"Wait up El!" My head turned involuntarily toward the person who had called out my name, well my nickname. I had acquired it at some point in middle school, I wasn't a fan of the name so i tried to get rid of it but it stuck so now I just had to tolerated it .

"Hey Lani" I said as she sat next to me on the bench in the athletics hallway

"You going to Josh's party tonight?"

"what do you think?" I laughed

"yeah I guess that's kinda a no-brainer huh?" She laughed "you guys have been dating for like a year now"

"it'll be one and a half next week" Josh said sliding the bench in next to me

"Hi" I said smiling up at him

"OH MY GOD you two are so cute" Lani squeaked like she was looking at a puppy "oh this is my cue to leave isn't it. I'll see you at the party later" she said before walking down the hallway to the dance room.

"Do you want to go to Sonic before I take you home?" Josh asked me as we walked to his car his car.

"Sure" I said getting into the passenger seat.

As we parked at sonic i felt my phone buzz so i pulled my phone out and saw my mom's contact

"who is it?" Josh asked.

"just my mom, she probably wants to know where I am" I said ignoring the call and instead just texting her 'at sonic with Josh' and putting my phone to the side so we could order

"OK, what do you want?" Josh asked

"an Oreo blast" I grinned, it was my favorite sonic drink, it had been for as long as I could remember.

Josh ordered my blast, another one for him and some fries. once he finished the order I smiled "how was lacrosse practice?"

"It was awesome, you should have seen me I rocked it out there" He said excitedly then he explained some play i didn't understand, I only asked him about lacrosse because it made him happy to be able to brag about it.

"that's awesome, can't wait to see the next game" I said with a smile

"I can't wait either" he said leaning over the middle to kiss me after a few seconds we broke apart to see a server standing outside the window with our food, josh got a thumbs up from the server as he rolled down the window

"aye nice Josh" the server said making me turn red as they fist bumped. Josh took the food and the server went back

"sorry El, he's from the team" Josh explained as he handed me my blast. we talked for a while before Josh looked at the clock "oh my god its already 6:30, we've been here for like and hour and a half, I have to get home to set up for the party, there's a guy coming with the beer in like...now! He should be there now!" Josh said taking off towards my house, going about 10 or 15 over the speed limit.

"Josh slow down! pleas you know i hate it when people drive to fast!" I said closing my eyes to keep from panicking

"sorry babe but I have to get you home quick so I can go home" He said then I felt the car speed up even more.

Not long after he reached over me and opened my door "see you at the party"

"yeah, OK see you then" I said as I got out then I barely had time to grab my cell and purse before he drove off pulling the door shut as he did.

"GABRIELLE PORTER!" my mother shouted from the porch making my eyes widen

"what? I texted you I swear" I said in a rush

"Oh i GOT your text, did you get mine? or my CALLS!" she yelled.

"i got your call, and I texted y-" I looked at my phone and the screen covered with my moms picture and different messages she had sent "shoot, i hadn't looked at my phone i'm sorry"

"yeah you will be but we can deal with that when they leave right now you need to get inside and have dinner with us" she said guiding me to the door.

"wait who?" I asked as she shoved me through the front door.

"Gabby?" a voice said making my head snap in his direction, I didn't need to turn to know who it was, no one had called me that in years.

"D-Dustin." I stuttered