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"Demonic/other-worldly voices or thoughts"

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Chapter 12: A Haunting in Gotham City

Fenrir looked down at the city of Gotham; from high in the sky the city looks peaceful, even beautiful. But even living all the way in Amity Park he had heard stories of deranged lunatics and ruthless mobsters that ruled the shadowy underbelly of Gotham and would make life a challenge for the average person. Yet every story about any of the more nefarious criminals that made their debut in Gotham usually starts and/or ends in the same place: Arkham Asylum. As Danny got closer to the facility, it became clear why the institute seemed to fail in curing the mentally ill: the place looked less like a place of healing and comfort and more like a haunted mansion straight out of a horror film.

He was invisible; not a living soul could see him wearing a hood and a pair of jeans he stole when he ditched his suit on the flight over here from Dakota. He scanned the building once more, spotting a few guards patrolling the area with dogs, maybe too few for a place housing several dangerous individuals at once. He decided the best approach was to simply walk through the front door as a guard entered. Never paying any mind to any of the guards or inmates, he was here for one reason and what he needed will take time.

'Time to create a distraction,' he thought to himself as he entered what seemed to be the main control room. A lonely guard was sitting in a chair in front of several cameras feeds from across the facility but he seemed to have a particular interest on screen. Danny looked at it and noticed that it seemed to be from the area that housed the most infamous and dangerous ones. For a few seconds, it showed a man wearing what looked like a burlap sack over his head sleeping in a corner, then to a man with pale blue skin in a room of ice looking forlornly at the floor, then to a large muscular man pounding his fists against the wall to no avail. "Anything good on the TV?" He asked as he faded into existence.

The guard shot up from his seat and drew out his nightstick. "JESUS CHRIST! Who the hell are you?!" He demanded as he inched over to his radio.

"I am Fenrir," Danny answered he held his hand out. The guard lurched for his radio but he soon felt a force grip his body, keeping him in place. The guard struggled to move as the force was squeezing around his neck. "And I am your future king," Danny said with a small smile as the guard's head was ripped from his shoulders, blood quickly spreading on the floor. Danny released the head with a loud wet thud as he went to the controls. His eye glowed brightly as he started to enter the system, bypassing the security system with ease. He smiled to himself; his first test drive of his cybernetic eye was going wonderfully. As he got access to the master-lock system, he noted that it was rigged to send a message directly to a third party, most likely the Batman himself. "Okay Arkhamites, let's see how good you are at buying me some time." He whispered to himself as he deactivated the master-lock.

He watched on the screens as all the cells in the entire facility swung open, letting the inmates run rampant. He smiled as he could see some of them already attacking the guards and others heading out of their buildings and into the grounds. Danny could already hear the rioting and wild cries of the frenzied madmen as he went invisible once more. Now that the guards were busy with that, he could have some time to look through the Arkham archives without interruption.

As he went through unseen, a horde of guards came running. He went intangible, possessing one of the guards at the end of the group before slowly backing away and turning back towards the archives. "GOOD GOD!" He heard one scream. "THOSE PSYCHOS! THEY GOT PHIL!"

Blackfire was humming a tune to herself as she brushed her hair while looking into a mirror. Her hair was still wet from a shower and a bathrobe clung to her body. A smile crept onto her face; Danny was becoming more wonderful each day. More powerful, more determined, even more passionate and lustful towards her and Circe. Of course it was more than just sex, there was no doubt that the hybrid loved her and was seemingly starting to develop those same feelings for Circe. Just small things like him and her exchanging small little signs of affection and them talking about interests: Circe's love of music seemed to really hit a chord with Danny.

Funnily enough, she was surprised that it was the sorceress who came to her. She was so convinced that a certain white-haired assassin would accept her invitation. The knocking on her door distracted her from her thought. With a sigh she looked towards the door. "Who is it?" She asked as she gave her hair a few more strokes.

"It's Rose..."

Blackfire stopped as an intrigued glint came to her eye as he came to the door. She opened to see the orange-black clad assassin waiting there, a faint red in her cheeks as her white hair looked slightly unkempt and her grey-blue eyes seemingly fixed to the floor. "Ravager," Blackfire started with a small smirk. "What brings you here?"

Rose looked up at her. "Look I...can we talk inside your room?" She asked.

Blackfire's smile grew a bit more as she moved aside and gestured for her to come in. She closed the door and turned back to see the assassin setting at the foot of her bed, once again seemingly finding some sort of fascinating speck on the floor to focus on. "So, what brings you to me this evening? You don't usually seek me fact, since our last conversation I could have sworn you were avoiding me," Blackfire said as she sat close to the girl, maybe too close for the Earthling's comfort.

Rose shifted before she sighed and finally look up at Blackfire, "Look I...I saw what you, Circe, and Danny did last week." She confessed.

Blackfire made a mock confused look. "Oh? Could you be a bit more specific?"

Rose's face turned a bit redder. "Please don't toy with me..." she said.

"Hmmm?" Blackfire hummed as if in thought before her eyes went wide in fake shock. "Oh! You mean how Danny, Circe, and I were having sex?" She said, enjoying the look of embarrassment on the assassin's face. The alien's smirk grew more. "You saw how Circe rode our Danny's fat cock till he filled her belly, how he slipped his tongue into me and brought me to a climax? Or how-"

"YOU KNOW WHAT I SAW!" Rose snapped.

Blackfire merely shrugged. "Sorry, I never realized how innocent an assassin trained from birth could be." She said offhandedly, making said assassin open and close her mouth a few times as she tried to think of a retort before looking dejectedly at the floor again. The alien sighed. "Alright, so you saw us. And you have what to say about it?"

Rose looked back up at her. "I...I admire Danny. He's strong, smart, charming..."


"And I...I..." Rose sighed once more. "It took me...seeing you two together with him to finally sit down and rethink my feelings towards him." She said as tears started to well in her eyes, "I...I love him and I want to be with him. Do...Do I still have a chance?" She asked.

Rose was surprised when the alien placed her arms around her head and embraced her to her chest. "Of course, you are welcome to join us," she said with a smile.

Rose looked up at her. "R-Really?" She asked, surprised at the gesture.

Blackfire merely smiled. "Well, as long as you realize that Danny isn't just yours and when he is gone, you will have to learn quickly that in circumstances like this we girls have to...keep ourselves company," she said before she kissed the human girl.

Rose's eyes went wide from the sensation of the alien girl's lips against her own, even more surprised that she didn't seem to raise any objections against this approach and moaned softly into her mouth. Her moans were broken when she felt Blackfire's tongue enter her mouth, dominating and controlling it as Rose's eyes went crossed from the sudden intruder, and the pleasure it was making her feel. After a minute of this, Blackfire stopped and giggled at the sight of the look of enthrallment on the assassin's face.

"Too much for you little Rose?" Blackfire teased. "Just wait till you get your night with Danny, you might forget who you are." The alien teased as she stood and opened the door for her. "We'll talk about that later, for now how about you go to your room and... relieve yourself..." Rose was silent as she got to her feet and started to walk out. "Oh!" Blackfire called for her, "and welcome to our little group." She said as she closed the door.

An Hour Later

James Gordon, the police commissioner of Gotham City, arrived at the gates of the infamous asylum where three other cars waited. He sighed tiredly as he exited out of his vehicle as a patrol officer along with the warden of the asylum came up to him. "What's the situation?" Gordon asked.

"All the inmates have gotten out and are tearing the place apart." The officer reported.

"ALL the inmates?" Gordon repeated, his eyes wide.

"Yes all of them," the shaken warden answered. "From the relatively harmless to the super-criminals."

"How did this happen?!" Gordon barked at him, making the agitated man jump.

"I-I don't know! Someone must have unleashed the master lock system!" The warden stuttered. "It-It was meant to be used in case of an emergency like a fire or something so we can evacuate the inmates but to activate it you have to enter two different passwords that change weekly."

"Well, obviously that didn't work," Gordon stated. "Who-of-note got let out?"

"Um...there is Victor Fries, Bane, Jonathan Crane, and Pamela Isley," the warden answered.

"Four dangerous minds," another voice said making the three jump as they turned to see a familiar silhouette up in the trees that jumped down. White stern eyes behind a pointed cowl with a long cape, the well-known look of Gotham's famous vigilante. He hopped down from the tree, and was quickly joined by his companion.

"Batman, Robin," Gordon greeted. "So I guess you know what's going on?"

Batman nodded before turning to the warden. "How many inmates have you managed to detain?"

"We managed to get most of the docile, less violent ones." The warden answered as he gulped. "B-But the more manic and aggressive ones are still loose. W-We are worried that those four may have already escaped the island. Most of their personal effects are gone."

The Dark Knight turned to Gordon. "Do you think you and the other officers can handle the inmates while I look for any traces?"

Gordon nodded. "We can help the guards with that."

"Robin, help them with that," Batman said as he made way back into the forest. "Anything serious, call me immediately."

"Understood," Robin said with a slight nod.

"B-But!" The warden called out. "There is another thing, we have been getting reports of attacks...all over the island." All eyes were on him once more.

Batman narrowed his eyes more at that statement. "What kind of attacks?"

"I-I don't know, but several of our guards and inmates we recovered were...mangled. Torn apart," the warden paled as he recounted some of the bodies he had seen. "Some of the survivors say that they were attacked by some kind"

"What is this 'monster'? Where did they start?" Robin asked.

"The attacks appear randomly across the asylum and the thing disappears." The warden explained. "The survivors haven't been able to give a description."

The commissioner stroked his beard in thought as the caped crusader turned to the main gate. Robin was slightly uneasy; outside of the mask he was Tim Drake but he was the third Robin. The first went on to be Nightwing for some Justice League task force but the second one, Jason Todd, met with a horrible end. He knew what he was getting into when he donned the mask but even then he still felt fear. Batman picked up on this. "I'll start with the archives; see if I can find any traces of this 'monster'. Chances are I may find something there. Inform me of anything strange and I'll be there." He said as he left for the Asylum, just as the distinctive sound of a helicopter came overhead.

"Looks like the news already caught wind..." The Asylum warden stated.

"It's likely that they saw the police cars and decided to follow. It's unlikely that they know all the details just yet." Gordon stated as he turned to ask Batman his opinion but as usual, he was already gone without a trace.

"Does he do that a lot?" The warden asked.

"You get used to it, eventually." Robin confessed.

Raven's eyes hurt; the bright white emptiness she was greeted with was too much at first. It took some time for her dark violet eyes to adjust to the light as she can see a mist start to roll in. She hovered above the ground as she drew her hood while scanning the area, seeing nothing but white haze in a colorless world. She was met with a sense of unease in this space as a chill crawled up her spine making her shudder. The chill grew more as she realized that it wasn't the cold that was making her shudder. She turned as a rising flurry of air rushed behind her, pushing the hood back off her head.

In the distance she could see an inky form manifesting on the ground. Raven merely watched on in awe and dread as the mass rose slowly, developing a sleek form as she can make out what seemed to be massive, taloned hands jet out of the mass as the empty white space around them filled with what was a mash of a million whispers. She closed her eyes as she tried to remain calm and in control of her emotions, each slow breath made the whispers less chaotic and sporadic as she can hear fewer of them. As she opens her eyes she locked eyes with two empty pits as the massive inky shape was facing her. With her chest beating so hard that it felt like it would burst, she heard it say just one phrase.


Her eyes shot open as she snapped forward with a loud gasp. Her eyes looked around, recognizing the shelves of books and ornate mystical items. She realized that it was just a dream, a nightmare as she lay back down as her eyes filled with tears. She has been having nightmares like that a lot lately, for some it would have been easier to mark it off as just a dream but she knew there was a meaning behind it. The secret she and the others tried so hard to keep buried was crawling out and eating her from the inside out.

She was startled when someone knocked on her door. Sighing, she pushed her covers off and went to the door. She opened it just a crack to see a familiar green face looking in. "Hey Rae, is everything okay? It sounded like you were hurting," Beast Boy asked, concern clear in his face.

"No, I'm fine." She said as she tried to shut the door.

"WAIT!" Beast Boy pleaded. Raven stopped, waiting to hear what more he had to say. The shapeshifter looked uncomfortably at the floor as he scratched the back of his head, "Can I...come in?"

"No," Raven said instantly, making him look disappointed, the sad look on his face made her sigh deeply. "Look, Garfield," she said as she opened the door more to properly look him in the eye, not knowing that her merely in her dark grey tee and matching panties were causing the green shifter more mixed feelings. "Whatever we had is not there anymore." She said trying to keep a firm but sincere tone. "You and I both agreed that it wasn't working between us so we should just stop."

"I know," he confessed.

"So why is it that you come by my room late at night trying to get into my bed?" Raven asked.

"I...I just miss you, not a lot of girls want to pay any attention to me because of how I look." Beast Boy went on. "You were my first and only girl so I just..."

"I was your first but I shouldn't be your only one," Raven said. "Look, if you want a friend then I can always be one, but I am not sleeping with you and we aren't getting back together. Understand?"

Beast Boy looked defeated as he merely nodded. "Yeah. Sorry," he said.

Raven sighed as she fully closed the door; one of the things she regretted the most was ever dating Garfield Logan. It wasn't that he was a terrible boyfriend in the few months that they were together, it was just that he wasn't what she wanted and she wasn't what he needed. Yet every so often he would come to her door and try to make excuses to come in and rekindled that. In a way she could understand, Beast Boy did have an inferiority complex due to his outward appearance so naturally he would be attached to the few girls who managed to look past that and gave him a chance.

She went back to bed and sighed in annoyance, as it wasn't like she was getting a lot of attention from boys either. Most of the time her cold, dark demeanor would drive them off and it wasn't like guys would want to go after the 'spooky girl' of a team. That wasn't even covering the fact that if she did get someone's attention, she would have to eventually tell them one of her darkest secrets. As she thought about some of the men in her life, one especially came to mind: Danny Phantom. The ghost boy who was the first guy to actively go after her, yet she did what came naturally and pushed him away till he wound up in Starfire's arms. And then came the incident. She felt several emotions go through her mind but as quickly as they came, she snuffed them out. 'He is gone...gone just forget.' She thought to herself. 'Yet, why do I feel as if my nightmares are connected to him?'

As Robin escorted the last unconscious inmate back into his cell, a guard quickly locked the cell behind him. "So is that everyone?" He asked the doctor.

The doctor nodded. "Yes, all the patients have been accounted for."

"Save for four," Gordon corrected before turning to an officer. "We will need to put out a notice that Poison Ivy, Bane, Scarecrow, and Mister Freeze are loose."

"Understood sir." He said as he went to leave, moving past the group of guards and police in the long hallway of cells.

"I'm sure Batman already has some ideas where they are at. We will find them, Commissioner." Robin said.

The Commissioner nodded slightly just as the lights in the building started to flicker. They looked around in concern before the lights stopped fading in and out. "What was that?" Gordon asked.

"This building is very old," a guard said. "Maybe the wiring is going ou-." He stopped as he looked down at the end of the hallway. His skin turned a shade of pale forcing the other people to turn.

At the end of the hallway was a figure dressed in a bloodied white hood dragging the broken and torn up body of the officer Gordon just sent off. The lights began to flicker when the person released his leg, them noting that it only has one arm. They couldn't make out a face due to long black hair reaching down to its legs. "Is...Is that an inmate?" An officer spoke up softly.

"That isn't any patient I've ever seen." The doctor responded as he took small steps back, preparing to run as a horrid dread entered his body at the sight of the figure.

Robin took prepared two batons, ready to act in case the clearly dangerous person went in for the attack. Despite being several feet away, Robin knew that this person was not only unhinged but skilled considering that he didn't even notice him despite all the training he had to endure. "Either way, this guy is in for a fight." He said just as the lights started to flicker once more. Robin steadied himself, but his fortitude failed when he noticed the figure's body started to contort and bend, the slight crackling of joints being dislocated could be heard. Robin could see the figure's fingers twisting in unnatural positions and movements, then his arm and his legs.

The lights went out completely for a second once more, making Robin curse under his breath. Yet when the lights come back on the figure's unnaturally black eyes and lifeless pale face was inches from his own. Robin gasped out as he tried to strike the figure only to have black tendrils stab into his shoulders and his elbows. Robin screamed out in pain and shock from the attack as the tendrils lifted him as the figure twisted his neck popping to the side as if it was studying him before his eyes and mouth twisted into a look of pure hate.

"ROOOOOOOOBIIIINNNNNN." It said in a watery rattle of a voice before it sent more tendrils to impale his stomach.

As Robin screamed out, Gordon shouted "Open fire!" As he and several armed police fired at the figure that was left open from having the boy wonder overhead. The bullets merely passed through the creature as it resumed impaling more tendrils into the young hero, spilling blood and organs onto the floor before tossing what was left against a wall. The police officers looked on in horror at the young men's body before turning to the creature whose hair was writhing en masse like a horde of snakes as shadowy tendrils emerged from the darkness around them.

Robin was coughing loudly, blood was quickly filling his lungs as he was tried to gather some of his spilled guts with one hand and trying to open his radio to his mentor. "B-Batman..."

"Robin? What is it?!" His voice was already riddled with concern at the sound of his weak voice and the screams of people.

"Ward's here." Robin said softly. "I couldn't do anything...I'm sorry." He said as he closed his eyes on last time.

"Robin?! ROBIN?! DAMN IT!" Batman shouted over the radio.

The rest of them could only run towards the exit, some taking a stand to fire upon the creature only to be sliced open from the bladed tendrils as the creature took to chasing after them on all three dislocated limbs like a beast. When they ran out of the front door, the creature pounced on top of the doctor and started to plunge its tendrils into their side. As the creatures kept plunging its tendrils into them, a batarang stabbed into the ground next to him.

The creature turned to him to see the silhouette of the Batman up on the roof. Even behind the cowl, hate was evident in the dark knight's face as he stared down the creature. It made a low growl as it started to go after the caped crusader by using its tendrils to scale the building. Batman ran, hoping to at least give the police a chance to escape and regroup until he could find a way to dispel the spirit. As tendrils slashed at him, the Dark Knight able to dodge them, but just barely. This creature was fast and the shadowy appendages under its control were too fast and too chaotic to escape from for too much longer.

The sound of a helicopter overheard briefly distracted the two as its spotlight illuminated the creature.

Lex Luthor sat in his chair, a glass of aged whisky in hand as he watched the breaking news report on his television. He had received word from Mercy that Danny might have something big over in Gotham City and to keep an eye on the news. He couldn't be any more proud when within a span of a few hours his nephew had already made the infamous Arkham into his personal playground and was standing toe-to-toe with The Bat himself using a new mutation. He took a deep swig of the liquor as the bottom of the screen read 'Unknown Monster Loose in Asylum'. "It the start of a new era," he said to himself. "How will you respond to it now Superman?"


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