashi's started eating. That's my cue to get the fuck out. Later, Lenalee!" the long-haired guitarist left the house as quickly as he could without running. Komui shrugged and went back to his lab downstairs in the basement. Lenalee only facepalmed.

"Seriously, why's everyone bailing on me today?"

"I haven't bailed, Lenalee,"

"I know you haven't Allen. But wouldn't you rather go back home? Charity's there, isn't she?" she asked, curious. Allen shook his head.

"No, Charity has work. She doesn't like borrowing from our Uncle Neah and neither do I so she decided to get a job somewhere. I asked her if I could too, but she said that I needed to do something besides work to support us for once. So she got a job as a waitress in our favorite cafe called Cat's Cradle." Allen explains with a sigh, already having finished his food.

Lenalee inwardly sighed. "Um, Allen? Is there a reason that Charity is so overprotective?" she asked. Allen stiffened at the question and gripped his water bottle, nodding slowly.

"Yes, but I'd rather not talk about it. It's personal."

The girl nodded and decided to accept her friends privacy. He'd tell her and the others about it when he's ready. There was a loud crash downstairs and Allen almost jumped out of his chair at the table. "What was that?!"

"Damn it, Komui! What the hell did you do this time?!" Lenalee loved her brother to the ends of the Earth, but one of these days she was going to strangle the life out of him.

"Uh... Nothing, my dear sweet sister Lenalee!" a voice called back nervously.

"I don't believe you! You're building robots again, aren't you?!" she shouted, getting up and standing at the entrance of the basement. She glared down the stairs before she walked down. She wasn't surprised to see a ten foot robot down in their basement, malfunctioning again because a chemical or liquid was poured on it.

She kicked the robot so hard in the back of it's head that the mechanical head went flying across the room and into the wall, where it smashed to pieces. The rest of the robot collapsed and Komui started crying. "How could you, Lenalee? He was the newest Komurin!"

"A robot of destruction, you mean, brother? The last one you made nearly destroyed our house!" she scolded fiercely, glaring down at him as he was on his knees next to the recently destroyed robot. She kicked him upstairs and as they neared Komui's bedroom, she started to speak again.

"Brother. Go to your room and think about what you've done!" she kicked him so hard in the face that she knocked him into the bedroom. She locked the door so he couldn't get out and went back to Allen who had found a comfy spot on the couch, minding his own business like nothing had happened.

She sat next to Allen nervously. "Sorry about my brother. He's a scientist but he has a tendency to make a robot with several flaws. More often than not, they end up drinking his coffee or chemicals and malfunctioning,"

Allen laughed anxiously, "Its okay, Lenalee." Allen had decided to head home at 2:30 in the afternoon. It was better than spending the day alone since Charity would be home late, but he couldn't keep being a bother to Lenalee. As he walked the streets, he started to hear soft barking. He looked around and saw a box nearby. Walking up to it, he saw a very young golden german shepherd pup in the box. It was probably no older than five weeks.

"Poor thing." Allen picked the pup up in his arms. He went by the pet store and walked up to the clerk at the counter. "Excuse me..." the clerk gave him a bored expression at first.

"Can a five week old pup eat solids?" he asked with curiosity as he cradled the poor thing in his arms. The clerk's eyes lit up and he smiled with a nod.

"Yes, sir! However its best to mix the puppy kibble with warm water or milk, maybe even both. Since they're still young they'll have trouble eating if the food is too hard," the clerk replied and walked into an aisle. He pulled out two bags of kibble for puppies and placed them in a cart. Allen placed certain toys and a large bed into the cart.

Once he was finished gathering the necessary items, he paid for them and went home. He organized everything, placing the large soft black bed in his room. He placed a bowl of water and kibble on the floor in the kitchen, making sure the kibble was soft enough for the pup. "Hmm... A name for you would be nice. How about... Timcanpy?"

Timcanpy looked up at him from his food and barked softly before he started eating again, happily wagging his tail. Allen smiled. Now it won't be so lonely around the house anymore when Charity's not here, he noted.

Time Skip, 7:00 P.M.

"Big bro, I'm back!" Charity called. When she got no reply, she set her shoes neatly to the side and walked in. "Al? You here?" she called again. She was surprised to find him asleep on the couch with a puppy curled up in his arms. She smiled sweetly, knowing he must've found the pup abandoned somewhere and took him in. She walked over and shook Allen's shoulder lightly, making the puppy jump up protectively. When the pup saw Charity, he calmed down and sniffed her hand.

Allen moaned and opened one eye. "Sis? You're home?" He asked, sitting up slowly as he rubbed his eyes.

"Yep, work went well and I got a raise," she replied with a smile. Even if she was the same age, only younger by two minutes, Allen was so cute. He had the most adorable childish side. He smiled at her happily and held the puppy close.

"That's great! And this is Timcanpy! I found him abandoned in a card board box, isn't he cute?" The older twin asked, smiling as he stood up. Timcanpy nuzzled Allen's neck happily with his nose. Charity nods with a smile.

After dinner, the two twins took turns using the showers and went to bed after brushing their teeth. The moment Allen fell asleep, however, he started dreaming.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot adopt either of these children. The girl is too violent and they both have a mutated arm! They're devil children!"

"These children are the spawn of the devil!"

Countless rejections, countless tries of adoption and abuse. Being called the devil's spawn just makes it all even worse. "Sis... Are we really the spawn of the devil?" Allen asked as he and his twin sister sat in the attic, where they slept. Charity shook her head before replying, "No, Al. We're not. People are just cruel and can't accept us for who we are,"

The next day, a man had come in looking for children to adopt. He was probably at least thirty years old with dark hair. He was very polite whenever he would speak and move. As he met the children of whom he could adopt, he saw the twins. They were no older than ten years old. He saw the twins from outside as he was walking down the street.

Allen had bandages up and down his arms and legs while he clung to Charity. The older twin wrapped his arms around Charity and pulled her closer. The man decided he'd adopt the two, not caring about their albino appearance. "But sir, people have been saying that the twins are the spawns of the devil because of their left arms." The caretaker explains, showing Mana each of the twins' left arm.

The arm was black from the fingers on up and stopped in a ring near the shoulder. There was also some black on the shoulder near both of the children's chests. Mana shook his head and looked at the woman. "Just because a child is born different does not mean they are the spawn of the devil." He replied.

Mana adopted the two children and took them home. It was a place in London the twins had never been. The man called Mana, now their new father, was a descendant of noblemen. He lived in a large mansion and even owned a more than successful company. "Mana, why did you adopt us?" Charity asked curiously.

He smiled at her before replying, "I went to the orphanage to adopt a child because despite my success and the way I've lived, I've been very lonely. No one should have to live their life without having others to enjoy life with. Also, I saw you two from the street in the attic window and saw myself in you both,"

Next Day, Sunday, 6:00 A.M.

The beeping of Allen's alarm clock woke him from a dream of the past. He glared up at the wretched thing, grabbed it and threw it across the room. "Its a Sunday, damn it! Shut the hell up!" he curled up under the comfy covers once more, much happier now that it was quiet.

Even if he couldn't get back to sleep, he didn't feel like getting up. Charity had a shift at work today again so the house would blissfully quiet. At least, until he heard tapping on his window. He walked over slowly, seeing some small rocks hit the window from the outside.

He opened the window only to get hit in the face by a couple rocks. "What the blast?! Whose throwing damn rocks?!" He looked down to see Lavi grinning apologetically.

"Hey Brit! Sorry, I tried the front door but no one was answering. Lenalee told me I should drag your UK ass outta bed before she did." He explained nervously. Allen's eye twitched and he nodded reluctantly. He sighed as he got dressed and headed downstairs. Timcanpy barked and quickly followed, not wanting to be left behind. His owner got the message and put a collar and leash on the pup before stepping outside.

"Okay, Lavi. Let's go."

"Whoa, dude, I didn't know you had a dog!"

"Actually, I found him yesterday and basically adopted him,"

The redheaded drummer bent down on his knees as he inspected the dog. "Totally cool, man!"

"Careful, he's still teething, Lavi!" Allen warns, but it was a bit too late as Tim had clamped his jaws on the drummers hand.

"Yeouch! How?! His teeth aren't even fully grown in yet and it hurts when he bites!" The redhead exclaims. He pouts and Allen sighs as he scolds the puppy for biting another person. They headed to Lenalee's house and the moment they went into the garage, the first person they saw was Kanda.

"Fucking Moyashi! What the hell took you so damn long?!" Kanda growls, glaring daggers at the younger teen.

"I'm not a moyashi, Bakanda!"

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night, dumbass!"

Timcanpy barked and growled at the guitarist. Kanda glared at the dog and scowled, but Timcanpy didn't back down. Lavi shrugged and stepped back into the house through the back garage door. "I'm gettin' some sodas. You three can just... give each other death glares."

Lenalee was in the kitchen when Lavi came in and she looked at him. "Gingersnap, where are Kanda and Allen?" she asks, using a playful nickname.

"In the garage. Al brought a pup with him and now the dogs in a stare down with Yuu." he said nonchalantly. Lenalee sighed heavily with a groan. Boys! She walked into the garage only to see Allen sitting on the couch in the garage with an blue iPod in hand listening to music. However, his outfit caught her attention. She had to admit he does have style.

He wore a dark red button up shirt with long sleeves. He wore a pair of black jeans that fit perfectly, along with a pair of dark red All-Star Converse high tops to match his shirt. He wore a pair of gloves with the one on his right hand being partially fingerless. On top of it all, he wore a white jacket. The dog Lavi spoke of laid near Allen's feet happily.

"Hey, Al. Whatcha doin'?" Lavi asked as he stepped in, carrying four soda's. He handed each band member one before opening his own.

"Nothing, Lavi." The British teen replied without looking up, tapping his right foot absent-mindedly. He pulled a notebook out of his bag which he thankfully remembered to bring and pulled out a pencil. He flipped the notebook open to a page and started writing. Lenalee smiled and sat next to Allen while he was writing.

"A new song?" she asked.

"Yeah. Gotta write something for the show next Sunday, but I've no idea what to write."

"Don't worry, Brit! It'll come to you!"

"Shut your face, baka usagi!"

Lavi pouted yet again and Kanda scowled. Komui walked into the garage. "Uh, Kanda? Your father is on the phone."

"That old man ain't my father, you damn siscon mad scientist!" Kanda retorted but went into the house to answer the phone anyway. When he answered it, an annoyingly happy voice was on the other line.

"Yuu! How's the band doing?" Tiedoll asked, and Kanda swore he could hear the old geezer smile into the phone. His eye twitched and he sweatdropped.

"Don't call me that! And whaddaya care anyway, old man?!"

"Because Yuu! You're in the band and you're my son, just like Daisya and Marie are!"

"I am not your son! I'm adopted!"

"So? You're still my son!" announces the overly happy man over the phone. After several minutes of trying to end the entire conversation, Kanda is finally able to hang up.

Time Skip, Saturday, 10:24

"Yo, Allen! I'm finished with your outfits here!" Tokusa called across the store as Allen entered. The British teen smiled and walked up to the counter.

"Thanks, Tokusa," Allen replied as the man in front of him gave him the clothes he had asked him to make.

"No problem, kid. Made one for your sister too, free of charge!"

Each one was labeled with the band members names, so as not to confuse them and mix them up. He paid Tokusa and left the store, immediately heading to Lenalee's house with the clothing.

"Hey, Lenalee! I'm back, everything is finished!" he called as he stepped into the house and laid the clothing on the kitchen table.

"Thanks, Brit." Lenalee called from the basement, obviously scolding her brother for doing something stupid again. He walked into the garage and sat down behind the synthesizer he had brought with him from home a couple days earlier. He still remembered what he walked into when he entered the garage. It was quite a sight.

Three Days Ago, 8:34 A.M.

Allen opened the garage door instead of going through the house and stepped in, carrying his synthesizer which he had kept in one of the moving boxes in his closet. The first thing he noticed was the band members. Kanda was somehow high off his ass and Lavi was crouching on top of a dresser kept in the corner of the garage. Lenalee was sitting in a chair, reading a magazine while her brother Komui tried to make Kanda stop smoking weed only to get smoke blown in his face.

Allen blinked once, twice, and a third time before blowing his top enough to surprise the four idiots in front of him. "What the hell is going on?! Why is Kanda smoking weed and why is Lavi on that dresser?! And Lenalee, why are you just sitting there!"

"Kanda's smoking weed cause he's pissed at his adopted family so normally he doesn't smoke, Lavi's on the dresser to avoid the conflict between Komui and Kanda, and I'm sitting here reading a magazine because I don't want to deal with a group of boys' idiocy." Lenalee replies nonchalantly, seemingly unbothered by the situation. Allen sighed in frustration, shaking his head. He pinched the bridge of his nose for a moment. This people are crazy! he thought but was suddenly tackled from behind by Charity, barely managing to keep his footing.

Present Day, Saturday.

"Allen! These outfits are amazing!" Lenalee ran in wearing the outfit that was made for her. The long sleeved jacket had white down from the neck to the shoulders, with white crosses on the sides of each shoulder. Where she zips up the jacket is where white also comes up to the base of her neck, with white also around the hips.

The wrists of the jacket were white as well with silver cufflinks while the rest of it with the exception of part of the upper back was black. There was a cross rosary crest on the left side of the chest. The skirt was also black with the exception of the frilled sides of the skirt which were white.

"Oh cool, Lenalady! Where's mine?!" Lavi rushed into the kitchen and immediately changed into the outfit. His had a somewhat different but similar design. The pants were white and tucked into a pair of boots that went up near his knees. The jacket was black with the white surrounding the zipper going all the way up to the neck.

The shoulders were also white as well as part of the back of the jacket. There were crosses on the sides of each shoulder like previously with white wrists.

When Kanda changed into his, it was exceedingly different. The coat was long, stopping between the knee and ankle. The neck of the outfit was neatly folded, with the hem being white. The coat was buttoned up unlike the previous other two with silver buttons and the white over them.

The white wrapped around like a belt. The shoulders and back also carried the same traits as before, but he wore black pants with combat boots.

Allen's outfit was much like Kanda's except it was not white in the back and did not have white around the waist. It also had a hood, of which the hem had two white stripes with a black stripe in the middle. The lower back had a thin white stripe, and also buttoned up like Kanda's.

The combat boots were black with the exception of down the middle of the shoe where the laces and top of the boots would be. They each had the same crest on the left side of the chest.

Lavi was the first to say anything after everyone was dressed.

"Okay, I cannot wait for tomorrow! These outfits are awesome!"

The Next Day, 10:00 A.M.

They entered the building and Allen sighed. "Somehow, I've got this feeling that I shouldn't be here... Like there's something here I should avoid at all costs."

"What do you mean, Al?" Lenalee asked worriedly. Charity was next to her since she was the singer for a few of their songs for now.

"You know, Big Bro, I'm getting that same feeling and I don't like it." Charity hissed, scowling. They met with Marie Noise who owned the club. Kanda scowled. "Why are you here, Marie?"

"Little brother, I'm here because the previous owner relinquished ownership of the club to me," Marie replies, wearing headphones over his ears.

"Forget the minor details, Kanda. We've got a show to put on, so you better do your best or you'll face Hell." Lenalee said, glaring at Kanda who reluctantly backed down.

"Che!" was his only reply.

They walked out onto the stage and the people in the club turned their attention towards the stage. "Hey, hey, everyone!" Lenalee announced cheerfully with a jump. "My names Lenalee Lee. The white-haired boy next to me is Allen Walker, he writes our songs, sings, and plays any instrument we throw at him! The guy scowling at you is Kanda, his first names off limits!

The ginger snap dragon is Lavi Bookman! However, today our singer is Allen's younger twin sister, Charity Walker! And our band name is Black Order Exorcists!"

"That was the weirdest introduction I've ever experienced," Allen huffed from behind the synth. Lenalee rolls her eyes with a smile.

"'Kay, hope you can handle our music, folks!" she shouts before starting the song moments later. Instantly after Charity starts singing, Lavi starts on the drums with Lenalee and Kanda on the guitars while Allen plays the synth.

"Unravel the unwavering truth that deceives this world;

Truth is within these hands.

A audacious shadow dances eloquently;

Tell me someday about the secret you're hiding.

It can't be touched by any hand offered in help,

So show me the world you're hiding.

I'm unable to find those eyes,

That dispel and steal away troubled, wavering hearts,

Whilst caught up in worry and tears;

Just where has the truth I was aiming for vanished to?

Even if it were an answer that deceives the world;

I'll put out my hand and say, "Trust me".

I'll never run away, 'cause I'm not scared;

I'll open my eyes and extinguish my fear!

Are you beginning to realize how repetitive this fate is?

Someday I'll tell you the secret I'm hiding.

There's a deceptive shadow heading your way, but you're unable to notice,

All tied up in budding memories with thorns of inevitability.

With just desire to protect,

I'll take my stand and unravel this bond!

I'll save you as many times as it takes; I'll never waver in my resolve... Charity stood next to Allen with a smile as she sang.

... Just where has the truth I've been hiding vanished to?

Even if you'll make an enemy of the entire world,

Believe in only me... and the future!

I'll never run away, 'cause there's no doubt within me -

I'll break this scenario and fight back!

Even if I make an enemy of the entire world,

I'll put out my hand and say, "Trust me".

An answer I'll never let go of has found it's way to me;

A connected future within these very hands!

Even if the answer has been repeated over and over again...

I'll never run away, 'cause I'm not scared...

I'll fight back!" When the song ends, everyone cheers and shouts. When the shouts quieted down, the band members looked at one another.

"That was totally epic! Even I liked us!" Lavi shouts, hitting his drumsticks together.

"Is there a reason you're so damn loud?" the Japanese teen asked in an irritated tone.

"Nope, no reason in particular. But Char's got an amazing voice!"

"Her voice is a thousand times better than those lyrics you tried writing, that's for damn sure, baka usagi,"

Lavi went quiet at that with a pout clear on his face. Some people in the crowd laughed. "So, why do you two have white hair?" a voice from the crowd asked.

"Albinism. We were born albino's," Charity answered.

"No, I thought it was trauma..." Allen said sarcastically, making Charity punch him in the arm. The next question wasn't difficult, but it wasn't exactly one that should be answered, lest you be killed by a certain long-haired wannabe samurai.

"What's that guy's first name?"

Kanda glared into the crowd and Lavi grinned. "His first name is Yuu! Y-U-U!" Lavi announces with big hand gestures. Kanda turns his attention to Lavi and practically growls as he stands.

"Time to die, rabbit!" Kanda scowled, pulling out a long silver bladed katana from his left side on his belt.

"What the hell?! You actually brought the real thing?! Who the fuck does that!" Allen exclaimed with wide eyes. Lavi laughed and dodged Kanda's swing easily and jumped into another direction on the big stage in a way that did resemble a rabbit. Kanda followed, swinging the sword close to Lavi's head and just barely cutting a few strands of Lavi's red hair.

"Ooh, close one!" Lavi snickered and dodged the next slice towards him. Charity and Allen looked on in mild amusement, and soon the fight was stopped by Marie and Lenalee.

"I don't have time for your bullshit, Kanda, Lavi!" Lenalee shouted angrily, glaring at both of them. For the second time that day, he backed down, but not without sending Lavi a glare.

After a couple more songs were sung, the band decided to call it a day. Charity stretched her arms tiredly, despite the time only being twelve thirty in the afternoon. "Well, that was interesting."

"The first song... Allen, you really wrote that?" Lenalee asked. Allen nodded.

"Yep. I actually wrote it when I was fourteen."

"You're so talented! I wish I could write lyrics like that," Lavi grumbled.

The band headed to Kanda's minivan and jumped in with Lavi riding shotgun in the passenger seat. Immediately, Kanda sped off the parking lot and onto the road. He was driving the speed limit, much to the twins relief. They headed to the cafe Charity works at, which is a mix between a cafe and a restaurant.

"Welcome to the Cat's Cradle. What can I get you- oh wait, is that you Char?!" a girl in a waitress outfit asks excitedly.

"Yeah, hey! Everyone, this is Fou, my friend and coworker! Fou, look! I brought Allen and his friends!"

"Oh, Char! Your twin bro is so cute! Almost like a girl!"

Allen blushed in embarrassment as he his his face in the menu while Lavi snickered beside him. Why do people always blurt out the painfully utter obvious? Allen could tell the way the girls chatted and the way that Kanda smirked in amusement while Lavi tried unsuccessfully to hide his giggles that today was going to be a long, long day. Just thinking of the events to come are painful... He started mumbling a prayer at that moment, just hoping nothing serious or crazy happens.

"Our father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done-"

"What the fuck is he doing? Translate." Kanda chided, glaring at Charity who simply rolled her eyes as her brother continued to recite the Lord's Prayer. She sighed before replying.

"He's praying, dumbass. He does it when he feels like something will happen in the near future, possibly today." Lavi perked up at this. No one knew why the twins moved here in the first place and the three friends didn't know all that much about them either. They never talk about their past, which made the trio of friends all the more curious. Lenalee was the first to speak.

"Charity, what was it like in London?"

Charity and Allen stiffened at the question and the older twin stopped in his prayer. Charity clenched her hands into fists. "Why do you ask?" The tension in her voice was clear but she forced a smile.

Lenalee shrugged. "We're curious since you never talk about yourselves and the time you spent in your home country." Charity bit the inside of her cheek as she tried to up with a good lie. Allen stood up and whispered in her ear before leaving the cafe restaurant entirely, without even looking back as he pulled his hood up to hide his face.

"It was fine, I suppose. Not as great as America, but it was okay." she replied, feeling sick to her stomach as she spoke. I hated that place! Please God, forgive me and give me strength. Kanda quirked an eyebrow the same time Lavi did, both of them seeming to notice the malice dripping from the younger twin's words as she spoke.

"Don't lie." Kanda spoke abruptly, glaring at the white-haired girl intently, "You're lying. You hated it in London, but why I don't know. But you should know that you're not the only one at this table whose had bad experiences. If you've got something to say, say it."

Charity returned the glare, biting her bottom lip. He and that damn redhead saw right through her little lie, and she had a feeling Lenalee did as well but she refused to look at the violet eyed girl. She leaned in towards the table, speaking low. "Fine. I'll give you some details. But not here. We'll go back to my house first," she stated before standing up and walking out of the cafe. The three followed her, leaving Fou to stand there dumbfounded since she never got the chance to take their order.

As they got to the house and went inside, Allen went up to his room and shut the door. The other band members sat in the livingroom while Charity handed each of them a glass of water before sitting down. She had a journal in her lap as she looked at the three in front of her. "This is the journal Allen and I wrote in as children. It tells of the things that happened while we were in London. We only stopped writing it when we came to America. The other journal is our father's." She states before opening the journal, reading aloud.

Allen's POV

Why does everyone hate us? Is it because of our left armarms? Is it our appearance? I don't know, but it's painful. Sis says nothings wrong with us, but I heard the orphanage woman who takes care of us say we're creepy, like a couple of ghosts. Apparently I scared her when I wandered the halls a couple days ago from being unable to sleep. I guess it would be creepy to see a child just wandering the halls of a building, especially when they're so quiet you don't even expect them to be there.

"Those twins are creepy! At night when they wander the halls, they look like the ghosts of dead children!" the woman complained to her coworker, who only shrugged. I stood beside Charity, both of us being the same height and being almost identical in appearance. Her hair hadn't grown out yet and was still shoulder length like mine. I held her hand tightly, afraid to leave her side. I love my little sister and don't want to be a burden to her but she always ends up being the one to protect me.

"Allen, come on. Let's go back to our room, I'm sure you're tired." Charity smiles softly, leading me up to the attic where we both slept. Unfortunately, on top of being beaten by the other kids, I also tend to fall ill easily. If I didn't have Charity, I'm sure I would've died by now, from the loneliness and torture of life. She's so kind hearted and protective, I feel as though there must be something more I could do for her.

But sadly, I haven't found anything I could do to be of some help to my sister...

Charity's POV

I tucked Allen into bed and placed a towel on his forehead after wringing out some of the water. I know he hates being a burden, and I always assure him that he isn't one. Because he's not. I have not completely lost my faith in the human race, as I am positive there are kind people out there who don't judge others based on appearance. But I must say that humans are indeed stupid.

No matter how intelligent, every human is stupid. I realized this when I was only three years old, after I called everyone within my vicinity an idiot. Humans may be stupid, but they still manage to have some good values.

I sighed and smiled at Allen. He had fallen asleep, which I was thankful for. I'm truly grateful that we were born twins. The pain of being alone is not an easy one to bear, and no one should have to bear it. I don't view myself as alone, because I have Allen. And I'll protect him to the ends of the Earth, it doesn't matter who I'm up against.

"Hey, freak," a voice from the hallway called, followed by several giggles. I stepped outside and shut the door behind me, glaring at five boys.

"What do you want?" I asked, deadpan. One of the boys shoved me against the wall so hard anyone else would've burst into tears. I laughed. It was so funny! So damn funny!

"Wh-why are you laughing, you damned psychopath?!" a second boy asked in surprise. I just kept laughing, even after the first boy punched me in the stomach. I glared at all of them before speaking, my glare alone being enough to frighten them.

"You think that hurt? You really think it hurt?! You think that after all I've been through, something like that would hurt?" I asked as I stood up, smirking. It really didn't hurt. Physical pain is nothing compared to mental and internal pain. Nothing!

"Allen doesn't even feel pain when you beat on him. He's been through too much to feel the pain," I stated with anger, being absolutely livid. I had a feeling Allen had woken up and wanted to come out, but he knew I'd scold him for endangering himself, especially when he's still sick. I huffed a bit, glaring as I opened the door and shut it after going inside. Luckily, I'm able to lock it to keep the other kids out.

I stared at Allen. Thankfully he hadn't really woken up. I almost forgot how he can sleep through almost anything. I climbed into my bed on the other side of the attic window and went to sleep. With nothing to occupy myself with and being in danger when stepping outside of the room, the only thing to do was sleep. When I sleep, it's like I'm able to escape the world I'm in right now and enter a sea of absolute darkness...

Allen's POV

I had woken up the next morning to see Charity awake already. She was getting ready to go downstairs, as we had another person who wanted to try adopting us pair of twins. But they had never met. Once they met, the person in question would immediately refuse. I sighed and got dressed quickly, walking downstairs with Charity as I held her hand tightly. When they had reached the office of the Orphanage lady, the man there looked at us.

Almost immediately after he took in the sight before him, his eyes widened in complete utter shock. "What's wrong with those children? They're completely white!" he exclaimed and looked at the woman behind the desk. She rolled her eyes as she handed him a clipboard.

"The doctors labeled it as 'albinism'. He explained to me that albinism occurs when one of several genetic defects makes the body unable to produce or distribute melanin, a natural substance that gives color to your hair, skin, and iris of your eye." she explained with a bored and smug tone of voice.

The man shook his head with a sigh as he looked at the children. He had noticed that they both had strange left arms. "I'm sorry, but I can't adopt these two children. They seem more trouble than what they're worth, to be honest." He stated before abruptly leaving the orphanage without giving the woman to say anything.

I looked down. I knew he wouldn't adopt us. After they learn little things like that about us, they leave as quick as they came as if they were never here to start with.

Charity and I headed back upstairs to our room, which the moment I entered, a sigh of relief escaped my lungs. I felt safer in the room, like it's a sense of security. Leaving the room feels like tearing down walls you built to keep people out. I opened the large window with some force and breathed in the fresh air deeply. I don't like stuffy rooms, and I definitely don't like places with too many people. I get claustrophobic a lot if there's too many people in one room at a time.

Other's don't even have to be near me for me to get claustrophobic. Weird, huh? But I guess its normal, especially when you don't spend too much time around people to begin with. I'd much rather prefer animals or my sister over other human beings.

Mana's POV

As I looked up at the sky, I noticed a young boy in the attic of the orphanage. His hair and skin were white, but his eyes were like a stormy gray blue color, with a hint of silver. A girl sharing the same traits appeared beside him, copying his movements of leaning against the window sill with her arms. The boyand girls left arms were black until it reached a just a few several inches above the elbow; then a black ring went around their arms just a few more inches up.

Their shoulders had black markings as well. He wasn't disgusted at all by their arms, or the twins' appearance. They looked like a pair of angels. Angels who were trapped and couldn't fly away as their wings had been clipped. Angels who couldn't escape their captors and were shunned because they were simply different from others.

I walked into the orphanage and up to the caretaker. "Excuse me, miss. I'd like to adopt if it's not too much trouble, please," he said politely, with a kind smile. The woman before me, who not too long ago had a smug and arrogant attitude, changed her attitude instantly at my politeness. She smiled and nodded, bringing the children to the front. It took five minutes before all the children were in the room.

"How many are you adopting, sir?" she asked in a tone she hadn't used with anyone before. I didn't hesitate in my answer.

"I'd like to adopt two children, please. May I adopt those two in the corner?" I asked as I pointed at the two white haired twins. Everyone, even the children, seemed surprised and shocked by my choice.

"Are you sure, sir? Their appearance..."

"I do not care for their appearance, miss. They are children who deserve a home all the same," I stated.

"But sir, people have been saying that the twins are the spawns of the devil because of their left arms." the caretaker explained, handing an adoption form to me before showing me the twins' arms.

"Just because a child is born different does not mean they are the spawn of the devil. It's not common, but children such as them have been born with albinism. And there have been cases where a child was born with an arm such as that. People should not be judged for who they are, because they were born that way. They couldn't help the fact that they were born different from everyone else. Imperfections define a person and make them who they are," I said as I signed the adoption form and gave it to her.

The words I had said seemed to be a big impact on everyone present, even the woman who allowed me to take them home. I had bought them new clothes as they couldn't stay in their old ones forever. Two weeks after I had adopted them and informed my younger brother, Neah, he decided to pay me a visit with our older brother, Cross Marian. They wanted to meet the two children who I had adopted.

"Charity, Allen. I'd like you to meet my eldest brother, Cross Marian Walker, and my younger brother Neah Walker." I said with a bright smile.

Allen and Charity moved their hands in unison to hold their noses at the same time. "The ginger stinks of alcohol," they stated before running outside to the large garden that I also thoroughly enjoyed.

"Why, you-! Brats!" Cross scowled while Neah laughed. I had to nod in agreement, since he did indeed stink of very expensive wine and other beverages.

"I'm sorry, brother. But it's the truth, you know. And they're still children. They've led a very hard life you know, so they're very blunt about these things." I smiled in an attempt to defuse the tension. As usual, it worked like a charm and Cross simply sat back down with a sigh. I smiled. Things are going to get even more interesting with the twins around.

Allen's POV

Giggling excitedly, I crouched down to observe the beautiful flowers. There were a lot of different flowers with a lot of different colors. But no matter how much I wanted to pick one, I never did. It would be too sad, because then the flower would die. I ran over to Charity, who decided her favorite hide out was the treehouse Mana had built a week ago. There were windows and furniture included. However the treehouse had been from he and his brothers' childhood, he only needed to fix up few things.

"Sis, do you like it here?" I asked.

"Of course I do, Al. Mana is nice and more of a father then I could have ever hoped to dream of. I love it here," she stated honestly and smiled brightly.

We were finally out of that situation, at least for a few years. Mana had been killed in a car accident and we inherited the money and his mansion. But since we were only twelve we needed a guardian. Cross decided to take that role, much to Charity and I's dismay.

"He's drinking again," I hissed, glaring at the man in the lounge. "That smashed smarmy git!" I mostly left him alone until about a month after I'd turn thirteen.

"Get out, ya damn prat! Take refuge at an inn or something, but not here you insufferable drunk!" I shouted, kicking the man who was three times my height out the front door. I slammed it shut and locked it angrily. It was almost time for Charity and I to start school and I didn't plan on going and leaving the house in that man's care!

Back to The Present

"There. That's all I'm at liberty to tell you, as I don't know that Allen would like it if-" she was interrupted when she saw Allen at the staircase. He sighed and looked at her.

"It's fine, keep going sis. No use in stopping now right?" He smiled and Charity nodded briefly before continuing

Charity's POV

Soon after my adorable cool big brother kicked our uncle out of the mansion, we started school. But things there weren't too different from the orphanage; everybody picked on us for our appearance, especially Allen. One day, however, was the absolute worst and most terrifying.

I was walking back to a class room with two teachers that I had asked to help find Allen. When I opened the classroom door, the first thing I ever saw was blood. The next was Allen and the knife he had in his hand. I immediately ran over with the teachers completely forgotten and cried when I realized he did try and take his own life.

He was thankfully still breathing and the knife hadn't hit anything vital, but he was bleeding. If he didn't get help, he would die. He also had several cuts and bruises from being recently beaten to the ground.

The teachers immediately called 911 without hesitation and they were able to come in time, thankfully before Allen had lost too much blood. The doctors took him into the Emergency Room immediately after his arrival. Some time later, Allen was in a room with stitches and bandages. The doctors explained to me he'd be able to leave in a few weeks, so I decided to contact Neah. "Charity? What's wrong?" A familiar voice asked over the phone. I explained what happened, letting him know we'd stay in London a few years before finally movie to America to start a new life.

He agreed with me that school was off limits until we arrived in America and that leaving the mansion and going outside of our property was a bad idea since it could be dangerous. Before leaving, I had made sure the mansion was secure and that everyone knew not to trespass.

"Finally, we can start a new life in America and not have to live in London anymore..."

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