I saw a headcannon online and thought it would make an awesome story and to make it better, im typing this during a thunderstorm lol and there is the shipping of RomaniaxIceland in this

Romania sat on the brown leather couch ,that was placed in Iceland's living room, while reading a book on dark magic. The strawberry blond was visiting his Icelandic boyfriend for the weekend. Iceland was currently in the kitchen making him and his boyfriend something to drink.

"Hey there tough guy." A gruff voice said. Romania looked up from his book and turned to look at the back of the couch. There perched on top of the couch, was Mr. Puffin. The puffin looked at the country with his black eyes. Romania felt like the bird was staring into his very soul.

"Drinks are up." Iceland said as the teen walked into the living room with a small tray with two mugs sitting on the tray. Romania turned to his boyfriend and smiled. He closed his book and put it on the coffee table just as Iceland put the tray down on the table.

"Hey tough guy, bring anything for me?" Mr. Puffin asked as he flew over to Iceland and sat on his head. Iceland sighed and began to shoo the bird off his head.

"How many times have I told you not to sit on my head? Your claws hurt and the last time you sat on my head, you had an 'accident' and took me a week to get it out of my hair." Iceland said once the bird was off his head. The teen began to fix his hair from where the puffin sat. Romania smiled at the thought of the memory. After Romania grabbed his mug and took a sip of his hot tea. After a few moments of silence, Iceland spoke up.

"So how are things back home?" Romania looked at him and sighed.

"Bit stressful, but good. Economy needs a little help still but big sis Hungary is helping me." Iceland looked at him with a surpising look.

"Hungary? I thought she didn't like you that much." Romania shrugged.

"I guess she's starting to warm up to me now these days."


"Tell me about it." Romania sighed once again as he laid his right arm on the back of the couch, right where Mr. Puffin has perched himself once again. Romania's eyes began to wander around the room until he spotted something on the corner of the wall near the couch. He put his mug back on the coffee table and leaned closer to the dot that was on the wall. Romania got a closer look at it.

'Looks like a...oh my god!' Romania thought as he flung his arms up in the air.

"KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!" Romania screamed at the top of his lungs and ran right over to Iceland. Iceland sighed. Every time.

"Vlad, it's just a tiny house spider. Calm down." Iceland said as he tried to calm his boyfriend down, who was sitting in his lap shaking.

"Not until you kill it!" Iceland sighed once again. He put his mug on the stand next to his chair, removed his boyfriend from his lap, got up and walked into the kitchen. A minute later, Iceland returned with a glass cup and a piece of paper. Romania watched as Iceland put the glass on top of the spider and slid the paper under the glass and under the spider. Then he moved his hand under the paper and walked over to the open window. Iceland then released the spider and closed the window.


"You didn't kill it, so no." Iceland looked at his boyfriend, rolled his eyes and walked back to the kitchen, then came back with empty hands. He walked over to Romania, grabbed his mug and then leaned towards Romania and gave him a slow light kiss on his lips.

"Now are you happy?" He asked, leaning back and taking a sip from his mug. His boyfriend looked at him with a grin similar to Denmark's.

"Yes I am." Iceland smiled and sat down on the couch. Romania quickly got up from the chair and moved next to Iceland on the couch, put his arm around his boyfriend's shoulders and cuddled for the rest of the evening.