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Alex lazily brought the spoonful of ice cream up to her mouth. Her eyes were slightly glazed over since the sport's new station had shown the same playback reels about fifteen times. The commentary predicted a close game for the upcoming match, but she just wished that it was time for the game to start already. She sank lower into the couch to get comfortable. Alex stirred her ice cream, looking for bigger chunks of cookie dough.

Sam, sitting on the end of the u-shaped couch with a textbook in her lap, stretched her arms above her head. Covering up a yawn, she asked "Is your ankle feeling better, Alex?"

The Hispanic teen lifted her leg from where it rested on the ottoman. She rolled her ankle in a circle and then in the opposite direction. "Yeah, it doesn't hurt anymore."

"For someone so athletic, you sure are clumsy." Sam joked. "Good think Clover was there to catch you."

"Y-Yeah, I'm just glad I didn't completely blow the mission."

Alex still didn't understand how she could have miss-stepped on the stairs that badly. While her shriek had alerted the bad guys, Clover managed to catch her so she didn't fall on her face. Her cheeks reddened as she remembered how cute Clover had acted after she thanked her. Clover's wink and promise of "Anytime" had her grinning for the rest of the mission.

Which was odd… She savored another bite of ice cream as she relived the memory of Clover's arm snaking around her waist…

"Earth to Alex!" Sam called her friend.

Alex pulled the spoon out of her mouth "Huh? What?"

"I was saying that we're still new to all this spy stuff. Don't get caught up on one mistake."

"Thanks Sammy!"

Not a second later, Clover shuffled into the room hair wet and holding a bowl full of strawberries. "Hey guys."

"Hey," said Sam before she resumed studying.

Alex grinned at the blonde. "Hey Clover."

"Soccer night already?" Clover asked as she took a seat beside Alex.

"Yeah! It's the World Finals." Alex felt a little disappointed that Clover would probably leave after eating her snack. The fashionista hated soccer.

Clover offered her the bowl of strawberries and smiled as Alex took one to place on top of her spoonful of ice cream. "Is your favorite team playing?"

Alex mumbled out an affirmative as she stuffed the dessert into her mouth. Her eyes closed blissfully, but then shot back open at Clover's giggle.

"Like how are you so fit when all you eat is sugar?"

"Hey," Alex shrugged. "I've got to keep my energy up,"

"What energy?" Sam and Clover asked at the same time. They grinned at each other as their friend turned red.

"School doesn't count!"

Clover giggled and placed a strawberry in the athlete's ice cream cup. "Okay, just watch your game."

Sam looked up from her book again to ask, "I thought you didn't like soccer?"

"Anything is, like, better than studying."

Sam had left to go write in her room not long after the game started. During break, Clover had put away hers and Alex's trash only to come back and sit between the ottoman and the couch. She leaned against Alex's legs, resting the side of her head against her friend's knee.

Clover asked questions through most of the game, but the dark haired teen didn't really mind. Especially when she had shifted so her legs were no longer resting on the ottoman. The blonde had wrapped her arm around Alex's leg and slowly ghosted her fingers up and down her calf muscle.

Alex actually loved the distraction.

Then about thirty minutes before the game ended, Clover became quiet. When Clover's hand still and she slumped over so her full weight was on Alex's leg, she realized the other had fallen asleep.

Now, her team was celebrating their win and Alex hated that she would have to wake Clover up.

"Clooover." Alex sang gently, "Wake up!" She carefully sat up and watched her friend for a minute. She reached out to gently shake her shoulder. "Come on, it's bed time."

"Mmm?" Clover nuzzled into Alex's leg, trying to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep.

Alex ran her fingers through Clover's silky looking hair on a whim. Her cheeks burned when Clover sighed and tried to cuddle closer. The Hispanic teen pouted, "We've got class in the morning, Clover."

"'M up." The blonde struggled to sit up, groggily opening her eyes. "Ugh. Who won?"

"Brazil! Now, let's get to bed." Alex stood and offered Clover a hand up.

"Carry me?" Clover asked as she latched onto Alex's side with weak legs.

"Yeah right! We'd both be on the floor." Still, she couldn't help but giggle at the suggestion.

The athletic teen let Clover lean on her the whole way to her room. They entered the bedroom hallway and Alex grumbled, "You know you don't have to be so dramatic, right?"

"Yeah," Clover sighed and pulled her closer. "I just like holding you." Alex froze, her entire face red. The blonde detached herself from Alex to open her door. "Goodnight." And she watched as Clover fell face first into the mattress, snuggling into the comforter.

"Night Clover!" Alex giggled as she shut the door. Clover was so silly and cute and I.. like her, Alex's eyes widened at the realization. She bolted to her best friend's room.

"Sammy!" She knocked on the door anxiously. "Are you asleep?"

"Alex? It's open!" Sam's voice called back. The athletic teen entered, closing the door behind her. "What's wrong?" Sam asked, putting away her journal.

"Nothing's wrong exactly… At least I don't think so?"

The leader gestured for her friend to sit beside her in bed. "Gonna need you to be more specific, Alex."

Alex pouted as she sat down. "Is it just me, or has Clover been acting really different around me the last, like, month or so?"

Grinning, Sam poked Alex in the side. "I've been meaning to ask you about that. I thought you two were just dating behind my back."

"As if, Sammy." Alex swatted her hand away. "Am I reading too much into it?"

"Seriously, Alex? She watched soccer today! I think she wants you to notice her."

The black haired teen smiled bashfully. "Do you think she likes me?"

Sam nodded, "And you," she poked her again. "Like her too."

"Maybe a little." Alex groaned and pleaded with her friend. "Sammy, how do I do this?"

The red head shrugged. "Tell her how you feel?" At Alex's groan, she tried again. "Okay, how about asking her out on a date?"

"Hey!" Alex sat up, "That could work!" She tackled Sam in a hug. "Thanks Sam!"

"No problem!" Sam squeezed her, "Good luck!"

"Thanks, I'm gonna need it." She joked.