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Life was never meant to be easy, you grow and come out of the struggles; we all face death, we all face some struggle or another. A year ago, while Hannah and I were on a mission together in Istanbul, it was a trap set just for us we became an un-stoppable duo until that day. I am lucky to be alive, my powers I gained from Jax are what saved us, they back fired the darkness creeping in taking souls it was never meant for that purpose. We lay near death until Bay, Hank, and Warren rush to our aid. I knew they would come, a voice whispered to me to hold on a little longer, just a little longer. I thought it was some animal, maybe it was but again maybe it wasn't since Hannah said she also heard a voice telling her not to move at all, those we love never really leave us.

I had serious damage but Hannah would never walk again, we each blamed ourselves for the other being hurt but it was a trap, that our own Mayor was behind, he died five days later. She used the love she held for her son and husband as a way to overcome it, she now runs people over with her chair, she has not slowed down, unfortunately. I was able to walk, but lost enough hearing in my left ear, so now I wear a hearing aid, it's black.

Warren never left my side during any of this, we all came together as a family to help the recovery process. I heard Warren just begging my mother and Jax to not take me, he got his wish I was still around and we married three years later; a few days after the twins turned eight, life was always a roller-coaster.

Warren and I are good, I was still running my father's company at thirty-one with Iris and Orion at Sky high now, Able was already dating my only daughter, a fact I was okay with.

Orion finally managed to get Kadence, after ten she calmed her ass down now she was just a little rebel. Nova was a freshman at Skyhigh and it hurt he looked like Jax, I and Jackie, Hannah, Layla, Magenta, Rena, and Dia just figured we would grow old together after we all retired.

So, for now I watch Iris and Orion as they turned towards me and their step-father since they knew that Out-world Warren was their father, Iris was smiling waving goodbye to us as Orion just smirked and gave a faint nod of his head.

Warren spoke, "I can't imagine a better life than this, and to think I nearly tossed this all away."

"That was so long ago no use in dwelling in the past, Warren. I don't, because if I did I could have never gotten back with you, or been married to Jax with other children. Everything happens for a reason. So, you want another tutoring lesson?" his smile was my first and last love.