So this story was mainly me trying to blurt out an idea I had in my head

Its doubtful I will continue this, though possible, as firstly, I don't feel I'll have enough time, and my interest in the pjo universe is dwindling (due to the steadily declining quality in writing that is being produced by Rick now)

Therefore, I hereby declare, that if anyone wants to use this idea/story, adopt it, continue it, rewrite it, ect

They totally can, with my blessing.

I realise now that I made Nico cliche, out of character, truthfully, overpowered.

I would suggest someone else avoid that mistake (and I apologise for doing it in the first place)

I also suggest, if someone where to rewrite this, or similar, to start before Nico even shadow travels, get the lead up to it (I mean, I imagine something would have distracted him, for him to be so off in calculations)

Thank you to everyone who reviewed this, I didn't realise how awesome reviews actually feel before this.

I again, apologise because somehow, I forgot the details (as in the details from the Two Towers of this particular scene. And that never helps in writing)

I hope to see adaptations of this story, better written than my late night blathering when th about it in a sleepy daze (sorry)

Thank you for your interest in my story, it really means a lot