OK, so I've actually had this on my compute for a few months now and I though it was time to post it, it is a rizzles and bechole fic and my first one at that with them in it. I hope you guys enjoy this. Remember, reviews are love so tell me if you want more.

Angela Rizzoli unlocked Jane's front door. Maura was currently downstairs getting the coffee down the street and would be back any minute. Angela walked into Jane's room, leaning against the door. Both Beca and Jane were asleep, holding onto each other for dear life.

It had only been two weeks since Jane had killed Hoyt after he attacked Jane and Maura. Angela shivered at the memory. Last night was Jane's first night back at her apartment since she had been staying with Maura. Angela had taken Beca as her own when her sister, Beca's mother, passed away.

Beca was only six. Her father was out of the picture by then, having left them when Beca was only four. Jane was sixteen when Beca came to live with them, and she took her in under her wing. Ever since then, they had been inseparable. And after Hoyt messed with Jane, Beca and Maura were always there.

Jane portrayed herself as tough, but at night she always needed either Beca or Maura there with her when she slept. Angela started thinking about Jane and Maura's relationship. Before Maura, Beca was the only one that could calm Jane down. Then Maura came and changed Jane. Angela wished Maura and Jane would get their head out of the gutter and date, but Jane was stubborn and Maura... Well, Angela didn't know what Maura's problem was.

"Janie, Becs get up," There was grumbling from both. "Oh don't give me that, Janie. We have to help Becs pack for Barden University"

Beca's father was a professor of the university and, for some reason; he decided he wanted back in Beca's life. Angela knew Beca didn't want any part of him; she even legally changed her last name to Rizzoli Because Mitchell was her father's name and she hated it. She even called Angela "Ma", but Frank was always Uncle Frank to her.

"Make her pack her own shit," Jane said.

"Language, Jane." Maura came up behind Angela holding a coffee container with three coffees. Beca laughed.

"Yeah, Jane, mind your girlfriend," Jane punched Beca in the arm.

"She's not my girlfriend." Maura had a disappointed look on her face. Angela saw this, and Beca knew Maura would look wounded if she looked at her, so she tried to lighten the mood.

"Not yet, anyway. But you are still whipped." Jane hit her again "Ma, Jane keeps hitting me." Beca whined. Maura chuckled.

"Did not," Jane mumbled.

"I have coffee." Maura said the two brunettes instantly got up, grabbing their coffees.

"I knew there was a reason I loved you." Beca said gratefully. "You know, since Janie here won't ask you out already, would you like to go out?" Beca asked. She wasn't actually serious; she wouldn't do that to her sister. Once, after consuming a bottle of tequila, Jane admitted her feelings for Maura and said she was scared.

And the same went for Maura. When Beca spent the night one time, Maura drank a few bottles of wine, worrying over Jane, and admitted her feelings, so Beca kept trying to nudge them together ever since.

"Beca," Angela said. Beca shrugged, then winked at Maura and drank some of her coffee.

Maura smiled at Beca. Maybe I can make Jane jealous by going on a date with Beca, Beca thought.

"Okay," Maura agreed. I hope Beca will be okay with this, Maura thought.

Beca started chocking on her coffee. Angela and Jane looked at Maura with wide eyes.

"What?" Beca asked in disbelief. Had she heard Maura correctly? She only asked because she knew Maura had a thing for Jane and Jane had a thing for Maura so she was just goofing around. Why is she saying yes? Finally, it clicked. Maura wanted to make Jane jealous.

"Well, I said okay. Yes, I'll let you take me out," Maura said, making it more clear.

"Wow... Okay, I didn't actually think you would say yes." Beca decided to go with it, hoping Maura was just fucking with her.

"That makes two of us." Jane mumbled.

"Can I talk to you outside, Beca?" Maura asked.

"Um... Yeah, sure..." Beca sat her coffee on the dresser, still dumbstruck of what was going on. Maura led her outside of the apartment and down one flight of stairs to make sure no one could her them.

"Okay, first of all... WHAT THE HELL?. I know for a fact you're into my sister because you told me that night I got you drunk. Second of all, you better just be pretending to make Jane jealous." Beca warned.

"Jeez Beca, I know. But I like her, you know that, I love her. And I love you like a sister, so I figured this could…"

"Make Jane jealous." Beca finished. Thank God, Beca thought. She wasn't actually interested in Maura. She was hot and everything, but Maura was off limits because of Jane.

"Exactly. I hope you don't mind?" Maura said, worried about what Beca would think.

"Of course I don't mind. I wish she would get her head out of her ass just because she…" Beca stopped, knowing she was about to give her sister's secret away. "Never mind."

"Thank you," Maura said ignoring what Beca was going to say. "And I'm sorry for doing this before telling you my plan. It actually just sort of popped into my head."

"It's no problem," Beca said relieved.

"I'm just sick and tired of her not talking to me about her feelings. Every time I try she just pushes me away," Maura cried hugging Beca.

"I know M, my sister is an idiot." Maura chuckled and pulled away, wiping her tears. Beca rubbed Mauras arms.

"You've got that right," Maura grumbled. Beca chuckled.

"Are you good now?" Beca asked and Maura nodded.

"Thank you Beca, for letting me do this. And you know we would never happen right?" Maura asked just to be clear, Beca chuckled.

"Yes Maura, I know," Beca said.

"Good, because, no offense, but you're a little young for me. Though you would probably be perfect for my sister," Maura said as an after thought.

"What's she like?" Beca asked.

"She is beautiful, smart, and really doesn't know what personal boundaries are. She actually goes to Barden." Maura said.

"Well... Hopefully I'll get to meet her." Beca smiled.

"Maybe. But I swear, if you break her heart, I will kill you, and they will not be finding your body," Maura threatened. Beca raised her hands up in mock surrender.

"Damn... Haven't even started seeing her and you are threatening me? She must be one great girl." Beca said.

"She is, and I know you, you have this charm over people, especially girls. So don't hurt her," Maura said.

"Who says I'm going to date her, anyway?" Beca asked.

"I know you will, She has a charm of her own," Maura said.

"Chloe, what are you doing?" Aubrey went into Chloe's room, her stuff strewn all over the place. Aubrey, being OCD, freaked. "Chloe! What the hell?!"

"My mother's ring, it's gone, I can't find it." Chloe said tears in her eyes. Aubrey went over to her best-friend and rubbed her arms.

"Okay, Chloe, honey, I need you to calm down. Did you leave it at Maura's?" Chloe breathed in and out, and then thought about it. Her last trip was two weeks ago. When she left, it was because Maura was afraid that Chloe would end up getting hurt by Hoyt, so during the packing she accidentally left the ring.

"Yes, it's in the guest bedroom. I'm going now," Chloe said packing a bag, wiping her tears away and becoming her happy self again.

"Chloe, are you sure? We have to do the stand tomorrow," Aubrey said worried Chloe wouldn't make it back on time.

"Aubrey, it's already set up. The fliers are on the table. I cannot live without that ring, so I'm getting on the jet. I will be back before it starts, okay?" Aubrey nodded; she knew Chloe cherished that ring. Chloe packed a bag. "Don't worry, I'll stay at Maura's and be back in the morning. From what I know, they are using the jet for Beca anyways."

"Who is Beca?" Chloe finished packing and looked at her best-friend with a wide smile.

"Jane's cousin. You know, Jane is the woman my sister is hopelessly in love with." Chloe smirked.

"Oh yeah. Didn't you say she was cute? Beca I mean," Aubrey said.

"Beca is so freaking hot, I could just-" Chloe started but Aubrey covered her mouth.

"Okay, no. I do not need to hear your sex fantasies. Go get your ring." Chloe smiled and hugged Aubrey before walking out the door and heading to Boston.

"How are you going to do this whole plan?" Beca asked "Cause unlike you, I can lie." Beca pointed out.

"Technically, it's not lying if we actually go do something together," Maura pointed out.

"What would you like to go do?" Beca asked, rolling her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me," Maura said. Beca scuffed.

"What are you? My mother?" Beca said. "Just answer the question."

"I don't know, do you think this will work?" Maura asked, worried she had made a mistake.

"Oh, most definitely. Come with me." Beca headed up the stairs, hearing screaming coming from the other side of Jane's apartment door. "See, she's super pissed. So... About your sister..." Maura laughed.

"If it helps, she thinks you are super-hot."

"How do you know that?"

"I have that picture of you and Jane in my living room, and she saw it when she came to visit."

"Damn. The one with me and Jane in our swimsuits?" Beca asked.

Maura nodded. "Actually, that's not all she said, but… Well, just ask her when you see her." Maura blushed. Her sister could be overly sexual at times.

"Okay, should I worry?" Beca asked, "because you are blushing, and that never happens," Beca said.

"Definitely not." Maura said then sighed, "Well, I'm going to go explain to Angela what's going on. Hopefully she won't get upset."

"I don't think she will. She's been trying to get Jane to ask you out for years." Beca said with a shrug.

"Well, I'm glad she approves." Maura looked at Beca nervously, "Hey Becs?"

"Yeah, M?"

"Can you bring your mixes?"

Beca smiled, knowing it was going to be a tearful night for Maura. Before Beca could answer, Maura's phone started to go off.

"Doctor Isles." She answered.

"Hey, Maura. I'm coming down. I left mom's ring in your spare room." Chloe replied.

"Okay. I have to warn you, though; Beca and Jane are staying the night. We're leaving early in the morning. Though, with everything that's happening, I don't even know if Jane will be staying."

"Oh no, she's coming. Trust me." Beca said.

"Who is that?" Chloe asked, not recognizing the voice.

"That's Beca."

"The hot cousin?" Chloe asked.

Maura chuckled. "Yes, the hot cousin."

"Tell her I said she looks hot in a bikini top. I'll see you in a bit. I'm using the jet. Bye. Love you."

"Love you, too." Maura hung up, "she said you hot in a bikini top," Maura said as she put her phone away. Beca smirked.

"Maybe I'll give her a private showing," Beca said wiggling her eyebrows at Maura. Maura laughed and shook her head.

"I have a feeling you two will get along just fine. Now come on, let's go back in." Maura and Beca went in. Beca was finally going to tell Jane what she thought and force her to see her feelings for Maura. She was getting tired of seeing Maura cry over her sister because she was too scared to say anything.