She Can't Go…. (One shot)

Bellamy is standing there, a giant lump in his throat, as Clarke says, "Take care of them for me."

She tells him she can't look at their faces everyday knowing what she had to do to get them there.

Bellamy stops her and says, "What we did…"

Clarke pauses and looks at him, "I just can't stay…"

Gently, Bellamy grasps her wrist, "Clarke… I can't do this without you."

Lincoln notices that something isn't right seeing Bellamy and Clarke still standing outside the gates of Camp Jaha and approaches them raising an eyebrow and looking between the two leaders.

Bellamy still looking at Clarke, then turns to Lincoln and tilts his head toward the camp. "You got this?"

Lincolns' lips press into a straight line giving Bellamy a small nod and turns to catch up to Octavia and to help the remaining of the 100 settle into their new home.

Clarke looks up at Bellamy. "I gotta go…" She leans in to give him a hug goodbye. Bellamy feeling like it may be now or never turns his head and his lips land softly on Clarkes.

With wide eyes Clarke lets out a small gasp and covers her lips with her fingers as if she had just felt an electric current pass through them.

Bellamy gives her one of his signature smirks at her reaction and tilts his head to the ground and holds out his hand. "Come on…"

Clarke tentatively puts her hand in his as he leads her away from camp.

The walk is silent except for the breeze rustling through the trees.

Eventually they reach their destination: the drop ship.

They look around at the charred remains of the camp, and only the camp. It seems that the grounders had been there and collected the remains of all of their fallen.

Bellamy breaks the silence and squeezing Clarkes hand a little tighter. "This is where it all began."

Clarke looks around, brows furrowed and tight, lips pursed, "Why? Why Bellamy? Why did you bring me back here?"

B: "To show you Clarke."

C: "To show me what? How many more lives I had a hand in taking?"

She slips her hand from Bellamys'. He moves in front of her this time taking both hands

B: "No, no Clarke that's not it at all. I brought you here to show you that we survived."

C: "Not all of us did…"

B: "You're right, not all of us did survive, but it was expected that none of us would. We did what we could Clarke; we did what we had to do. Not just for us, but for them too. We never had a choice, and we made something out of nothing. We, we all, pulled together. We didn't ask for all of this. And this (Bellamy nods as they look around) again was not our choice just like Mt. Weather. It's not who we are, but it was who we had to be, to survive.

C: "But what gives us the right to live and for them to die?"

B: "It's not like that Clarke. We didn't come here to attack them. We were defending ourselves."

C: "It seems like we are always defending ourselves Bellamy."

B: "We are, it's true, and hopefully there will be a day when we won't have to anymore and that we will be lucky enough to be here to see it when it comes, when we can just all live and accept each other and our differences. When we can learn and teach one another not only to survive and rebuild here on earth, but how to do it right this time and not repeat history."

Clarke looks at Bellamy, a single tear cascading down her face and nods.

Bellamy guides her toward the drop ship.

B: "It's getting late, we can stay here for the night."

They enter the drop ship, so many memories surrounding them. Clarke looks at the lever for the door and back at Bellamy.

C: "I thought I killed you."

Bellamy wraps his arms around her.

B: "I'm right here Clarke."

He walks her over to the corner of the ship where a pile of discarded blankets have remained sliding down the wall in a seated position, Bellamys' arm around Clarke and her head resting on his shoulder.

C: "Thank you for always being here for me Bell."

B: "Always Clarke."

He kisses the top of her head.

B: "Get some sleep Clarke, tomorrow we can head back to camp, be with our friends, help each other heal, and go on."

Clarke lays down putting her head in Bellamys' lap and at long last begins to let it out. Tears are flowing for everything that has happened, the death, the fear, the anxiety and for the pressure of just being her. She grabs tightly onto Bellamys' leg, finally understanding that she is not alone. She will always have Bellamy that he is her anchor and she will always be his.

Bellamy stares out into the darkness of the night gently carding his fingers through Clarkes' hair as he listens to her hushed sobs, and tears streak down his own face.

Tomorrow they would return and would be there for everyone else, but tonight was just for them….

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