Clarke Returns

He didn't know when or if this day would ever come, but after months of staring at the gates of Camp Jaha every night unable to sleep wondering where Clarke was and hoping she was ok, it seemed the blonde had decided to finally grace us all with her presence walking in like it was any other day.

Some people just stared as others began to whisper. Bellamy, well he stopped in his tracks, eyes wide and mouth slightly agape.

Everything he wanted no needed to say to her escaped him. His mind now drew a total blank. Without another moment passing and before she noticed him he panicked (Yes, Bellamy Blake himself panicked.) He turned quickly and made his way to his tent, He just couldn't face her. Not yet.

After making it inside his tent, he paced before sitting on his bunk putting his head down between his knees trying to rid himself of his light headedness.

He heard the commotion out in the compound guessing that the remainder of the 100, their friends, had noticed the arrival of their once co-leader.

Bellamy heard the crowd get closer to his tent and immediately stood up fiddling with things on his makeshift table which enabled him to be with his back facing the opening of his tent just before he heard the flaps open. Unlike the noise that was now dissipating outside, there was an unnatural silence within, only hearing the beating of his own heart in his ears.

(Both speaking softly.)

C: Bellamy?

His name rolled off her tongue with uncertainty. He doesn't turn around.

B: Hey….

He clanks around some things on the table.

C: How have you been?

He nods slightly.

B: Good….. good, you know keeping busy there is always something going on around here and I guess I have become that go to guy.

Clarke has been around Bellamy enough to be able to read his body language. He is tense, he's tired and he's totally uncomfortable in this moment.

B: So how are you?

C: I'm alive.

Is all Clarke says in return

(There is an awkward silence.)

Bellamy feels a slightly trembling hand land on his upper arm and he freezes.

C: Bellamy, will you turn around? Will you look at me?

B: I…. I don't think I can.

C: Please Bell…

His face looking down as he turns around as he looks at the floor. His hair is quite a bit longer now, like a veil covering his face. He hasn't the strength to look up.

C: I'm sorry Bellamy….

B: Sorry for what Clarke? (He sneers.)

Turning your back on those we rescued from the mountain?

Turning your back on your mother who barely got back here with her life?

Turning your back on the camp?

Or maybe is it turning your back on me?

We are supposed to be a team Clarke, you and me, the brains and the heart. Without one there isn't the other. But you didn't think of that… Any of that did you? You left expecting me to pick up the pieces by myself.

Bellamy moves away from her still not looking up and sits back down on his bed with his head in his hands letting out a breath he didn't know he was holding.

B: Clarke, I know you needed to heal, but we all needed to heal. (He sighs.)

Clarke steps in front of him and gently strokes her fingers through his hair and Bellamy flinches remembering the last time he let anyone touch him, it was the day she said goodbye.

Unconsciously he begins to lean into her touch. But when he notices a drop of moisture land on the knee of his pants he slowly looks up and he sees her blue eyes filled with tears.

C: I am so sorry Bellamy. I tried, I really did. I realized the second night I was gone that I had to come back. I wasn't being fair. I was being selfish. I couldn't just leave them Bellamy… I couldn't leave you…. I had decided that in the morning I would head back.

B: So what changed? Why didn't you come back Clarke?

He just cannot stop himself and reaches up to try and move her hair back from her face but she stops him slightly turning away.

C: I tried… When I got up the next morning I packed everything up to start back. I was just about to set off when I heard a crack of a branch behind the bushes.

C: I was attacked Bellamy…

Bellamy takes a step closer in the dimly lit tent quickly scanning her body not finding anything visible at the moment.

As Bellamy stands before her she reaches up tucking her hair on her left cheek behind her ear exposing a large partially healed jagged scar that started at her brow and ended around the curve of her jaw line. A single tear falls from his eyes as once again he raises his hand to gently cup her cheek.

B: How?...

Is all Bellamy can muster at the moment.

C: One of those panthers. I still don't know what exactly happened, and why the panther didn't kill me. By all rights I should be dead. If it weren't for Luna and the Boat people I still probably would be. They found me unconscious apparently I had made within miles of the sea close to the river where they get their fresh water. They took me back to their healer. Between the trauma and the many infections that I had incurred I was out for over a month. But they didn't give up on me. When they determined that I could once again travel they gave me an option of staying with them or waiting one more month and then they would escort me as close as they could home.

I had already made the mistake of going alone, and yea I know it wasn't my brightest move and didn't want to chance it again so I stayed. Safety in numbers right?

Clarke moves a little closer…

I couldn't wait to get back here, ….. to you…. I need you Bellamy. I've always needed you….

C: Can you ever forgive me Bell?

Bellamy leans in and kisses her softly as he wraps his arms around her waist.

B: Always…..