"SAVE THE MONKEYS!" I scream, raising my protest sign against Star Lab's use of harmful chemicals into the forest, chemicals that were sickening the monkeys to death and causing the whole ecosystem to be thrown off balance. "PROTECT THE RAINFOREST!" My voice is hoarse as the sun starts to set over the street full of protesters, being here at seven AM this morning to nine PM was really starting to take it's toll on my body. I had shared a PB&J with a fellow protester and a bottle of water with another one. In my back pocket my cellphone rings, I pull it out, working my way out of the crowd. "Hello?"

"Charlie? I need you to-" My dad's voice comes over the phone, "What the hell is going on around you? Wait - do I want to know?" I bringe, considering my father is a big donor to Star Labs research I shake my head, then remember that he can't see me and say,

"Probably not, Dad. What did you want?" I hand off my sign to some protester and walk into a store for more quiet,

"Company party in an hour, be there. Please, Darling." Holding the phone to my chest I curse and then bring it up to my ear,

"I'll be there, Daddy." I hang up and groan, sliding the phone into my back pocket. Looking around I notice that I'm in a David's Bridal shop, I wave down the manager,

"Hello, Dear. What are you looking for? You seem a little young to be getting married…" I pull of the red bandana that covers my wavy brown hair and take off my circular sunglasses to show my green eyes, one lighter than the other. My trademark.

"I have a dance to be at in an hour and I'm in need of an outfit. Red or black please." She purses her glossed lips and tugs at a strand of grey hair,

"Yes, Miss Sparrow. Size?" I give her a bright smile,

"Size eight, 40D, I prefer a three inch heel due to my height, and as you can see I'm pear shaped."

In half an hour I'm trussed up in a corset back dress that's an apple red with one shoulder and a decent slit up the left side that's classy, not trashy. I pay the lady and walk out of the store and over to a jewelry store and walk in, straight up to the young girl behind the diamond filled cases.

"I need a large diamond necklace, silver bracelet, and diamond earrings. Also if you happen to have a curling wand and bobby pins that'd be great." The girl tucks a strand of blonde hair behind her ear,

"Price range, Miss?" I hold up my platinum credit card,

"I have no limit but I need it in the next ten minutes." I look down at the cases and spot a nice display, "Actually, I'll take that whole set right there and-" I see a tennis bracelet, "Ooh, and that." The sales rep giggles and takes them out of the case, the manager sees me and walks over,

"Hello, Miss Sparrow," He takes the items pulled from the case and begins to slip them into black, velvet cases, "Will this be all?" I offer a smile,

"Yes, Sir, but if you wouldn't mind I'd like to wear them out. I have a last minute party to attend to." The manager tries to mask the shock on his face but hands over the jewelry and I hand over my credit card, within a few minutes I manage to get a few bobby pins and and a small makeup bag from the girl that had first served me, "May I use your employee restroom to do my makeup and hair?" The manager is stunned but agrees when I slip him a twenty, I quickly enter the room and contour my face the best I can and do a simple smokey eye and use some clear lipgloss on my naturally red lips. Using the bobby pins and a hair tie I pull my hair into a fishtail braid down my back. I look like the billionaire daughter I am when I walk out of the jewelry store and hail a cab to the Next Sun's Law company party at the Royal Hotel in Gotham. Tonight I was Charlene Deirdre Sparrow. Sixteen year old daughter of Brianna and Trenton Sparrow, both only childs of old money and married with no context of love but social furthering. My brother, a genius contained to a bed at the hospital due to cancer, literally, all over his body.

"West 32nd please." The cabbie takes off and I lean back against the cracked upholstery and in five minutes of random tire screeches and stoplights we pull up to the brightly lit hotel where a valet helps me out of the taxi, reporters begin taking shots of me, I give a dazzling smile and blow a kiss before entering the red carpeted entryway.

"Charlene, darling. There you are." My father takes my arm and kisses my cheek, leaning closer to me he whispers, "If you put on a nice show tonight I'll let you have a full day with Miles tomorrow." My smile gets wider, kissing dad on the cheek I walk over to the Mayor and introduce myself.

"Mr. Mayor, hi. My name is Charlene Sparrow, it's a pleasure to meet you." I let the grubby man take and kiss my hand,

"The pleasure is all mine, Miss Sparrow." Giggling I place the hand flirtatiously in front of my mouth before placing it back at me waist,

"Oh, please Mr. Mayor. Call me Charlene." The Mayor seems delighted and starts up a conversation with another man in a suit. I move on as well, picking up a flute of champagne from a waitress in a sparkly gown. I notice the police commissioner and begin to make my way across the ballroom when the windows shatter in a hail of gunfire. I let out a shout of surprise and start to reach for an abandoned drink tray for a shield but some goon in a mask in kicks me in the stomach, "Ahh!" I cry out in pain as stars dance in my vision, I look up to see that it's the Joker and Harley Quinn.

"Look Mistah J, rich Gothamites all in one place. Just for you!" The psycho jester girl flashes the melted clown a smile that clearly transmits that she's in love.

"Shut up, Harley. I'm trying to think." The Joker hits her and a flash of angers runs through me, even if she was a villain she didn't deserved to be abused. The Joker takes a second but seems to get his ideas together, "Okay, everyone. On the ground and don't move a muscle or Harley here will put a bullet in your brain." The jester lets out a squeal of delight and sends a few bullets into the ceiling, I cringe, debating on squirming my way behind the bar but decide that with my at least bruised ribs, it was a bad idea.

"Now, I want all of ya'll to take off your expensives and put them in the bag when one of these nice men come around to ya. Or I'll shoot ya and if you try to call the cops, I'll shoot ya then too. Get the picture?" I begrudgingly start to take off my jewelry and when the masked man comes around I put my things into the bag. Then I notice a shadow above me after the goon passes, it's the Joker. More glass shatters as what I assume to be the Bat Trio coming to our rescue.

"Joker, Harley. Stand down." The Dark Knight growls, the maniac behind me laughs and pulls me up by the hair, biting my lip I keep my scream of pain inside. Batgirl and Robin are already fighting with the goons, Harley coming over and taking me by the hair so that the Joker can walk more over towards Bats.

"Now, now, Batsy. Have some patience, we're just getting started here." Harley hits me with the butt of her gun and I crumple to the floor, everything going black.

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