"actually we are moving back, i talked to the company and they said they could transfer me here if i take a trip back to the central office once a month" Mr. Springer explained

I was about to say how excited i was, that they would be around but my phone buzzed in my pocket so I pulled it out, though I'm sure my mom will lecture me later about how that's bad manners. When the screen lit up i had a few messages from my friends

Josh: Where are you?

Lani: Sup girl ready to PARTY!

Hana: Hey why aren't you at Josh's party? are y'all OK?

Meg: Hana is hitting on Josh get here soon!

Lani: SOS we're low on drinks!

Josh: Are you coming?

Lani: It's all good Kate went to get more drinks

"shit." I almost forgot about the party "hey mom, would you mind if Dusty and I went to go hang out with Lani and Josh? If they're staying wouldn't be nice to meet some people first?"

"Ask his parents" typical mom.

"well its fine with me" Mrs. Springer said

"no problem here" Mr. Springer agreed

"Coolio, let me get changed and we can go" i said then ran off to my room to throw on a better party outfit and ended up settling on a short, tight lace dress with another black tank top dress underneath, with a leather jacket over which no doubt would be discarded before the night ended, and to finish it off i added a pair of black heels, Josh's favorite pair.

After I finished dressing I met Dusty in the living room "thanks for waiting! i said as I pulled him out the front door and led him to my car

"so where are we going? sonic or chick-fil-a or something?" he asked.

"Nah that was totally a cover, we're going to Josh's party" I said excitedly as i drove down the street "but if you want I can introduce you to people there" I added but got no response.

we drove in silence the rest of the way there, I parked a few blocks away and we walked the the house, the cool fall air caused me to shiver a little, I tried not to show that I was cold but I guess I didn't do a very good job because Dusty unzipped his hoodie and began to take it off.

"here take my jacket"

"no you'll be cold, i'll survive, we're getting close to the house anyway" I lied

"how about we compromise" he said before pulling me from behind and wrapping both of us in the hoodie, we walked in sync down the side walk like this till we approached the house. I forced myself to leave the warm embrace and was once again hit with the harsh, cold air.

"this is it" I said though it was pretty obvious since booming music echoed through the air and drunk people littered the front yard.

"cool" he monotone while looking around.

"lets get some drinks" I said dragging him inside

"hey El!"

"El you're here!"

"Josh was asking if anyone has seen you El" people slurred at me as I passed

I heard Dusty try to say something but I couldn't quite make out what he said "What?" i yelled over the music

"You're pretty popular huh?" he said louder

"Ha no, Josh is, so people know who I am, but I'm not POPULAR" I explained approaching the kitchen.

as Josh was about to say something I heard a very drunk Josh call out my name "EL! HEY ELLIE!" he called out making me cringe, he only called me Ellie when he was drunk out of his wits.

"Hi Josh" I said as he approached and slung his arm over my shoulder, more to keep him stable than as a romantic gesture

"who's this?" he asked poking Dusty in the chest

"That's Dustin, Dustin this is my boyfriend Josh" I introduced them even though I knew I would have to again another time when josh was sober.

"Dusty, I go by Dusty not-" dusty began but Josh payed no attention to him and instead placed a sloppy kiss that tasted like a mix of different beers "um ok" Dusty added.

i pushed Josh off "Josh! I'm sorry Dusty, he's really a nice guy when he's sober" I explained

"Ellie you need a drink, I'll get you some good stuff" Josh slurred with a wink then disappeared

"Do you want something?" I asked

"no thanks" He said looking around awkwardly

"is something wrong?" i asked

"I-" he began but one glance behind me stopped what ever he was saying "no. nothings wrong"

"ok" I frowned, then Josh's arm reappeared around me, one hand holding a bottle of his parents vodka the other holding a jello shots

"here babe" Josh said shoving the shot into my mouth, i took the shot then he handed me the vodka.

"Josh I think that's enough for now" I said

"EL, who's this!" Hana said grabbing onto Dusty's arm "He's HOT" she said in a loud drunk whisper

I rolled my eyes at her "This is Dusty" I huffed

"Hi there Dusty" she said then began pulling him away

"Wait Hana!" i said a bit panicked

"Ellie just let them have some fun" Josh said making me change my mind about the vodka, i opened the bottle and filled my mouth with the awful liquid before Josh added "and we can have some fun of our own"


"I know you want to wait" he sighed

"do you have orange juice? I don't want anymore of this right now" i said handing him the bottle

"imma get some for you babe!" he said poking my nose "you wait right here" he said then walked away

about 10 minutes later he appeared with a red solo cup filled with the juice and Lani "El!" she called, i could tell from her voice and walk that she wasn't very drunk at all

"Lani" I waved beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol, I was still aware though, I made sure I always was at parties

"here babe" Josh said as I took the cup and began drinking

"Come on lets dance El!" Lani said pulling me away to the dance floor.

we danced for a while and the longer we danced the less control I felt, every few songs one of Josh's friends would bring me another orange juice and about an hour later I DEFINITELY felt the alcohol.

"you OK El?" Lani yelled over the music

"IM GREAT" i yelled even louder

"Oh my god El, you are hammered"

"nope. only had two alcohol" I stated still dancing

"Hey El" Josh said from beside me, he had obviously sobered up some.

"I LOVE you Joshy" I said kissing him

"Josh, how much has she had? you weren't supposed to put that much in her drink"

"ok I may have lied about her not having any drinks earlier" he said after pulling away

"Joshy" I whined running a finger over his jaw

"Josh I can't believe- how much has she had" Lani yelled

"She had a jello shot and some vodka before then we put half vodka half orange juice in her drinks"

"Joshhhhhhhh!" I whined again "I wanna KISS" I pouted

"ok babe, follow me" he said ignoring Lani who was cursing at him. Josh kept an arm around my torso to help me stay on my feet.

"You know what. I REALLY REALLY love you" I slurred before kissing Josh again

"Gabby?" I heard Dusty say

"DUSTY!" I screamed "ITS AWESOME THAT YOU'RE HERE" I said throwing my whole body into hugging him

"Gabby how drunk are you"

"Just orange juice" It felt like it made sense to me

"god, is THIS how you are now?" the way he said it made me sober up a little.

"Dusty I-"

"If this is who you are now then- this isn't who I came back for."

"This Isn't me I-"

"Dude I don't know who you are or why you're here, just leave." Josh interrupted me

"oh god I don't feel right" I said holding my head to keep it from spinning

"you just- FINE. I'll leave." Dusty said turning around and walking towards the door then he stopped, turned back around and said "Enjoy your new life OK"

Then everything was black.