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Robin awoke in a field, with a pounding headache. Were am I? She wondered as she sat up. She had been asleep on the Star Destroyer after the last bounty hunt they went on, only to wake up There. She looked for her equipment and saw it lying next to her. Good my Blaster, Books , and Sword are all here. She heard rustling in the trees on the other side of the path.

"What we have here boys?" The large man of the group said, smiling.

"Looks like she's all aloe-AH!" The shorter man yelled a a small burn marked and a smoking barrel from the blaster showed Robin had fired her blaster. The other two looked around in fear, looking for the shooter. Robin rolled her eyes at the bewildered men.

"Let's finish you all off, can't have witnesses" Robin said, shooting the others with practiced ease.

She looked at the bodies and burned them with fire like a funeral. She followed the path, hoping to find a town to figure out were she was. Ok I know i'm not on Yavin 4, no jungle, maybe earth? No those men were using Axes and had no accent i know of. She continued to ponder until she reached the end of the road were it became brick and stone. The town smelled like a fire was on. Maybe some people live here. She wondered as the path lead her to find the city burning. She looked in shock. I haven't seen a fire this bad since The battle of Endor! She ran to find three people, two men and one woman.

"Lissa, stay behind Fredrick and Me!" The caped man said.

"Lord Chrom back away!" The man on the horse said, striking away the attacker with a lance.

Huh, they use lances to? Primitive screwheads. She took her Blaster and shot the two men closest to her, taking them out of the fight. The man named Fredrick charged at the other, spearing him in the gut while The Caped man, Chrom charged the leader with his sword. The leader threw a ax at him that left a small gash in his arm. The two men blocked, Parried and swung at one other. This pattern continued until Chrom threw the Ax away and stabbed the man in the chest. She could see his lips move but no sound could be heard. Fredrick looked around.

"Show your self, I know you are here!" He yelled.

"Right here screw head." as she walked out of the shadows.

They looked at her in wonder.

"Name your self!" He said

"Robin, Tactician of the Mercenary group, Metal Gear."

"Wait, did you say tactician?" Chrom said

"Yes, do you have hearing problems?" Robin said.

"I am in need of a tactician for the Shepherd's my group." He replied, with a small frown.

"What in it for me then?"

"A warm bed, feed, and a wage"

"Fair enough i'll join but answer me this, were am I?" Robin asked

"Your in Yillsse, how do you not know about Yillsse?" Chrom said

Robin began to bang her forehead against a wooden beam.

"Loki always said this was going to happen."

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