Superpowered entities from the entire galaxy had gathered in the room. Green Lantern was proud to show off how well-connected he was in front of the Justice Leaguers, but Batman was hard to impress. He was just quietly taking note.

Everybody sat down as the Guardians of Oa entered the stage.

"We want to thank you all for coming on such short notice. This is a very serious crisis and we need all the help we can get. As you know, since the beginning of the universe, 15 billion years ago—"


The room fell silent. All heads turned to Superman, who had jumped to his feet in astonishment.

"What—what?" asked one Guardian.

Batman narrowed his eyes as much as Superman's widened. "Are you serious? 15 billion years? Why did nobody ever tell me?"

"What on Oa are you talking about?"

"I can't believe it. The universe is 15 billion years old? Really?"

"Well, of course it is. Every civilization has obtained the same measurement, as expressed in their respective words for time. I thought you Kryptonians were similarly advanced."

"I beg your collective pardon, guys, but this is completely news to me. I mean, wow! 15 billion years! Honestly, I had no idea!"

Murmurs spread across the room, mixed with muffled laughter and rolled eyes. Green Lantern almost wished the ground would swallow him up, but he didn't have enough fear in him to actually conceive that thought.

Superman kept talking and talking, expressing his amazement with every term available to his reporter's arsenal, until he was cut short by the sudden presence of Batman next to him. He grabbed Superman's arm and spoke in his ear.

"Let's leave."


"Do as you're told."

They quietly exited the room. After a minute, Batman rejoined the meeting.

"Will you explain what just happened?" demanded another of the Guardians.

"Don't mind him. Please continue."

"But what's wrong with him?"

"Nothing. The poor guy went to high school in Kansas."

Not really satisfied with the explanation, the Guardians went on with the meeting nonetheless.