A/N: It's a subtle difference, have you noticed? I challenge you to figure it out. It would be a nice change from the norm, since I'm the real life version of Sherlock Holmes.

Chapter 14: Bo the Katsaridaphobic, Short, Affectionate, Often Outspoken, Mostly Focused, Possibly Homosexual, stupid Stupid STUPID! Confusing, Desperate, Genderbent, Undeniably Sexy Chicken that Probably has ADHD

Kyoko took not more than 30 seconds to explain her entire relationship with Tsuruga Ren, conveniently leaving out that she was in love with him.

Kanae was stunned, but only for a moment. "Okay then, I guess I'll help you" She opened up Kyoko's closet and almost immediately brought out a box that was labeled 'New York' "Here," She said. "I'm pretty sure you've mentioned this being clothes before"

Kyoko turned bright red and shook her head violently. "Those clothes... aren't meant for, uhh, public consumption. In fact, I might be arrested for wearing those out"

Kanae stood there for a second, before realising what Kyoko was implying was in that box. She dropped it as if the cardboard were covered in poison and pushed it back into the closet with her foot, closing the door after it.

She coughed into her hand. "Maybe we should just buy an outfit"