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Chapter 1: Old Friends

Autobot Base, Jasper Nevada

Jasper Nevada is just a small part of the United States of America peaceful and quite where nothing ever happens but that's just the surface, underneath is a whole different story.

Giant metal beings that fight to protect all sentient life live in a lone mesa right on the outskirts of Jasper. They consist of the yellow and black scout Bumblebee whose alt mode was an Urban 500, the green wrecker Bulkhead a Ford Escape Hybrid, the blue cyber ninja Arcee a Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Ratchet the white and orange medic who transforms into a Ford E-350 ambulance and the red and blue leader Optimus Prime a Peterbilt 379. These are the Autobots and along with their three human allies Jackson (Jack) Darby, Rafael (Raf) Esquivel and Miko Nakadai they prevent the Decepticons from taking over.

Currently the Autobot charges were sitting at the designated human area with Jack and Raf playing some games while Miko was unusually quiet with Ratchet at the console scanning for Decepticon activity everything normal for the moment but all was about to change, something that the Cybertronians had never seen before and yet their human allies where all too familiar with.

Jacks POV

"So you've been very quiet for a bit Miko, everything okay" I asked cautiously. Usually when Miko got like this she was planning something and that usually consisted of her running into the groundbridge.

"Oh just thinking about some stuff" Miko replied while lying on the couch.

"Isn't that a bit dangerous" Jack said back with a smirk.

"HEY!" Miko shouted indigently.

Suddenly an alarm went off shortly followed by a shout of "PRIME" and then special agent William Fowler's face coming up on screen.

"You know one day he's going to end up losing his voice with all the shouting he does at the bots" Miko says cheekily.

"Yes agent Fowler what seems to be the problem" Optimus deep baritone voice replies as he walked into the room with the rest of the Autobot team behind him.

"Cons what else, they've decided to attack a computer research facility this time"

"Why would the cons bother with human computers, they have more advance computers than what human can make?" Raf asked as he sets down his controller.

Fowler sighed "usually that would be the case but these guys have made a code that could connect with any computer in the world instantly allowing them access to government data or specifically government data on where you guys are"

"Why in Primus name would they make something like that" Ratchet replied angrily to Fowler.

"It is a bit stupid" I thought to myself.

"That's classified information even from me"

Optimus looks at Fowler for a second before turning to Ratchet "Ratchet prepare the groundbridge"

I turn back to look at the others and see Miko now sat up looking at the bots "you know" she says quietly "if we still had or Vices we could help the bots out more".

I close my eyes for a moment remembering three years ago, the last time we saw our friends before replying back in a low tone "Miko we might never see them again they are probably happier where they are now".

Raf looks at me sadly "do you think they miss us?" I smile slightly back and ruffle his hair a bit "I know they do Raf".

By this time almost all the bots had left and it was just Bulkhead left to go through, Miko suddenly jumps up startling me and Raf before she runs down the stairs taking two at a time, it only takes a moment for me and Raf to shake out of our shock before we follow her down the stairs and into the groundbridge before it closes without Ratchet noticing we had gone again.

Computer Research Facility, South America

As we stepped out of the groundbridge I saw that the battle had already commenced with us coming out between two buildings with singular silver door on one side that I could barely see due to the fact that it is the same colour as the rest of the building. Miko already had her phone out taking pictures of the fight between Breakdown and Bulkhead.

"I swear to Primus I'm tying her to the railing next time" I thought in agitation.

I start to walk up to her when the door suddenly bursts open and a short man suddenly runs into me. I grunt as he does and stagger back a few steps while he falls back on to the swinging door hitting his head on it and slowly falling to the floor where he remains unconscious while clutching a black laptop to his chest.

We all stare at the man for a moment before Raf pipes in "how much do you want to bet that the laptop is important" he says trying to add a little humour to the situation.

"With our luck I wouldn't take any chances" Miko says as she walks towards us and I check the man's pulse "well he's breathing normally, he'll be fine and probably only have a mild concussion at the most" I say before looking up to the widened eyes of Raf and Miko.

"How do you know that?" she asks

I shrug "Well before our 'little' escapades finished mum taught me some basic things in case we ever needed it before help arrived" as I was saying this Raf picked up the laptop and opened it, from the glow reflected on Raf's eye I assume it must have been in standby mode.

"Guys… I think we just got the code that the cons are looking for" Raf says while looking at the screen while Miko lightens up a bit before demanding to have a look at it. I don't see her suddenly drop it as I look towards the battlefield where Optimus and Megatron are fighting each other with their bare servos, Arcee and Dreadwing going at each other with their blades, Bumblebee trying to stay out of the way of Knockout's energon prod and Bulkhead trying to hit Breakdown with his wrecking ball and slowly the cons were gaining the upper hand on the bots.

"Damn if only we could help them a bit, but we can't without our…" I'm suddenly jarred out of my mind when I see a glow behind me. I turn around and see the glow coming from the laptop with Raf and Miko backing away from it.

"I didn't do anything" Miko quickly says before the glowing gets so bright that I shut my eyes but clearly hear three tearing sounds like when I rip paper in half. The glow starts to fade and I slowly open my eyes to stare in astonishment at the three beings in front of us.

"No… fragging… way" we all say at the same time

In front of us are a small green and white bunny standing on two stubby legs with overly large ears, big brown eyes and a spike on top of his head, opposite him is a very tall yellow and white fox with purple designs on her legs and purple glove like material on her hands and in the middle of these two was a red and white dinosaur creature with black markings, yellow eyes, a tail and bat like ears, there was also a weird design of three black triangles surrounding a singular one on his belly.

I suddenly smile and run towards the red dinosaur before hugging him and saying into his ear "it's been a long time old friend"

So I'm just going to explain a few things. This is set in season two of Transformers Prime before Breakdown is killed, the kids have all met before this but they sort of drifted apart after about two years and changed a bit and the bots have not always been at the mesa they only moved in about a year before meeting the kids so they never would have seen any digimon especially with HYPNOS covering the media. Please read and review.