Author's Note: While on the darker side, there will be moments of light as well. I promise. Enjoy!

Fiat Justitia Ruat Coelum
Let Justice be done though the Heavens Fall


Mako awoke slowly as a strange hissing sound filtered into her dreams.

She looked across the bed and smiled at the slumbering form of her husband before slipping out from beneath the sheets, and tiptoeing her way across the woven soft rush flooring to open the sliding paper doors.

Sensing her lack of warmth, Takeru stirred. His blurry gaze took in the sight of his wife's form as she gazed out in wonder at the abundance of water that cascaded from the sky in sheets. Pushing himself to his feet he roused himself from the bedcovers to join her in the doorway, his arms sliding around her from behind to encircle her waist.

Mako smiled, leaning into his embrace with a whisper of awe. "It's raining."

He kissed her shoulder where her sleepwear had slipped open, revealing bare skin. "Did it wake you?"

"It's still so new," she admitted with a shiver of delight at his touch. "But it's soothing." His hands slid from her waist to smooth over her stomach, tracing the bump there and her smile gentled. "She's okay. She was just curious about the sound, too."


Mako nodded. "Just a feeling." She turned in his embrace, meeting his dark, sleepy eyes. "Would you prefer a son?"

Takeru gave her a chaste, warm kiss. "So long as you are both happy and healthy, so will I be."

Mako felt warmth surge through her. She returned his kiss with one of her own, deepening it within moments, passion escalating as rain continued to fall outside.

A crash of thunder sounded and Mako jolted awake, tears staining her cheeks. A streak of lightening lit up the room, followed swiftly by another boom of thunder, the rain falling in torrents outside.

Her hands traveled to her flat stomach to encircle her waist as she stared at the unfamiliar stone walls lit up by the brief, constant flashes of light.

Memories assaulted her, stealing the very breath from her lungs as the pain brought with them threatened to shatter her very bones.

Her cot creaked underneath her as she shifted to scrunch herself into a tight, tiny ball. Gathering her threadbare, moth-eaten blanket close, she wished desperately for home as tears fell faster than the rain.