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Paige sat in catering as the other girls got ready to leave, she was waiting for Dean to come back and tell her that what Randy thought about their plan. At first they weren't gonna say anything to either AJ or Randy but Cody told them that if they didn't say anything to Randy he would get pissed. And since Randy and Cody were good friends he knew what he was talking about.

As Paige strolled through her TL on Twitter she heard footsteps behind her, she turned around expecting to see Dean or Cody but instead she saw Naomi. "Hey girl, what's up?"

"Hey Paigey, we need to talk about the Summer situation" Naomi said as she sat down next to Paige.

"About her creepin on Sami?" Paige joked.

Naomi laughed. "Yeah, that. So what are we gonna do?"

"Don't worry about it, Nao. I have everything figured out. Sami already asked me if Summer was with anybody, so I told him she was single and looking for someone to ride to the next town with" Paige said with a smirk.

"I thought she was riding with you?"

"Not anymore..."

"You're so sneaky" Naomi laughed as Paige smirked.

"I know. Now, you know where AJ is right?" Paige asked as she saw Dean and Cody walk into the room.

"Yeah, she's with Emma" Naomi replied.

"Good, hey guys, how'd it go with Randy?" Paige asked as they got to the table.

"It was perfect, I've never seen Randy so excited for a date" Cody said.

"Yeah, he said he had a suit at the hotel so he's gonna change real quick then he'll meet us there" Dean added.

"He left a couple of minutes ago so we better get going" Cody said as the girls stood up.

"Alright guys, lets go force people to fall in love!" Paige yelled as they all laughed.

That chick was crazy.

Due to them being needed for media for Smackdown earlier tomorrow morning , Dean, Cody, Jimmy, and Sami all had to leave after Raw.

So while Sami was packing his bags Paige decided to kick things in gear.

She saw Summer heading to the parking lot so she ran over. "Stop moving so fasssssst!"

Summer stopped walking and waited for Paige to catch up. "Sorry, Paige. Apparently I need to be in the next town by tomorrow morning, so I can't help"

"Oh I know, Dean, Cody, and Jimmy are leaving too, but I found someone who has a extra seat if you're interested..."

"Oh cool, thanks Paige. Who is it?" Summer asked.

"Hey Paige!" Summer heard Sami say as her eyes went wide.

"You didn't!" Summer whispered to Paige as she grinned.

"Of course I did" Paige said with an evil smile as Sami walked over to them. "Oh hey Summer! You ready?"

Summer smiled nervously. "Oh, um hi Sami...I'm ready to go when you are"

"Let me go put the bags in the car and we'll be ready to go" Sami smiled as he took Summer's bag and headed to the direction of the car.

As soon as he was gone Summer turned to Paige and smacked her arm. "Why did you do this?!"

"First of all...OUCH THAT HURT!" Paige yelled as she rubbed her arm. "Second, you like him he likes you what's the problem?"

"He... he like me?" Summer asked.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Duh! Now your future man is waiting for you gooooooooo" Paige said as she pushed Summer in Sami's direction.

"Alright, I'll go... thanks Paige" Summer said before hugging Paige. "And good luck tonight!"

"Thanks... cause with AJ...we're gonna need it"

"Randy's on his way to the restaurant, where's AJ?" Paige asked as she walked back into the arena.

"She left" Emma told her as Naomi, and Eden came out of the divas locker room.

"WHAT? Where did she go?" Paige yelled. She was so frustrated right now.

"She went back to the hotel, we tried to stop her but she wasn't interested" Eden said.

Paige rolled her eyes. "Well at least she didn't leave for the next town, so come on lets go and get her"

The girls grabbed their stuff and sped to the hotel. When they got there Paige jumped out of the car and ran up to AJ's room. "AJ open the door!" she yelled as she banged on the door.

AJ opened the door and rolled her eyes. "What's wrong with you?"

"Why'd you leave?" Paige asked as she pushed past AJ and walked into the room.

"Because the show was over and I'm tired. I was about to go to sleep until you came banging on my door..." AJ sassed.

"Oops... but its only eleven o'clock. Plus me and the girls wanted to go out to dinner with you" Paige mentioned.

"Oh, well maybe we can go out tomorrow" AJ shrugged as she sat down on the couch.

"But we-" Paige was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"See Paige, unlike you whoever's at the door knows how to knock properly" AJ teased as she got up and opened the door.

"Whatever" Paige groaned as Naomi and Emma walked in.

"Hey girls, what're you up too?" AJ asked.

"Nothing much... just looking for Paige" Emma said.

"Naggy Paige is over there" AJ said as Paige shot her a look.

"Come along Paige" Emma said as she grabbed Paige's arm and dragged her out of the room.

"Umm, everything ok?" AJ asked Naomi.

"Uhh yeah..everything fine" Naomi lied.

While AJ and Naomi were inside the room Paige and Emma were in the hallway.

"What's the problem now?" Paige asked.

"Randy's on his way here"


"Shhhh, Eden's downstairs waiting for him"

"Is he pissed?"

"A little bit" Emma said as AJ's room opened.

"You two ok?" AJ asked.

Emma and Paige looked at each other. "Yeah... we're fine"

"Alrighty then...I'm not tired anymore so lets watch a marvel movie" AJ said as Paige and Emma walked back inside.

Hopefully everything would work out.

The movie was halfway over and neither Paige Emma or Naomi got a phone call or text message from Eden. They were beginning to think that Randy went back to his hotel room and so did she.

Right when the classic marvel fight scene was about to begin someone knocked on the door.

"Who could that be?" AJ asked as she got up and opened the door.

AJ was shocked to see Randy Orton standing there. "Oh, um hi Randy... what're you doing here?"

"I was looking for you" Randy said as AJ looked at him confused.

"Looking for me?...Why?" she asked.

"Why don't you ask your friends back there" Randy said as AJ turned around to look at Paige.

"Paige... what's going on?" she asked as Paige smiled.

"Just helping some friends out..." she murmured.

"Seriously?! Paige, if I told you once I told you a thousand times... please stay out of my love life!" AJ yelled.

"AJ I'm sorry but-"

"But what Paige? You never know when to stop!"

Naomi watched the two friends argue with each other and she couldn't take it anymore. "Ok stop!" She yelled as both girls stopped talking and looked at her. "And Randy get yo butt in here" she said as Randy stepped into the room.

"Now AJ, I'm gonna tell you the truth. It wasn't just Paige who was doing all of this. It was also me Emma, Eden, Summer, Dean, and Cody-"

"Are you guys serious?!" AJ snapped.

"Hold on AJ. now you're right, we shouldn't of messed with you're love life and I apologize. But we only did it because we love you and we want to see you happy! Its obvious that you like Randy and Randy likes you. And I know you're shy, and you have troubles talking to boys, but Randy" Naomi said as she turned her attention to the viper.

"Why haven't you said anything? I mean... I've seen you talk to PLEANTY of women. Why have you never said anything to AJ?"

Everybody looked at Randy as he scratched the back of his next. "Well... to be honest. I was kind of intimidated"

"What?" AJ asked.

"You're not like the other girls, and I figured you'd be hard to get. The rest of them are easy, but you? You're different...I like that"

The smile on AJ's face lit up the whole room. "Randy...I don't know what to say..."

"How about this, tomorrow after Smackdown you and me go out to dinner, no friends just the two of us"

They didn't think it was possible for AJ's smile to get any bigger but it did. "I'd love too"

"So how'd everything go yesterday?" Summer Rae asked as she and Paige headed to catering.

"Well, before I answer that... what about you and Sami?" she teased.

Summer giggled. "We're going on a date tomorrow"

"Yay! I'm so happy for you!" Paige said as she hugged Summer.

"Thanks Paige, I was so nervous when I first got in the car, but then we started talking and we have so much in common"

"That's great, you think he's the one?

"I think he might be..." Summer said as she and Paige got some food then sat down to eat. "So what happened with AJ and Randy?"

"Why don't you see for yourself" Paige said as she nodded in the other direction.

Summer looked to see Randy and AJ making out in the corner. "Wow! Was it that easy?"

Paige chuckled. "Not at all. It didn't go as planned, but thankfully Naomi was there and Naomi being Naomi cleaned up my mess and got them together"

"Gotta love Nao" Summer laughed as Sami walked into the room.

"Here comes your boyfriend..." Paige nudged as Summer giggled.

"Hey Paige" he said as he hugged her.

"Hey Sami, how are you?"

"I'm good, thanks for pairing me with Summer yesterday. It was great" Sami said as he winked at Summer.

"Oh trust me, I know" Paige said as she looked at Summer.

Summer's face turned red as Sami laughed. "I'm sure she did. I gotta go, just wanted to drop bye and say hello"

"Alright Sami, we'll see you around" Paige waved as Sami left.

"I'll see you later tonight" Sami told Summer as he left.

"Can't wait" She said as Sami left the room. "He makes me so happy!"

"I can tell..oh here comes AJ.." Paige said as AJ skipped over to the table. "Hey guys!"

"Hey, you're awfully happy..." Paige said as Summer laughed.

"Yeah... can I talk to you for a second" She said as Paige nodded. "Sure"

They left the table and walked out of the room until they were in a area that was practically empty.

"I wanna thank you for caring so much to try and help me and Randy" AJ said.

"Awww AJ, you're my best friend. I just wanted you to be happy"

"I also wanna say sorry for snapping at you yesterday night" AJ said looking down at the floor.

"Don't even worry about it AJ. So I saw you and Randy in the hallway.." Paige teased.

AJ blushed. "Yeah...I didn't think the relationship would move this fast but I'm definitely enjoying it" she confessed.

"Awww, You two are so cute together" Paige squealed.

"I know!" AJ said with a dreamy smile on her face. "I'm gonna go find Randy"

"Awww ok have fun" Paige laughed as AJ skipped away.

Paige was really proud of herself she got two of her closest friends together in one night.

How does she do it?

"Poor Paige... now you have no one to mess with" Paige heard her boyfriend Dean say behind her.

"Oh yeah? Emma still has a crush on Roman..." she smirked.

"...Oh no..." Dean groaned.

Paige smiled. "Oh yeah..."

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