The Total Drama series belongs to Teletoon, and Cartoon Network. Also, the two special guest contestants don't belong to me, but to CragmiteBlaster. Everything I also mention that's copyrighted belongs to their respective copyrights. However, all my characters belong to me.

Well, here we go! It's time to start up the newest Total Drama story! And who knows? A couple special guest contestants may join us for the run, as well!

On to Adventure!

Outside a very familiar movie lot, a certain someone was looking at the camera with a bright smile. That man's name? Chris McClean, host of the popular Total Drama series. His current mission? Well…

"Yo! We're back at Action's Film Lot to drop the newest season of Total Drama on you! Last time we were here, Bad Boy Duncan battled it out against Farm Girl Beth, and after all that… We kinda hit our blue period for a while. But enough about that! We have a whole new cast of contestants that are ready to battle it out for the million. The catch, though? They're all tweens! Yep, we're pandering to the tween demographic this year! We did have some alphabet gimmick in line, but I felt it was kinda silly."

Chris was then walking towards the front of the lot, flashing off a grin.

"It's gonna be one insane season, so let's let the spills and chills, and toy ships set sail, now on…"



"Tween Throwdown!"

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

Chris is now outside the Movie Lot, still flashing his trademark grin.

"Welcome back! Now, in just a few short minutes, our first contestant shall arrive." Chris announced, as the taxi cab stopped, letting out its passenger.

"Come on out, boy!" A female voice with a country accent shouted, as she stepped into view. She appeared to be wearing a patched-up pink apron, a purple sweater, green pants, and sandals. Her blonde hair was being covered in some kinda blue bonnet, and the clothes were a bit dirty. Right next to her was what appeared to be a skunk as well, rubbing up to the country girl.

"Gladys!" Chris shouted out with a grin. "How's life treating you in the country?"

"Well, if everyone is as kind as everyone is in the country, then I think this place is really kind, darlin'." Gladys answered back.

"Also, won't your skunk..." Chris started to say, as Gladys chuckled.

"Oh, don't worry about Stunski, hon! He's one of the kindest skunks you could ever meet!" Gladys answered back.

"Well, it's time to introduce our next contestant." Chris commented, as Gladys and Stunski stood at a desalinated waiting spot. "Time to meet Natalie!"

The cab stopped, as what appeared to be an 11 year old stepped out. She had mixed skin, a shirt that read Geek 4 Life, pink pants with rips at the kneeline, and orange and blue sandals. She also had what appeared to be a Hoppip hat on top of her bright purple dyed hair, and was also bespectacled as a result. She looked around nervously.

"Why am I here?" Natalie asked.

"Natalie!" Chris said out loud, spooking the girl a little. "How's it hanging?"

"The name's Natz." Natalie… no. Natz answered back. "But I'll forgive you for that bit..."

"Okay, then..." Chris commented. "So… Um… Caught any Pokemon lately?"

"Well, my foster family's daughter gave me a Protean Froakie the other day." Natz explained. "She must have read my blog..."

"What blog, hon?" Gladys asked. "I don't know much about those computer doo-hickies that everyone else knows about."

Natz sighed, as she started to stand next to Gladys. "Forget it… Besides, they're not my family, anyway..."

Stunski, seeing the downtrodden girl, started to rub itself on Natz's leg. Gladys gave off a gentle smile.

"I think Stunski likes you, hon." Gladys explained.

"It's time to meet Kiri!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, and a male stepped out. He was wearing a green hat over some light brown hair, and was wearing a yellow t-shirt with a Chain Chomp on it, and light green scrubs. He was also wearing sandals, and had scars on his body, including a bandage on his nose. He was holding what appeared to be a clay pot, with a rose planted in it.

"Hi, Chris!" Kiri said out loud. "I'm here to play, man!"

"Good for you, Kiri!" Chris replied back, as Kiri looked at Gladys and Natz. He started to make his way towards Kiri, until…

"Whoa!" Kiri yelped out loud, as he tripped, and fell on the ground, letting go of his potted plant in the process.

"Kiri!" Gladys yelled out, as she ran over towards the tripped gamer. Natz, meanwhile, removed her hat, and managed to catch the potted plant into said hat.

"Hmm..." Natz commented to herself. "Nice flower."

With Kiri and Gladys, the country girl was picking up Kiri.

"Kiri! You doing okay, hon?" asked Gladys, concerned.

"Yeah… I'll be fine." Kiri replied back, slightly giving off a blush.

"You sure about that, darlin'? You look awfully red." Gladys commented.

"Eh, it happens to me all the time." Kiri replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Okay, then..." Gladys said out loud.

"Moving on…" Chris announced out loud. "Next up, we have Coco!"

The cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. She had brown skin, raven-colored hair, and was wearing a purple shirt with a smiling heart on it. She was also wearing green pants, and blue and purple sneakers. However, what set her off from everyone so far, was her skin… It also had some peach-colored spots on it. She took out a chocolate bar, and bit into it with a grin.

"Hi, guys. Coco's here to kick butt, and chomp on chocolate!" said Coco, as she looked around. "And while I have plenty of chocolate, it looks like I don't have much butt to kick."

"Give it time, Coco." Chris commented.

"Besides, we just arrived." Kiri replied back, as he was tending to his rose.

"So, what's with the odd peach spots, hon?" Gladys asked. "You're all black with white spots, darlin'."

"Oh, you mean these spots?" Coco asked. "It's just some skin condition called Vitligo. It causes some spots of different colored skin to appear on a person. No big deal, really; King of Pop had it."

"Cool..." Gladys replied back.

"Well, it certainly does make you unique." Kiri commented, as Natz nodded.

"Our next contestant? It's Peki!" Chris announced, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

She was a brunette girl, wearing a green shirt, a purple skirt with what appeared to be diamonds embedded into it, and pink shoes with diamonds on it as well. She also had gold bracelets, a rather expensive crystal, and… Master Ball earrings?

"Oh, joy… Prepare for being mocked and bullied for being poor…" Coco muttered, under her breath.

"Nah, I highly doubt that'll happen, darlin'." Gladys commented, as Peki came up to the group.

"Hi, guys! And gals, as well!" Peki said, smiling at the group. "And no worries; I may be very, very rich… But I'm NOT like any of those snobby, know it all rich people you usually see on TV."

"Where you get the Master Ball earrings?" Kiri asked out loud. "My older sis is on the hunt for them."

Peki smiled gently. "Well, they're kinda custom made, to be honest."

"Heck, I'm just glad there's no Fire-Fighting starter this gen..." Natz muttered, as Peki stood next to Natz.

"Like Fennekin, that Psychic Fox?" Peki asked.

"Exactly..." Natz muttered.

"Gee, that sounds like something off of Magician's Quest Mysterious Times…" Coco replied.

"The Animal Crossing inspired DS game?" Peki asked, as she slapped Coco on the back. "You get props for talking about an obscure game, bud!"

"Thanks, Peki." replied Coco.

"And speaking of Animal Crossing…" Chris said, as a taxi cab stopped, and it's passenger stepped out. He was wearing what appeared to be a green cloth Viking helmet with a leaf in front of it. Said leaf looked like it had a bite in it. He was wearing a blue shirt with the same leaf symbol, grey shorts, and he didn't have any socks on. Or shoes..

"Movie Lot!

"Now arriving at Movie Lot!"

"Welcome to Movie Lot!"

"Watch your step, ekk EKK!"

"Wow, welcoming committee! Just like the game!" The passenger said, as he turned towards the driver. "Thanks for the ride! Drive safe!"

The driver drove off, as he turned his attention on Chris.

"Ivan! Welcome to the Movie Lot!" Chris yelled out loud at the new kid, named Ivan. "How's life in your town of Fructose?"

"Awesome! I'm also going for the Gracie Series!" Ivan replied. "With a boatload of Bells I saved up… She'll never know what hit her!"

"Yeah, that Isle is a godsend." Kiri commented to himself, as Natz nodded.

"So…" Peki spoke up, as Ivan looked at the rich girl. "What town ordnance did you go for?"

"Eh, I went for Beautiful Town. At least it saves on watering." Ivan replied. "I really, REALLY don't want my flowers to wilt!"

"You and me both." Peki commented. "Plus, with Happy Home Designer on the way..."

Peki opened what appeared to be a wallet, pulling out three cards, with characters from the game.

"Cool… You got the Amibo cards already?" Ivan asked out loud.

"Only the starting set! I don't have the game yet, silly!" Peki giggled.

"Slithering up the path, its Rattles!" Chris announced out loud, as the cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. He appeared to have amber-colored hair covered by a hat resembling a snake, a purple t-shirt with a picture of a nose on it, an eyeball pattern on his red pants, and blue shoes. Interesting enough, he also had a bandage on his nose, as thus a scarf covering his neck.

"Hi, Chris!" Rattles said out loud. "If you hear some screaming, I kinda left a gift for the driver to cuddle with, because I think snakes should go to everyone, and there's a 75% chance that the driver's gonna scream like a girl."

At that moment, a scream was heard, as Rattles sweat dropped.

"Oops… I'm just gonna join my fellow contestants, now." Rattles commented, as he went to stand by the contestants that arrived prior.

"Um, that snake wasn't poisonous… Was it?" Kiri asked.

"Eh, it was only an Eastern Ribbon Snake. No harm done, amirite?" Rattles replied back.

"Unless it was on a plane." Natz muttered. "And it was an anaconda."

"Awww, I really, REALLY want an anaconda!" Rattles replied back. "Then I can rub on it, and feed it leftovers because mom fixes a lot of them and it causes the fridge to smell after a day and a half."

Gladys chuckled. "My mom has this exact saying: Not in my backyard."

"My mom said that, too!" Rattles replied back.

"Time to meet Bitty!" Chris replied, as a limo stopped in front of the bus stop, and a blonde girl steps out. She was wearing a lavender t-shirt with the Hunger Games mocking jay on it, a light blue skirt, and hot pink boots.

"Whoa, talk about a stretch limo..." Rattles commented. "Is that kinda unfair to the cab riders?"

"Yeah, even I stepped outta a cab." said Peki, who crossed her arms.

"Bitty, Bitty… Where did I hear that name before…" Ivan said, doing some thinking.

"Well, well… Hm?" Bitty asked, scanning her fellow contestants. "Are these my fellow competition? Pfft… This'll be easier than winning against a nerd at a fashion contest."

"Also, thanks for having a unique entrance." Chris replied. "Now, you said you were good at giving critiques on fashion?"

Bitty nodded. "Watch and learn, Chris. The odds aren't in THEIR favor."

Bitty's first stop was Natz, to where she scanned her entire body. When she was done, she looked at the nerdy tween in the eye.

"Whoever you are, you need to take a look in the mirror… You should ditch this look, and start over." Insulted Bitty, as she moved on to her next target.

Natz gave off a glare at the Fashionestia, as Bitty was insulting Coco.

"You look awfully… normal." Bitty commented. "B-oooorrriiinnnggg!"

"Hey, sometimes being boring is just good!" Coco replied out loud.

Gladys was next. "A hick girl? You're not even worth my time! NEXT! And ditch the skunk." Bitty replied, as she left her.

"But, you went up to me, hon." Gladys muttered, as Stunski growled at Bitty.

Peki was watching Bitty insult Kiri.

"Ivan, we gotta do something. Else, she'll be bossing us around all contest, and attempting to give us makeovers." Peki replied, as the mean rich girl came up to the two.

"The Viking Look? Oh, please! That's SO 11th century! Now… You girl, FABOLUS! But… LOSE the Master Ball earrings; they're ugly on you!" Bitty critiques the two's fashion choices.

"Hey, I like these earrings…" Peki sheepishly said, as Ivan glared at Bitty.

"Wait a moment! Now I remember! Bitty was my most hated neighbor in Animal Crossing for the Gamecube! She was a fat pink hippo, and as snobbish as ever!"

"My least fave was Jambette… Those lips creep me out." Peki added.

Bitty was furious, as she stomped towards Ivan, with a glare that would even frighten a Drill Instructor. "Fat…pink…hippo? FAT PINK HIPPO?! You take that back!"

"Sorry, but it's true!" Ivan replied. "I can't help it that Nintendo took your name and gave it to a hippo! Same thing happened to me, with a different franchise. Now, you take back what you said to my friend!"

"Never! In fact, I take back my critique! She is as ugly as sin!" Bitty yelled out in anger. "More uglier than that Pokemon girl over there!"

"Look in a mirror! You'll see who the TRUE ugly one is!" Ivan also yelled out.

"Okay, NOW we met our token mean rich girl of the season…" Coco said, shivering in fear.

Bitty gave off a glare, as she looked down at Ivan. She raised her foot, not knowing what just rolled underneath.

"Look here, shorty… Or in this case, ugly… I'm gonna rule this season, and don't you forget IT." Bitty said, word for word, as she stomped on the ground.


Bitty looked down at her boot, to see it had a rather bright blue stain on it.

"My… my rare and expensive Snavian boots… NOOOO!" Bitty screamed out loud. "Who was responsible for this?!"

"Um, I was." A new voice said out loud. He had some raven colored hair with bright green streaks that resembled a beret, had a black shirt with a skull and a saying that read 'Take A Bite Outta Art', some blue jeans, and black sandals. He was also sporting a blue headband, spiked wristbands, and had a 1-Up necklace on. He also had what appeared to be streaks of paint on his cheeks and nose. "At least the stain look's in, this season?"

Bitty growled at the newcomer. "You're lucky I've got stain remover..."

"And Haruto joins the game!" Chris announced. "So, tell me. What did it feel like going all Splatoon on Bitty?"

"I heard that!" Bitty yelled out.

Haruto chuckled. "You gotta talk to my older sis in that department. And besides, it's not like I can't reimburse her with those boots."

"Yeah, I'm beast with a paint roller, myself." Peki commented out loud.

"Danielle's next in line!" Chris shouted out loud, as the cab stopped in front of the lot, and its passenger stepped out. It looked a LOT different than the other tweens, and that was a HUGE understatement. She was wearing what appeared to be an animal outfit, like what you see in theme parks. The outfit was a blue-furred cat, with pink hair on top, wearing a yellow tank-top, and red pants.

"Um…" A nervous Danielle said, looking at the tweens so far. "Hope we'll have a nice time, together, and can get along well!"

"An ANIMAL OUTFIT?! Is there ANYTHING that passes for fashion these days?" Bitty yelled out loud.

"Besides what YOU wear, hon?" Gladys smirked.

"I dunno, guys… I think it looks more of an animatronic?" Coco asked.

"My dad played that animatronic game late at night, and he didn't make it, and he screamed out loud, and mom said 'Told Ya So'." Rattles commented. "He's gonna crap his pants come the fourth installment."

Danielle gulped, as she looked at Chris. "Is it too late to quit?"

Ivan smiled gently at the girl in the animal outfit. "Nah, and besides, I think you look really cool!"

"Really?" Danielle asked, as Ivan nodded. "Thanks!"

"Thank nothing of it." Ivan replied, as he shook Danielle's hand.

Danielle couldn't help but notice something in Ivan's pocket.

"Also… Is that a 3DS in your pocket?" Danielle asked. "Or are you happy to see me?"

Ivan smiled. "You bet! Wanna trade FC's?"

"You got it!" Danielle replied. "Wow, my first Friend Code…"

"So… Danielle?" Natz asked out loud. "Are you really an..."

"Um, rich girl, hold this?" Danielle asked Peki, as she gave her the 3DS. She then pulled off the glove of her left hand, exposing it in the flesh. "Don't worry, guys… I'm all human."

"Cool..." Coco said out loud. "Almost like a reverse Terminator!"

"Up next, its Cyrus!" Chris announced, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. He appeared to have black hair with blonde streaks, a pink shirt, green pants, and had what appeared to be some slippers modded to look like sandals. The oddest thing about him, was what appeared to be a hat in the shape of a whale on his head.

"Hey, everyone!" Cyrus said out loud. "Wow, we've got a large group gathering, huh?"

"Why is there a whale on your head?" Rattles asked out loud.

"Why is a snake head resting on your head, to boot?" Cyrus replied back.

"Ah, touche." Rattles commented, as Cyrus stood next to Natz.

"So… That's a really cool Hoppip hat you have." Cyrus said out loud.

"Thanks." Natz commented back. "Been wondering when someone was gonna recognize my hat."

"Yeah. Shame its barely used." Cyrus replied back.

"Still, there's always a first time for everything." Natz commented.

"Here comes Quant!" Chris announced, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

She had blonde hair, and was wearing a purple and black striped t-shirt, beige pants, and brown shoes. She looked around, as she quietly passed the host.

"Wow, no words?" Chris asked out loud.

Quant then stopped in front of Natz, as she eyed the latter's hair.

"Purple hair? Is that a sign of evilness?" Quant asked. "Because I heard it was."

"Huh?" A confused Natz asked back. "When did you hear that?"

"I dunno, some news show." Quant answered, as she left Natz to talk to the other campers.

"Hey, don't listen to her." Cyrus said to his new friend. "Your hair's really cool, to be honest."

"Yeah, but… Ever get the feeling that she's… Hurting, on the inside?" Natz asked.

"Most likely..." Cyrus replied out loud.

"...I know what true sadness feels like." Natz muttered.

"Up next is Sophie! Anyone watching this online should turn your headphones down!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out.

"WHHOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!" Sophie shouted out loud. She had blonde hair in a ponytail, with some purple streaks, a pink tie-dyed t-shirt over a blue sweater with the midriff torn off, green and purple striped pants, and light blue boots. But what set her off than most of the campers was her bellybutton piercing, and her nose piercing as well.

"Wow, she's an energetic gal, huh?" Kiri asked out loud.

"Welcome, Sophie! Glad you could make it." Chris announced.

"I'm glad to come!" Sophie shouted out loud. "I'm ready to roll, Chris!"

Sophie then scanned the cast, and smiled.

"But it seems we have a bit of a problem. No worries; I can fix it!" Sophie said out loud, as she walked over to where Quant was, who was currently insulting Coco.

"Chocolate makes you fat, gives you high blood sugar, and honestly is only healthy in small doses." Quant said out loud, as…


Quant turned around to see Sophie standing there, giving off a grin.

"Er, you do know that yelling's evil, don't you?" Quant asked back.

"Come on! Yelling is the universal language of the soul!" Sophie replied back. "Next to singing!"

"I… don't sing." Quant said out loud.

"Well, that'll put you at a disadvantage if we ever decide to do another Total Drama World Tour- which I'm putting in my notes..." Chris announced out loud.

"May they all help us if there's another Total Drama All Stars..." Danielle muttered, as she shivered.

"Tell me about it." Ivan commented back. "So many banhammers were thrown in so many Total Drama Fan Forums the night that episode involving 'sundaes' was released."

Back with Sophie and Quant, the Loud Girl was still trying to get something out of Quant, with her shaking her head every time.

"Don't you like anything? Rock music? Explosions? Karaoke?" Sophie asked.

"I like… bread." Quant muttered.

"Really? Why didn't you say so?!" Sophie replied back. "I can supply you with some!"

"Time to meet Xylia!" Chris said, as the cab stopped, and its rather chubby passenger stepped out. She was wearing a green baker's cap, which had a smile on its face, covering up some of her pink-dyed hair. She was wearing a red and white shirt, yellow sweatpants, and what set her off from some of the other campers was what appeared to be her lack of footwear, and flour markings in the shape of a heart on her cheeks.

"Hiya, Chris!" Xylia shouted out loud, as she pulled out a tray of cookies, which looked decently cooked. "Wanna cookie?"

Chris smiled, as he took one of the cookies, and bit into it. "Wow… Really good."

"Thanks!" Xylia replied back, as she began to offer cookies to the rest of the cast. The mass majority of the cast really enjoyed the cookies. When she got to Quant…

"So, wanna cookie?" Xylia asked.

"No. It goes against everything I stand for." Quant replied.

"What, cookies don't totally do that!" Xylia commented back. "Plus, its not like its a totally messy recipe."

"Still, it's against my… religion." Quant replied back.

"Yeah, and plus… She only eats bread." Sophie commented.

Xylia smiled at that. "Well, cookies SOOOOO totally contain wheat, and bread is totally a wheat product. Win-Win!"

Quant sighed, as she took a cookie. "Okay, but I'm saving it for later. And DON'T expect me to enjoy it."

Sophie grinned at Quant taking the cookie, as Quant walked away. "Very slick move there, Xylia."

"Thanks..." Xylia said, as…

"Sophie." Sophie replied, holding her hand out, as the two girls shook hands.

"Everyone, Dusty Jr. has entered the house!" Chris announced, as a cab stopped, and its passenger stepped out. He had blonde hair, and was wearing a black leather jacket over a blue tanktop, blue jeans, and had black sneakers on.

"Thanks, Chris. The name's Dustin, but please… Call me Dusty. Me being a Jr just… irks me." Dusty Jr said out loud, as he flashed his hair at the group.

A mass majority of the girls squeed at the guy.

"It's Dustin!" Coco yelled out loud.

"He's so dreamy..." Gladys swooned.

"I'm SOOOOOO a fan of him!" said Xylia out loud.

Meanwhile, with Quant.

"...Who?" Quant asked. Cue record needle scratch here.

"Awwwww, come on!" Sophie replied back. "Don't you even know him?"

"No..." Quant answered back.

Sophie scratched her head. "Yeesh, were you born under a rock, or something? He's Dusty Jr! Basically the next best thing to come out since sliced bread!"

Quant starred at the loud girl.

"Hey, trying to pander to your interests." Sophie replied back.

Another tween, though, wasn't feeling that thrilled that Dusty Jr was around.

"Ugh… Not him..." Natz moaned.

Dusty Jr. smiled as he looked about the crowd- but his smile dropped when he noticed a certain girl.

"Natalie? You're here too?" he said with a shocked tone in his voice.

"Dusty, the name is Natz..." Natz replied back. "And how did..."

Cyrus looked at Natz, and then at Dusty Jr.

"Natz, you know Dusty Jr?" Cyrus asked.

"Uh... Her parents worked for my mom. Personal trainer, dietary coach, that sort of thing," Dusty Jr. explained.

"That's about the gist of it..." Natz commented.

"Nata- Natz... If there's anything I can do to help, just tell me." Dusty Jr. gave a small smile.

Natz watched Dusty Jr leave, as she gave him a glare. Cyrus took notice of that.

"Natz, you actually know him?" Cyrus asked.

"Well, yeah. Don't let his charms hook you in; he's actually a grade A brat." Natz explained.

"I see..." Cyrus explained.

"Introducing Kacy!" Chris announced, as the cab, with a really large briefcase strapped on top stopped, and it's passenger got out. Her outfit resembled Star Butterfly from Star vs the Forces of Evil to a T.

"Hi, everyone! Time to get a little weird and a little wild?" Kacy asked out loud.

Xylia chuckled. "I am, but… Are you totally from another dimension?" She asked back.

Kacy grinned, as she removed the briefcase from the top of the cab. "You're right on the dot! And you must be a fan; you even got the heart markings as well! So cool!"

Xylia chuckled. "Er, had these things since… Well, ever."

Kacy was amazed. "Cool… As for me, I really enjoy Star Butterfly because she's just so cool and unique! While Mabel may be silly, Star just spells uniqueness!"

Dusty Jr. was eying the briefcase that Kacy was wearing, with her back.

"I think your luggage bag is moving..." Dusty Jr said out loud.

"You mean my walk-in luggage bag, complete with a make-up table?" Kacy asked back, as she smiled. "It's where I carry various outfits for my costumes! Today, I'm dressed as Star! Tomorrow, who knows? I could be a fun-sized Giant Woman..."

Kacy then eyed Danielle.

"...Or something involving urban myths." Kacy commented.

Dusty Jr. sighed. "Should have brought mine..."

"Anyways, here's Wiley!" Chris shouted out loud. "He's the next contestant on Total Drama Tween Throwdown!"

The cab stopped, and it's passenger stepped out. He had red hair, and was wearing a red-shirt with a yellow dollar sign on it, blue pants, and pink shoes.

"Heck yeah! I'm ready for some BIG BUCKS, all without any Whammies!" Wiley shouted out loud in happiness.

"Wow, what a freak…" Bitty said to herself. "I don't even know what Whammies are."

"Oh, if you know game shows like he does…" Coco said, smiling. "You'll learn to FEAR the Whammy."

Wiley smiled. "You betchya, friend! Grabbing four of those gnats will put you outta the game! For good!"

"Oh, dear…" Ivan commented.

"No worries, he's just kidding." Danielle replied, laying a comforting hand on Ivan's shoulder.

"I know, but still…"

"So… Wiley… Lost a bet?" Kacy asked out loud, looking down at his pink shoes.

Wiley sighed. "Bullies stole my shoes on the last day of school. So, my sister let me borrow her's. Hey, better than getting 5 zeroes on Plinko."

"Ain't that the truth, hon?" Gladys nodded.

"Next up, is Tilly!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, and the latino passenger stepped out… Or rather, walked out, using her hands. Her body was wrapped up in a ball.

"Hola!" Tilly said out loud.

"Er… How are you even doing that?" Wiley asked out loud, looking down at the 'Tilly-Ball'.

"Well, mi amigo, it takes lots of training to do this." Tilly commented, as she unwrapped herself. She was wearing a green t-shirt with a heart on it, with the bottom cut off, showing her midriff, pink pants, hot pink shoes, and had her brown hair tied in three pigtails on every side of her head, with the tips dyed pink.

"Sounds cool..." Wiley replied back.

"Yeah, wish I could do that." Sophie said out loud.

"Also, wanna see something cool?" Tilly asked, as Wiley nodded, as she turned around, and twisted her waist around, before giving off a wink to Wiley.

"Whoa..." said Wiley, his eyes going wide.

"Okay, this is new..." Quant commented out loud.

"Lucas is next up!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, letting its passenger out. He was wearing a blue shirt which said 'The Lord is my ROCK – Psalm 18:2' on it, blue jeans… And seemed to be barefoot.

"Hello, brothers and sisters!" Lucas said out loud. "I've arrived to spread the word!"

He then looked at two campers in particular, and smiled.

"And looks like someone beat me to the job." Lucas chuckled.

"I smell a cult brewing..." Dusty Jr. commented to himself.

Lucas approached Ivan and Xylia, who were currently talking amongst themselves, with a smile.

"So, what are your stories on experiencing podiatric freedom?" Lucas asked the two.

"Um… Huh?" Ivan asked back.

"I… don't totally follow. Come again?" Xylia asked as well.

"What made you decide to go barefoot?" Lucas said plainly.

"Oh!" Ivan replied back. "Why didn't you say so? In my case, wasp got in my shoe while I was bug hunting. So, to avoid it from happening again, I shed my kicks."

Lucas nodded. "And you?" he asked, turning to Xylia.

"Well, I wanted to totally express my inner flower child." Xylia answered. "Been doing this since I was young."

Lucas nodded. "Well, it's good to see those who no longer are weighed down by people's opinions of them."

"Ten to one, that guy has a foot fetish," Dusty Jr. whispered to Rattles.

"Yeah, no wonder my sister goes barefoot." Rattles commented. "Not after how I tried to present her my birthday card to her via her shoes using a plush snake. She screamed a lot, but I explained it to her, because I loved her and wanted to surprise her the only way I knew how."

"Next up, we have Alora!" Chris said out loud, as a cab stopped in front of him, and its passenger stepped out.

She was sporting a straw hat with a pink music note on top of her orange and brown hair, and was wearing a light blue t-shirt with a flower on it, purple pants, and green shoes. By her side, appeared to be a portable keyboard.

"Hi, all! I'm here to spread awesome background music all around!" Alora announced. "Be it hard rock..."

"Awesome!" Sophie yelled out in glee.

"J-Pop..." Alora said, which Danielle nodded in approval. "And I even do chiptune!"

"Totally cool!" Xylia replied out loud.

"Do you do spirituals, so Billy Graham doesn't chew us out?" Dusty Jr. asked as he stared at Lucas.

"Hey!" Lucas yelled back.

"Oh, calm down, you two." Alora replied back. "I said I go for any kinda music."

Alora then did a chiptune of a church hymn on her keyboard, as Lucas smiled in approval.

"Very nicely done, Miss Alora." Lucas commented back.

"Thanks, bud." Alora replied with a smile.

"And next up, Felix!" Chris said, as no cab arrived.

They waited a few more seconds.

"Next up, Felix!" Chris said, as the cab didn't arrive. "Where the heck's Felix?"

"Heck if I knew..." Kiri replied out loud, as a flash of blue light suddenly appeared in front of the tweens.

"This is some Megaman stuff right here..." Lucas muttered, as the blue light started to form into a portal.

"Okay, I swear this DOESN'T happen if you touch the operational end of the device." Coco said, as someone started to emerge from the portal. It was an African-Canadian male with sandy blonde hair, a purple shirt with an exclamation point on it, and red shorts.

"Wow, way to make an appearance, Felix!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, I had to do it this way." Felix commented. "Cab rider wanted to take a break, so I gave it to him."

"So, Felix..." Lucas asked, as Dusty Jr. sighed in annoyance. "You're a scientist, right? Are you a firm believer in Creationism or Evolution?"

"I go for Creationism, myself." Felix replied back.

"So, how many Vital Testing Apparatuses did you have to destroy just to sneak the Portal Gun from Apeture Science?" Haruto asked out loud.

"Well…" Felix answered, as he chuckled. "None."

"Next up, Azura!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, and its passenger walked out, revealing a girl. She had raven hair that was twirled up in a braid, and had glasses on as well. She also had a collared shirt over a blue sweater, a green skirt, and brown shoes with some black knee socks.

"McLean… Nice of me to come." Azura said out loud, as she examined the host. "Your awesomeness is over its gap. Nice work."

"You bet it is!" Chris replied back.

"Now, to analyze everyone of the group." said Azura, as she walked over to Quant. Upon looking her over, she sighed.

"...So?" Quant asked.

"I looked deep in your soul, and your skills are… abysmal." Azura announced.

"Well..." Quant said, trying to defend herself.

"You should just give up now; save everyone the trouble." Azura replied back.


Azura looked at Sophie, who was looking a bit angry.

"What's the deal with you, strolling up and insulting just one person, and telling them to give up?!" Sophie yelled out loud.

Azura chuckled. "I just say it like it is, honey. Now, as for you..."

Azura looked over Sophie carefully, before she chuckled.

"I gotta say, your voice is strong, and you're very fit. Why not join up with me, and crush everyone?" Azura asked out loud.

Sophie chuckled. "Um… I'll think about it."

Azura smiled. "Good… I know you'll make the… right choice."

Azura then took her leave, as Sophie sighed.

"Wow… Never thought that would work." Sophie commented.

"Um, Sophie?" Quant asked, as Sophie looked at Quant with a smile. "Er… nevermind."

"Our next contestant is Burt!" Chris announced, as the cab stopped, and dropped off the next contestant. He was a brunette wearing a red t-shirt, green pants, and like Ivan, Xylia, and Lucas, was barefoot.

"Hello, guys and gals! Let's BOMB do this thing!" Burt said out loud.

"Err, you okay?" Kacy asked.

"Oh, nothing. I've just got BOMB Tourettes Syndrome." Burt answered. "Annoying as heck, but what you gonna BOMB do?"

He then walked to the group, as Kiri was in some deep thought.

"Hmm… While I wanna say he does have it… Something doesn't add up..." Kiri thought.

"And finally, Joey!" Chris shouted out loud, but no cab came.

"Well… Huh." Azura commented. "Guess he ran like a chicken all the way home."

"Maybe a snake scared him off?" Rattles asked. "If so, my bad."

Suddenly, Chris' cell phone rang. "Yeah? What? Wow… Just… wow. What are the charges? …I see. Well, thanks for calling us."

"So…" Danielle said. "Was that about Joey?"

"As a matter of fact… Yeah." Chris replied. "He got arrested for shoplifting from a store, vandalizing a wall, smoking pot, robbing a cop's house… AND smoking said pot in front of said cop while the cop was home!"

"Wow… Just… Wow." Danielle stated. "How DUMB and IDIOTIC do you have to be to do all that, in front of a cop?"

"Yeesh, he needs an exorcism..." Lucas muttered.

"If that piece of mierda messes with me..." Tilly commented out loud.

"So, after a quick trial, he should be here, considering he doesn't royally screw up..." Chris said. "Whatever, we gotta get a pic for the promos! We can photoshop him in, later!"

Quant was confused. "Photoshop? You buy photos at that evil place?"

"Not really, hon." Gladys replied towards Quant.

Once the campers were together, Xylia noticed something.

"There's a mud puddle next to us… And a cab next to you… We're gonna get totally soaked, are we?" Xylia asked.

"Yeah, I may be dressed as Star, but even I don't have her powers." Kade commented out loud.

Felix took notice to Xylia's comment, and took out a device from his pockets.

"Um… Nope! Now, On three, say Throwdown! One! Two! Three!"

"Throwdown!" The tweens shouted, as the cab sped off, and splashed water… only for it to bounce off it.

"…You're such a spoilsport, Felix." Chris replied.

"How you know it was me?" Felix asked, whistling.

"Aww, and I was going to be all excited to feel clothes straight from the dryer, too…" Coco replied, grinning.

"I washed my plushie of a snake, and then put them in the dryer, and zoned out and forgot about it, and my mom found it, and she screamed." Rattles commented out loud.

"And all the work I did to try to get the kids wet. Anyway, follow me, and I'll explain some stuff!" Chris said, before turning towards the camera. "And there you have it! We have our kids, though one of them is AWOL right now. What adventure will await them? Find out, after the break!"

And that's Chapter 1 of the story! Anyone you like?

Both Sophie and Tilly belong to CragmiteBlaster.

NEXT TIME: It's a whole new world...