Tell Her

Chapter Two

Tim didn't know what to make of Gibbs' offer to go fishing, but it was easier to agree than to explain what was on his mind. Thankfully the rest of the work day everyone was too caught up in their own cases to cause him any more grief. He'd even managed to make some headway on his own which helped to take the issue of Delilah's return off his mind for a while.

Not that her being back state-side was an issue. Their relationship had taken a few different courses. This was simply a return to what they had before. He just wasn't sure he was ready to go back. He'd found a little comfort having her miles away. It seemed like now he'd have to make a decision on where their relationship was going now.

He got out of his car and met Gibbs on the dock. He stifled a laugh seeing his boss in fishing attire. Not that he'd never seen him out of his work clothes before, but the fishing hat with lures seemed a bit cliché.

"You ready Tim?" he asked as he lifted the tackle box and handed him a pole.

"I guess. I haven't fished in a long time. I might be a bit rusty," Tim hoped Gibbs wasn't expecting much from him.

"Ah, it's not about how much fish you catch anyway," Gibbs said as he led the way to his boat.

Tim paused before getting on board. "This is one your boats. I never thought I'd get to ride in one."

"Well if you don't get in, you won't," Gibbs rolled his hand indicating Tim should get in already.

"Right," Tim carefully stepped into the boat and found a seat while he watched Gibbs expertly prepare to push off the dock.

The wind was calm, which made for calm waters. Tim was able to enjoy the breeze while he listened to the flap of the sails.

They hadn't traveled too far from shore when Gibbs dropped the sail. "This is far enough."

Tim didn't argue and accepted a worm for his hook. It was his least favorite part of fishing, but thankfully it went quickly and he was able to cast off and sit back.

One nice thing about being with Gibbs, as opposed to Tony was the comfortable silence. So Tim was a bit surprised when Gibbs spoke.

"You know I used to do this with my dad. More often when I was a kid then after my mom died. Still now and then he'd convince me to go. I think it was the only way he could get me to stay and listen to him. I mean where was I going to go?" Gibbs chuckled.

Tim smiled nervously. He got the feeling he was in the same boat as Gibbs (no pun intended).

"There was one thing my dad told me that made sense at the time. I didn't follow it too much after the first time though. He told me that women like to hear what men are feeling."

Tim gawked at his boss. After all his ex-wives and failed relationships he was the last person he expected to get advice about women.

Gibbs tossed his head to side with a self-ingratiating laugh. "Right. I told you I didn't follow it, except for with Shannon. It worked, but I guess I didn't want it to work with anyone else."

"I've told Delilah how I feel. I love her. She knows that," Tim said defensively.

"Then why are you worried about your relationship?" Gibbs asked.

"I'm not worried. We're good. At least for now," Tim amended.

"Now's what you got Tim. The future is something you'll decide together."

"But she came back to the states. That has to mean something. Doesn't it?"

"Maybe it means she wanted to be closer to you," Gibbs replied. "Don't try to read more into it than it is. If you really think she has an agenda, all the more reason to talk to her."

Tim knew he was right. "It's funny. My father never would've given me that advice. Glad your dad was smart enough to tell you."

"Yeah, I didn't give him all the credit he deserved. But do him the honor of heeding it," Gibbs nodded as his pole dipped. "Hey I think I got one."

The End