Saturday, 10:00 A.M., The Lee Family Beach House

Lenalee was not one to completely and utterly lose her cool unless one of her friends or brother did something immensely idiotic. This would be one of those times where she gets really pissed; when Komui shows up at the beach house riding a giant Komurin, the moment Kanda and Lavi decided to break out into one of their many fights while the twins hid under a table.

"My dearest Lenalee! I have come to visit!" He shouted happily as he looked down at her from the shoulder of the robot. "I hope that I'm not too late that these disgusting boys have defiled you!" She glared menacingly at the three responsible for her massive headache.

"Whose arse do ya suppose she'll kick first?" The elder twin asked curiously, tilting his head to the side.

"Komui. No doubt about it." The younger replied smoothly with a sly smirk accompanied by a giggle. And just as Charity predicted, Komui was the first one down, followed by Lavi and Kanda.

Twenty Minutes Later

"Please don't stay mad, Lena..." Lavi whined from the couch, an icepack on his head. Komui had left seven minutes before to avoid more wrath from his little sister while the twins sat at the kitchen table, writing song lyrics. Kanda was sitting in an armchair with his arms crossed, scowling.

"Honestly! We're on summer vacation and you two still fight! And my brother! He's so embarrassing!" She sighed heavily, pinching the bridge of her nose.

The twins looked up from their song writing and smiled. "Lenalee, how about a song? We'll sing at the beach today and people can listen to us. We are a band after all, and we have to stick together!" Allen said happily, and being unable to refuse her band mate she smiled sweetly and nodded. She knew he probably wrote a song about her or something, but if so she was honored to sing it.

Around 12:00 P.M., the band gathered their instruments and headed to the beach, which unlike the day before, was crowded. As the band set up their instruments individually, a small group of people that would soon turn into a crowd neared them, chatting amongst themselves.

"Hey, who are they?"

"They look like a band,"

"Way to state the obvious, dumbass."

Lenalee grinned as she read the lyrics over to the song. She nodded to Charity, who would be singing the song with her. Allen would play bass, Kanda would play guitar, and Lavi would handle the drums.

They started playing after Lenalee and Charity signaled that they were ready.

"Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow,
but you could choke to death on your pride.
Did you think you might be the reason,
can you go to bed with your lies?

The girls soon began to dance, their bodies swaying from side to side slowly at first then fast, adding jumps to the mix. Charity smiled brightly as she and Lenalee let themselves be taken by the music. Upon hearing the music and singing, a crowd did indeed start to form but all made sure to give the band plenty of space.

You should know that your fighting for nothing,
when deep down your just looking for something,
you keep giving it the third degree,
but you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me,
all this time you've been giving the run around, spreading it around,
it's running you out of town,
You keep giving it the third degree,
Well you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me.

Lenalee smiled and poked Lavi in the chest but he never faltered in playing the drums. He simply gave her a goofy grin as she continued to sing and dance. Allen shook his head as he played, grinning when Charity ruffled his white hair. The crowd grew and grew as they continued to sing and play.

Your playing king in your ivory tower,
it doesn't matter what happens to us,
well if this is your best, then you got what you wanted,
You can take whats left and have fun by yourself.

You should know that your fighting for nothing,
when deep down your just looking for something,
you keep giving it the third degree,
but you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me,
all this time you've been giving the run around, spreading it around,
it's running you out of town,
You keep giving it the third degree,
Well you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me.

So long, just so long, to everyone that you've wronged,
cause it's not gonna work,
no it never works on me, or anyone.

Kanda rolled his eyes at the actions of his band mates when Charity pulled out his hair tie, causing his ponytail to fall and his hair to cascade down to his hips. He quickly turned, never stopping in playing the guitar as he glared at her cautiously. She smirked, much to his annoyance.

You should know that your fighting for nothing,
when deep down your just looking for something,
you keep giving it the third degree,
but you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me,
all this time you've been giving the run around,
spreading it around, it's running you out of town,
You keep giving it the third degree,
Well you don't stand a chance if your messin' with me."

As the song ended, the crowd surrounding them with people from young to old started to cheer. Lavi took this as his chance to say something, speaking into the mic attached to his drum set. "Well, Al, I'd say that song suits your sister and Lenalee very well. They can be scary as all Hell, ya know?" He grinned as Lenalee smacked the back of his head and the people around them laughed.

"I'd like my hair tie back now." Kanda commented irritably, his scowl ever present on his face. Charity grinned and handed it to him. He quickly and skillfully put his hair up into a high neat pony tail.

"Aren't you that band that passed on the opportunity to play in Battle Of the Bands?" a voice, seemingly from a teenage girl around sixteen, asked. Some within the crowd began murmuring but were interrupted by Lavi, who suddenly took on a serious expression.

"Yes, that was us. Black Order Exorcists. We decided not to go. You see, Allen here-" he threw his arm over the younger teen's shoulders, "he was sick. So sick in fact he could have died. We weren't very comfortable with participating in the BoB without him. After all, friends stick together no matter what right?"

What the hell? What's with this 'tell-all' shit? That's our damn business! Kanda thought but sighed. He glanced at Allen, the one who caught his attention from the very moment he met him. He felt things for the younger boy that would probably shock the baka usagi. I guess I could let it slide...

Everyone within the crowd seemed genuinely surprised. Others, who had probably been in a fight or more with their friends over ridiculous things recently, hung their head sadly. Everyone was brought to attention when Lenalee clapped her hands together loudly.

"Right! Well, that's in the past now! Who wants to hear another song?" She asked sweetly with an innocent smile. Everyone looked around before nodding towards the band. The band exchanged glances with one another and nodded.

This was going to be a long day. But, Allen smiled to himself, it feels so good to play with everyone again. To sing together...Those days in the hospital left him itching to play so bad, he'd be tapping his fingers on any surface he could like he was playing a piano or his synth. There were nights when he couldn't even sleep, with his family and friends faces running through his mind.

The song began to play with Allen playing the synth and Lavi the drums while Charity sang. It was a slow, beautiful but sad song that seemed to make others want to cry.

"Cannot touch, cannot hold, cannot be together
Cannot love, cannot kiss, cannot have each other
Must be strong and we must let go
Cannot say what our hearts must know

Charity continued to sing as she wrapped her arms around Allen's waist without obstructing his playing of the synth and her singing. Everyone who listened and watched could see she was very protective, as a short story of the twins had already spread through town. The thought of losing someone you were so close to since birth had the crowd tearing up. The younger twin wore a soft smile, laying her chin on her brothers shoulder as she sang.

How can I not love you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms
How does one waltz away
From all of the memories
How do I not miss you
When you are gone

Images started playing in everyone's heads of their times spent with the ones they truly cared about; friends, family, etc. The times when they were sad and the times when they were happy. Even the band itself was affected as they thought of the past, present, and the future. But whenever they imagined the future, they could always see everyone with one another as if nothing had changed.

Cannot dream, cannot share, sweet and tender moments
Cannot feel, how we feel, must pretend it's over
Must be brave and we must go on
Must not say what we've known all alone

How can I not love you
What do I tell my heart
When do I not want you
Here in my arms
How does one waltz away
From all of the memories
How do I not miss you
When you are gone,"

Unknown to the band, Narain had visited the beach and was watching with teary eyes as the song ended. The song was full of so much emotion, so much meaning. When they finished, they began packing their instruments back up, sliding them into Kanda's minivan. "Careful with that, idiot!" The long haired teen scowled at Lavi who was struggling with his drums.

After gathering everything up into the back of the minivan, Narain approached Allen with a smile. "Hey, Allen. Good to see you,"

"Yeah. After spending so long in that hospital, I feel much better being able to wander freely now that I'm no longer sick." the British teen replied.

After a chat with Narain, Allen and the band jumped into the minivan and started on their way to Lenalee's home. It was two weeks until school started. Time really flies when you're having fun doesn't it? Especially with friends. Allen leaned back in his seat, trying to think of a song to write. They were going to join this years BoB, and nothing could stand in their way now.

The time spent in the hospital had Allen writing songs left and right; Inspiration and lyrics just kept pouring in. He sighed in content and closed his eyes, drifting to sleep.

Life is full of mysteries. My brother and I are perfect examples of that... Albino twins, although fraternal, looking almost exactly alike with the same arm and scar. The perfect example of strange and mysterious for these two. They couldn't stand the sun like others could because of the lack of melanin in their bodies. Charity looked over at Allen beside her, to see him sleeping peacefully with his arms crossed. While at the beach, they rarely left the umbrella that protected them from the suns rays.

The times they did, they wore a considerable amount of sunblock on their bodies and were never out under the hot sun for more than an hour or two. Unlike other albino's, they could handle the sun a bit better. When children, they were much more sensitive and weren't allowed outside if it was too hot or if the sun could harm them.

Whenever exposed intense sunlight hit their skin when they were children, it would cause them pain from their skin, eyes, and even hair, and their health would plummet.

"You okay back there, Char?" Lavi asked, concern lacing his voice.

She smiled at him. "Yes, I was just thinking about when Allen and I were children. We are albino's after all, and even though it got better as we grew older, we still have some trouble when we're in too much sunlight. The heat and humidity is not much help either. But now we can spend long periods of time out in the sun without it harming our health. Its not as troublesome in the other seasons as much as it is in summer." she replied, seeing Kanda glance curiously but discreetly back at Allen. She noticed the worry in his eyes before he turned his attention back to the road and the younger twin inwardly smirked.

"I completely forgot, I'm such an idiot! Your eyes and skin feel fine, right? No sun burn?" He asks, green eye wide with concern as he gently takes her arm to examine it. Charity smiled thoughtfully at the redhead. He was very smart, but things tend to slip his mind at times.

"I'm fine, so is Allen. We know our limits and are always careful."

'"You better be! You and Al are so susceptible to sunburn, not to mention skin cancer!"

Charity sighed and pushed his hand away in irritation. She could understand his concern, but at this point there is no reason to overreact. She saw how Kanda looked at Allen, making sure no one saw him. He didn't care apparently if Charity saw him, probably because she had picked up on the long haired teens feelings for her brother.

It was four months ago she had figured it out...

Four Months Ago, Wednesday, 3:34

"Hiiyah!" Charity kicked the front door to Kanda's house open after kindly greeting his neighbors and telling them who she was. A crowd within the neighborhood to form as they watched the white haired girl barge into the grumpy wannabe samurai's home. Lavi and Lenalee decided to hang back with the neighbors, smiling and grinning all the while.

No one could hear what was happening, much to Kanda's relief.

"What's with you, Kanda? You're becoming more antisocial every day. You're more easily provoked as well." Charity chastised. The Asian teen sighed and looked at her desperately, unspoken words in his eyes. She had a feeling it had to do with Allen, and looking into the long haired teens beautiful cobalt blue eyes, she was right. He was in love. And he didn't even have to say it.

His eyes and expression said it for him, and he looked vulnerable. She sighed and sat next to him. "I know you're worried. But you shouldn't be. Allen's recovering nicely and he'll be out of the hospital in four months. But... you might wanna tell him how you feel," she ended with a smirk, causing Kanda to scowl in a way that was more like a pout as a blush crept up onto his face.

"You better not tell anyone!" He growled lowly, his face still flushed.

Charity giggled silently, "Don't worry. I won't," she replied, knowing he was extremely shy about his feelings whether he admitted it or not.

Back To The Present, Lenalee's House

"Lenalee!" Komui whined, crying his eyes out, "Please forgive me!" He clings to the girl's waist as she sighs in irritation. She really did love her brother, but he can be so embarrassing and unbearable.

"Brother, its fine. Please behave yourself," she continued to scold him immensely while Charity and the others went to the garage. Allen sat on the couch and began to write a song. It wasn't much, just a piano solo. But the idea and feelings he had for the song just came to him. It would be one for Charity to sing this time.

After he finished that song, he started writing a song that involved the sadness and loneliness he felt in life and how he found it so hard to keep on living. But then he thought of Charity and his new friends, as well as Neah and Cross. He smiled to himself and continued the song. They would be ready for the BoB for sure.

As he finished up the songs, he placed his notebook in his knapsack with a small smile.

Two Weeks Later, Monday, 6:00 A.M.

"Wake up, its a new day!" Allen shouted excitedly as he banged on his sisters bedroom door.

"Calm the bloody hell down! I need to get dressed!"

Allen rolled his eyes. I'll never understand girls. He waited for his little sister downstairs at the front door when he heard the familiar honking of Kanda's minivan. He looked out the nearest window and Kanda was indeed parked in their drive, looking pissed off because he was being kept waiting. Allen grinned and struggled to hold in an onslaught of hysterical giggles but failed miserably.

Charity finally made her way downstairs and the twins quickly left the house, jumping into Kanda's vehicle. "About damn time! Would you mind explaining to me what in the hell took so damn long?!" the long haired Asian snapped.

Allen burst into another fit of giggles before being able to answer his friend. "Charity was taking too long to get ready."

"That doesn't explain why you're laughing so hard, Moyashi-chan," Lavi piped up, adding a Japanese honorific to the end of Allen's hated nickname.

"Don't call me that! My name is Allen! Say it! A-L-L-E-N! Allen!" He retorted angrily before crossing his arms and turning away slightly as he continued, "I just thought it was funny to see Kanda so pissed off because he had to wait is all." But there was something more to it that he'd never tell anyone any time soon. Not even Charity. He thought the face Kanda was making was absolutely sexy - dangerous - but sexy. Ahh! Damn it! I'm thinking naughty things about him again!

After arriving to school, Allen was greeted by several teachers and students who were all happy to have him back. The first day was just like every other year, boring and uneventful with the exception of the twins getting a lot of attention from the students; minus the first years who hardly knew what had transpired the year before.

"All right, class. I hope you all had a relatively enjoyable summer. I, unfortunately, had the astounding pleasure of babysitting an absolutely infuriating colleague of mine. Its a wonder he's still alive," Reeves greeted the class, looking tired as usual with messy spiky blond hair. He brightened up at the sight of the band and Charity. "Allen! Charity! So good to see you here at school, I'm sure the other students feel the same. Now, as for the lesson..."

As Reever continued class, Allen stared out the window. It was such a relief to be back. Well, he thought, smiling lightly to himself, I have a feeling this school year will be very interesting. But for some reason, it also feels like it won't end here. This is just the beginning, and with the BoB coming up, we'll be in our own world.

A world within music.

To Be Continued...

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