Hey guys, here's my first story! Sorry if the intro is a bit crummy, but I'll do by best! It's a story about my fan fiction, a lot of it involving Zane. This story happens at the very beginning of the ghost season. P.I.X.A.L was rebuilt, and Lloyd is possessed at this time. Anyway, enjoy the story!

Edit 5/03/20: Looking back at my old chapters I realized how cringey, sloppy, and sometimes excessively detailed these chapters are so I'm going back to clean things up. Keep in mind I started writing this in middle school and I'm now a high school senior so this cleanup is DEFINITELY overdue. It's still the same idea but just edited so you can better understand and enjoy. Thanks for reading!

It was a full moon when Zane walked out onto the deck of the Bounty. He had finished cooking dinner for the other ninja and needed a break from the stuffy kitchen. The past weeks have also been very stressful with fighting Morro and trying to rescue Lloyd. He figured sitting outside for a while would help him.

Zane walked across the deck and climbed up the mast to the crow's nest. A cool breeze met him as he sat down and drew his knees to his chest, giving himself a moment to relax. Sure, he was a nindroid, but that didn't mean he didn't appreciate a moment to de-stress from time to time.

Zane took a deep breath, the night air filling his lungs and clearing his mind. The Destiny's Bounty was anchored in a meadow outside the Forest of Tranquility, so Zane closed his eyes and let himself fall in with the sounds of the night: The grass rustling, an owl hooting, frogs croaking.

Zane sighed in relief as he felt the tension in his body melt away. He was overdue for a moment like this-

Suddenly the Bounty's alarm went off, startling Zane from his moment of peace.

"Something must have happened!" He said. He slid down the mast and ran inside to the Bounty's Op Room.

Nya pulled up a camera feed, which showed a group of ghosts at a distant village.

"It appears some of Morro's ghosts are raiding a village." Zane pointed out. "But why?"

"I don't know," Nya said. "But you guys need to go and stop them. We don't want innocent people to get hurt."

The ninja nodded. They pulled on their hoods and ran outside. They jumped off the Bounty deck and summoned their energy dragons, and rode to the village as fast as they could.

Soon they reached the village and gaped in horror as ghosts were ransacking houses and terrorizing the residents. They jumped off their dragons.

"We've got company!" Cole shouted as some of the ghosts began to rush the ninja. They drew their weapons.

"Ninja go!" they cried together. Then both ghosts and ninja clashed.

Cole was fighting a ghost when suddenly two more snuck up behind and leaped on Cole's back. Cole was trying desperately to shake them off when he looked over and saw Jay in the same situation, but then he saw Jay run backward towards the nearest tree, sandwiching the ghosts between the tree trunk and Jay's back. Cole smiled and did the same thing, temporarily stunning the ghosts long enough to slice them clean in half with his scythe. Cole smiled in satisfaction, they charged off to take on another ghost.

How do you like it so far? I know, kinda dull right now, but hang on until chapter three, and you will be rewarded. Anyway, reviews and comments welcome, and stay awesome!