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Chapter 4: Explanations

The red dinosaur like Digimon walked towards the Autobots waving one of his three clawed hands and smiling while saying "Hi, my name is Guilmon and Jack is my tamer" his childish type voice surprised the Autobots who were not expecting him to even talk let alone sound like a child.

By this time Ratchet had been brought out of stasis and was staring dumbly at the three kids and the Digimon. The one that looked like a green and cream bunny with overly large ears and a spike on his head was currently sitting on top of Rafael's head snickering at the medic along with Miko.

The yellow bipedal fox just had her arms crossed towering over the humans and other Digimon but her bright blue eyes were surveying the room and its inhabitants.

Jack moved towards Guilmon and placed a hand on the dinosaur's shoulder "Yeah as he said his name is Guilmon and I'm his human partner, Renamon is the yellow fox who is Miko's digimon partner and Terriermon is the one currently laying on top of Raf's head and as you can guess is his partner" Jack confirmed to the Autobots.

"Tamers?" Arcee asked remembering the term Guilmon used to describe Jack.

Jack pulled a device out of his pocket "When some Digimon come in to real world they obtain human partners or tamers. Sometimes you get the Digimon before you get something called a digivice" he showed the device towards the bots, it was a small machine with a screen on the front with a piece of red fabric attached to it, they could also see that Miko and Raf had similar ones as well except the fabric on Miko's was pink and Raf's was green "This allows them to evolve to their champion, ultimate or mega stages and other times the digivice is first" he explain to the Bots.

Bumblebee spoke up next "If Digimon keep coming to the real world how come we or the humans have never noticed them before? Surly the other humans would have noticed them by now?" all the other bots were wondering the same thing.

"Well they do technically know about us but not in this in this form" Renamon chuckled confusing the Autobots a great deal.

"Wait you can understand Bumblebee?" both Miko and Ratchet asked at the same time.

She nodded in confirmation "Terriermon, Guilmon can you also understand him?"

"Uh huh" Guilmon hummed towards the yellow Digimon.

"You betcha" Terriermon also said.

"Hmm, maybe because Digimon are data themselves they can breakdown Bee's Cybertronian language code. Considering all three of them can understand it seems likely that all Digimon can but we won't know for sure unless we find another Digimon" Raf concluded

"So what do you mean by humans don't know you in this form?" Bulkhead questioned going back to the earlier statement.

"Remember when we said Digimon are data, well the data originally came from a card game that a lot of children play. It's very popular in Japan especially since they added devices that counts up the points you win in battles and special attack cards" Miko announced this to the shocked Bots who couldn't believe that the three Digimon came from a human's game.

"There is something that is still bothering me" Arcee admitted before continuing "How where you here when the light died down?" it had been puzzling her to no ends on how the kids had just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

The kids all looked at each other seeming to have an internal debate amongst themselves, it was then that Jack sighed and started to tell the Bots about their appearance "Digimon have six stages that they go through the first is called the Fresh stage, they are basically the equivalent of a baby. The second stage is their In-Training stage like a young child, the third is a rookie level which is what our Digimon are currently at, they have a few low level attacks they can use and special cards that can help replenish their energy and gives them a boost in their powers. Then they evolve into their champion stages, they have more powerful attacks than rookie and can fight against other champions, they then go to ultimate which have a wide range of attacks and are extremely powerful at this level and only a mega could beat them or another ultimate. Mega are their final and most powerful stages and for our Digimon to achieve this level they have to merge… with us" he finished

There was a pregnant pause after that statement until the room erupted into shouts of "WHAT!"

"That's impossible organics and data cannot combine together like that" Ratchet argued the possibility of it just too surreal for it to happen.

Terriermon contributed to the conversation this time "We couldn't at first or at least not in a real world but…" he paused at this seeming uncomfortable the air surrounding the teens and Digimon seemed to grow darker a bit as Terriermon continued "Something happened that caused us to do so in the real world"

The Autobots did not pry into what happened as it seemed to deeply affect them, even Miko was unusually downcast which had only happened when the information for synthesised energon was taking over Bulkhead's processor.

Jack was the first to come out of his depression where he continued to explain "It's called Bio-merging and we basically become the same being sometimes you can tell when one of us are in more control than the other as you can hear our voices but a majority of the time we are on the same thought wave. However, this type of transformation occurs when are emotions take over and we drive on that"

The Bots processed all this information amazed at all of it. The kids had experience of fighting before they even got involved with their war. From what they also saw earlier something happened that caused great distress amongst them.

"If you do not mind me asking but how did you all meet each other in the first place?" Optimus queried the teens and their Digimon.

"Now that is a…" Jack started but was instantly stopped as a klaxon blared throughout the base and agent Fowler stepped out of the elevator, he looked like he was about to do his usual greeting at shouting at the Autobots like they could not hear him if he spoke any quieter but he stopped dead once he saw the three Digimon.

The silence did not last long however as there was soon a shout of "PRIME!" which caused both Terriermon and Guilmon covered their ears with their respective paws and claws and their eyes tightly shut.

"WHAT IN SAM HILLS NAME ARE THEY!" his voiced seemed to bounce around the mesa making his voice even louder.

Optimus did not even seemed fazed by the agent's outburst as he calmly said "Agent Fowler, these are the Digimon Guilmon, Renamon and Terriermon" he waved a hand to each Digimon when he said their names.

"So when where you going to mention that there are unknown aliens on Earth!" he angrily asked.

"Oh he's so going to love this" Terriermon sarcastically said sniggering at the thought of what his face will look like when he found out.

"Agent Fowler, the Digimon are not aliens they actually live on your world or more specifically the digital world of Earth" Optimus replied to the agent whose jaw was dropped open in surprise.

"WHAT!" he shouted.

"Look we will explain everything but it's going to take a while so it's probably best if we call our parents to say we are staying over a friend's house so that we can tell you through the night" Raf responded already taking his phone out to contact his parents, the same thing happened with Jack and Miko.

Fowler just nodded his head.

"How do you not know about them, I thought it was your job to deal with things like this?" Ratchet asked after a few seconds.

Agent Fowler just glared at the medic "I deal with extra-terrestrial beings not inter-terrestrial ones, I doubt that there is even a part of the agency that does know!" he snapped back.

"Oh there is, but they didn't use to have the best ways of dealing with unknown Digimon" Miko's tone suggest that she was annoyed with whoever's job it was to deal with Digimon.

Jack snapped his phone shut and shouted up to Ratchet "Hey Ratchet can you activate the groundbridge in my home garage please, mum's bringing some stuff for the sleepover"

Ratchet huffed a bit before typing in the co-ordinates for Jack's house, the groundbridge then came to life greens, whites and blues swirling around in a whirlpool like manner. A couple of seconds later a figure stepped through the portal, she had dark raven hair tied up in a low ponytail and was wearing green nurse scrubs. She had on a cream cardigan and was carrying five small packs, one on her back and two on each arm. She was currently looking through one of them so you could not see her stormy blue eyes.

"So why did you ask me to bring…" June started to say before Guilmon noticed her.

"JUNE!" Guilmon shouted and ran over to the nurse wrapping his claws around her, June dropped the bags in surprise before she hugged the red Digimon back scratching him a bit behind one of his bat like ears.

She looked towards the kids and saw the rest of the Digimon "Guilmon, Renamon and Terriermon when… how did you get here?" she questioned still holding on to the dinosaur Digimon.

"So you knew all about this?" Arcee asked in surprise, if June knew about the Digimon then surely she knew about them fighting as well.

"Of course I do, you can't exactly hide two Digimon the size of humans anywhere without someone seeing them, Terriermon is fine as he could just pretend to be a teddy but Renamon would be too big to stay with Miko without her parents noticing and Guilmon could only be hidden from me for a day before I saw him trying to follow Jack to school in a box. When they weren't out fighting rogue Digimon they lived with me and Jack, although Renamon still checked on Miko throughout the night to make sure she was okay but she's more covert than Guilmon"

Arcee smiled at the part about Guilmon in a box trying to follow Jack "Yeah that makes sense, there's not really many places you could hide them in Jasper"

Guilmon had picked up two of the four bags for June when he suddenly stuck his nose in the air and started to sniff.

June was shaking her head in amusement as she reached for something in one of the bags she was holding "At least I know why you asked me to bring our entire supply of bread now" she brought out three loaves of bread which was instantly snatched out of her hands by an overly excited Guilmon who started to dance around with the bread cradled in his arms while singing "Bread, bread, bready bread I love bread"

"I get the feeling he likes bread" Bumblebee chirped the Bots were watch in amusement as he continued to dance even Optimus smiled slightly at his childish behaviour.

"Likes it, he absolutely loves it so much he could and has eaten the Darby's out of house and home on bread alone until Jacks mum learned how to make bread for him" Raf answered.

Time skip

After the incident with the whole Unicron being the Earth's core, the kids had decided to keep an emergency bag at Jack's house in case they ever needed to stay at the base or travel somewhere with them. They contained pyjamas, sleeping bags and other necessities.

They had moved towards the sitting area with June and Miko taking the couch and Renamon sitting off to the side of the couch with her back leaned up against it. Raf and Jack were sat up in their sleeping bags with Terriermon hanging from Raf's shoulder while Guilmon's head rested on Jack's lap. Agent Fowler was going to leave once the story was over so he just opted to sit on the floor positioned so that he could see all of them and the bots were standing close too except Ratchet who was back at the monitors but still listening in.

"We are going to tell you how we met each other and also how we each met our Digimon partners but as I was saying before it is a really long story so if you have any questions wait till we finish to ask them" Jack advised.

"You should probably start off with Jack as Guilmon is not technically a normal Digimon, and then you can tell ours last because you're supposed to save the best for last" Terriermon stated puffing up his chest a little.

Optimus looked at Jack "What does he mean by Guilmon is not a normal Digimon?"

Jack started to rub the back of his neck in embarrassment "That's probably because Guilmon is a one of a kind Digimon, there is no card for him cause I technically… created him" he finished.

Fowler said slowly "You created… your own Digimon? How?" everyone was curious about that except for June, Miko and Raf who already knew the story.

"Well it all started 3 years ago…"

The next few chapters will be timed three years ago and will explain all about how the kids met and how they came by their Digimon so there will be no Cybertronians for a while.

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