It was a summer thursday night in Arendelle, and very dark outside of the castle walls.

And while it was dark outside of the castle, it was much darker near the farms that produced commercial agriculture. The farmers themselves were settled in for the night, and preparing for a much needed sleep. Their cows outside mooed noisily, but when you're a farmer you never notice those things. Sure the mooes were a bit disturbing and sounded distressed as well, but they didn't last long enough to awaken the farmers.

Boy,would the poor cows regret not being louder.

(Okay! Here's the opening theme! Imagine an instrumental of 'In Summer' playing during this)

A pure blue background presents itself to you readers. Princess Anna skips out until she is standing in the middle of the floor, a confident smirk on a her face. From the right, Else does a fancy walk outwards until she stops next to Anna and strikes a pose. In response, her sister rolls her eyes and makes a gesture towards you folks. Elsa rubs her hands together before layering the forth wall in front of them with snowy fog. Anna rubs out a small circle for her face to see through and as Elsa does the same, The princess writes:


It seemed to the queen of Arendelle that people had demanded a bit higher in the market for the cayenne and ground pepper spices. With this in mind, she gave a considering thought for the captains of the trade ships to be sent out so that more crates of spices could be sold. Another notion she took notice of were the complaints about the taxes being too high in regards to the goods in the market, and in her eyes, they did seem a little too high for her liking. Putting the paper aside, she decided to have a meeting with a certain council member about that and resolved to look over the final segment. Moments after scanning the segment with her eyes, Elsa's cherry red lips spread into a wide smile. Petesy had apparently written a personal note of how he was already running low on pizzas and asked for her to reserve a few supplies for her. For a good friend such as the baker, she would see to it.


"AUGH!" Elsa shrieked in surprise, nearly falling from her seat and onto the floor.

Turns out it was merely Princess Anna doing her daily 'burst into my big sister's room' routine, although this time it was done with a very panicked expression. The ginger rushed over to Elsa, who noticed a big orange carrot in her hand, and started hopping up and down in front of her.


"Anna!" Elsa interrupted swiftly with a raised eyebrow, feeling that her head would hurt trying to decipher her fast talking at this speed. "Slow down! What are you doing with that carrot?"

Anna whirled around when a familiar voice giggled nearby and announced something about coming. The princess returned her gaze to Elsa while frantically biting her fingernails and muttering random little words of panic. Before Elsa could move or question why Anna was staring at her, the princess suddenly crammed the carrot in her hand down the Queen's cleavage and stood straight as if she had not done anything.

A small snowman divided into three balls of snow (five, if one counts his legs), suddenly waddled into the room in a manner similar to that of a drunken duck...wearing a blindfold. Three black coal rocks modeled as buttons are on his body, one on his midsection and two on his bottom snow part. Underneath his bottom are the two stubs of snow that serve as his legs to move around. He has two wooden stick arms(as well as fingers) and three twigs on his head that resemble small strands of hair. On each of his arms are four blunt ended fingers. His head takes up a third of his body, is oval-shaped with a stretched face and The hard packed snow around the top of his mouth is shaped to resemble a buck tooth. In between his eyes and mouth is a carrot nose and his eyes are cartoony with black pupils. He also has eyebrows above them.

"AHA! I FOUND YOU ANN...woah..." Olaf the snowman noticed his best pal Anna standing there smiling greatly whilst sweating nervously, and his best pal # 2 Elsa...who was doing this COOL thing were her eyes got all big and her skin turned all red. "OH! I get it! Elsa's pretending to be a chameleon! See, Anna? She's got her eyes all wide and her skin's changed colors!"

"B-But...w-w-why..." The poor blonde squeaked, unable to stop herself from looking down repeatedly.

Olaf hopped onto her lap and sent Anna a knowing grin. "But I know exactly why she's doing that!"

Elsa shrieked abruptly, unable to move fast enough to stop him. His arm eventually reappeared with the carrot and shoved it back onto his face. "Can't fool me Anna!"

"D'oh!" Anna facepalmed and ignored Elsa's quiet sputtering. "How'd you know I put it there?!"

"I could smell her cucumber perfume!"

"Why do you have cucumber perfume?"

Elsa stared at her younger sister incredulously, her eyelid twitching involuntarily and her red skin slowly fading into her close to albino skin. "...Gee, Anna! I don't know. That's like me wondering why you SHOVED A CARROT DOWN MY DRESS!"

Anna cringed and shrugged nonchalantly at her. "Oh yeah. I can see how you'd be maaaad... I'm sorry."

The Queen tried to just roll her eyes, and still be mad at Anna...but when you have her for a sister, you realize that there are few true reasons to be mad at her. That is why she gave a loud sigh and slumped in her chair a bit. "...Apology accepted."

Anna quickly leaned forward and embraced her sister, as did Olaf. "Oh Elsa! You're the best sister ever!"

"Even if jokes are made about you!" Olaf cheerfully giggled. "Now, about my chocolate..."

To this statement, the princess clasped her hands together tightly and gave Olaf the patented 'Puppy whiner' look. "Oh Olaf! Please don't take my chocolate! I love it so muuuuuuuuch..."

"Oh relax!" He said nonchalantly. "I'm not takin those! I don't like chocolate."

"Your Majesty?" Kai poked his head into the room politely, and once Elsa nodded he entered. "I'm afraid a series of problems have arisen, your majesty. Problems concerning the commercial farmers and their livestock."

"..." Elsa frowned and curiously stared at Kai. "What kind of problems?"

From what Elsa could see, it was apparently one doozy of a theft problem. The farm that she'd traveled to seemed partly destroyed and partly ransacked by an unknown their...or many thieves. Anna could not see a single animal within the broken stalls, but could make multiple signs of struggling in the dirt. The royal sisters stopped in what was once a familiar cow pen, while Elsa curiously rubbed her chin. "...What could have happened here to take so many livestock?"

"It certainly can't be one person...right?" Anna shrugged. "It has to be a really big group to just...take a bunch pigs and cows from more than one farm."

"I don't really know, Little sister..." Elsa suddenly spotted a glinting object in the corner of her vision. "Hey...Do you see that?"

"Yeah..." Anna briefly jogged to get it and then returned with the shiny object. It looked oddly like a seashell...yet very very smooth and dark green. The princess glanced over the odd object, and came to a conclusion on what it could be. "I...I think it's a giant scale. Like for a lizard or something?"

"A reptilian scale?" Elsa looked highly skeptical about the object. "How could any reptile be that big? That's impossible."

"Says the incredibly powerful Queen who could make an indoor blizzard with a simple cough." Anna pointed out to her. Before Elsa could make a response, the apparent owners of the farm walked over to them. They both seemed to be lanky, and in their late thirties or maybe forties. The male didn't look so excited tro see them, and the female seemed more cheerful than him.

"Oh thank goodness you're here!" The woman thankfully stated. "We were hoping that you might've able to solve this missing cattle issue of ours! Just straight vanished!"

"Did you hear or see anything unusual before this happened? " Elsa inquired calmly.

"Hmmm...I don't reckon so. There might have been a few more moo's than usual last night...but they didn't sound alarmed." The woman told her. "Might have been herded away, or just snatched up somehow."

" you think it has anything to do with the crops looking like that?" Anna gestured to the garden of withering plants visible to the side of the farmer's house. The wife looked specifically uncomfortable with the question...the complete opposite of the husband.

"Maybe your sibling can explain that."

"George." The wife hissed at him swiftly.

"I fail to see what my sister would have to do with the crops..." Anna suspiciously countered, while Elsa remained eerily silent.

"It's nothing deary." The wife smiled cheesily. "Our crops took a little beating from the...accident that occurred at your castle."

"A little beating?" 'George' sneered at his wife, and then at The Queen. Elsa looked like a puppy cornered by a wolf. " The way she has our crops dying, I wouldn't be surprised I'd she made the livestock go next!"

Before the wife could say anything to him, Anna had begun scowling at The Farmer. "HEY! Watch that tone of yours! My sister isn't the only one who can lock jerks in jail!"

"Anna, Stop."

The Princess, completely shocked, turned her sister. Said sister was giving her a stern stare, a silent warning not to continue. Anna inhaled deeply, but never spoke. So, Elsa continued, this time to the Farmer. "I am very sorry for what I've done to you and your wife. I take full responsibility for my actions, and will personally try and restore your farmland."

"Uh...we thank you, Queen Elsa. But I'm afraid we're going to have to cut this talk short." The wife glared at her husband and practically dragged the annoyed man back towards the house. "So I can have an entirely new one with HIM."

Elsa's face was deeply stoic, even as she turned and began walking back with a simple:"Come, Anna."

Anna did so, but glared at her sister. "You can't just let that happen, you know."

"Anna, I don't want to talk about this."

"No!" Anna quickly leaped into Elsa's path. "You are not going to shove this away and ignore me again. Why didn't you say anything about that guy?!"

Elsa narrowed her eyes just a bit, her lips parting to give a sigh. "Look, He had every right to be angry about this Anna. Its my fault his crops have gone bad!"

"Elsa, you couldn't control your magic!" Anna declared incredulously. "It's not like you could have just stopped the blizzard from happening! You could have stood up to that guy though!"

"I'm not going to cause more turmoil among my subjects. I have to keep a cool head for problems like these!" Elsa explained.

"Oh, so if we were dealing with Hans, and he said bad stuff about me, you'd just let him say it?!"

"You and I both know," Her sister sighed, staring sternly at her sister once again. "That if it were Hans it would be different. But it's also different with"

"I didn't hear a I'll assume that's a no." Anna retorted coldly and promptly stomped away. Elsa tried to keep her stern expression, but gave up and melted away into a guilty expression towards Anna. She knew that an angry Anna was not a good Anna, not an Anna that could be enjoyed. But one day she'd have to realize the importance of making calm decisions.

His pets had stocked a lot of food it seemed. Those livestock were quite the size for a meal, but it seemed that the grocery shopping had attracted some royal attention. A fiesty princess and one looker of a queen, that was all. They could be dangerous...unless he could convince the queen into a deal. After all...she must get lonely with no one else bearing magic abilities.

Perhaps he could help her...whether she liked it or not.