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It took Alex a week to admit she had feelings for Clover. Then, it took another week to pluck up the courage to ask Clover out. It didn't go exactly as planned...

The Hispanic teen finally approached Clover one Tuesday afternoon after school.

"Uh, hey Clover! Wanna go check out that new Veggie Burger place that just opened up in town?" asked Alex, nervously grinning at her teammate.

"I'm actually going there with Jason tonight!" Clover got this dreamy look in her eyes. Even though Alex knew she wasn't really into him, it still felt like a punch to the gut.

"N-Nevermind then," Alex laughed and tried to shrug off the sting.

Clover grabbed her arm before she could run away. "Wait."

The Hispanic teen stopped, but kept her head down. "Yeah?"

"Can we get sushi this Friday instead?" Clover asked hesitantly. While she was still blowing Alex off for this dude, she didn't want to lose the opportunity to hang out with her.

Alex looked up at her. "But don't you usually go to the football games to cheer on the quarterback?"

Clover shrugged. "I think he's into Mandy, which is like ew. But she can have him."

They looked at each other and blushed. Clover realized she was still holding Alex's arm. She trailed her hand down to gently squeeze Alex's hand.

"Let's hope WOOHP leaves us alone." Alex giggled and then pulled away. She had to go rant to Sam.

"Yeah." Clover felt conflicted as Alex walked away. Did Alex like her back? Or did she agree to go to sushi just as friends? Ugh, that hadn't gone at all like she had wanted.

Their date seemed like a pretty normal outing. They talked about school and gossiped. Flirting was kept to a minimum but was clearly there. Clover always reached out to Alex, which was definitely cute.

After they arrived home from their date, Alex asked, "Wanna hang out on the deck?"

"Ohh! We could totally watch the sunset! That sounds romantic."

Alex blushed. "Cool."

They sat in their color specific lounge chairs, but Alex pulled hers closer to Clovers. Clover didn't miss that move at all. She reached out her hand to hold Alex's. Minutes stretched on in quiet as they tried to appreciate the sunset. They were just too anxious. One spy gathered up her courage to actually say something.

The blonde finally broke the silence. "Like, I have a crush on you too."

Alex grinned goofily and shot up in her chair. "Really?"

Clover nodded, smiling at her friend. "I just thought, you know, that we couldn't fall in love cause we're bffs. Plus you're like totally out of my league."

"No way!" Alex squeezed Clover's hand. "I was thinking the same thing."

Clover scooted over and pat a spot on her chair. "If you're interested, do you wanna be my girlfriend?"

Alex beamed, taking the spot flush next to Clover. "Of course."