I walk into Charlene's mansion for only my third time and if I wasn't pissed off to high hell I'd be in awe. I stomp up the stairs to find Charlene standing outside of a door looking like an angel who's been to hell.

"I'm going to kill you, Charlie." I push her into the room and close the door behind us,

"You disappear for three days without a trace and just expect me to come over acting like everything is okay?" Charlene bites her lip,

"I...uh...Don't have a very good explanation for any of this. I don't remember anything that happened in the last three days but uh…" I'm so worried and angry that I'm about to yell again when Charlene shoves me against the wall and kisses me harshly. Her lips are soft and sweet and everything that I dreamed about. Our lips move in sync and I tangle my hands in her hair, her hands cup my face then trace the curves down my body, pushing me against her even more by grabbing my waist. I pull back and she seems slightly irritated by it,

"Charlie, I think we should talk more about this. I -" Her lips land on mine again but softer this time and all my rational thoughts melt away for what feels like the next decade before Charlene pulls away.

"I think I love you." Charlie's voice is heavy and breathy, my heart skips a beat and I hug her around the neck,

"I think I love you too." Charlie grabs my hands,

"Come on, Martha made cookies and I have all the Harry Potter movies on DVD." Charlie leads me down the staircase and to the kitchen where an older woman is sitting at the breakfast nook eating a bowl of chicken noodle soup, she smiles when we enter.

"Mistress Charlie, Mistress Barbara, how good to see you two together. Very cute, very cute, the cookies are in those containers on the counter. Chocolate chip and sugar cookies." A blush heats both of our cheeks,

"Thank you, Martha. We'll be in the movie room if you need us." Movie room, really? She has a movie room? It's all I can think about as she dishes out cookies and two bottles of Dr. Pepper. "Come on, Barb." I follow her out of the kitchen and down a long hallway,

"You have a movie room?" Charlene chuckles, smiling at me,

"It shouldn't be that surprising, your best friend is Richard Grayson after all." A smirk graces my lips as she pulls me into the dark, fabric draped room,

"And my girlfriend is the daughter of a billionaire." I flop down on the extremely comfortable couch that practically swallows me, "I could get used to this." Charlene puts in the movie and crawls on the couch with me, curling around me and bringing a blanket around us,

"Get used to it, Richard Grayson might be the Prince of Gotham, but I'll make you the queen." My heart flutters as she begins to stroke my hair,

"Mind if I kiss you?" I ask her, she giggles as I place a butterfly kisses on her neck, she bats at with,

"Barb, I really like this movie." I pout and kiss her firmly on the lips then pull away and snuggle into her embrace.

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Fun Fact: Martha knows more than you think ;)