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Hard Love

Chapter 1 The beginning

The harsh cold of the winter winds felt bitter against her soft skin, making the girl in question shiver inside her large over sized coat. She had to get out of the estate the huge prestine building with elaborately decorated furnishings that screamed filthy rich was her prison.

Apart from the servants that catered to her every whim even though it was not necessarily needed was her only other companionship. What should normally be a happy family home enviroment, was in reality cold, emotionless and terribly lonely.

Days which had turned into weeks had passed her by, being kept within the confines of her family home, constantly watched over and anything unusual would be immediately reported to her governess and then to the man that was called her father. Not once did her father hold a conversation with her or had he ever accompanied her with his presence at the large dining table where the family meals was served. Normally a small place on one side was perfectly set up for the young girl to take her place and eat the meals provided for her always alone and in silence.

Hinata would try multiple times to reach out to the many maids that worked many hours within the estate but most of them answered her with just a one worded conversation, or just blatantly ignored her she hated her life held with constant restriction.

Today was no different to any other day apart from the fact that she had to get fresh air in her lungs, feeling herself kept inside the many walls of the estate for far to long. She would rather be outside in the beautiful landscape gardens that brought tranquility to her troubled heart. Taking in the beautiful array of flowers in multitudes of various different colours took her mind of things and brought her brief enjoyment to a lonely life she was constantly living.

She had been in the gardens for hours not really taking any sort of notice to the time not realising that the cold winter skies was gradually growing dark. Finally taking notice as the harsh winds blew against her she finally relented into going back inside her so called home that was in reality her prison.

When she entered inside it was deathly silent not a sound could be heard the usual slight banging and movement within the large kitchens could be heard but it was strangely quiet. Taking the short walk to the dining hall where she would always have food prepared remained empty which confused her greatly but she hasn't had much of an appetite so she made her way towards the grand oak staircase towards her room.

Whilst she was walking up the stairs she realised she hadn't encountered any of the many maids that constantly roamed the long halls and rooms. This in turn confused her and put her on edge, what was going on? Making it into her room she removed her oversized coat and began to undress quickly entering her walk in shower.

A good fifteen minutes had passed as she stepped out of the shower wrapping herself with a fluffy white towel as she dried her hair with another. Heading to her chest of drawers she put on her night dress then out of habit looked out of her large windows seeing a familiar limousine driving quickly towards the entrance. She watched with bated breath as her father had quickly got out of the car with his usual advisor trailing quickly behind him.

The sounds of a hushed conversation could be heard as she leaned over the wooden balcony trying in vain to listen to the conversation below.

"When do you think they will get here?" The familiar voice of her father asked in urgency

"I'm not sure sir, but it appears they will arrive here very soon, after all the drama they caused at the meeting and with the elders especially we of course left in the midst of it " The other voice answered nervously.

"I can't believe it... that bastard and his underhanded methods just taking everything that I own and now proclaiming it as his makes me sick" Her father hissed in fury that shocked her to the core.

"I know sir, but what about your daughter?" The other voice questioned

"What about her? She is useless to me anyhow...now that I am completely ruined the council of elders will have my head for this as it is" Her father growled.

She stood gripping the varnished wood tears falling down her pale cheeks at her fathers apparent love for her which didn't really shock her. But the reality of what she had just overheard worried her greatly, did her father just say he lost everything? What was going to happen to her now?

The sounds of drawers being opened and closed loudly could be heard as they was obviously gathering documents most probably money her father had always kept hidden in the family safe inside his large office. Feeling panicked she ran towards her room gathering as much as she possibly needed to leave this place that was her home and prison.

Searching through her now darkened room she had just gathered the bare essentials and her late mothers necklace that she held dear. She wondered whether she would go with her father or whether she should leave on her own. But where could she go? Going to one of her cabinets she searched and found a bank book that had been opened for her when she was a child she was now of a certain age where she could withdraw the amount she had but knew she would be penniless until the morning.

Her heart clenched as she heard the sounds of a few cars coming down towards the house that made her scared stiff not knowing what was happening anymore. The sound of desperation and fear could clearly be heard from downstairs the voice of her father clearly evident shouting orders that contained fear and laced with anger made her completely terrified at what was to come.

Three cars pulled up at the entrance as a few figures got out of each car all limousines blocking any potential escape from anyone. She carefully grabbed her bag as she silently walked towards the balcony once more, making sure she never made a sound as she listened intently to what was going on.

The sounds of the front door being forced open made her jump. The sounds of multiple footsteps entered inside the elegant hall as the voices she heard was new and threatening she was too scared to glance over the railing to see who these strange voices belonged to, so she remained hidden in the shadows to frightened to breathe in case they noticed her.

" What the hell is going on here!...How dare you just barge into my home like this!" Her father shouted

"Whose house?...You have nothing now Hiashi. You lost everything because of your greed, even the elders of your beloved clan have washed their hands with you" the strangers voice could be heard stating in a threatening way.

"I am just gathering my personal belongings you have everything else of mine" Hiashi hissed.

"Of course...so do tell me what is it your taking?" The same voice asked.

"I..I..its none of your business what I am taking" Hiashi protested.

"Is it now...Kakashi" The voice commanded

She heard the sound of someone moving towards her father and some scuffling took place that made her tremble in fear.

"H-How dare you...unhand me at once" Hiashi protested.

"So you thought you could hold out on me you arrogant bastard?" The voice of the stranger was now angry

She heard the sound of someone being punched and kicked with the person being attacked groaning in pain, trembling with fear she moved towards the banister peering over carefully and hoping that no one would notice her presence. She saw a group of men just their backs. She noticed a man with gravity defying hair that seemed to lean to one side. His hair was grey and half of his lower face wore a mask. He was holding her father that was now dangling where he had been beaten up his blood dripping down his face.

She covered her mouth in shock and was petrified as she slowly backed away. The sounds of items being thrown around and being searched thoroughly alerted her that she should make her escape whilst she still could without being noticed. The sounds of more groaning made her stop in her tracks as her father seemed to come back to reality.

"So tell me what else are you hiding Hiashi?" The voice began to question

"F..Fuck you Minato" Her father defiantly answered.

"No need to tell me this place will be thoroughly searched...take this bastard and his follower and get rid of him will you" The same man commanded.

Hinata felt her heart stop as she couldn't breath to fearful to stay any longer she made her way to one of the guest rooms knowing that there was a possible escape route that would take her to safety. She didn't have time to grab her oversized coat completely forgetting her inappropriate attire as she was currently changing when the strangers had arrived.

Silently she crept towards the guest room in particular heading straight for the large window that always remained unlocked by the maids in question as she quickly opened the large windows hoping that no one would notice her escape.


"What the hell is going on here!...How dare you just barge into my home like this!" Hiashi shouted as he watched around twenty men enter inside his home recognising a few of them instantly.

"Whose house?...You have nothing now Hiashi. You lost everything because of your greed, even the elders of your beloved clan have washed their hands with you!" A blonde haired man stated.

Hiashi stood before the crowd of men staring in particularly at the blonde man named Minato who was surrounded by his entourage. Part of him wished he had never signed that deal all those years ago to spite the man in front of him. Hiashi cast a glance at the other blonde in the room who had been watching everything intently. A dark haired boy roughly the same age stood beside him all their eyes solely on him.

"I am just gathering my personal belongings you have everything else of mine" Hiashi hissed in retaliation.

"Of course...so do tell me what is it your taking?" The blonde man asked his eyes now narrowing considerably

"I..I..its none of your business what I am taking" Hiashi protested nervously to the question as he held the bag stuffed with money and documents from his safe he had in his office.

"Is it now...Kakashi" The blonde named Minato ordered.

One of his men began to approach he had seen him before always at Minato's side along with another man with dark spiky hair that suddenly grabbed him whilst the man named Kakashi took the bag from his hands as he passed it casually to Minato who then proceeded to check inside.

Hiashi swallowed nervously as Minato eyed the large bag of money all bunched together inside along with documents on various bank accounts and properties aground the elemental countries.

"H-How dare you...unhand me at once" Hiashi protested feeling extremely vulnerable.

Minato casually sealed up the bag passing it to another of his men his facial expression changed instantly as his blue eyes glared at him.

"So you thought you could hold out on me you arrogant bastard?" Minato stated his tone of voice laced with venom as he gave the signal to one of his men the one named Kakashi.

The dark haired man immediately grabbed him in a vice grip, as the other man began to hit him hard in the face and stomach as the other held him in place the blows to his face made him pass out as he was still being beaten making his surroundings go dark for what seemed like forever.

By the time he awoke he was still being held firmly no longer being beaten as the blonde man who had took everything away from him stood over him, his blue eyes contained bitterness and rage. All he could do was groan from the pain that his body now contained as he felt something wet dripping down his face knowing it had to be his blood.

"So tell me what else are you hiding Hiashi?" Minato asked expecting him to obediently answer which he was adamant he wouldn't.

"F..Fuck you Minato" He finally answered spitting blood from his mouth.

The blonde man looked at him in disgust as his men either smirked or looked on emotionless at the now fallen Hyuga clan leader. Minato smirked as he lit a cigarette taking a few drags then bending down towards the beat up man blowing the second hand smoke in his face.

"No need to tell me, this place will be thoroughly searched...take this bastard and his follower and get rid of them will you" Minato ordered

A group of men grabbed Hiashi and dragged him out of the house taking the nervous wreck that was his advisor with him both now empty handed.

"Alright boys search this place see what else he kept hidden." Minato ordered

"Hey dad this is boring can we go now?" The other blonde that looked like a younger version of Minato asked his father.

"Listen Naruto you will be taking over from me in future you are old enough now to learn the ropes so pay attention will you. You too Sasuke" Minato continued.

The blonde smiled at his son as he ruffled his hair then began to enter the already trashed office that a few of his men was now gathering up in case it was important as he then helped himself to the drink cabinet pouring out a glass of whisky. Taking a seat in the large leather chair he looked at his son that glanced around the room with Sasuke at his side. The sound of rushing footsteps came into the room alerting everyone inside.

"Um...Minato...it seems we have a situation" One of his men named Genma stated.

"What is it Genma?" Minato asked.

"It appears Hiashi had someone here it looks like he had a daughter and she has managed to escape" Genma responded.

"What!?" Minato asked surprised

Genma handed him a framed picture that contained a recent picture of a beautiful girl that had the same familiar eyes that made Minato look on surprised.

"She escaped?" Minato repeated still in shock

"Yes sir"

"Everyone look for her now and bring her here now." Minato ordered as his eyes remained in the picture.

"Naruto, Sasuke you two look for her too it seems the girl is around your age make sure she doesn't escape" Minato ordered

"Fine dad leave it to us we will find her won't we teme" Naruto exclaimed with a smirk as Sasuke nodded I'm agreement leaving the room quickly.

"Your full of surprises aren't you Hiashi, I thought you told me your daughter died?" Minato whispered revealing a slight smirk as he kept his gaze on the picture.


The freezing cold temperatures tore through her already numbed body that was struggling to keep up the fast pace of her escape. Running with all her might through the vast woodland acres of land that belonged to her family, was now and forever someone else's.

Still in shock at what had took place through her fathers many back handed dealings the conversation she heard was terrifying to her, that she had to escape so she climbed out of the window jumping to the nearest tree branch like a leap of unquestionable faith, then climbed down and made a run for it leaving everything else apart from her rucksack behind.

She suddenly realised that she was now in a thin material nighty that came to her mid thighs with just her panties underneath and no bra, her bare feet upon the rough ground encountering dead twigs, branches and plant life that pulled and snagged at her nightwear and pale skin. She was terrified, and exhausted but fear kept her going, kept her from stopping even though her legs and muscles and lungs screamed at her to stop and rest.

Her name was Hinata Hyuga, the only child to Hiashi after her mother died when she was but four years of age due to illness. She was happy back then, being with her mother who loved her dearly although an only child her mother always showered her with love and kindness and was the most beautiful woman she had ever known. But after her mother died she was alone her father never there for her, never allowing her outside of the estate she was schooled at home but the best teachers but now she had nothing and no one to call family but herself.

Her heart broke into two when her father all but branded her useless did he ever love her like any normal father should? What had her father been doing up till now? Who had he been involved with, what she had heard and witnessed briefly terrified her as she knew that who her father dealt with must be powerful crime lords and that her fate was now sealed if they had discovered her being there.

Tears began to escape each of her eyes pushing her body through the bitter cold of night through the pitch darkness not having a clue in where she was running too. Her fathers estate was situated far out from anywhere without any surrounding neighbours, and she didn't own a mobile phone she had no one to contact. She had no friends, no family, nothing and was too busy trying to get to a safe place away from those men away from her no good father who at this point could be dead.

Hinata was panting hard as she tripped on one of the many twigs landing painfully hard upon the freezing cold floor, her arms and legs was numb from the bitter cold as she tried to push her already exhausted body back up to her feet. Only her heartbeat that was pounding hard could be heard along with the howling wind against the trees. Hinata closed her eyes briefly feeling the sting from her tears flow from her tear stained face, red puffy eyes desperately wanting to awake from this terrifying nightmare she had now found herself in.

Distant sounds of running could be heard by multiple pairs of legs along with unfamiliar voices that frightened Hinata they had discovered she was there and had escaped much to her horror. Quickly pushing her already agonized body to its limits she got up and continued to run as fast and as quietly as she possibly could away from her many persuers.

The voices was getting closer Hinata wanted to scream in frustration knowing she was going to be captured by them any minute now. The snapping of twigs comfirmed her suspicions as paranoia entered her thoughts, her thin nighty caught on one of the trees as she frantically pulled herself away from the trees grasp that was holding her back from freedom.

Turning her head quickly, she faced the direction of the sound of foot steps fast approaching where she was, she began frantically pulling herself free from the trees grasp but to no avail. She silently chanted the word 'No' and 'Please' like a mantra of silent prayers hoping that by kami's good grace she would be free to continue her escape from her pursuers clutches.

Once again the frantic pulling by her trembling hands managed to tear her nighty away from the branch of the large tree that held up precious minutes of her time and distance from the now emerging figures of at least two men that her widened lilac eyes could just make out.

Both figures emerged from the shadows and both of them stopped, immediately noticing the pale beauty of the Hyuga girl up against the tree. Her long slender pale legs glowed with the moonlight along with the rest of her body that was now up against the thick large bark of a tree completely terrified and frozen in fear.


His father had brought him along stating that he had business to take care of and that he should accompany him to learn the ropes, as he will take over the business one day when his father steps down. Being curious he went along with his father arriving at a large estate far out from anywhere else most of all the apparent servants had been dismissed earlier that morning according to his father discussing the matter with Kakashi and Obito as he quietly listened along with Sasuke who was not only his best friend and right hand man but was like his brother as well.

Apparently the estate belonged to a business man that was also a leader of the main branch of a prestigious clan named Hiashi Hyuga. Who had signed a deal with his family many years ago to help his business when it went through financial difficulties. But had not been keeping his end of the bargain failing to repay the mounting debts owed and was getting careless in other dodgy dealings with other businesses namely the planned take over with a company called Taisagan industries.

His father was one of the most powerful men in fire country running legal and illegal businesses throughout the many villages and elemental countries his father's name was Minato Namikaze. Also known as the yellow flash, he was proud of his father and wanted to be just like him.

He followed his father along with the many men he had working for him that all thought the world of his father and they was all like one huge happy family. It didn't take long as a few of the guys forced their way through the door that revealed a very large elegant hall way with lavish furnishings decorated throughout. Within minutes a man with long brown hair and white eyes that contained shock and festering anger within began shouting as the large posse of people stood around the hall with his father, Kakashi and Obito walking towards him.

This wasn't new to Naruto, he had accompanied his father like this before always taking pride in his fathers methods in not going easy on those that have wronged him and his family. Naruto remained with Sasuke and the other guys watching everything intently.

He watched his father as he addressed the nervous looking man who was clutching g a large bag that appeared to be heavy and stiffed to full capacity. Kakashi and Obito under his fathers orders approached the man who tried to attempt escape but was caught easily then began to struggle as Kakashi took the large bag and handed it to his father that took no time in opening it and looking inside.

The bag was filled with stacks of prestine crisp bank notes of money and documents of importance, the look on his fathers face said it all and Naruto knew that his father's mood began to darken. The silent order was given with just a look of his blue eyes that Kakashi and Obito had understood perfectly. Obito held the man in place as Kakashi began to attack the defenceless man for trying to pull a fast one on his father.

The man groaned in pain as blood covered his entire face, he wasn't unconscious for very long as he began to come back to the grim reality before him.

"So tell me what else are you hiding Hiashi?" His father demanded looking at the fallen and bloodied man without a care but with utter disgust and anger.

"F..Fuck you Minato" He finally answered spitting blood from his mouth, now looking defeated and broken but his pride still remained defiant.

The blonde man looked at him in disgust as everyone either smirked or looked on emotionless at the now fallen Hyuga clan leader. His father smirked as he lit a cigarette taking a few drags then bending down towards the beat up man blowing the second hand smoke in his face.

"No need to tell me, this place will be thoroughly searched...take this bastard and his follower and get rid of them will you" His father ordered.

A few of the men standing in the back came forward dragging the beaten up man and his scared stiff assistant and removed them from the estate completely to where he wasn't really sure but he didn't really give a shit, by the looks of it the man thoroughly deserved it.

"Alright boys search this place see what else he kept hidden." His father ordered

Naruto watched as everyone scattered individually searching the large estate for anything that could be of importance. He himself was feeling board and wanted to go off with Sasuke to one of the many clubs back in Konoha.

"Hey dad this is boring can we go now?" He asked feeling hopeful.

"Listen Naruto you will be taking over from me in future you are old enough now to learn the ropes so pay attention will you. You too Sasuke" His father answered seruously.

He groaned as his father came towards him with a warm smile then he ruffled his hair as he walked passed him and began to enter the already trashed office that a few of the guys was now gathering up in case it was important. He followed his father inside watching as his father then helped himself to the drink cabinet pouring out a glass of whisky. Then taking a seat in the large leather chair.

Naruto immediately noticed his father who was now gazing at him that made him subconsciously look around the room with Sasuke t-at was stood right by his side. He was about to ask his father some questions when the sound of rushing footsteps came into the room alerting everyone inside.

"Um...Minato...it seems we have a situation" One of the men named Genma stated.

"What is it Genma?" His father asked.

"It appears Hiashi had someone here it looks like he had a daughter and she has managed to escape" Genma responded.

"What!?" His father asked stunned.

Naruto began to grow curious as he saw Genma holding a framed picture that he handed over to his father quickly he wondered who it could be as his fathers eyes widened even further.

"She escaped?" He repeated still in shock

"Yes sir" Genma nervously answered.

"Everyone look for her now and bring her here now." His father ordered as his eyes remained on the picture.

Naruto wondered who was in the picture and was starting to grow curious on what this girl looked like and wanted to see the picture for himself.

"Naruto, Sasuke you two look for her too, it seems the girl is around your age make sure she doesn't escape" His father ordered that broke him out of his thoughts.

"Fine dad leave it to us we will find her won't we teme" He exclaimed with a growing smirk as Sasuke nodded in agreement.

Naruto quickly left the room along with Sasuke who was just as curious to see who this girl was. Both of them was now outside of the estate looking over the many acres of land that surrounded them wondering where the girl could of ran off.

"Where do you think she would of ran off to teme?" Naruto asked his dark haired best friend who was scanning the area.

"Lets head to the back of the property, I doubt she would of escaped from the front in case she was spotted" Sasuke replied

Naruto nodded seeing the sense in that and could feel his growing g excitement at finally doing something other than standing still and watching events take place it was too boring. They located the open window that was not far from a large tree that aided her in her escape as Sasuke began to scan the woodland that covered the back of the estate past the perfectly maintained gardens.

"Come on dobe...I think she must be somewhere in there" Sasuke stated as Naruto looked to where his friend was pointing too.

"Fine lets go hunting" Naruto exclaimed excitedly as his friend rolled his eyes at the stupid reply.

The woodland was plenty as the moon was full the only real source of light to the complete darkness the area held. They could gear the rest of his fathers men shout orders as they searched other areas but both of them was confident she had come this way. Naruto wondered what this girl looked like if she was anything like her father then he would enjoy seeing her brought down to size especially if her attitude was like any spoilt rich girl they encountered.

It didn't take long for them both to notice that there was a figure struggling out in the distance the white of the clothing stood out amongst the shadows of the tree as they both had smirks on their faces as they began to slowly approach her. Seeing the figure of a girl stood with her back up against the tree trunk, the flinch of her trembling body that was just wearing a thin nighty amused Naruto greatly, with each step he took getting closer to the frightened girl before him.

Panicked she tried to make a run for it. Her long pale slender legs began to move as he himself began to give chase watching in amazement as her petite body tried to outrun him, but to no avail as he grabbed her arm with his hand grasping it tightly causing her to scream "P-Please let me go!" Her voice was soft to his ears as he abruptly turned her around to face him pushing her up against one of the many trees still holding her arm within his grasp. Her breathless panting along with silent pleas to let her go fell on death ears as he looked at her closely.

Naruto was completely stunned the young woman before him was breathtakingly beautiful, her pale skin glowed with the moonlight upon her loose tendrils of her hair that was cascading past her shoulders down to her mid waist where it had fallen from the loosely tied up hairstyle she had before. His deep blue eyes looked down upon her parted pink lips and lilac pupiless eyes that looked upon him petrified, looking further down upon her attire noticing that she was wearing a thin nighty that just covered her backside but noticing immediately the large chest she pocessed her hardened nipples clearly showing through the thin material.

"It seems that your freezing cold" Naruto spoke, noticing her skin was like ice prompting him to remove his orange and black jacket and placing it over the startled Hyuga.

"Come on lets go you had better behave!" he spoke with authority to her. The frightened girl tried to struggle but with his grip tightening around her she bowed her head in defeat. Clearly noticing that the blonde in front of her would never release his firm grip upon her arm and proceeded to be pulled along with him as his friend watched on in a mixture of surprise and amusement.

The journey back was far quicker than expected and was in complete silence as they neared the familiar entrance to her home. Hinata briefly stopped but was pulled relentlessly by the blonde still holding her tightly. Hinata was beyond scared as the many eyes of complete strangers looked up in her with wide eyes.

Hinata once more tried in vain to struggle but the blonde man turned his eyes the deepest blue in colour that easily told her not to continue. Hinata was pulled into her fathers office that currently had another small group of men she had never seen before inside. Her eyes widened when she saw another man sat down on her fathers leather chair he looked exactly like the one holding her but older.

The older blonde looked up as his deep blue eyes looked upon her they were slightly widened then returned to normal as he just kept looking at her.

"I see you two found her, good job Naruto, Sasuke" The man stated.

Hinata swallowed nervously she could feel her body trembling wildly at being in front of these men who from what she had seen looked dangerous to her she wondered what would now happen to her now she was in their hands.

"So what do we have here...I take it your the only daughter of Hiashi?" The elder blonde asked his voice was soft and gentle but she instantly knew it was the voice from before.

Hinata who looked with frightened eyes immediately nodded her head she was to terrified to answer vocally to this man in front of her afraid what the retaliation would be once she had confirmed his question. Minato could see the fear in her lilac tinted eyes and wondered why Hiashi had kept her hidden as most of the family had thought she was dead.

"Whats your name?" He gently asked the terrified girl who he had noticed his son had a firm grip of

Her soft looking lips parted slowly as the bottom trembled slightly he could see the unshed tears gather within her eyes. She was strikingly beautiful it made him wonder if such beauty that stood trembling before him was actually a result from Hiashi's loins.

"H-Hinata..." She softly answered with a nervous stutter.

"Hmm, a very pretty name it suits you...I wonder what I should do with you?" Minato began to think. He looked at his son that seemed troubled by his question.

"Genma" Minato stated

"Yes sir?"

"Gather this girls belongings will you, take a few of the guys with you, make sure you get her clothes and any personal items" Minato casually ordered.

Genma smirked slightly as he left the room shouting a few names to follow him up the stairs towards to her room. Hinata wondered what was going to happen as tears began to fall down her cheeks. This didn't go unnoticed by most of the men in the room including Sasuke and Naruto.

"I think your much to valuable to let go Hinata...so for now you will come back with us do you understand" Minato stated leaving no room for objection.

Hinata numbly nodded her head far too upset to answer, her tears kept falling it didn't take to long for her to collapse completely to the ground stunning everyone present.

"What the..." Minato asked as he watched his son immediately tend to her noticing immediately that the girl had fainted.

"Whats wrong with her?" Naruto asked a hint of concern was evident in his voice.

"It seems it has been too much for her to take in. Lets get back home I need to follow up on some calls and find out why Hiashi kept her hidden." Minato stated to the room as his son picked the unconscious girl up holding her bridal style much to Minato's amusement.

"This is unexpected though so I'm not sure what to do with her long term?" Minato stated

Naruto glanced at his father his eyes didn't hide the emotions he held within them that surprised Minato who had never seen his son show this side of him for quite some time that he had forgotten.

"Hmm...Naruto...I will let you decide on what you want to do with her, shall I give her to you?" Minato asked curious to see what his son would do.

Naruto stiffened slightly at his fathers question and subconsciously held the girl closer to him that confused him but shocked everyone present including his best friend.

"I...I..don't know...l-let me take her then father that is if I have your permission?" Naruto calmly answered.

The room was completely silent as everyone inside was completely stunned by the young man's reply. Even Minato wasn't expecting his answer so suddenly and took a bit of time to answer back.

"If that's what you want son...then I don't see why not" Minato replied still shocked at his sons apparent interest in the girl he was holding.

"Kakashi I want you to instruct the others to keep this place secured until I put it on the market or decide otherwise. Also please instruct Genma to bring the girls belongings back to our place."

"Of course Sensei" Kakashi responded leaving to find the man in question.

"Obito...get the car ready were ready to leave now by the looks of things." Noticing his sons apparent desire to now leave.

"Hai sensei" Obito answered as he left immediately to get the car ready for their departure.

Minato finished his drink grabbing the large stuffed bag full of money as he lit another cigerette taking a few drags of the nicotine cancer stick inhaling the smoke into his lungs enjoying the moment as he exhaled the grey smoke through his nose.

"Come on then boys lets go home" Minato announced leaving his other group of men to gather the boxes of paper work to bring back when finished.

Naruto and Sasuke followed after him with the blonde holding the girl tightly within his arms with an amused Sasuke looking on. They each entered inside the large luxurious car that was pulled up ready and waiting for them. Naruto who kept her firmly close to his chest entered behind his father keeping her on his lap looking down at her sleeping gave briefly then looking out of the window.

He could feel the questioning glances from his best friend and the slight smirk ghosting his lips that made Naruto start to get angry at the thought he was so transparent. He could see the surprised faces on everyone when he decided to have the girl. To be honest he was surprised to self at his own admittance on the subject of the dark haired beauty that was now in his arms sleeping softly.

The car began to start as soon as Kakashi and Obito entered, then began to drive away from the large estate. The silent ride home began to become unbearable as Naruto could feel the many eyes staring at him and the beautiful girl in his arms. And boy was she beautiful, he had never seen such beautiful features in a girl before.

Of course the girls like Sakura who he used to chase around was pretty but her face was nothing compared to the girl he had in his arms which when he first saw her left him completely stunned. He couldn't let this girl escape that was evident in his possessive actions back at the estate tBat he knew his father could see right through him even Sasuke had raised eyebrows.

What was wrong with him?...

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