When Owen glanced at his watch after waking up, he saw that it was already 6:30 in the morning. He immediately got out of the bed that he had occupied in the tracking center "barracks" and headed for the control room, grabbing a few energy bars along the way. The three people manning the tracking center and keeping an eye on the dinosaurs of Isla Sorna were still in there. The trio's leader in all but name, Morris Copeland, turned away from the main monitor to look at Owen. "Good morning, Minnesota," he said. "Had a good night's sleep with your girlfriend?"

"She's not my girlfriend, Moe, not really," Owen replied. "It's very, very complicated. Anyway, any movement from our guests?" he asked.

"Looks like they're on the move," Copeland replied, looking back at the main monitor. "I think they're heading out for the south coast."

"Why the south coast?" Claire asked. She had woken up almost right after Owen did and had followed him into the control room. "What's over at the south coast?"

"Nothing except the old dock, if I remember correctly," Copeland said. "It's just a beach by now with some old and rotting wooden structures. I don't think there are any boats there left anymore. Maybe they hope to attract the attention of a passing boat, but the only boats that come here that aren't official InGen or Masrani boats are dinosaur poachers and drug runners, but maybe they think that they'd rather deal with other people than the dinosaurs on this island."

"Imagine that, they all feel the same way I do," Claire muttered.

"Is there any chance that we can intercept them by going down the road to the old dock?" Owen asked Copeland.

Copeland looked at the main monitor and then at his watch. "If you get going in the next… five minutes," he said, "you might just be able to catch up with them when they get to the road itself."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go! Oh, and I'm borrowing one of your jeeps, bro," Owen said, reaching out for one of a pair of keys hanging on a hook just beside the door to the control room and taking it as he got out.

"You don't mind me borrowing these, do you?" Claire asked as she took one of the compressed gas-operated tranquilizer guns on a rack in the side of the control room, along with three magazines of darts.

"Are you sure you can handle that?" Copeland asked her a little skeptically.

"Of course she can," Owen replied for her. "She used one of those things to shoot a Dimorphodon that was trying to eat my face. Oh, and we're also taking one of your jeeps."

"Did you really have to tell him all of that?" Claire asked Owen as the two of them got into the very same jeep that Copeland had used to pick them up from the old airstrip the night before. "You could have just said yes."

"Oh, come on, are you telling me that you would rather have no one else know about what you did that day?" Owen asked back as he started the jeep's engine.

"It's not that, it's just… Never mind," Claire trailed off.

Owen grabbed the radio mounted on the jeep's dashboard and called out, "Moe, we're ready to go. Open up the gates."

"Stand by," Copeland replied. An alarm rang out and red lights began to flash around the garage door as it began to lift up. As soon as there was enough clearance between the door and their heads, Owen pressed the gas and the jeep leaped out of the garage and onto the dirt path that would lead them both back into the wilds of Site B. "Gates are open, guys," Copeland called out as their jeep approached the gates which were also just sliding open. "Good luck out there. You're gonna need it."

"Don't we know it, Moe," Owen muttered, but not to the radio so only Claire could hear him. Then he asked her, "Are you ready to finally get off this island?"

"Ever since we first landed here," Claire replied. Owen nodded his head and he mashed the accelerator once again to take the jeep beyond the gates and into the jungle. However, they weren't able to get very far before they encountered their first and biggest obstacle yet. "Holy shit!" Owen shouted as he stepped on the brakes.

"Oh, my God," Claire muttered as well.

The Spinosaurus, the same one that had been chasing them all over Isla Sorna ever since they first arrived on this island, was sitting right on the dirt road, blocking it. The animal's snout and tail also made it difficult for them to drive around it, as the electric fence bounded them on the left and the jungle to the right. A single acid green eye with a slit iris stared right back at them, but having said that, there was something that seemed off about the spinosaur itself. Neither Owen nor Claire could really put their finger on it until they both heard a soft snorting sound that seemed to be coming from the dinosaur itself. "I think it's sleeping," Claire whispered.

Owen reached for the radio and slowly pushed the transmit button. "Moe?" he asked in a low voice. The aim was to keep sentences and conversations short so as not to wake the spino up.

"Yeah, I see it," Copeland replied as tersely.

"Ideas?" Owen asked.

"Go around?"

"Tail; jungle. Snout; fence."

"That's tricky," Copeland said. "Okay, circle back to the gate. Take the long cut."


"So, the long cut, huh?" Claire asked.

"Yeah, there's a fork in the road from the gate," Owen replied. "It loops around the airfield before joining back with the road to the dock. At the very least, it'll get us around Big Boss." Owen then shifted to reverse as slowly and deliberately as possible, but then suddenly the gears began to grind. "Shit!" he said softly, immediately looking up at the spinosaur. The Spinosaurus snorted and shifted its position, and then it settled back down and continued to snore. "Get ready to unload that thing into its face," Owen said to Claire, referring to the tranquilizer gun in her hands. Owen then lightly tapped the accelerator and began to back the jeep away from the sleeping dinosaur before finally turning the wheel and steering the jeep back towards the right fork near the gate to the tracking center. He then shifted back to first gear, and once again the gears grinded with each other, and he could imagine the spinosaur stirring awake on the road to their left. Owen pressed the gas, and the jeep began to move, and then suddenly what sounded like a small explosion began coming out of the jeep's exhaust. "Oh, for the love of God!"

"Time to get out of there, Minnesota," Copeland called out on the radio.

"Like I haven't realized that already, Philly," Owen replied back, and then he pushed the jeep forward down the long cut. The drive down the long cut was quiet and actually pleasant, and they did manage to come across a few compy packs, but since they were on a fast-moving vehicle and the compys were quick to flee at the sight of the gas jeep, neither Owen nor Claire paid them any attention. Had they done so, they both would have noticed that the compys were running towards them and away from the intersection where the "long cut" joined back up with the road to the abandoned dock.

As it was, the drive had turned leisurely for Owen, so when he rounded the corner that would finally take them back to the road to the dock, he almost didn't manage to see the hulking obstacle right in their way. Almost, since it was near impossible to miss a fifteen-meter tall dinosaur standing in the way to the intersection. "Oh, just our luck!" Claire exclaimed as Owen brought the jeep to a halt.

For a few brief tense moments, neither human nor dinosaur moved from their position. Brown and gray eyes stared back at acid green eyes, and nobody blinked lest they give up the first move. Finally, without to face Claire, Owen told her, "When I gun it, shoot him."

"Shoot him? Shoot him where?"

"Anywhere! I don't care. Just shoot him!"

Claire scoffed, and then she stood up, nestled the tranq gun on her shoulder and balanced the forward end of the gun on the windshield. The Spinosaurus knew that something was up when it saw one of the small strange animals stand up inside the strange smelly and loud object, and it roared in an attempt to spook the small animals, a tactic which had worked before with all the other small animals it had encountered. But this time, the animals didn't run away. Instead, the strange smelly object let out a roar of its own and it began to approach the spinosaur.

Owen mashed the accelerator and steered the jeep straight for the roaring Spinosaurus. There was no more time for fear or second-guessing; this was their best chance of rescuing the survivors of the Pardew crash, and he didn't know if they were ever going to get another chance as good as this. This was something that needed to be done, and it needed to be done now. Owen was about to play the biggest game of chicken in his life, and it seemed fitting that he was up against possibly the biggest chicken of them all.

Beside him, Claire pulled the trigger of the tranq gun three times. There were three soft puffs of air as the compressed gas propelled the darts out of the gun, and three darts flew out of the barrel towards the Spinosaurus. One dart struck the dinosaur in the nose while the other two landed on its hind leg. The spinosaur flinched and bellowed, and it took a single step back from the road. That single step was enough for the jeep to slip past it and get back onto the main road.

"Yeah, that got his attention all right," Claire said as she sat back down and watched the Spinosaurus begin to chase them from the rearview mirror on her side. She couldn't help but chuckle a little as she noticed the lettering on the bottom of the mirror: OBJECTS ARE CLOSER THAN THEY APPEAR. Of course it would say that, she thought to herself.

"Now our problem is that we're never going to be able to get the survivors with Big Boss breathing down our ass," Owen replied. He reached for the radio once again and called out, "Yeah, Moe, got any idea how to get this bastard off our back?"

"Yeah, man, I'm not so sure about that one," Copeland replied. "You're lucky the spino isn't as fast as the T. rex on the open road or anywhere else, but still…" Copeland then went silent for a minute before he returned to the radio. "Okay, Billy might have an idea here to get Big Boss off your tail, but I'm not sure you and your girl are gonna like it."

"She's not my girlfriend, Moe," Owen pressed. "And just spit it out already! Do I have to slather myself in A1 sauce to do it? Is that what you mean?"

"Not really, but it might as well be," Copeland said. "Now I want you to listen to me very carefully, Grady. You should be seeing a dirt path forking away to the right from the main road. Take it. Turn right."

"I don't know what you think this is gonna do, man, but okay…" Owen turned the wheel to the right and winced silently as his body bounced around in the jeep when they drove off the cracking pavement of the main road onto the lower dirt path. The Spinosaurus roared and turned to follow the jeep.

"All right, Moe, we're now on the dirt road," Owen said. "What now?"

"Just keep following that road. Don't go anywhere else. Stick to the road. Take it until you're at the Baryonyx's territory, and then when Rudy comes out, draw Big Boss to him!"

"Wait, did he just say drive right into Baryonyx territory?" Claire asked. "Why are we now going into the territory of a dinosaur that's just as dangerous, if not even more dangerous, than a Spinosaurus? And who the hell is Rudy anyway?"

"To be honest, I have no idea," Owen replied, "but if Moe says that he's going to help us get rid of this spino then I'm all for it!"

"Speaking of which, you did hit him with the tranq gun, right?"

"Of course I did! I got the son of a bitch right on the nose with one of the darts! And I think I nailed him on the legs twice, so there!"

"Well then, if you got him three times then why the hell is he still following us!?" Owen demanded.

"How the hell should I know?" Claire shot back. "It's probably one of Henry's many, many experiments! Probably meant to be extremely resistant to tranquilizers and shit!"

The spinosaur roared at the jeep as both machine and animal drove through the thin jungle in this part of Sorna, and then surprisingly the roar was answered by another roar that came from the forest ahead of the jeep. The roar was somehow both deeper and more high-pitched than the spino's roar at the same time, and for a few brief moments both Claire and Owen were straining to see the source of the second roar, and then a yellowish-white snout peeked out of the trees. The trees shook, and then the animal finally revealed its true form by walking out of the jungle.

It was a Baryonyx, no doubt about it. The crocodile-like snout, eyes, and back scales were more than enough confirmation for it. But those weren't its most prominent features; no, that distinction goes to the Baryonyx's skin, which was mostly white in color. The snout was more yellowish, and there were also some faint yellow striations on its flanks, but the Baryonyx was otherwise a more or less uniform white color. The only thing that stood out from the dinosaur were its eyes, which were a shade of light and bloody pink. The animal winced as it stepped out from the shade of the trees into the morning sunlight, but this time it didn't slink back to the cover to the jungle. There was no doubt about it; this particular Baryonyx was an albino.

"Oh, so that's why they call him Rudy," Claire muttered, more to herself than anyone else.

"These spinosaurids are very territorial with each other," Copeland said on the radio. "Baryonyx and Spinosaurus and Suchomimus and Irritator all get into territorial display fights if one of them strays into the other's territory, but nobody fights quite like Rudy and Big Boss. Now get the two of them to fight, and hopefully that will get Big Boss off your ass."

"Oh, God," Claire said "It just might work." She felt nauseous and light-headed as her stomach began to tie itself into a knot. This was the exact same feeling that she had when she had made the decision to release the original T. rex from its exhibit in Jurassic World to pit it against the Indominus rex, which up to that point had gotten the best of everything else that had been deployed against it from the ACU to even Owen's raptors. There was always a risk in pitting two large carnivorous dinosaurs against each other, and while it made for an impressive show for the park guests, it always never ended well for at least one of the dinosaurs.

Owen began to weave the jeep side to side while at the same time trying to stick to the dirt path as much as possible, hoping to attract the attention of the white Baryonyx. He also added a horn just to make sure, but it seemed as if he need not bothered because the Baryonyx was already walking towards them. Or rather, it was actually walking towards the Spinosaurus chasing their jeep, and it only looked like the albino dinosaur was walking towards them because the Spinosaurus was right behind them.

That's right, boys, have at 'em, Owen thought as he steered the jeep to the left to avoid the Baryonyx. The two dinosaurs roared as they finally matched up against each other, and then there was the sound of flesh slapping against flesh as the Spinosaurus and the Baryonyx began to attack the other. Owen steered the jeep back onto the dirt road as the two dinosaurs engaged in a territorial battle. "That got them off our butts," he said.

"Now let's just hope that that keeps them both occupied until we're back in the tracking center with the survivors," Claire agreed.

Without warning, another dinosaur burst out from the trees to their left, and Owen gasped and Claire screamed as the former tried to steer the jeep away from the dinosaur. They both got a glimpse of a large, stocky crocodilian body with brown skin, a gray underside, and blue and white lines down the flanks before the jeep landed in a rut at an awkward angle, and after seemingly driving on two wheels for a short amount of time, the jeep flipped and turned over. Were it not for the roll cage mounted on the jeep, both Owen and Claire could very well have been crushed by the jeep as it tumbled across the ground, but as it was, the impact of the rolls were still strong enough to bang them both around to the point of unconsciousness before the jeep finally settled onto its right side.