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This episode, the Tweens travel into a video game! Which one? We're not sure, yet!

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Chris is onstage, ready to deliver the recap. Sydney is by his side, as per usual.

"Last time on Throwdown… Our tweens had to face off against their darkest fears! Some of them was understandable, like fire. Others were downright weird… Seriously, tomatoes?"

"You be surprised at the fears they have, clod..." Sydney added. "I, myself, am afraid of xenomorphs."

In either case, the challenge went into a tiebreaker, and surprisingly enough, with a little help from Quant, helped lead her fellow teammate Sophie to victory! But some questions remain! Will-"

"Quant open up more, Ivan win the heart of a girl, yadda… Everyone seen the last episode by now." Sydney retorted.

"Well, when you're right, you're right. In either case, hope you enjoy this episode of..."




"Totally not sponsored by an Alien spinoff." Sydney added.

(Cue I Wanna Be Famous…)

Around Midnight...

Somewhere, right smack-dab in the middle of nowhere, was a compound. Keeping up with its intimating factor, some guards were patrolling around the place. And stamped on the building appeared to be a logo…

And inside said building, was a male, around his 30's, dressed in a suit. He was doing some research on a laptop.

"What's this… Civilization Clash?" The male questioned himself. "Whatever it is… It's evil to the core."

Finishing up his research, he looked back at the laptop in approval.

"And research is completed. We shall purify this world… Back to its natural state." The male said to himself, as there was a loud buzzing coming from a phone. He answered it.

"Hello? Yes, this is the Enlightened Ones."

"...You have info on our Escaped One? I see. Got any details?"

He hooked the phone up to his laptop, and downloaded a single picture onto his laptop…

...It was of Quant playing on her new 3DS, with a Dr. Pepper by her side.

"This is very interesting… Thanks for the info." The male said, as hanging up.

He then clicked the Print option on the picture, printing out said picture. Once it was done, he took the picture, and went over to his boss' chambers. Knocking on the door, he stood straight, as the door opened.

A blonde female was standing there, with light blonde hair and grey eyes, glared at the male. She almost looked like an adult version of Quant.

"What is it?" The female snapped at the male.

"Mistress Dhalia!" The male greeted. "I have some info, concerning your daughter!"

"I see… Come on, spit it out!" The blonde female named Dhalia replied back.

The male handed over the picture, as Dhalia observed it. Once she was done, she was snarling in rage.

"So… THERE she is! You think you could get away with your Purification, too..." Dhalia snarled, as she pocketed the photo, and looked back at the male. "Thank you for the info. As for you..."

"...Your turn to be purified. You know too much. We do NOT allow possible traitors in the Enlightened Ones!" Dhalia yelled out. "Guards?!"

It only took a few moments for a pair of guards to appear in front of the woman. They grabbed the member that delivered the news.

"What?" He asked.

"Take this member away, and alert the other members." Dhalia ordered. "It's time…"

She then looked at the soon to be 'purified' member of the group.

"For a Purification..."

A few hours earlier…

House of Champions

In the Living Room, Quant was playing on her new 3DS, as she was sipping on a Dr. Pepper. Sophie was by her side.

"So… How is that Dr. Pepper?" Sophie asked.

"Well, it claims to have 23 flavors, though I can only taste one..." Quant stated. "False advertisement's evil..."

"And that's what's masking the flavor's there for." Sophie winked back.

"Also, I'm really getting into this game. So… addictive." Quant commented. "And creative."

"But now, it's time to get serious." Sophie said, taking a serious tone. "We've, what, lasted around 7 days? The challenges are gonna get tougher, and now that we've de-brainwashed you… Everyone's gonna be gunning for us. We're a powerhouse duo, and we wanna remain one so… Wanna join an alliance with me?"

"Alliance?" Quant questioned.

"Well, here's the long and short of it! We work together, and we vote for the same person. Sounds simple enough." Sophie replied back with a grin.

Quant nodded. "Hm… You make a good deal. I'm in!"

"AWESOME!" Sophie cheered out loud. "But now, we gotta think up a title…"

She blinked, as she sighed.

"I never thought thinking up an alliance name would be so hard..." Sophie lamented.

Quant comfortingly patted Sophie on the back silently.

Ivan was in his room, with Wiley, Narixxa, and his pet duck. They were currently watching a game show on TV.

"Ooh, the answer is Disney and Pixar's Up!" Wiley said out loud.

Ivan and Narixxa were wide-eyed.

"All of this from only four letters revealed?" Ivan asked, seemingly shocked.

"Hey, you're dealing with a veteran Wheel Watcher." Wiley winked.

"But, you're our age!" Narixxa retorted.

"Hey, been watching since I could crawl." Wiley smiled back.

Ivan giggled, as the three sat in silence for a few more seconds, until…

"So, still upset you lost Peki?" Narixxa asked.

"Well, it still hurts… But I know I'll find that perfect girl, one day." Ivan smiled back.

"And as for me… Someone sent me a message while we were at the mall, directing me to get some CD for this band." Wiley explained, holding up the CD case.

Ivan read the name of the CD. "Hmm… Al Marconi. Sounds good."

"QUACK!" The baby duck agreed, seemingly.

"Also, what should we do with our pet?" Narixxa looked at Ivan, petting its head with her hand.

"What else? Keep it." Ivan answered back. "It be wrong to give up a duck, right when it's born and it sees you as its mother."

"Makes sense." Narixxa replied back. "But right now, it needs a name..."

"Yeah." Ivan said, looking at the baby duck.

"I'm sure it'll come to you over time." Wiley commented, smiling warmly as he looked at the CD.

"Tilly… I hope you like this gift..."

In Lucas' room, he was looking at his new duds on the bed.

"I can't believe I got these..." Lucas sighed.

"But hey, it'll make you stand out a lot more!" Kacy smiled back.

"But I'll look ridiculous." Lucas stated.

Kacy put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"No, you won't. I can promise you, they'll like your new outfit." Kacy reassured.

Lucas looked at Kacy, and sighed. "Alright... I guess I can give it a try."

Taking the clothes, he went into Kacy's bathroom, and started to dress himself.

A few minutes later…

He exited, donning a purple hat with a star pin on, a turquoise shirt with Inky on the front, orange zip-up pants, and even had some wristbands on his arms, as thus a moon pendant around his neck.

Kacy went wide-eyed. "Wow… You look AWESOME!"

Lucas overlooked his outfit again. "Really? You don't think it's too much?"

But Kacy simply shook her head. "Nah; I think it truly suits you!"

Lucas smiled. "Okay. Let's see what they say tomorrow."

Kacy nodded, as she remembered something.

"Oh! Remember what I said about those shark slippers?" Kacy asked.

Lucas blinked. "Your... 'compromise'?"

Kacy picked up one of the shark slippers, and showed it to Lucas. The slippers had the sole on the bottom of the foot removed.

"You're kidding..." Lucas stated.

"Nope! I visited Cyrus earlier, and he obliged to do this for me." Kacy smiled back. Now I can wear some sweet kicks, all while obliging to your wishes, too!"

Lucas continued to blink. "Excuse me a moment..."

He backed into the bathroom, as he closed the door. Kacy got closer to the door.

"Lucas, you okay in there?" Kacy asked.

"Uh, yeah! I'm fine!" Lucas answered from behind the door, as he started to mumble some words. "Get behind me, Satan; get behind me, Satan... Or at least go down..."

Temporary Confessional: Now we're used as our official namesake! Yay!

Lucas: -He covered his face with hands- That was so embarrassing. I really need to pray about what to do in those types of situations… And is this Confessional kinda… Dull and quickly built?

Kacy: Boy, what was wrong with Lucas? Think I should have hammered Satan back to where he belonged?

Ivan: Man, it'll be tough getting over my crush on Peki.

Wiley: Okay, tomorrow… I shall tell Tilly how I feel!

Sophie: WOOOO-HOOOO! Quant's really opening up now!

Quant: An alliance, huh? Sounds… good. Plus, with a cutie like Sophie by my side… -She blushes-

M-O-T-R Trailers, Boy's Side

Burt and Dusty Jr were on the couch, watching TV, all while chatting as well. Cyrus was on the bed, playing on a 3DS.

"You're doing quite a deal at representing people with Tourettes quite well, huh?" Dusty Jr complimented.

"You BOMB bet I am!" Burt declared.

"Oh, also… I spotted what appeared to be the soles of shoes in the garbage… What's going on?" Dusty Jr asked.

"Oh, I can fill you in on that one." Cyrus said, looking up from game. "Kacy wanted me to… I kid you not… Remove the soles of shark slippers."

Both of the boys blinked in confusion.

"Er… What?" Burt asked.

"Yeah, this is all sorts of weird." Dusty Jr. commented.

"She mentioned some kinda compromise to me, asked me to remove the soles, and left the slippers active. I also made them tight enough so they wouldn't go spinning around the place." Cyrus explained.

"Hmm… Interesting." Burt nodded.

"Also… Where's Kiri? I've thought I would see him somewhere around here." Dusty Jr asked.

"Beats me..." Cyrus replied back.

Temporary Confessional: Yeah, where is he?

Cyrus: All I heard from him is something about lesbians. And considering how Xylia and Natz are always at the hip...

Burt: Eh, if they wanna BOMB wear their shoes like that… Let 'em.

Dusty Jr: Hey, if Natalie likes that Rookie Cook… It's fine; I won't judge.

M-O-T-R Trailer, Girl's Side

Xylia was sitting on the couch, looking down in sadness. Natz was next to her, while Bitty was typing in her laptop.

"Why bother helping when one refuses help..." Xylia mutters in sadness.

"Like I always said, you've tried your best. Maybe… Bonnie wasn't up to it, right now." Natz tried to reassured.

"Still… What CAN I do to help?" Xylia asked. "Without it being slammed right in my face?"

"You… Just gotta keep doing the best you can." Natz reassured.

Xylia looked at her friend, and smiled warmly.

"Yeah… I shall." Xylia said, looking at Natz.

However, that mood was short-lived…

"Aww, young love..." Bitty smirked, looking at the two from her laptop.

Both Xylia and Natz gave off a glare at Bitty.

"HEY!" The both of them shouted at the Fashionestia, as there was a knock on the door.

"Come in; it's open!" Bitty announced, as the door opened, and Kiri entered.

"Err… I have to say something to Xylia..." Kiri admitted, as Xylia looked at Kiri.

"Yeah, Kiri?" Xylia asked.

"Well… The thing is..." Kiri stammered. "Are you in… lesbians with… Natz?"

The Rookie Cook's eyes went wide. "Wait, what?! What totally brought THAT on?"

"Yeah, the heck's going on?" Natz added.

"That better not get traced back to me!" Bitty yelled out, jumping off of her bed.

"Well..." Kiri answered, as he presented the picture of both Xylia and Natz that Chris gave to him earlier during the challenge. "Chris gave me this pic of you two during the challenge."

Xylia observed the picture, and sighed.

"Well… I think the host SOOOOO has a lotta explaining to totally do; this is totally photoshopped!" Xylia said out loud.

"Yeah, that… And my hips aren't THAT large!" Natz continued, as everyone in the room looked at her. "What? Just stating some facts."

Xylia shook her head playfully, before putting a comforting hand on Kiri's shoulder.

"But you've got nothing to totally worry about; I'm straight, and always will be." Xylia reassured her friend.

Kiri smiled back. "Thanks, Xy. I just wanted to get that off my brain."

He then started to leave the trailer, but not before turning back to the girls.

"Good night!" Kiri said, as he left the trailer.

"Night, Kiri!" Xylia replied, as she looked back at Bitty. "Sooooo… What was that about it being totally traced back to you?"

Bitty sighed. "If you must know, you fashion-impared cutie… Look. You too, Hopip-Head."

She took out her laptop, and showed both Xylia and Natz what she was doing. The two of them were blushing a deep red.

"Um… Wow. Just… Wow." Natz blinked.

"Yeah, who knew you totally wrote yuri of us two?" Xylia asked. "At least you totally kept it PG-13."

Natz went wide-eyed at her friend's response. "Xy, don't encourage her!"

"Hey, gotta totally have better writing in the world." Xylia admitted.

Temporally Confessional: So… Would it be called Xatz?

Xylia: -She continues to read the story- Hey, while I may be totally straight, it still SOOOOO makes for a better love story than 50 Shades of Grey. Is it still SOOOO considered beating a dead horse to bash Twilight?

Natz: -She's also reading the story- The thumb gently pressed against the R-Button, as her Kart did a power slide, passing Xylia's kart and getting into first place… Wow. She even describes actions in a PG-13 matter… What's in that head of hers?

Bitty: Hey, been a while since I wrote a romance story for funsies. And why not start with my roommates?

Loser's Cabin, Boy's Side

Danielle (In her pajama outfit), Haruto, and Jeremiah were currently in the cabin, wondering where Felix ran off to.

"Yeesh, how long does it take to go on a snack run?" Haruto asked out loud. "It wouldn't take this long to get some Pringles."

"I'm quite interested in this snack you call… Pringles." Jeremiah said. "Still, where is he?"

"I wish I knew, myself..." Danielle commented, reading a manga.

The three continued to sit around in silence, until…

"Okay, I'm now getting REALLY worried." Jeremiah said, getting up. "I'm going out there to look for him."

But right before he could leave…

"I'm in this, too." Haruto stated. "I ain't letting my former frozen buddy getting attacked by what the night can hold."

Danielle nodded. "I'll join you guys, too! Just let me suit up first, 'kay?"

The two of them nodded, as they left the cabin, in search of their friend… And fellow teammate…

Temporally Confessional: Felix is Missing!

Jeremiah: He saved my life when I thawed out a few days ago… It's time I returned the favor. Now… Where would Felix be at…

Haruto: Hmm… Felix always talked about that Ivy gal. Maybe… He could be someplace cold?

Danielle: -She's in her animal outfit, with the head off- This is getting rather odd. I know, as a matter of fact, that Felix is NOT shy… At ALL. Or wouldn't lie about getting us some snacks to munch on. Something is up, and I am not talking about a drill piercing the heavens.

Loser's Cabin, Girl's Side

The four girls were currently chatting amongst themselves.

"Okay, here's the deal for tomorrow. We play hard." Azura declared. "They won't know what ever hit them."

"How hard should we hit?" Coco asked. "You're more or less our toughest girl on the team."

"That's true, amigo." Tilly winked. "Not to mention that Peki's one cutie right there."

Peki blushed at that statement. "Err… thanks. I think..."

"Therefore, we should think up some plans of attack towards the other campers for tomorrow." Azura stated, as she looked at Peki. "First off, that guy that adores Animal Crossing? He's not on our list of targets."

"Plus, how can some barefoot entmologist be tough, anyway?" Tilly shrugged.

"Hey, gamers can be tough when they need to." Peki said out loud. "It's a main reason why I took up the pogo-stick; for a really quick get-away."

"Sounds nice, but I say we summon something of the supernatural source." Coco suggested.

Azura gave off a look at Coco. "No summoning demons! Seriously, I heard some tales of them that would even give Sydney nightmares."

Coco sighed. "Okay… Then, I shall make some good-luck charms for all four of us! Trust me, with these charms infused with the powers of luck, we're bound to win tomorrow!"

Azura sighed. "Coco..."

"Your aura doesn't show off a lot of confidence..." Coco commented.

"Eh, let the amigo do her magic thingy." Tilly said out loud. "I'm sure it'll be good for some laughs."

Coco grinned. "You got it! Four good luck charms coming up!"

"Plus, another addition to my jewelry collection." Peki shrugged.

Temporary Confessional: Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Peki: Hey, I may be a geek, but I'm also a girl; I just adore jewelry!

Coco: Plus, these kinda spells? It worked several times… In the past.

Tilly: What am I gonna do with them?

Azura: Hey, what can I say? Might as well let Coco have a little fun.

Around 12:30am…

Danielle, Haruto, and Jeremiah were still looking for their fellow teammate, but to no avail.

"Man, it's getting really late..." Haruto said, as he yawned.

"Yeah, don't I know it..." Danielle also yawned.

Jeremiah looked far ahead, and could hear some yelling going on.

"The heck?" Jeremiah questioned out loud, as he started to make his way to the yelling. Both Haruto and Danielle followed suit.

"Help me! Get me outta here!"

"It's Felix!" Jeremiah said out loud, as he started to turn the knob, but… "Dammit, it's locked."

"How do we even help him?" Haruto asked.

Danielle pulled out what appeared to be a hair pin.

"Step aside, guys." Danielle ordered, as she removed her gloves, and started to pick the lock.

Both Jeremiah and Haruto took a look at her scarred hand. They wanted to ask a question, but thought against it. Eventually…

"And done!" Danielle declared, as she opened the door.

Felix came running out, hugging Jeremiah in the process.

"Oh, thank you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!" Felix cried out loud, squeezing Jeremiah tight.

"Urk!" Jeremiah struggled to say between his breath. "Can't… breathe..."

Felix instantly go, and stepped back a bit. "Oops… Sorry."

"But seriously, Danielle was the one who freed you." Jeremiah said, as he looked at Danielle, who was putting her suit's hands back on.

Felix smiled at his teammate. "Thanks, Danielle."

"Er, dude? Where are your shoes?" Haruto asked.

Felix looked down, and sighed.

"Well… This sucks." Felix answered back.

"But, how did this happen?" Danielle asked. "It's not everyday someone is locked somewhere and loses their kicks."

"I dunno… I was going out for snacks for you guys, when I was suddenly whacked unconscious." Felix answered, trying his hardest to remember.

"Hmm… You think the Confessional caught whoever threw you in there?" Jeremiah asked.

Felix looked at the Confessional, and nodded.

"Hmm, you may be right." Felix replied back.

Haruto went into the Confessional, and checked the camera several times. Until finally…

"Guys? This Confession Cam? It's… broken." Haruto said out loud.

Felix, Jeremiah, and Danielle all looked at Haruto.

"You gotta be kidding..." Felix muttered.

"Nope; it's true." Haruto continued. "I checked this thing out, and it appeared to have its electronics inside fried up."

Danielle shivered at that last statement.

"Then who would want to go around, f'ing up a camera?" Felix asked.

Haruto did some thinking. "Perhaps… it's the same person that locked Felix inside. And whoever stole his shoes… We may be dealing with some sicko with a foot fetish."

The team did some more thinking. Who could have did such a heinous thing?

"For now, we keep a watchful eye on everyone that runs around, expressing their podaritic freedom." Haruto suggested. "I'll ask Xylia tomorrow her whereabouts last night. Danielle, you've got Ivan."

"Got it." Danielle nodded.

"Jeremiah, you've got Lucas. And Felix? You've got Burt." Haruto said. "If we can corner this guy or girl..."

He pounds his fists together.

"No one fucks with my friends..."

The Playa

Early the next morning, Alora was doing some thinking in front of her laptop in her room, as Gladys entered.

"Good mornin' darlin'!" Gladys sung out. "The Earth says hello!"

Alora examined Gladys a bit, as she adjusted her glasses. "Wow, you're twinkling today."

"Hey, gotta stay pretty, hon!" Gladys shrugged.

Alora giggled. "You're wanting to speak to your BF on Skype again, do ya?"

Gladys hung her head in shame. "Yeah..."

"And meanwhile, I'm just thinking up themes to give the other campers..." Alora said out loud.

"Hm?" Gladys raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, I'm thinking of a country-like song for you… A jungle theme for Rattles..." Alora continued.

"Still, you know what you could really benefit from?" Gladys asked, as she grinned. "A makeover!"

Alora's eyes went wide. "Er, no-no-no. I know this place is boring and all, but seriously?"

"But look at those slight bags underneath your eyes…" Gladys lectured.

"So? I wanna make my Minecraft Base to be the bestest in our age group." Alora retorted.

"But some blush could really brighten your cheeks up, hon!" Gladys continued. "And maybe some eyeshadow… After all, we got enough time before the next boot arrives."

"They're not due until tonight!" Alora stated.

"That gives us enough time. Now sit right in that chair!" Gladys replied back, as Alora sighed.

"Okay… Hope this isn't painful..." Alora muttered.

Rattles was walking around, with Stunski by his side.

"Think I should go ahead and write that movie script about a joyful snake?" Rattles suggested to Stunski, to which it chirped in its native tongue. "Err… It's gonna be a cartoon."

He then heard the sounds of two girls. One of them lecturing the other on how eyeshadow could really pick up the guys.

"Oh… My… God." Rattles whimpered. "Bitty trained Gladys well..."

"We gotta get it even pinker, hon!"

"Yep… REALLY trained well." Rattles finished.

Stunski nodded, almost in agreement.

The Mess Hall

Back at the Lot, Xylia and Natz were eating breakfast, and chatting as well.

"So… that story last night, huh?" Natz asked.

"Yeah… When did we totally end up being the NoCo of the season, anyway?" Xylia questioned back.

"Err… Natz?"

Quant looked at whoever called out for her. It was Quant, and she was standing in front of the girls.

"Let me guess… More hair chatization? Didn't hear any from you the last few days." Natz replied back.

"It's not that; it's that… I think both you two's hair looks..." Quant said, as she started to mumble underneath her breath, as she looked at her hand. A word was written on her hand, in bright green ink. "...Unique."

"Wait, you really think so?" Natz asked.

"I do. Your hair's… Not evil." Quant answered back.

"Well, my godmom totally gave me suggestions on dyed hair. Need any tips?" Xylia suggested.

Quant simply shook her head. "No thanks. I'm good… Well, that's all."

Quant quickly left, and not soon after…

"Hey, Xylia?" Haruto asked.

"Yeah, Haruto?" Xylia questioned.

"I just wanna know your whereabouts from last night." Haruto answered.

"Oh… In either case, I was totally sulking. Natz SOOOOO gave me a pick-me-up. Then we totally read yuri. Of us two." Xylia explained.

"Xy makes for a good Bisexual gal." Natz teased, as Xylia gave her friend a playful punch. "Xy!"

"Oh… Okay." Haruto said. "Can I read it?"

"It's a First Draft, paint boy!" Bitty shouted at the artist, all while the two girls blushed in embarrassment.

With Ivan, he was feeding Narixxa and his duck breakfast, as Danielle approached him.

"Mornin' Danielle!" Ivan said with a smile.

"Morning. I gotta tell you something." Danielle replied back, with seriousness in her voice. "I would be careful around here."

"What's going on?" Narixxa asked.

"Yeah, spill the bell bag! What's occurring?" Ivan questioned as well.

"Well, someone's trapped Felix in the Confessional last night, right before you confessed to Peki. I know for a fact you're completely innocent, being you were preoccupied with us two at the time." Danielle explained.

"Whoa…" Ivan shivered. "I already got trapped once; I don't wanna get trapped, again..."

Danielle grabbed up Ivan's hand, and patted it gently.

"And that won't come to pass. Remember; I'll protect you… Always." Danielle reassured, blushing behind her mask.

Ivan smiled back, almost relieved.

Kacy entered the Mess Hall, dressed in the clothes she got yesterday.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and germs floating around! I present to you… Lucas in the new Episode 8 onward ensemble!" Kacy announced out loud, as Lucas entered the Mess Hall. Everyone was instantly talking about his new duds.

"Totally liking the duds!"

"I'll take Lovin' it for 500, Lucas!"

"I figured you more as an Electric type, anyway."

Lucas warmly smiled. "You actually like it? That's a relief..."

Saying a quick prayer, he sat down next to Kacy, as Jeremiah approached him.

"So, Lucas… I would say what your whereabouts of last night were, but I had that question answered already." Jeremiah explained.

"Wait… Whereabouts?" Lucas asked. "All I did last night was hang with Kacy."

"Oh… Okay. I would watch out, though. Some trouble's afoot, and someone stole Felix's shoes last night." Jeremiah explained.

Lucas went wide-eyed. "Wait, really?"

"They even swiped his socks too." Jeremiah continued.

"But he can't go out there with untrained feet to the elements! They'll be killed!" Kacy exclaimed.

"How?" Lucas asked.

"Nabbing, Jabbing, Tabbing, Grabbing..." Kacy answered.

Somehow, Ivan's duck heard that, and started to shake in fear. Danielle got close to Kacy.

"Kacy, not in front of the D-U-C-K!" Danielle scolded.

"Ohhhh… Right." Kacy nodded in response, before turning back towards Jeremiah. "So… What's Felix gonna do?"

With Felix, he was looking down at his legs.

"I dunno, this doesn't feel right." Felix said. "They're your shoes and socks."

"Hey, I've bought plenty of pairs in case mine are destroyed." Peki replied back, while she was applying her makeup. "They're resistant against the elements, and with that diamond on top, it'll be tough for your toes to be smashed up. It's the PERFECT pair of shoes for girls like me."

"But… The purple and gold socks?" Felix asked.

"Hey, gotta mix and match!" Peki shrugged.

"Okay…" Felix said, as he approached Burt. "Er… Burt?"

"Yeah?" Burt asked.

"Where were your whereabouts from when I got knocked unconscious?" Felix asked.

"Oh, just catching a BOMB movie. That's all." Burt answered.

"Okay, thanks." Felix said, as he left him alone.

Makeup Trailer Confessional: And we're back in action!

Felix: Well, guess Burt's off the suspect list. It's gotta be someone… But who?

Sophie was in the middle of her breakfast, as Kitt sat down in front of her.

"Mornin' Sophie!" Kitt smiled.

"Oh, morning!" Sophie shouted out loud.

Kitt gave off a glance at Quant, who was in the middle of her Lucky Charms.

"Hm, looks like Quant's eating something other than bread." Kitt stated as he grinned. "This calls for a celebration!"

Quant looked at Kitt in confusion. "For denying bread? Hey, gotta broaden my horizons."

"Yep! Quant's finally trying new things!" Sophie gleefully said out loud. "I'm gonna teach her how to belch like a champ!"

"Yeah, do it!" Kitt agreed.

Quant blinked. "Er… Is that an evil action?"

"Not unless you say 'excuse me' afterwards!" Kitt winked.

"Ah, touche." Quant nodded, as she consumed the leftover milk in her cereal.

With Wiley, though, he was looking at the CD he got yesterday. He also glanced at Tilly, who was in the middle of another Spanish Omelette. He then looked down at a text he received prior to breakfast.

Wanna hook up with your girl? Now's your chance! Just remember… I am on your side. ~The Cloaked Matchmaker.

PS: Delete this message soon. Disknowledge any rights of my actions.

Wiley sighed, as he got up, and started to walk towards Tilly.

"Okay, Wiley… It's only a girl. You spoke to Moana before about this kinda subject..." Wiley muttered.

"What kinda subject?"

"WHA!" Wiley yelped out, to see Tilly in front of him. In his fright, he juggled the CD in the air, but thankfully caught it. "Oh… Hi, Tilly."

"So… What was that about a girl?" Tilly asked.

Wiley blushed a deep red. "Oh… Nothing. Except..."

He presented her with the CD.

"Got this for you..." Wiley said with a nervous smile.

Tilly's eyes lit up.

"EEEEEEEEEEEE! Al Marconi! This is one of- No. My ABSOLUTE favorite musician around!" Tilly squeed out loud, before bringing Wiley in for a tight hug. "THANK YOU!"

The mass majoritey of the tweens Aww'ed at the sight.

"You're welcome..." Wiley struggled out. "Can't breathe!"

At that moment, however…

"Morning, clods! Hope you're..." Sydney came in, as she noticed the two tweens hugging. "...Er, I'll come back in a few minutes if that's okay with you."

Wiley and Tilly quickly separated, blushing as well.

"Sorry… Kinda got caught up in the moment, amigo." Tilly said.

"Yeah… Good luck with the challenge." Wiley replied back, as the two went to their teams.

"Okay, now with that settled… Hope you're ready for, what the host clod calls, his most challenging challenge yet!" Sydney announced, as she seemingly rolled his eyes. "Hey, I'm only saying what the cue cards say."

"Yeah, they can be rather troublesome." Kiri commented.

"Tell me about it. It was SOOOO a total struggle to not chatize the parents that were totally buying into that crap about the dangers of totally eating junk food during my evil cookie queen days." Xylia replied back.

Natz blinked. "Evil cookie days?"

"Looooonnnnggg story." Xylia answered.

"In either case, please report to the VR pods you clods used back on Day One." Sydney instructed, as she made her leave.

Jeremiah blinked in confusion. "VR Pod? Is that a thing?"

"Oh, dude! You haven't been in one yet!" Haruto grinned. "You're gonna LOVE it!"

Right in front of the VR Pods, Chris was already awaiting the kid's arrival.

"Kids! Welcome to your next challenge! As you can tell, right behind me, is the VR Pods you all used from the first day on the show!" Chris announced, as he glanced at Jeremiah. "Well, frozen people aside. In either case… How many of you have ever played the inFAMOUS series of games?"

Only one person raised their hand. (Haruto)

"Come on, don't lie; we all know your parents either bought them for you, or you played your older brother or sister's copy." Chris chatized.

Soon enough, more hands raised up in the air. Some of the campers were a bit surprised.

"Xylia?!" Natz exclaimed, as her eyes went wide.

"What? It was totally my mom's copy! I SOOOO even beat a level or two for her." Xylia explained. "Then got scolded by her for totally ruining her Evil Run."

Natz shook her head playfully. "I swear, you would ruin a Genocide run if given the chance..."

"Yep!" Xylia exclaimed back.

Peki raised her hand as well.

"Er..." Danielle started to say.

"Hey, it's a fun series!" Peki exclaimed.

"In either case, you'll be assigned a Conduit Power whenever you enter the VR World. Please use the 10 minutes inside to get used to your powers from within. Now… Time to enter the VR World!"

The tweens then went over to their assigned pods, and entered them, soon to reenter the world of Virtual Reality…

In the whitest of rooms, the tweens looked around.

"Soooo… Chris said we've got these… Conduit powers." Cyrus said, looking at what appeared to be a dummy. "I guess talking to it won't yield any results."

He then held his palm at the dummy, as what appeared to be a needle shot out from his hand, attached to some string.

"HOLY..." Cyrus exclaimed, surprised at what he's done. He soon pulled the dummy back. "I'm a Scorpion expy!"

"Really?" Xylia exclaimed. "I wonder what mine totally is!"

She then held up her palm, and shot out what appeared to be a chocolate chip cookie from her palm. It promptly hit a training dummy, decapitating it. Both Cyrus and Xylia were wide-eyed.

"Er… If anyone named Shang Tsung totally dials me up, I'm not here." Xylia stated.

"Gotchya." Cyrus nodded back.

"This is gonna be an experience..." Quant muttered, as she did some thinking. She soon had pixalated blue wings coming out of her back, as she flew a short distance around the room. "This is too new to me..."

She soon shot down what appeared to be light blue daggers on a test dummy.

"Yeah… Too new."

Ivan was looking at his test dummy with interest, as Narixxa popped up from his shirt pocket, alongside the duck.

"How did me and the duck end up inside the VR?" Narixxa asked.

"Beats me, but I'm wondering what my power is..." Ivan answered back, as he held out his palm. What appeared to be a swarm of bees shot out of his palm, and surrounded the dummy, as it was downed. The bees soon faded away. "Apparently I'm a Queen Bee… of sorts. Without boobs."

With Peki, she shot out some flames from her hands.

"Cool!" Peki exclaimed. "This calls for a sprite swap!"

She quickly dug out what appeared to be an alternate pair of her usual clothes, and was now in a white shirt, and a red, diamond encrusted skirt.

"Fire Peki is at your service!" Peki announced, making a bit of a spark occur from her fingertips.

"Err… Yeeeeaahhh..." Danielle said, looking frightened. Peki instantly face-palmed herself.

"Oooh, right. Pyrophobia. Well, no worries; I won't flick this flame… Much." Peki reassured. "So, what's your power?"

Danielle nodded, and looked at her training dummy. Raising her palm up, she summoned a paper sword, slashing at the dummy, cutting it to pieces.

"Whew, Scott Shelby, eat your heart out!" Peki exclaimed.

Confessional: Make any Paper Danielle joke here.

Danielle: Hey, what is there to say? I'm more or less involved around paper. 80% of the time.

"Kids!" Chris' voice boomed through the room. "You all settled with your powers yet?"

"Well..." Kacy started to answer, all while holding up a cartoon hammer.

"Good! Now, off to the city to take on the Challenge! I shall give you further instructions from there." Chris exclaimed, as the feed went silent, and three doors appeared, soon opening up.

Coco grinned. "Last one to the door's a Kinder Egg!" She disappeared from her team, and reappeared at her team's door.

"No fair! You got borderline teleportation powers!" Peki complained, floating to her team's door via her powers.

"Welp… Time to pollinate this hole." Ivan said out loud, as everyone starred at him. "Cause bees… pollinate and all… That… Doo-Dah… I'll shut up now."

Yep, the challenge is about to be underway! A list of the Conduit powers shall be up shortly soon. But for now…

NEXT TIME: The Tweens get used to their powers. But some more stuff happens...