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Irene Pardew opened her eyes for the first time in a long time.

The last thing that she remembered was that the plane had suddenly come under attack from… something. Her brother had been at the controls of the plane, and he had told her to brace just before the plane was rocked by whatever had attacked them, and then she lost consciousness.

The last few days had not been kind to Irene. She and her brother Matthew were the children of Seamus Pardew, owner and head of Pardew Consumer Services and Protection Applications, one of the largest private security companies in the world. But that wasn't Irene and Matthew's only claim to fame. They were also the hosts of their own travel-show-with-a-twist, Travelsick. The concept of their show was simple: they went to the places that weren't usually high on ordinary people's lists of prime vacation spots. Their criteria was simple: what are the places that are actually quite nice to visit but would not be prime vacation spots because of circumstances such as notability and notoriety. In their show's first season, they'd gone to such places as South Africa, the Philippines, Uruguay, even the American Midwest, but what made their show really stick out was that sometimes they'd join in on activities that normally wouldn't even be considered as part of a regular tourist tour. They had climbed up the mountains of Kashmir and stayed with an Indian Army forward operating base. They had seen the sides of North Korea that the reclusive dictatorship was reluctant to show the West.

Travelsick's first season had been quite a hit with the public, or at least that's what the ratings told the network. Obviously, a second season had to be made. But how else could they possibly top the adventures of season one? The siblings had spent some time thinking about that until Matthew finally hit upon the answer.

The opening of Jurassic World had been one of the most extraordinary moments in the history of mankind. It was, quite literally, twenty years in the making. Jurassic World, owned and operated by the massive multinational entity known as the Masrani Conglomerate, had been built on the foundations of Jurassic Park, the grandest dream of John Hammond, founder of International Genetics, or InGen for short. Hammond had lived through the suffering of World War Two and had come out of that with a determination to give the world happiness and keep giving it to the people. But he didn't have any idea how to do that until the 1980s, when genetics and genetic engineering was all the rage in the scientific community, and scientists were bandying about ideas and possibilities of the new technology. High up on the list of possibilities was cloning an extinct animal and bringing it back to life. Back then, scientists had managed to extract a large amount of DNA from a sample of quagga hide. The quagga had been an African grazing herbivore, similar to the gazelle and the antelope, that had become extinct in the 19th century. With the quagga's entire genome now available to scientists, people in these academic circles began thinking of the possibility of bringing the quagga, and other species like the passenger pigeon an the Iberian ibex, back to life.

But Hammond thought that the technology could be used to bring back animals that had been extinct for a far longer time, like dinosaurs. Everybody liked dinosaurs. Back then, that had been a universal truth. Museums were always earning millions on their dinosaur fossil exhibits, and that was with the animals already dead. How much would they pay to see a dinosaur alive? This was just one of the motivating factors why Hammond decided to establish InGen and establish a theme park which star attractions are all living and breathing dinosaurs. To that end, Hammond leased and eventually bought an island off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica by the name of Isla Nublar, and he began construction of his "biological preserve" there. By 1993, the park, now called Jurassic Park, was almost ready to open to the public. However, during a preliminary exhibition in front of noted palaeontologists, paloebotanists and mathematicians, the park's security systems failed. People died, and Hammond and InGen were forced to abandon Jurassic Park.

That would have been the end of the story for InGen and Jurassic Park, were it not for an InGen ship crashing into San Diego's harbour and unleashing a Tyrannosaurus rex onto the unsuspecting city. Both the rex and the ship were eventually discovered to have come from Isla Sorna, another Costa Rican island that InGen had bought from the Central American country's government. Thus the general public became aware of InGen's technological breakthrough, and the fact that dinosaurs had been resurrected on a bunch of islands in the Pacific. But following the return of the rex to Sorna, the United Nations signed a declaration stating that Sorna was now both a natural preserve and a restricted area on land, air and sea.

Perhaps people would have just had to content themselves knowing that dinosaurs were alive on Sorna (InGen didn't reveal that dinosaurs were also present on Isla Nublar, which they somehow managed to retain possession of even though it was a large drain in their balance) but maybe it was because some kind of higher power was thinking that humanity would not have been ready yet for the concept of living dinosaurs in the present. In the end, Hammond wasn't able to realize his dream of bringing joy and happiness to the people of the world through his park and his dinosaurs, having died in 1997, just a few weeks after the "San Diego incident." But another man stood ready to make Hammond's dream a reality, and that man was Simon Masrani.

Masrani was the owner of one of the largest telecommunications companies in India, and International Genetics had been his first major corporate purchase, fulfilling the wish of his old family friend John Hammond. He saw the potential of Jurassic Park, and at great cost to his company Masrani invested resources into rebuilding Hammond's dream. Humans returned to Nublar for the first time in five years, recapturing the dinosaurs that had gone loose following the first park's failure and rebuilding at the southern part of the island, far from the disaster of the original park. Finally, in 2005, the park, now rebranded as Jurassic World, opened to the public for the first time. It was an unprecedented success. Humans could now look at dinosaurs, animals of an age far into the past, in the flesh. It was every child and child-at-heart's dream come true.

What everyone didn't know was that Masrani and InGen had secretly gone back to Isla Sorna and continued producing the majority of their "assets" there, quite possibly in violation of international law. Meanwhile, once people had gotten over the fact that dinosaurs now exist once among us, some of them eventually became curious. What did a dinosaur taste like? What kind of food would be a stegosaurus steak, or a triceratops T-bone? A few "enterprising individuals" eventually got wind of those gastronomically curious about dinosaurs, and they began these selling such products. However, as dinosaurs, or at least the dinosaur species that had been brought back to life by InGen, had been declared endangered species, hunting and killing the dinosaurs on Sorna for food and sport was illegal, and once the authorities had heard about this troubling new side of poaching, they cracked down hard on the industry. That didn't prevent people, especially the Chinese, from continuing to demand dinosaur meat for food, and soon unscrupulous Costa Ricans were now offering "hunting safaris" on Sorna so their customers could get their dinosaur meat "fresh from the source," as they said. It was quite a lucrative business. In the first half of 2015 alone, at least ten "hunts" had been caught by UN and Costa Rican authorities. There was no doubt that much more hunts had managed to slip past the authorities.

Matthew Pardew had thought it a good idea if season two of Travelsick began with a dinosaur hunt on Isla Sorna. His sister Irene had reluctantly agreed to the idea, but the network officials were quite enthusiastic and approving of Matt's plan. So the two began sending feelers into the dinosaur meat trade, trying to establish themselves as two rich kids in search of both an adrenaline rush and a desire to hunt "the most famous animals to walk the earth," according to Matt's words. Eventually they finally made contact with a Costa Rican who said that he could bring them to "the best hunting ground on Sorna." The arrangements were made, cash changed hands, and soon they got the call to go to San Jose, capital of Costa Rica.

Matt, the more capable pilot of the two siblings, had flown their private plane to San Jose by himself, as agreed with the Costa Ricans. To maintain the pretense of a rich kids' idea of adventure, they had brought along two more people with them. One was a family friend who had been loyally serving Pardew since his honourable discharge from the United States Army, while the other was a Filipino tracker that the Pardews had befriended during their time in Manila and brought into the company so that he could provide for his family.

They had landed in San Jose without incident, and when their contact boarded the plane alone they thought that he alone would be guiding them to their "hunting ground" in Sorna. However, their contact then told them to fly to Managua, capital of neighboring Nicaragua, where they were to pick up the rest of the hunters. The rest of the hunters turned out to have been about twelve or so in number, and because of the nature of their work, they were quite concerned about being filmed, and they asked that the camera crew got off the plane for the rest of the journey to Sorna. Fortunately the Pardews had a Plan B: secret cameras in their clothes and bags.

The flight from Nicaragua to Sorna was uneventful, at least until they were finally flying over the landmass. Matt, who was flying the plane with the hunters' own pilot, was searching for a place to land, while the hunters' pilot had been wanting to show Matt the hunting grounds first. Irene had heard the two arguing in the cockpit, and she had gone over there to check on her brother. While Matt had been telling her the differences between him and the other pilot, something had hit the plane, and then whatever had hit them then began attacking them. It was the only way to describe what had happened: something took hold of the plane and began pecking at it with what sounded like a very tough beak. Whatever it had been wasn't able to penetrate the aircraft aluminium, thank goodness, but it had messed up the plane's controls badly, and Matt had been able to shout a warning to Irene to brace, and Irene had even been able to run for the last row of seats and buckle up before the plane made shuddering contact with the ground, and then Irene had blacked out after that.

Now Irene had regained consciousness, and she saw that she was still buckled into the last seat in the airplane, but the rest of the fuselage had vanished. In front of Irene was the great expanse of the crash site, with pieces of metal and glass scattered all over the place. Aside from the section of the plane that she was in, the largest piece of wreckage was just as large as a car door.

Irene felt black and blue, and merely moving was an exercise in tolerating pain. Eventually she managed to unbuckle her seat belt, and Irene got off the seat and out of the wreck. There was little left resembling an airplane except from the bit of wreckage that she had just come from. It was as if the rest of the plane had simply disintegrated. Irene tried looking for other survivors of the crash, including her brother Matt, but she could no bodies, no survivors, nothing.

Being the lone survivor of a plane crash wasn't the least of Irene Pardew's worries, though. Irene was the lone survivor of a plane crash on a dinosaur island.

And there was more bad news in store for her. Irene had heard rumors and talk between the hunters that they had picked up in Nicaragua that the place where they were supposed to do their "hunting trip" was what the locals called "carnivore country." She could only assume that they called it that because it was where most of the carnivorous dinosaurs produced by InGen roamed. If she couldn't find any sort of shelter soon, Irene could end up becoming dinosaur food. A bit of her realized the irony, but Irene herself was busy trying to survive to appreciate the irony of the situation: she had gone to Sorna to hunt dinosaurs, and now she was about to become the one hunted.

Right on cue, Irene felt the earth shaking slightly. A second later, it was followed by a slightly stronger shaking, which was now accompanied by a soft booming noise. The shaking ground and booming noise got stronger and louder by the second, and Irene spun around, looking for a potential hiding spot amongst the debris of the crash site, but she couldn't find anything except the bit of fuselage where she had just come from. Out of options, Irene ducked back into the intact tail section, going for the cargo hold below instead of climbing up to the passenger cabin. She slid herself into the deepest and darkest corner of the cargo hold, and then she stopped once she could go no further. Irene waited as the shaking of the ground got even stronger, and then suddenly, she could finally see what was making all the shaking and booming.

It was a motherfucking T. rex, one of the largest land predators to ever walk the earth. It wasn't the largest of carnivorous dinosaurs, but it was certainly one of the most well-known and most popular species. InGen had made a calculated risk when they decided to clone the species for Jurassic Park and later on Jurassic World, and it had exceeded all expectations.

Now one such animal was just a few hundred yards from Irene. She was praying and hoping against hope that the tyrannosaur would at most not be curious about the crash site and just ignore this sudden new arrival in its territory.

The rex sniffed the air tentatively. Its small arms waved in the air. And then it began walking towards the tail of the fuselage, the part where Irene had taken refuge. Every step of the rex shook the very earth itself, and Irene had to bite her lip to keep from screaming in sheer terror. She heard the rex sniffing the broken remains of the jet, nudging it and generally trying to determine if it was a rival out to claim its territory. Then the rex roared, a deep primeval bellow that had never before been heard by human ears. Irene trembled in fear as she pressed her hands to her ears and bit her tongue to keep her own scream from escaping her lips.

The rex began to examine Irene's hiding place more closely. It bent its head down and sniffed at the interior of the plane. Thank God its head is so big, she thought as the dinosaur's jaw almost touched the muddy ground. Good thing I went down here instead of up there. It would have seen me already. The rex was breathing a bit faster now, like a hound that had caught the scent of the hunted wolf. And at that moment Irene realized with horror that the rex could smell her. The rex was no longer looking for its prey, it had found it, and now it was just waiting for her to make a mistake and reveal herself.

The rex bellowed right into the cargo hold. Irene clapped her hands over her ears once again and bit her tongue so hard it began to bleed. She fought the urge to spit the mix of blood and saliva in her mouth and instead swallowed the coppery-like mixture. The rex then began nudging the wreckage once again, but this time with more purpose. Irene knew that she had only a little time left before the rex finally got her and ate her.

Then Irene thought she heard a groaning sound. At first, she thought that it was just her imagination or her ears tricking her into thinking that the tyrannosaur's breathing sounded like groaning. Then she heard it again, and this time she was sure it was a man groaning, and the rex stopped nudging the fuselage. Irene heard the groaning once more, and the tyrannosaur turned away from the fuselage to look for the source of the noise. From her point of view Irene saw that it was one of the hunters that they had picked up in Nicaragua that was making the groaning. How he had managed to escape her noticed earlier she did not know, but now she wished that the man had just died in the crash itself.

The rex walked over to the hunter's body and began sniffing it. Then, it began nudging the man with its head. Don't move, Irene thought. Don't move, you son of a bitch. But she couldn't voice her thoughts out loud, and therefore she was powerless to prevent what happened next, and she could only watch the coming carnage.

The hunter finally stirred awake. The tyrannosaur stopped nudging the animal that had suddenly appeared in its territory and began staring at it. The hunter opened his eyes, saw the dinosaur that stood over him, and screamed. At that same moment, the rex brought down its head and clamped the hunter in its jaws. The man screamed even more as he was lifted up into the air in the tyrannosaur's jaws. Then the rex bit down. One shake of its head was all it needed. The hunter's screaming turned into a strangled gurgle, and then the rex lowered his body to ground and began to devour it. Irene had to turn away. The sounds of flesh being torn and bones breaking were already giving her vivid mental images. She didn't have to see the real thing herself, lest she throw up and give the rex one more clue on where she was hiding.

It was over in just a few minutes. The rex's jaws were coated with blood, having just finished its most recent meal. The dinosaur lifted its head, roared softly as it felt its hunger being satiated, and then it walked back to where Irene had been hiding and resumed its search for her. Irene cursed herself silently for not having made a break for it while the rex was busy eating the poor hunter. But then she realized that the rex could still see her if she had tried to escape, and there was no doubt in her mind that she would have ended up as dino chow just like the hunter if she had done that.

But something felt wrong about the whole thing to Irene. That kind of persistence from a predator, especially an apex predator that had literally fed just minutes ago, was unnatural. But then again, InGen had never claimed that they created real, authentic dinosaurs. Predators like the Tyrannosaurus rex should have moved on once it was finished eating its most recent kill. Then again, a human was a puny thing compared to the T. rex. Perhaps one guy just wasn't enough to fill its belly up.

Now all Irene could hope for was that the rex finally grew tired of waiting for her to reveal herself and left her alone. But as she thought that, she also thought that maybe the rex was going hungry right now, having just eaten one puny human. The longer she waited, the more the rex might want to eat her.

Then Irene heard the unmistakable hiss of a flare being ignited. She saw a faint red glow to the tyrannosaur's right side, which the dinosaur also noticed. It turned away from Irene's hiding place and bellowed at this new bright thing that had suddenly entered its territory.

Once the rex had moved its body away from the fuselage, Irene could see that it was her brother Matt—thank God he survived!—who was holding the flare. The rex roared at him once again and began advancing towards him. Irene wanted so bad to shout at her younger brother to throw the flare away, but she managed to catch herself just in time. Instead she could only mutter the words as tears flowed from her eyes, helpless to watch her brother stand up to one of the biggest predators of all time.

The rex roared at Matt once again and continued walking towards him. To his credit Matt stood his ground for as long as possible and then he threw the flare away from him, towards a small grove of trees. The rex's head followed the flare as it landed amongst the trees, and it began to head towards the grove, completely ignoring the potential prey item that had just been holding the flare moments ago.

Matt waited until he was out of the rex's line of sight before heading for the wreckage. Irene slid out of her hiding place as he drew near, and then the two of them embraced each other. "Oh, thank God you're alive, Matt," Irene said. "I thought I was the only one that made it."

"Me too, Irene, me too," Matt replied. "Thank God you made it too. Are you okay? Any cuts, injuries, that kind of thing?"

"I'm fine, Matty, just fine," Irene said. Matty had been her pet name for her younger brother. Matt didn't like it, but as the elder sibling Irene could use it whenever she wanted. "Dear God, Matt, that was either the best thing or the craziest thing that I have ever seen you do. Even crazier than when you took up a gun and helped the Indians fight off those Pakistanis in Kashmir."

"I know, right?" Matt replied. "Nick and Justin also made it through, thank God, and they helped me set up the thing for the rex." Nick and Justin were the other Pardew personnel that they had brought with them for the "dinosaur hunting episode."

"Set up the thing? What are you talking about? What did you put in that grove for the T. rex?"

"The other pilot didn't make it. Nick and I dragged him over to the grove, where we'd thought he'd make a nice distraction."

"Yeah, okay, but what's with the guns on your back?"

"We're stuck on an island full of dinosaurs, Irene. How else are we gonna survive and make it back to the rest of the world?"

"Okay," Irene said, nodding her head. "Where are Nick and Justin, though? I haven't seen them."

"They're in the forest over there," Matt replied, pointing in the general direction where he had last saw the two other survivors.

"No shit, Sherlock," Irene muttered. She then took the opportunity to punch Matt in the arm. "What was that for!?" he demanded.

"You could have killed yourself with that crazy stunt of yours!" Irene replied. "What if the rex had followed you instead of the flare?"

"Well, then it would have been game over for me."

"Everything's a game for you."

"But it didn't chase me, Irene. That's what matters."

"Yeah, I guess so." And then she punched Matt once again. "It's still a stupid plan, stupid," she said.

"I guess I deserved that one," Matt replied. "Okay, do you still need to get anything from the plane? Our pal Rexy's just about finished with the other pilot by now, and I wouldn't want to be around when she's looking for more food."

"Okay, let me just get my bag." Irene then climbed up to the passenger cabin, but as she did that, Matt said, "Irene, are you okay? There's blood on your leg. And your bottom as well."

"What?" Irene looked down and saw that a few drops of dark red blood had gone down her left leg and into her sock. She then reached behind her and touched the seat of her shorts. Her fingers came away smeared in blood.

"Oh, crap," she muttered. Aunt Flo had decided to come on the absolute worst moment of Irene Pardew's life.

Matt saw Irene disappear into the inner reaches of the fuselage. When she popped back out she had tied her shirt around her waist, and she had her pack with her. "Come on then, Matt, let's go," she said. "You're the one who said you didn't want to be here when Rexy comes back, right?"

Matt and Irene then began running away from the crash site and for the forest, and they melted into the treeline just as the tyrannosaur roared at the heavens once again.

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