Authors note...

Hello to everyone that is following my stories or have added them to their favourites.

Firstly I just want to thank everyone that have left reviews to my on going stories. I know many of you are worried that I will not update my stories or complete them? Well I can assure you that is not happening any time soon!

I will be starting to go through chapters I have written as well as sort out where I am going with my stories in chapters. My main focus is to complete Hard Love that is very near to completion, I'm just working out how to get the story to the finish. In A Demons Possession will also be updated once I have familiarised myself with where I was going with the storyline and also fighting scenes that I will admit I'm nervous about as I'm not great at fights.

Shinobi Passions I am hoping to get a chapter done and updated soon I need to finish it and then like demons possession need to know where I am going with story. I haven't heard from Shinokaze so if he reads this and still wishes to work with me please get in touch.

It is the same with Hot For Teacher.

I will need help with Beta readers that's for sure. So I'm hoping that I can find one or two to work with me on my story projects. I need someone to proofread my chapters for any grammar/punctuation mistakes. I will also need one that could help me with writing fight scenes. If anyone can help me mainly for Hard Love & Demons Possession for now.

Please send me a message.

I'm hoping to be back updating some of my stories next month, but that will depend on finding a beta reader first.