In celebration of Starfox Zero here's a new Chapter! *coughs* (I'm late by a week and a half I know... /please don't shoot me ;w; ) This chapter was actually written a few months ago, I haven't been able to write in a long long time. But don't worry. I will still continue my stories even if they're taking hiatuses. I hope you enjoy reading this!

Chapter 31: Fast Food Restaurant

A Sunny and Bright morning rose upon. It was another beautiful day in the Cornerian Enviroment. Fox was starting to wake up,
after drooling all over Wolf's chest. He wiped it off and looked at Wolf who was sleeping with his mouth completely open.

That's when Fox headed over to his mouth and gave him a kiss. Wolf quickly opened his eyes and blushed.

"Oh Fox, Good Morning." Wolf said pulling him for a nuzzle.

"Morning Wolfie! I'm glad you're awake." Fox said giggling.

"I'm glad you're here with me." Wolf rubbed his nose with Fox's and giggled back.

Krystal opened Wolf's bedroom door and saw the two of them in bed cuddling.

"Good morning you too!" She smiled.

"Morning Krystal!" Fox rushed to her and gave her a good morning kiss on the cheek.

"Hi Krystal" Wolf said while coughing.

"Oh Wolf, You still need to rest." She giggled.

"I'm fine!" Wolf tried to stand up from bed but he yelped and got hurt.

"Wolfie! Stay still and rest, like Krystal said!" Fox scolded Wolf.

"B-But..." Wolf got upset.

"Wolf It's for your best." Krystal said.

"I know..." Wolf gave up.

"Don't worry Wolfie! Take the day to rest, please?" Fox said.

"B-But you need company." Wolf said.

"I'll be fine with Krystal. We're going out today." Fox giggled.

"On a date? Without me?!" Wolf quickly got jealous.

"Yeah just to give you a day to rest silly." Krystal said.

"Hmmpth..." Wolf looked away from the two of them and got mad.

Fox headed over to Wolf and gave him a nuzzle kiss. Wolf quickly blushed and kissed him back.

"F-Fine...You both take care. Or else!" Wolf said giving them permission.

"You know Fox is always safe in my hands, you big pup!" Krystal headed over to Wolf and scratched his chest, making him raise his leg and wag his tail.

"I'll call Falco to check up on you." Fox said.

"I don't need no babysitter..." Wolf whined.

"You can't move or anything. Falco will be the one that could help you while we are away."

"N-No!" Wolf whined more.

"We're not gonna let you rot here Wolf, please?" Krystal said.

"As long as he doesn't talk to me..." Wolf said shrugging.

"You can't hate Falco forever." Fox said.

"..." Wolf stopped talking.

"Alright, take care Wolf. We'll be back by sundown." Krystal said holding Fox's hand and leaving from the room.

"Bye Wolfie!" Fox smiled and threw him a kiss, Wolf catching it and frowning. "Fox...!" Wolf said.

'Pull yourself together!' Wolf said in his mind. 'It's only for today...I hope'

Krystal took Fox to Wolf's SUV. She placed him to the seat next to her buckling up his seatbelt, smiling at the giggling Fox.

Krystal pulled out her phone and asked Fox.

"Which one do you want to go at?" She handed her phone to Fox.

"I wanna go here!" Fox pointed to the Fast-Food Restaurant.

"Alright Fox, I'll take us there." Krystal said turning the SUV on.

Krystal and Fox both arrived to their destination, Fox quickly glanced at it and gasped.

"What's wrong Fox?" Krystal was confused.

"T-This is the place daddy always took me to..." Fox frowned.

"Aw, don't worry you'll have fun here baby." Krystal gave him a kiss.

Fox blushed and got off the SUV with Krystal, she locked it and grabbed Fox's hand. They both headed inside and the place wasn't as filled as they thought it would be.

Krystal took Fox near the play pen. Fox wagged his tail in exitement he wanted to head to the play pen badly but he wanted to eat with Krystal.

"Alright Fox, What do you want to eat?" Krystal handed him out a menu.

"I-I wan't nuggets and fries." Fox said pointing at it.

"Got it baby, I'll be back soon. Stay here." She scratched his hair and he giggled.

Fox was extremely anxious to try out the play pen, he looked at the slides, and how high the castle was, it was a children's paradise alright, but Fox didn't care what age he was. He still wanted to participate in it.

Krystal was still on the line waiting for her turn to order. It was when Fox coudn't wait.

He was how long Krystal was taking and he headed over to the play pen, he opened the door and headed inside. He was tons of kids with their mother and fathers. Fox ignored them and headed over to the castle. He quickly climbed the ladder and giggled.

He saw kids playing around on top giggling and laughing, it catched Fox's attention and he headed over there. A kid rushed to him and helped him get up the ladder.

"Hwi there!" The young child greeted Fox. He was playing pirates with his other three friends. They we're a pack of bear cubs.

"Hi there." Fox waved at the four of them.

"W-What briwngs you here adult?" The child raised his paper sword.

"Me? Adult? I'm just a kid like you!" Fox giggled at them.

"Weally? That's cool!" The kids chanted.

Fox giggled and patted their heads. Fox was big compared to them. Fox looked around and it reminded him of his past, how James used to take him here all the time.


"Son...do you like it here?" James said holding a 3 year old Fox who was eating.

"I wove it!" Fox said cuddling himself on James' shoulder.

"You see over there?" James pointed at the play pen.

"Ywes?" Fox was confused.

"You wanna go explore it?" James said.

"B-Bwut theres pweople!" Fox was scared.

"Don't worry son. I'll be with you all the time." James took him to the play pen.

James dropped Fox off and got a hold of his hand, not letting him go. Fox dragged him to the slide, where James happily took him too. He placed Fox on the very top and giggled in exitement. That's when James let go off him. Fox slid down the slide and started dying by giggling. James smiled and grabbed him for a hug. Fox gave him a kiss on the cheek and giggled again. He was having a lot of fun with his dad.

"Hwello?" One of the cubs was trying to snap Fox out of his spaced out mind.

"...Huh?" Fox said.

"Are you okay? Ywouve been stawing at the wwall for a while and ywour mom is looking fwo you!" The cub dragged him and pointed to Krystal.

"Oh there he is!" She said looking at the window.

"Krystal!" Fox smiled at her.

"Come down! The food's ready!" Krystal said.

"B-But I'm having fun!" Fox whined.

That's when a group of ghetto girls who know Krystal passed by and smirked at her.

"Is that your boyfriend, playing with kids?" The leader started laughing.

"Yes. Do you have a problem with it?" Krystal tried to ignore her.

"My god, isn't he just childish and mental?" The leader told the girls.

"Yeah! Hahaha!" They laughed.

Krystal got angry at them but tried to hide it in. Krystal really wanted to punch them but she decided not to get violent.

"How about you go do your pretty make-up or something else instead of being annoying?" Krystal smiled at them.

"You're funny Krystal. We're watching you." She said and left with the girls.

"Ugh..." Krystal covered her face. "I hate them so much." She said.

Fox was playing around with the cubs pirate tag for a while. Krystal was alone texting her friends letting Fox do whatever he wants to do, she wasn't in a good mood after that.

"Tag you're it!" The cub poked the other cub with his paper sword.

"Hey not fair!" He began chasing the other cub over the whole castle, Fox was hiding in one of the tubes, trying not to get caught until.

"Achooo!" Fox sneezed and covered his mouth. That's when the cub heard him and rushed towards him tagging him.

"Got yu!" The cub said running away.

"Dang it! I'll get you now!" Fox said chasing the cub to the very top of the castle.

It was a dead end, and the cub had no escape whatsoever.

"I have you now!" Fox said trying to tag the cub who was cornered until,

"AAHHH!" He tripped and grabbed the ledge of the castle.

"MOMMY!" He cried out.

"Jonathan!" The other two bears cried out his name.

Fox quickly rushed over to the cub, trying to grab his hand but the cub was too afraid. Nobody was in the play pen and Krystal coudn't hear anything through the window. Their mother and father left them here until they came back from their jobs.

"I dwont wanna let go!" He kept crying.

"Grab my hand!" Fox tried to get him.

"N-No! I'm scwared!" The bear kept crying.

"T-Trust me! You'll be okay!" Fox tried to assure his safety to him, but it was too late. The cub slipped.

"NO!" Fox quickly jumped off the castle and grabbed the crying bear pleading for help.

"FOX!" The other two screamed trying to grab Fox's tail but they coudn't.

Fox had grabbed the cub with his hands covering his whole body, one of the managers who was working there saw Fox jumped off and quickly pointed and screamed. That's when Krystal looked behind her and saw Fox falling down with the cub.

"FOX!" Krystal screamed as soon as she saw Fox land to the ground.

"Wwake up!" Jonathan cried out trying to wake up Fox.

"It's bween hours!" The other cub cried.

"Whwen will our friend wake up.!" They kept whining asking Krystal.

"F-Fox." Krystal was crying seeing Fox unconcious on the ground not waking up.

'What if he never wakes up?' 'What will I tell Wolf?' 'I BROKE A PROMISE'

"Dwont cry! You'll make uws cry!" The cub said beginning to tear up.

That's when Fox heard the cries and opened one eye up.

"FOX..." Krystal quickly grabbed Fox and pulled him for a hug.

"K-Krystal? Am I dead?" Fox asked her once again crying in tears and gasping for air.

"No Silly, you're okay! Thank god. Oh my god." Krystal kissed him on the cheeks.

Fox grunted and yelped in pain, his back was hurting him a lot.

Krystal rubbed Fox's back trying to ooze off the pain off him, trying to not make him cry more.

"Fwiend! You save my fwiends life! We owe you!" The cub tackled Fox to the ground and licked his face causing Fox to giggle.

"Fwiends!" They all chanted.

Krystal hugged all of them and patted their heads.

"Did you guys...have fun?"

"Ywes!" They all said.

"I see Fox saved your life eh?" Krystal patted Jonathan's head.

"I owe Fox!" He giggled.

Fox blushed as soon as Jonathan said that and said "You don't have to."

"But you saved me when mwommy coudn't!" Jonathan tried to strike a point.

"F-Fine." Fox gave up and kept blushing.

That's when it was Jonathan's mother who arrived.

"Babies!" She rushed to them and hugged the three of them.

"Come on it's getting late we need to get you to your mothers." The momma cub said.

"Bwye!" The three of them waved goodbye at Fox and Krystal.

"Fox! Twank you for everything!" Jonathan waved and cried his way out wanting to spend more time with Fox.

"Bye!" Fox waved goodbye and started to frown after they left.

"Aw Fox, made some new friends?" Krystal said.

"Y-Yes I did." Fox said rubbing his eyes.

"Oh Fox you need to eat. You haven't eaten all day." Krystal said grabbing Fox.

"L-Let's go home" Fox said yawning.

Krystal picked up Fox's food and her purse and quickly headed to the SUV with Fox. She placed Fox on the back so he could lay down and rest up.

Krystal turned on the SUV and drove quickly home, thinking about Fox on the way back.

'My beautiful boyfriend...I don't care if he acts like a child, I don't care if he is mental, I don't care if people thinks he has problems, he's perfectly fine for me. I love him the way he is just like Wolf does too. They are like sons to me. Always looking out for them and looking for their safety. Sometimes I fail and sometimes I succeed, I want them to be happy. Very happy.' Krystal arrived to the apartments with Fox. She opened her door and opened Fox seeing Fox being pensative about today.

"Come on Fox. Wolf is waiting for you." Krystal teased Fox and Fox quickly snapped out of his thoughts starting to wag his tail. Fox opened his arms for Krystal and Krystal grabbed him, placing him on her back. She grabbed his food and headed to the front door. She grabbed the keys and opened the door.

She quickly headed to her room to change herself up to sleep.

"Fox go check up on Wolf." She authorized him.

Fox did not respond because that was the first thing he did when he got here. He quickly grabbed his food and headed towards Wolf's room and opened the door.

"AHH!" Fox screamed as soon as he saw Falco sleeping with Wolf.

Fox began breaking down crying and whimpering, looking at Falco cuddling with Wolf broke his fragile heart. Wolf and Falco heard the scream and woke up.

"WHA" Falco woke up confused at why he was sleeping on top of Wolf.

"FALCO...?" Wolf got angered as soon as he saw Falco on top of him.

"HOW DID I END UP HERE?!" Falco got off Wolf quickly.

"YOU FELL ASLEEP ON ME IDIOT!" Wolf growled at him.

Falco quickly headed towards Fox and tried to give him a hug, but he denied it crying constantly and whimpering in betrayal.

"Look at what you did Wolf! You made him cry again for yelling!" Falco got mad at Wolf.

"N-No He saw you on me and he got upset! NOW LEAVE." Wolf pointed the door out to Falco.

"Whatever." Falco left the house and closed the door.

"Fox baby, come to me...?" Wolf said trying to get up but coudn't.

Krystal got out of her room to see Fox on the ground crying.

"What happened?!" Krystal quickly headed towards Fox and put him in her arms, cooing him and trying to calm him down.

"Falco made him upset again, by accidently falling asleep on me." Wolf said.

"Fox...come on. Wolf needs you." Krystal tried to calm him down more by putting him next to Wolf.

Fox kicked his feet and cried even harder looking at Wolf feeling pain.

"F-Fox...please?" Wolf was starting to tear up. That's when Fox saw Wolf cry and didn't want that to happen. Fox headed towards Wolf and sat on his chest looking straight into his eyes with tears.

"Fox please...it wasn't how it looked like. Falco was working all day to take care of me and got exhausted enough to fall asleep next to me. Please Fox forgive me and Falco." He said putting his hand on his cheeks.

"F-Fine..." Fox's stream of tears stopped slightly.

"Shhhh...lay down on me...!" Wolf tried to adjust him in his chest. Krystal saw how Wolf finally calmed down Fox, she headed to her room happily leaving the two love birds alone.

Fox cuddled himself in Wolf's chest and purred feeling sore and droozy over his back hurting him a lot, that's when Wolf noticed his back felt inflated and raised his shirt up.

Fox quickly blushed and hid his face on his chest hair.

"FOX...Your back?! What happened?!" Wolf was worried.

"I-I made a friend and I-I saved his life because he almost tripped and fell to h-his death." Fox sniffled.

"O-Oh baby. My hero. I'm so glad you're safe" Wolf rubbed his back slowly kissing his little forehead and stroking his hair.

"W-Will I ever see them again?" Fox asked Wolf.

"Of course you will. They cared about you Fox, just like I care about you." Wolf looked at his eyes and gave him a lick on his nuzzle, causing Fox to yelp and giggle.

"I-I miss playing with you Wolfie..." Fox said.

"I'll be healed by tomorrow. I promise Fox. For now. Sleep. You need it." Wolf teased Fox and poked his butt, causing Fox to yelp again and blush. Wolf grabbed the bed sheets and placed them over Fox, rubbing his back each time until he finally drifted off to sleep happily. That's when Wolf covered Fox's head with his own head, giving him max comfort.

-Chapter 31 END-