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"Demonic/other-worldly voices or thoughts"

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Chapter 14: Kinship

"So let me get straight," Luthor said as he looked at the book his nephew got from the asylum. Danny was at work already making a new arm to replace the one he lost. "This book was written by an Arabian mystic who was driven insane by spirits and therefore started to write down everything they said to him?"

"Yes," Danny confirmed as he soldered some pieces.

"And these spirits were actually telling him some sort of spells and enchantments from a special group of ghosts called 'The Ancients'?" He went on.


"And these 'Ancients' were a group of ghosts so powerful that they overthrew Pariah Dark and reduced all of his realms to just his keep where they imprisoned him till you defeated and then absorbed his soul."

"Yep," Danny said as he turned towards his uncle. "Babar started as just a charlatan who claimed to be a spiritual medium. He would offer his services to wealthy families in Europe claiming that he could communicate with the departed. Yet one day when he was holding a séance for couples in Paris, something finally seemed to take notice of him and started to talk to him." Danny made a light smile. "It is kinda ironic, the man spent a good chunk of his life pretending to see and hear spirits yet when they started to talk back he couldn't take it."

"And what spell turned you into the thing I saw on the TV?" Luthor asked.

Danny couldn't help but chuckle. "That was no spell," he confessed. Luthor merely stared at him as he gestured to go on. "You see before he wrote what the spirits told him, he wrote one page filled with his hate. Hatred towards the ghosts that only he could see and hear, hatred at the doctors who put him through hell thinking that he was just another madman, hatred towards himself for taking the spirit world so lightly. Reading that page caused my transformation."

"I see," Lex said as he looked through the book; some parts were in some form of Arabic, others in Latin, English, yet a lot of it was written in a language he wasn't familiar with. "And I trust you can read this?"

"I will in due time." Danny answered as he rubbed the gem in the center of his forehead. "The gem showed me some of the things the book is capable of. So in my hands it will be another step towards a better world."

Lex smiled at his comment as he handed the book back to Danny. "Good. Now tell me, how did it go down with the Batman? I trust that you killed him."


"No?" Lex turned to him, disappointment clear on his face. "What do you mean 'no'?" He asked.

"My mind wasn't all my own...and I only have vague memories of what happened. Like when I first transformed in Dakota City...yet...I remember a flower," Danny started, staring at the floor as if trying to remember it.

"What kind of flower?" Lex asked as he raised an eyebrow.

"A rose with black leaves and stem. Some purple coloration along the sides." Danny explained. "Something I have never seen before soon as I got close to it, it emitted some sort of fumes that hurt me upon contact. The closest thing I can compare it to is like when my Father created a special force-field to repel ghosts...when I came into contact with it in my ghost form it delivered a powerful shock."

Luthor stroked his chin in thought. "So it would seem that this flower is to your ghost form what Kryptonite is to Kryptonians."

"More or less. My parents were the only ones who took ghost hunting seriously enough to try and make it into a science and most of their research was lost in the explosion," Danny said, "So maybe my father heard about these flowers and based his idea on it? Either way, Batman most likely collected them and will likely try to weaponize it." He said as he sighed. "Don't suppose you have a botanist that specializes in rare plants do you?"

Lex could only smile as he turned to him. "Not on my payroll...but you already may have met one."

Danny stared at him. "What do you mean?"

"Ever heard of the woman who goes by Poison Ivy?" Lex asked.

"I think so," Danny answered. "She is some sort of eco-terrorist right?"

"She is, but before that she was Doctor Pamela Isley, a promising prodigy in that particular field. I don't know all the details, but some lab accident mutated her and granted her control over plant life. If anyone can look into this anti-ghost flower it's her," Luthor explained. "And as it turns out, she happened to be one of the inmates of Arkham that Gotham Police have yet to track down. So she may be willing to hear you out if you told her who you are."

"Back to Gotham huh?" Danny said as he scoffed lightly before smiling. "Well...if this means I get to take on Batman with a clearer head then I guess it wouldn't be too bad." His smile becoming wider, more crazed. "Maybe if I'm really lucky, I'll meet my old friend again. Surely he'll be here to visit his old stomping ground now that his replacement has been gutted."

Lex merely smiled at his nephew's words. "Good to see that you still have your goals set despite some...distractions you've been experiencing."

Danny turned to face him, confusion clear in his blue eyes. "Distractions?"

"Yes, say an older woman," Lex said as he made a knowing smirk.

Danny's face turned red slightly from embarrassment. "So, people have been talking about me and Circe I take it?"

"Yes," Lex said. "You know, I hired her because of her knowledge of the Arcane so you could have an expert look into those artifacts you've been collecting and teach you the ways of magic so you may finally rid me of that super-powered boy-scout. Yet, I never knew you would for teacher."

"It wasn't anything I planned. It just sort of...happened," Danny confessed. "In fact, I probably never would have considered it if it wasn't for Blackfire being open for it."

Lex raised his eyebrow in interest. "She is fine with it?"

"It was her idea," Danny answered with a slight shrug.

For a solid minute the room was silent. Danny could see thoughts running through the bald man's face as he seemingly tried to absorb this information. More time passed till Luthor started to laugh loudly. Danny could only look around the empty room as if he was certain someone would walk in to investigate the laughter. Over the several months Danny had interacted with his uncle, he never seen him laugh. It was a strange moment, even stranger when Luthor placed a hand on his shoulder. "My boy, you have such a strange but enviable way with women." He said as he finally stopped laughing.

"Thanks...I suppose?" Danny said awkwardly. "I will admit, I never thought I would be involved with two women at once. Well I mean..." Danny said as he started to scratch the back of his head, "there was that ONE time a ghost possessed a girl I had a thing for to make her boyfriend jealous but I guess that doesn't count."

Lex started to chuckle once more. "Even before I gave you that body, you seemed to be a lady killer. Maybe you can use that charm of yours when you deal with Ivy. Just be careful," he said as he turned to leave, "rumors go that she has a toxic kiss and can use pheromones to seduce young men to do her bidding."

"Oh goody," Danny said as his uncle left the room. Danny looked down at his new mechanical arm before frowning; the arm wasn't much of an improvement over the one he lost in Arkham, still made from steel and titanium yet while stronger than most other prosthetics on the market it will always be weaker than his actual arm when he went ghost. He felt a slight phantom pain in his missing arm as he could only sigh; while Lexcorp may have access to alien metals it was a limited supply and quite a bit of it went to forging some of his bladed weaponry.

Either way, that was a problem he would have to think about later. He picked up the arm and with a loud mechanical clank, the arm fastened onto his socket. Muttering some magical worlds, new flesh grew over the arm disguising it as normal once more.

As he admired his work the door came open once more. "Danny!" Rose greeted with a smile. "Long time no see." She said as she approached him.

Danny smiled back at her. "Rose, good to see you." He greeted back as the white-haired assassin came over. "Where have you been?"

"I was hired by the Greater Bialya monarchy to erase some undesirables. Father hasn't been taking up much contract work since he...found new employment. So I am taking up extra work."

"New employment?" Danny asked. "Deathstroke, Slade, the guy who nearly killed me several times over, quit being a gun for hire and took up permanent work?"

"I...can't say much." Rose said. "Highly secretive work. Even I don't know that much about it."

"I see," Danny said before smiling. "Either way it is good to see you, though I guess you have some questions."

"Yeah...let's start with how the last thing I heard about you was that you went into a portal into a realm of ghosts, fought a god-like being, and lost your eye and arm in the fight," Rose said calmly.

Danny's eyes went wide. " heard that much."

"At first I just heard you were severely injured. So I came in to check on you...father still thinks of you as his apprentice believe it or not so I am sure he would order me to check on you." Rose explained. "I heard the rest of it from Blackfire."

"I see. Well, that is the long and short of it." Danny responded, noticing that Rose was staring at the floor again. "I am sorry for making you worried. You've been a good friend to me and that means a lot...even if I don't say it as much as I should."

As she looked up at him, he noticed that her cheeks were as red as her namesake. "Danny, I know about you, Blackfire and Circe," she confessed.

Danny's heart felt like it just stopped in his chest. Sure hearing it from Luther was a given, hell he expected that he had eyes and ears everywhere on this island facility. But hearing Ravager confront him wasn't what he expected, especially since she had been away for so long. "I see." He choked out. An uncomfortable silence filled the room as they looked into each other's eyes, the silence was broken when Rose pressed herself against his chest and started to bring her lips close to him. Danny pulled back from her in shock. "W-What are you doing?"

Hurt was evident in her face. "A-Am I not beautiful enough for you?" She asked as she looked down at the floor, tears in her eyes.

"N-No!" Danny said. "I-I mean yes but!" He sighed as he cleared his racing mind before approaching Rose and placing her hands on her shoulders. "Rose...I think you are very beautiful."

Rose looked up at him, wiping a few tears from her face. " don't want me."

"Your eyes are very beautiful," Danny started, causing her to blush a bit. "They are a lovely grey-blue color, your hair is white, maybe platinum, and that color that makes you striking." Rose started to turn redder from his words. "Despite being an assassin, you are surprisingly kind and easy to talk to...probably why I sometimes have a hard time seeing how you and Slade, of all people, are related." Rose could only smile at that, which in turn made Danny smile. "And you have a wonderful smile."

"So...if there is so much you like about me, why do you hesitate?" She asked.

"Because I think I would be selfish if I keep you all to myself, especially when I am already with two women," he said.

"Is that so?" Rose asked. "Even if I want you and nobody else?" She asked as she got closer to him.

Danny's face grew a bit red as she pressed herself against him, her full lips curving into a small smile. "You...You do know that I may have a hard time giving you the amount of attention you deserve. Right?"

"I know."

"And that Blackfire and Circe and you will be stuck sharing me. Right?" He asked, just waiting for her to turn him down.

"Blackfire told me everything," Ravager admitted. "She also said that she is more than open to the idea. Circe is as well."

Danny couldn't help but crack a grin at that. "I guess that does sound like them." He places his hands around her hips as he holds her closer. "Then...if you are fine with it, and Circe and Blackfire are fine with it...then I guess I am the only one who is hesitating."

"Yes, yes you are," Rose said as she got closer.

"You still have a chance to change your mind," Danny said as he wanted to make sure, one last time, that the assassin knew what she was getting into.

"Oh shut up and kiss me," Rose said as she impatiently kissed him. The force of the kiss made the half-ghost eyes go wide before he gave into it. One hand went to her rear, earning a soft moan from the girl, as his other went to hold the back of her head as he subconsciously dipped her. The action earned him more soft moans from Rose as their lips smack and pressed against each other as she tightened her arm-lock around him.

The pair moaned as they held their bodies tightly together, their tongues starting to coil around each other within their mouths. When they finally separated, Rose raspily moaned as if the very breath was stolen from her lungs in the most wonderful way, while Danny could only smile softly at her flushed face. "So...was it good?"

"Y-Yes." Rose confessed as she started to shyly look away. "But uh...can we keep it at that. I am know...'inexperienced'. So I want my actual first time to be special. I hope you understand."

"Y-Yeah, of course," Danny responded. "I don't mind taking things slowly. Just whenever you're ready and willing."

Rose could only smile adoringly at him as she buried her face in his chest. "Thank you, Danny."

"Well, I am a bit disappointed." A third voice rang out causing the pair to look over at the door to see Blackfire and Circe standing there. Blackfire had a slight pout while Circe had her wide smile. "I was hoping to catch you two in the act, I haven't seen Danny in action for a while," Blackfire playfully whined. "And I wanted to see how Rose squirms underneath him."

"Now now, Rose may be a cold-blooded killer. Yet she still has a heart of a maiden in love," Circe teased. "It's only fair for her to have her first time to be more like 'love making' than 'lustfully mating'." She joked.

"Haha, very funny. So I'm a virgin. At least I am honest about it." Rose said as she crossed her arms.

The alien and the sorceress chuckled at her words. "Relax, we're just teasing." Circe started. "After all, from now on we are like your sisters."

"Welllll...maybe a bit closer than regular sisters." Blackfire added. "Sisters don't usually kiss each other as we did. Right, Rose?"

At the mention of that, Rose turned a bright red as Danny's interest piqued. "You two kissed?" He asked.

Blackfire smoothly smiled. "Oh yes. She has such soft lips right? I did tell her that in circumstances like ours, we love not just our wonderful, caring beautiful man but one another as well." She went on as she traced her fingers along his chest before pressing herself against his left side, his arm bringing her in. "After all, we are yours. As you are ours and we belong to one another. That is what a union like ours is. Right?"

Circe soon joined in pressing herself next to his right side, bringing her in so he could feel her soft body against his. "Oh yes. Though, it has been so long since I've taken a lover. I am more than happy with an arrangement like this."

Danny could only smile as the two women were pressing against him, while Rose could only watch on in both unease and confusion. Danny noticed her being left out and with a smile summoned a black tendril from the shadow the curled around her waist. With a gasp, the tendril dragged her over to him quickly and pressed her against his chest once more where he placed her hands on his chest, making sure she wasn't left out. The three women marveled at the sudden, strange limb before it disappeared.

"W-What was that?" Rose asked.

"Just a little thing I picked up in Gotham." He confessed.


Ever since Valerie Grey took her ghost hunting skills out of Amity Park, she became no stranger to dark places. Abandoned mines, ancient tombs, forgotten mansions, so the odd dank cave wasn't outside of her encounters. Yet she could only marvel at the sheer size of the impressive lair of the famous Batcave, namely at all the impressive technology, gear, and other paraphernalia. She was forced to hold back her urge to vocally express her wonderment, as she was invited by Batman himself to look into something dire. She saw the masked vigilante at the massive computer.

As she approached she noticed that some of the images on the screen were switching between various different depictions of different monsters and folklore. "Welcome to the Batcave, Red Huntress." Batman greeted as he turned to her. "

"I came as soon as I could," Valerie said as she looked back at the screen. "I assume you had some ghost activity around here?"

Batman turned to the screen and brought up an image of Arkham Asylum. "Last night, an unknown male figure broke into Arkham Asylum and released the inmates." He said as he brought up the security feed of the white hooded figure. "That figure only seemed to be after a memoir of a man named Babar Alrahzad. Does that name mean anything to you?"

"Sort of, he was a medium that went insane. Never knew he was sent to Arkham." Valerie answered. "I never looked that much into him. I assumed he was just another fraud that had risen over the centuries."

"Well he might be as much not be as a fake as you and many others thought," Batman responded as he brought up a new still of the security feed, this of the beast that slaughtered so many. The image filled him with frustration and guilt while Valerie's eyes went wide. "After reading a page from that book, he transformed into this."

"What in the hell...?" She said as she tried to get closer to the screen, studying the mass of black tendrils and hair.

"I was hoping you would give me some insight." Batman stated. "This thing dismembered several people, slaughtered several more. One of those fatalities was my ward, Robin."

"I-I am so sorry for your loss." Valerie said. "And your intruder turned into that by just...reading from a book?"

"Yes." Batman answered. "I've been looking up on Babar and his stories, the history of the Asylum, even looking into local lore and myth but nothing I can find can tell me what that...THING is exactly."

"It looks like an Onryo," Valerie said as she studied the image.

"A what?" Batman asked, surprised that she may already be onto something.

"Onryo, it's Japanese.'" Valerie said. "Can you bring the image up; maybe enhance it so it looks clearer?" She asked. Batman typed in a few commands into the supercomputer widening and cleaning the image giving the ghost hunter a better look at the creature. "Yeah...that's what it looks like."

"Tell me what you know about them." Batman requested.

Valerie turned to him. "Onryo are powerful ghosts, driven entirely by revenge." She started turning back to the screen. "The name 'Onryo' literally translates to 'Vengeful Spirit'. Stories say how they can inflict deadly curses onto others and stalk entire generations of people if they gain their attention. Some even claim that they could bend darkness itself to their whim and that the extremely powerful ones can cause natural disasters. Anything from fires to earthquakes to even famine and plagues."

"So far I know that it hates two things," Batman stated. "Bright lights and this." He said as he got off his chair and over to a glass container where a red flower with black stems and leaves with a strange purple trim remained as a scanner ran through it.

Valerie looked at it with an unimpressed stare. "A flower?" She asked.

Batman nodded. "When this thing attacked me, this flower emitted some sort of gas that repelled it. This flower seemed to have evolved some sort of anti-ghost countermeasure. If I can isolate that gas, I may be able to weaponize it. The attacks on Dakota City and here at Gotham, and the targeting of those 'Guys in White' facilities may mean that what you said earlier could be true."

Valerie paled at the idea. "That there is something stirring up in the Ghost Zone...but what?"

Batman turned to her. "You said that your weapons and came from an anonymous donor? But you and your father upgraded it yourself?"


"Then...surely you can help with me and Oracle when it comes to developing anti-ghost equipment?" He asked.

Valerie merely frowned. "N-No...I can't. The upgrades my father and I developed for my suit were more modifications. Nothing too spectacular because what went into this suit itself was just too much to figure out. That's why I had some of the men in STAR labs have a look and see if they could figure it out." Valerie noticed the clear disappointment. "I am sorry, but the only other people I know who could possibly come close to developing something like my suit are long dead."

"The Fentons, correct?" Batman asked.

Valerie frown grew a bit more at the name, more specifically at the image it summoned to her mind of a young black-haired boy with blue eyes. "Yeah, if anyone could make a suit like this or any anti-ghost weapons, it would have been them."

"While I am sure their unique genius might be harder for more conventional scientists to understand, I am sure the bright minds that the League has access to could find a way to figure it out." Batman reassured her. "I thank you for your help."

"Not a problem, I just wish I could have helped," Valerie said.

"Hawkgirl said you were on a special investigation." Batman voiced, "Might I ask into what?"

Valerie stiffened a bit. "She...wanted me to look at the disappearance of Danny Phantom."

Batman frowned as the image of that pale face looking back at him from behind a mass of whirling black hair and tendrils flashed in his mind. "I see. I suppose I should have known. She and Phantom were close, almost like-."

"'Mother and Son'." Valerie interrupted. "Sorry, I just heard all about it."

Batman nodded in understanding but he couldn't help but feel ugly doubt build in his stomach like a black-hole. "I figured. Ever since he disappeared from Jump City, Shayera became convinced that something must have happened to him."

Valerie noted the colder tone in the older man's voice. "Do you have any idea?" Valerie asked. "They say you are the world's greatest detective."

"I had some theories, but none of them panned out." Batman answered. "Not enough evidence to convince me otherwise. The poor boy might as well have vanished off the face of the earth. Considering what he is, he might have just done that."

"Maybe...maybe he will come back when we need him." Valerie said. "Anyway, I am going back to the Watchtower. I got to share what I found out about this to the others."

"Good," Batman said as he turned back to the screen, "I will keep investigating this Onryo, hopefully I will find something."

"If you do find something interesting, be sure to call me." Valerie said as she went towards the Zeta tube to flashback to the watchtower. With a bright white flash, signaling her departure, Batman remained looking at the image of the creature. His glare hardening once more. "Is that what you're after, Phantom? that what you became? Vengeance?" He asked the image.

"Batman?" A voice said in his earpiece.

Batman placed his finger against his cowl, "You got anything for me Oracle?"

"Hopefully. After looking into what you said about that thing being weak to bright light, I developed a more effective flashbang. It will actually produce more UV radiation. Hopefully, if you encounter it again it may completely destabilize it along with some more light-based weaponry." Oracle said. "I also got into contact with Batgirl out of Bludhaven, so far she hasn't seen or found any traces of any of those missing Arkhamites. Yet there was something about a new assassin getting popular, goes by the name 'Fenrir'."

"'Fenrir?'" Batman repeated.

"Yeah...the only thing I could pick up on him is that he is known for getting missions done quickly and cleanly. Save for one...the assassination of the Greek Prime Minister, Evripidis Michelakis." Oracle responded.

Batman frowned; some of the members who looked into it said they found nothing of interest. Save for some knives but the case was dropped when the Stag Man first made its appearance just a couple of days later. Could it be that the two were connected? "What more can you tell me about this Fenrir assassin?"


Sorry that this isn't a more action-oriented chapter. The next one will hopefully please a lot more people as it will focus on the Ghost Zone and Danny establishes himself as King Fenrir. So expect to see some of your favorite ghosts from Danny Phantom making an appearance and may involve him finally taking more actions against the League and the Titans. Either way, I hope you enjoy.