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Warning: Contains a lot of typical school humour stuff which contains violence. Usually stuff bullies do on elementary schools and stuff. Anyways sorry if it seems

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Chapter 1: Young Years

After 10 Years passed, Fox hasn't been feeling the same. He was missing love from both of his parents even thought he loved Peppy as his adoptive father. Fox was a mere 14 year old who went to Middle School. He was going to begin his first day today But Fox grew up to be a shy and nervous young man. He had no friends except his friend Falco. He also had a personal Bully Called Wolf O' Donnell Who has been bullying him ever since he was a little kid.


*6 years ago*

"Hey stupid Fox" Wolf O' Donnell said.

"What do you want Wolf? Can you just go away?" Fox replied nervously.

"Wheres my lunch money?!" Wolf said in an angry tone.

"I'm not your personal bank account so you just can screw off and leave me alone" Fox replied.

"That's it, give me the money or i'm gonna" Wolf grabbed Fox on his shirt.

He began to punch him and Fox tried to break free, he coudn't because Wolf was bigger, stronger and older.
Wolf was 12 by this time and Fox was only a mere 8 yr old. Fox didn't know what Wolf had against him.
This was almost a daily routine. Finally Wolf stopped punching Fox and he fell down to the floor barely could speak taking his wallet, grabbing his lunch money and leaving him bleed. Wolf left the area before anyone could come. But suddenly.

"FOX! What the HECK!" Falco came running towards the injured Fox.

"What happened, did Wolf do this to you again?" Falco said concerned.

"Y-yes, he k-keeps doing this ever since i was 6" Fox said while crying.

"We know, we know i'm so sorry i left you off my sight i won't ever let it happen again" Falco said while holding his hand

"It's okay Falco, you don't have t-to worry about me everytime, i'm worthless" The fox cried

"Don't say that buddy, come on i'll take you to the nurse's office" Falco grabbed Fox and gave him a piggyback ride to the nurse's office.

-Flashback end-

*Present time*

Fox was at his room getting ready for his first day at middle school. Fox was getting his favorite red shirt and his black long skinny jeans. Ever after his Dad's demise he regrets wearing his uniform, it makes him really upset.
Fox was very weak and didn't have much muscle because he barely ate, exercised, and did social activities. He quickly grabbed his backpack and went downstairs which he saw Peppy was cooking breakfast.

"Hi Peppy, what'ya cooking?" Fox said while smelling

"It's your favorite dear, pizza" Peppy said while smiling

"Oh my god, i love it!" Fox replied wagging his tail.

Fox sat down and waited a while for his pizza. It was only 7:30 he had time. After a while he ate his breakfast and grabbed his backpack. He headed down and went to the bus stop.

"Peppy, i'm leaving to school!" Fox said with his eyes closed smiling

"Have fun Fox, just remember i love you" Peppy replied

"Even though you're the son i never had, i will forever treat you as mines. James, i'm proud of you..." Peppy whispered

Peppy could feel an arm on his shoulder, he looked behind and it was James.

"Peppy, you're such a loyal friend and i'm glad to have had you as mines, please take care" James said while fading away.

"I will James, I will" Peppy replied while tears in his face. James could barely communicate with the family, he hasn't been able to talk to Fox ever since he was 4, due to the fact he's a mere ghost and his moves are limited. Ghosts aren't supposed to talk.

Fox left to enter the bus. He didn't see Falco anywhere and he felt concerned.

"Hey Fox, you ready for another day at school?" The bus driver said.

"Yeah i'm ready..." Fox said a little bit upset

Finally Fox found an empty seat, it was next to some weird Frog hiding his face. He sat next to him.

"AH don't hurt me!" The frog replied scared

"What? I wasn't gonna do anything?" Fox said confused

"Don't hurt me Wolf no more" The frog said.

"Wolf did you just say Wolf?" Fox replied shocked

"Yes, are you him...?" The frog asked.

"No, my name is Fox McCloud, what about you?" Fox said smiling pulling his hand out for a handshake

"I'm...i'm Slippy Toad" Slippy replied and handshaked.

"So, Wolf has been bullying you too?" Fox asked.

"Yes, ever since i was a little toad." Slippy said upset.

"He's been doing to me ever since i was a pup" Fox said upset too.

"So, are we friends now?" Slippy said eagerly.

"Of course! I can't wait for you to meet Falco." Fox said.

"Falco? He's my friend too! I just met him on the last day of elementary" Slippy replied.

"Cool!, So what classroom are you going to?

"8-1" Slippy said.

"Hey me too! We're gonna be classmates" Fox replied wagging his tail.

Eventually about 20 minutes passed, Fox and Slippy arrived to their destination. Fox was extremely nervous and hid behind Slippy. He didn't like it when people stared at him.

"What's wrong Fox?" Slippy said confused.

"Nothing, just nothing" Fox replied covering his eyes

Fox heard a voice, it said "FOX!" He looked behind him and it was Falco.

"Falco!" Fox replied.

Fox jumped at Falco and hugged him. Falco was Fox's best friend ever since they we're little. Falco was always there for Fox when he had problems. He was 15 years old, wearing a blue shirt and black skinny jeans.

"It's been so long since we last saw each other" Falco smirked.

"Yeah, i really felt lonely" Fox said.

"Hey Slippy, you're here too?" Falco asked Slippy.

"Yeah so i guess we're all friends here?" Slippy replied.

"We should head to our classrooms, can't miss our first day" Fox said.

The trio headed to their perspective classes, ironically they had the same classes at the same time.

Their first class was English. There was exactly 17 students including them. Fox felt really shy.
He was lucky they we're the first at the class. After a few minutes passed everyone went to their seats.
Fox, Falco and Slippy had their own table. Eventually...Fox saw a figma from the distance, the silhouette. It was WOLF!. Fox was shocked seeing Wolf here. He also had 2 friends with him. How could he even have friends?

"Hello Miss, is this the right classroom?" Wolf asked confused, while he smirked when he saw Fox McCloud.

"Oh yeah! Sit on the table with your little buddies next to them!" The teacher pointed at the table next to Fox.

Wolf sat to his table. His friends we're Panther and Leon. They looked like trouble makers.

"Fox, i don't like this class anymore" Falco whispered.

"What the heck are they doing here aren't they supposed to be in 10th or something?" Slippy said..

"He probably got held back, that stupid idiot" Fox whispered a little bit loud.

"What was that Fox?" Wolf asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Nothing. Mind your own business." Fox replied angry.

"Oh you silly little Fox" Wolf teased him.

The time went slowly, Fox couldn't wait to leave for lunch. They we're all bored and annoying. Eventually-

Wolf kept throwing papers at Fox, the teacher left an hour ago and wouldn't return for a while. The teaching system is really different. Fox was getting annoyed by Wolf.

"Wolf can you freaking stop that?" Fox said.

"I'm BORED" Wolf replied.

"We'll stop being bored, one more paper and i'm gonna..." Fox said in an angry tone.

Wolf threw another paper, Fox stood up from his chair.

"Fox, don't." Falco said while pulling Fox down.

Fox sat down, but Wolf got up too.

"What are you gonna do?" Wolf said while clenching his fists.

"Can you leave Fox alone?" Slippy asked.

"No i will not." Wolf smirked, he was a typical bully alright. After a few seconds, he saw Fox's shirt was a little bit up. He could see his underwear they we're tighty whities. After Fox being distracted Wolf went in and grabbed his underwear pulling him up really high.

"GAH, WOLF! STOP! YOU'RE SO ANNOYING" Fox said while dangling.

"What did you say to me under your breath huh?" Wolf kept pulling him higher and higher. His underwear stretched a lot.

Fox couldn't feel his legs anymore he started to cry, nobody in the classroom would help him, everyone was scared of Wolf.
Until...Falco got up.

"Wolf, you better let go of him or else." Falco said in an angry tone.

"Ohh i'm so scared, whatcha gonna do. You protecting your boyfriend?" Wolf teased Falco which made him ever more angry, eventually Wolf put Fox at the cabinet, where he dangled.

"Come at me! Or what are you a chicken?" Falco teased Wolf which made him even more angry.

The whole classroom was shocked at their drama. Eventually Wolf reacted, clenched his fists, he swinged at Falco but he missed. Falco was very fast and could react anytime. Falco then punched Wolf in the gut. He kicked him in the crotch,
making him fall. Falco thought he won but Panther and Leon got up. They saw his leader was on the ground damaged.
Falco was nervous, it wasn't just one, it was two. Suddenly Leon grabbed Falcos arm. Falco struggled to get out.
Panther started to punch Falco on his stomach and his face, he coudn't do anything. He tried to kick him but he missed.

"STOP, STOP , STOP!" Slippy croaked extremely loud.

"Stop hurting my friends you stupid idiots, you're all so mean, what do you have against us! We want an answer"

None of them replied. Eventually a teacher came running to the classroom. He heard Peppys croak.
The teacher was shocked, he was Fox dangling from his underwear crying. He saw Wolf getting up from the ground. Panther kept punching Falco until Leon saw the teacher and let go. Slippy was trying to get Fox down but he was too high up.
The whole classroom feared Wolf, and they kept their distance against him.

"Class is dismissed...but you guys, at the back, to the principals office" The teacher said while pointing Falco, Wolf, and his friends.

Slippy got a chair and he grabbed Fox's underwear and put him on the ground. Fox stopped crying and he adjusted it. He coudn't feel his legs, his butt or anything.

"Oww..." Fox said.

"It's okay Fox, it's okay." Slippy said comforting the sad Fox.

"Falco...Slippy" Fox was surprised his friends defended him, he felt loved.

-Chapter 1 END-

Thank you for reading my first chapter! The next chapter will explain Wolf's backstory and the reason why he's such a big bad Wolf.