I'm finally back in the game.

I've had Totally Spies in my Netflix queue for months, but for whatever reason I decided to finally watch a couple episodes. Hide yo kids and hide yo wife cause there's about to be an explosion.

Happy Totally Spies Tuesday:

Jerry congratulated the spies on a job well done as his team took the criminal into custody. "Better hurry home girls, the weatherman predicted severe storms all night long. Hope you didn't have any plans..."

The whole flight home, Clover complained about her date with the hottie of the rival high school getting rained out.

Part One:

Rain pattered heavily on the roof of the Beach House in Beverly Hills.

Snuggled into her green comforter, Alex teetered on the edge of sleep. She and her teammates, Clover and Sam, had worked one of their hardest missions yet today. They were still new to their jobs as spies and it showed when they stumbled into their shared villa (paid for by their employers at WOOHP).

Unconsciously, Alex clutched her best friend, Ollie the stuffed turtle, as thunder rumbled overhead. The sounds of the storm didn't bother the athletic teen; she even kind of enjoyed the extra noise. However as soon as her nightlight flickered, Alex shot up from her bed. Her heart pounded in her chest and her eyes frantically searched for her phone on the nightstand. Giving up, she scrambled for the light switch on the other side of her room.

The lights turned on and the black haired teen sighed in relief. Hugging Ollie to her chest, she said "Oh, thank goodness." She walked to her window and watched lightening crack and light up the sky. "I thought the power was going to go out for sure."

And when the thunder crashed, the lights shut off. Alex took off in a dead sprint towards the door and she heard one of her teammates, probably Clover, scream. Alex violently threw open her bedroom door, running down the hall blindly as fast as she could. Clover's door opened just as she was reaching for the knob, causing her to ram into the other girl. They both fell to the floor, groaning in pain, but screamed in unison when thunder shook the house.

Clutching each other, Clover whimpered "L-Looks like we're having a sleepover tonight."

"I wonder if Sammy is doing alright."

Cautiously and still holding the other, the two shuffled to their leader's door. Peaking inside, the room was pitch black much like the rest of the house, and the only indication that Sam was in there was the soft snoring radiating from the bed.

"Like, I didn't know she snored."

Alex shrugged. "Must be the humidity."

Lightening lit up the room, reminding the spies why they were awake. Alex quietly shut the door and the two teens moved back to Clover's room. The blonde blindly walked to her bed before burrowing under the covers.

"Ugh, how am I supposed to get my beauty rest?"

Alex cracked a smile as her eyes adjusted enough to the darkness to find the bed. "Does the thunder bother you?"

Clover uncovered her head when she felt Alex lay down beside her. "Yeah, and I'm kinda afraid of storms." Alex had been Clover's best friend for years and she hadn't known that. "What about you?"

"Oh, um, I just don't like the dark." Alex then realized she had lost Ollie somewhere in the scramble to get to Clover's room. "N-Not that I'm scared or anything."

Clover reached out and put a hand on Alex's shoulder. "Hey, it's cool. No judgement."

Alex flipped over to face her friend. "I'm such a baby, what are you talking about?"

"I'm scared of thunder storms! Like, couldn't get any lamer than that." Clover laughed, but then cringed at the clap of thunder. "Stupid storms!"

Alex giggled and moved closer to her friend. "Hopefully it ends soon, don't we have a test in calculus tomorrow? Ugh, I'm gonna fall asleep in the middle of it."

"You'd do that anyway." Clover teased.

"Yeah, but…" Alex grinned, "This time I'd have a reason."

"Try to get some sleep anyway, Alex." The blonde flipped onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. "We'll probably have a long day tomorrow."

"Are you going to postpone your date with Kevin? Between school and WOOHP, I'm exhausted. I don't know how you have the energy to go on dates."

Clover folded her arms up so her hands rested under her neck. "Oh please. Kevin is cute and everything but like, I just date guys for the free stuff. No energy required to gorge out on some food or play putt-putt."

Alex actually gasped. "Clover! That's awful!"

"Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the dates and everything, but…" Clover bit her lip. "Okay, like don't judge me or anything but I like girls…"

"Woah, really?" Alex's heart might've skipped a beat. "I never would've guessed, honestly."

Clover turned her head to look at her friend. "It'd be social suicide to announce it."

The black haired teen frowned and her eyes dropped to the pillow. "You think?"

"For me, totally." Clover felt her heart about to beat out of her chest as she dared to ask what she'd always wanted to know. "Are you gay too?"

Alex let out a small "eep" before smashing her face into the pillow. The athletic teen turned onto her stomach and her arms came up to wrap the pillow around her head as a shield.

"Is that a yes?" Clover asked, giggly, and flipped onto her side, an arm propping her head up.

Her friend nodded miserably into the pillow.

"Really?!" Clover shot her free arm out to wrestle the pillow away from Alex's face. "Why didn't you tell me?!"

That seemed to break Alex out of her fit. She shot up, arms lifting her upper half to look at Clover, "Why didn't you tell me?!"

The blonde laughed and fell on her friend in a hug. "The same reason as you probably. Oh my gosh, do you think Sam-"

"No," Alex relaxed as Clover snuggled into her back. "I've talked with her about it. She doesn't really like anyone."

"Like at all?"

Alex nodded. "Like she's never really had a crush on anyone."

"That's scary." Clover pulled away and grinned expectantly at her friend. "Do you have any crushes I should know about?"

The athlete's face burned.

"OH! Tell me everything!"

Alex groaned and she fell back into the pillow. She turned her head to answer Clover though. "I just think some of the soccer players on the rival's team are hot. I've never, you know, like actually talked to them or anything."

"So like you've never tried to kiss a girl?" Clover pried.

Alex shook her head. "I wanna wait until I'm dating them. Why? Have you kissed a girl?"

"Not yet." Clover pouted.

As they fell into a silence, both realized that the storm had finally passed. Calm rain replaced the shaking thunder and Alex let out a yawn.

"Well, good night Clover." Exhaustion overtook the teen.

"Night Alex."