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Lyric's point of view…

My room looked better after picking it up a little, but I lost track of time as my eyes glanced at the clock it was time to go. I pulled on some blue jean shorts with a black t-shirt with the slogan "I licked it first so it's mine".

"Late again," I was on the floor tying my high tops "Just head over to Will's," she gave me a smile before she was gone, I finished getting ready for school. It was Friday, things have been pretty mellow, everyone sticks to their groups at Sky high. I guess I was thankful for that.

My hair was in a lose pony tail with the normal eye liner and gloss seconds later my cell went off blaring my favorite song at the moment "Hey," I answered it.

"The bus is going to be here in minutes," it was Magenta, I grabbed my bag running out of the house as fast as I could, not even bothering to lock the door "Tell Will not to let him leave." Then I hung up running passed houses seeing Mr. Johnson watering his lawn, the bus was pulling up as I made it. I was ready to pass out while taking a seat with my friends, they were laughing as Layla looked worried "Are you okay Lyric?"

"Yeah Layla, just way too early to do physical things." With a smile the bus was off with Magenta in my seat, Zach and Ethan were the last on before the bus took off heading to Sky high, seat belt's shot out strapping us into the seats.

Will was helping Layla off as Magenta and I headed towards the lockers when we noticed everyone was buzzing talking in low whispers. It was all over the school Warren broke up with Jennifer James in the court yard this morning, I opened my locker seeing her blonde hair flying by, her pale blue skirt never hitting the floor she was walking so fast. She was a stunner; she was drop dead gorgeous.

"YOU ASSHOLE" We all turned as she slapped Warren across the face, the sound bounced off the lockers. But it didn't look to faze him in the slightest "Get over it James, we are done." She was fuming mad "Like I care Peace, after all the crap you put me through you think I really give a shit. How about I tell all your dirty little-" he grabbed her with ease making her shut her mouth as he shoved her into a room slamming the door behind them, his friends waiting guarding the door.

"So that was entertaining," I smiled, our own group all looked shocked as I just shut my locker heading towards the class that was blocked standing just waiting since it happened to be our first class Will and a few others waiting with me.

"So how long do we need to wait?" I asked one of the guys with raven colored hair "No clue," he smiled at me.

I had enough "HEY LOVE BIRDS, CAN YOU HURRY THE HELL UP, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOUR DRAMA." I screamed at the door while banging with my tiny fist, his friends gave me an odd look.

"Lyric, that guy is bat shit crazy," Will said "Yes, I know," smiling as I leaned against the wall.

We waited for a little longer when the door opened "Finally," I pushed passed him seeing her crying before she all but ran out, I jumped back knocking Peace and myself into a wall. "Young love," I mumbled in a soft tone "It wasn't love," that's when I noticed my back was pressed into his chest I bent my head back looking up into his dark brown eyes that reminded me of melting chocolate, they were beautiful.

"Maybe on her part it was," he just looked back down at me his eyes locked on mine "Come on Lyric," Will says as he was passing by us. Peace snarled as he did I felt it form deep in his chest vibrating against my back.

I just walked away as Peace did the very same with his friends, I tried to keep my thoughts away from him and on class. Medulla was instructing us on Ray guns, Gwen was a Techno path, we watched as she moved her hand over hers it came together on its own that had to come in handy. She was flirting with Will but he wasn't flirting back or I would have cut him killing her, I was always trying to keep my temper in check.

I liked gym class the best, the activities we did were pretty fun. We all sat on the bleachers waiting to play save the screaming doll, it seemed pretty pointless but it always got the crowed going. It had heroes against villains, Boom stood "Speed and Lash up," we watched as they smiled walking into the arena in their gear looking rather confident.

"Who do you choose," boom called out from his chair up high, we noticed Mr. Boy along with Medulla watching as well. "Peace and Stronghold," I winced as Will groaned, he stood up walking away.

"Hey this will be fun Layla," Magenta smiled but Layla swatted her arm, Peace looked furious as well, he stood ten feet from Will. We all watched Speed take on Peace as Lash had Will, it was hilarious. Will tied Lash into a human knot, but I raised my brow as Speed ran in circles around Peace he was cutting off his oxygen. We watched as he fell to one knee before Will was grabbing Speed tossing Peace into the screaming doll, but Warren just looked pissed shoving Will into the wall walking out of the arena.

"Well no blood shed, I call it a good game," I smiled as Magenta helped me up so we could change clothes then head to lunch. I was starving, I walked from gym heading to my locker seeing Peace at his locker which was a few down from mine on the other side of the hall, I hurried opening mine pulling out my lunch along with a binder when I closed it I turned seeing him watching me leaning against his own locker. My eyes widened as I quickly turned and walked away. I could tell I was blushing like crazy having him staring at me.

By the time my friends arrived I was half way finished with my lunch, Layla started in on her salad "Are we on for the movies tonight after the paper lantern?" I asked as her face lit up.


"I am still in, I am staying over at your place," Magenta said with a mouth full of something that caused us both to gag at the very sight. Ethan and Zach were waiting for Will who was still walking over when all hell broke loose.

Will tripped or was tripped, his lunch went flying with the unfortunate landing being on Warren Peace, who stood pissed smoke was billowing off him in thick blackness. We all stood as I wrapped my arm around Layla my strength over powering hers "No Layla, Will is a big boy you need to let him do things on his own. Don't get involved because one I won't let you, second you couldn't ever hope to take on Peace."

"Lyric is right Layla, let Will handle himself," Magenta said but she was watching Peace advance on Will who still looked horror struck.

"I didn't mean to, I am so sorry," he tried but Peace wasn't hearing it "You think because your last name is Stronghold you can do whatever you want," his voice was eerily calm, it was scary.

"What if his friends jump in Lyric?' Ethan was the one to ask "Then we take care of that, but it stays fair until then," we watched as Will was sent into the metal cabinet, I winced, that had to hurt. But he was at least fighting back, Warren was shaking white dust from his hair as he emerged from a hole in the cafeteria wall, Warren was tossing balls of dripping blood red fire at Will who had to move or be hit.

Mr. Boy was the first to run from the room hopefully to get help, Warren landed a few solid hits to Will's face, Will's poor bloody smeared face, I hope it didn't scar. A table along with Peace was tossed across the room. "Is that all you got Stronghold, it's going to take much more than that little boy," Will was dripping sweat and blood but Warren was perfectly fine.

"BOTH OF YOU BOYS TO THE DENTENTION ROOM NOW," we all spun seeing a very angry Principal Powers her hand on her hip, Will sighed walking by us placing a bloody kiss to Layla's forehead before leaving the room with Peace not too far behind him.

"See he didn't die," I whispered as we walked to the bus, later meeting Will who was waiting for us, "I swear you guys, he wants me dead," he was serious, we believed him too. His face was black and blue, but thankfully the blood was gone from his face.

Paper lantern…

I was hungry, we girls waited for a table since the stupid boys opted out instead going for a boy's night instead, so here we are waiting for a table. The savory smell of Asian food hitting my nose. But it was packed so us and a few others waited for tables to clear out, the hostess looking around every few minutes seeing the cashier give her a signal. I felt bad for them they looked tired and beat.

"Okay girls," she finally smiled at us so we followed her to a small booth near the back "Here you go," she tried to hand us three menus but we already knew what we wanted. "Sorry, we already know what we would like to eat," Layla said in a kind voice.

She just smiled as our waitress walked up looking frazzled "Good evening ladies, what can I get started for you," her voice was tired, it was Friday and this place was jam packed.

"Let's make this easy, I want an Orange pop with fried shrimp, fried rice with beef and broccoli," she scribbled it down fast as Magenta went next then a veggie platter for Layla with a lemon water.

She was gone in a flash.

"The movie start's in two hours, hopefully we make it," Magenta says looking around "But after it your hair is mine," I smiled, I had the Magenta hair dye ready in my bathroom to dye her hair, her smile was all the encouragement I needed "Of course." Her eyes lighting up with mirth.

We just sat talking glancing a few times at my watch, only thirty minutes have passed, when we saw her heading to our table "Sorry about the wait," she was flushed the crowed was thinning out as it was near closing, we were seeing the very last movie of the night as well.

"No problem at all," Layla smiled as I started eating, it was so good it wasn't long before we three finished and were ready to head out. I loved the food here, so much I could kiss the cook, but I wouldn't just a random thought when I ate here.

"Can we get the check please," I called out as she gave us a smile heading over with it, we cleaned our mess stacking our plates making her job simple as we took our check leaving a twenty on the table for her tip. We were paying when Magenta elbowed me "What?" but she was staring to the left of us so I followed her gaze into the kitchen seeing Warren Peace talking to the waitress he was hanging up a Wok, oh he was a cook here. My random thought of kissing the cook here made my head spin at the mere thought.

"Let's head out," I hurried, we paid then headed to the theater right down the road it was dark, a few older kids were still out. A few we knew from school, they were all villains, as we made it to the theater it wasn't dead but only a few people milled around. The refreshment stand was open so we got some popcorn before heading into our theater, I had my drink from dinner totally full, we sat on the balcony high up with seats below us.

Near half way through the movie Peace along with his crew came in being loud as hell sitting right below us "We should just leave those boys aren't going to shut it," Magenta whispered, unlike the brutes below us, a pet peeve of mine was talking in a theater.

I bent over the balcony, looking over "Hey any possible way you boys can shut the hell up, we actually want to watch the movie." I questioned them in an annoyed tone as all five looked up but I had already pulled back.

"Sure," they called back up but it didn't happen as I put my foot up on the ledge, the heel of my foot hit my drink my eyes shot open seeing it fall, I jumped up causing my popcorn to fall next as my hands flew to my face covering my mouth "Oh god," I whispered as cursing was heard, it was volatile and crude words.

"Run," was heard from Layla as the three of us bolted for the doors it was dark enough outside to make it home if we stayed in the shadows away from the main streets. But in the lobby we had to hide as the five guys burst out covered in orange sticky pop, popcorn in their hair, Warren was the first to grab a random guy "I know at least two or more girls ran out, which way," the guy looked right at us we all looked dead scared "Out the back, three girls," he stammered out as he was dropped to the floor.

We watched as they left "You girls better leave fast," the guy says as we did just that, never looking back. We laughed about once we were in the safety of my house doing Magenta's hair.

"His face was priceless," I laughed as did they.

"Until he finds out it was us," Magenta smiled "Yeah well maybe he won't," yeah but that wasn't about to happen.

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