Chapter 1: The Beater meets The Hunter

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Summary: Kirito has been hearing rumors throughout SAO about a solo player that has been called the Multibladed Hunter. Clearing hidden floors and taking rouge PKs. Unbelieving of the, Kirito ignored the rumors. That is, until he meets the Hunter in the flesh.

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Ominous silence surrounded them. The black swordsman tensed, sensing thirteen - no fourteen people hiding behind the large trees around them. Two young twins, Akira and Amiko, who stood beside him were shivering in fear. Having on planned on meeting their older sister in the entrance of floor 47, but had somehow ended up wandering in a hidden floor that appeared to be empty. Not knowing that it was actually the hide out of the famous PK Guild Jormungand. Trying to use Teleportation crystals didn't seemed to have effect when the had decided to use them. Which in turn making them panic and unknowingly wander deeper into the floor, when they were trying to find the exit. Luck was slightly with them when they had fortunately ran into the black swordsman (having on heard from their sister that he was a strong kind fighter who fought on the front lines) and had asked him if he could escort them back off the floor.

Being the guy he was Kirito agreed and started to guide them towards the teleportation gate. But it seemed that their luck had ran out when the forest had become eerily quiet making them halt in a wide clearing. Which brings us back to the present situation. Kirito subtly shifted his right foot back into his usual attack and defense stance. His right hand gripping his current sword 'Winds Reaper' tightly. The Black blade gleamed sky blue in the shine of the light for a moment before hiding its true color behind the color of the night.

A crunch of leaves made the twins and Kirito tense even further as they saw a beautiful woman reveal herself from the shade of the forest, sporting a small kind smile. But Kirito didn't believed such a false gesture since he had seen the malicious sadistic gleam that had flashed in her blue eyes for a split second. The woman had green scaled armor and stood 5'10 with a rapier hanging on her left side. A medium sized shield hung on her right arm and above it had an emblem of a large snake that had its fangs bared. Blonde hair hung loosely down to the base of her back and and her posture gave off an aura that screamed arrogance.

"My my, three little kittens have wondered into the snakes den." Green painted lips that had smiled so kindly moments ago had slowly grew into a dark smirk that held cruel anticipation. Then she had cooed at the three players with a tilt of her head "Have you come to play with us little kittens?"

Slowly one by one, fourteen men stepped out into the clearing and all were holding jagged blades . Each one of them had sadistic lights within their eyes and crazed grins stretched on their lips. The emblem of the same snake that was on the woman's shield were marked on different areas of the men's skin. The tattoo was of a Black Mamba, fangs bared and coils wrapped around the letters of S.A.O.. Some of the men had the mark on their armor instead of their skin, but Kirito knew just who these people were and what Guild the came from.

PKs from the rising Guild Jormungand.

The Infamous Jormungand were known to have the guild that held the most ruthless player killing members in S.A.O. rivaling the rumored Guild the Laughing Coffin themselves. Not as large as the 'Red Guild' the 'Venom guild' makes up for the cruelty and torture that not even the laughing coffin takes up on their victims. Only going for the pleasure of playing with their victim as long as possible before killing them. Not caring at all for the items and loot that was on their prey.

Kirito had heard about the only other PK guild that has been rising even more faster than the Laughing Coffin. To have to run into a member much less a group of the snake guild had the black swordsman stiff with tension at the fact that he may be up against an even more dangerous group of monsters than a large horde of monsters he faced daily.

"Aw. Why so quiet?" the leader of the small group pouted, crossing her arms over her chest. "Don't tell me you won't play with us." she frowned sadly, looking disappointed at that fact.

Kirito shifted slightly when he sensed more than heard a few men take a few steps closer to him and the twins. Aiming a fierce glare at the men halted them for a moment, but their eager grins informed him that they weren't that scared of him at all.

"They probably wont play with us until you introduce yourself captain." One of the men spoke up with a smirk while the others snickered.

"Ah!" The 'captain' snapped her fingers at what one of her men suggested "You're completely right Goki. How rude of me!"

Kirito glared in slight anger at the mocking tone the woman spoke in. Watching her bow exaggeratedly she then introduced herself, "My is Alexandra. Lieutenant of the fifth commander of Jormungand."

The group laughed loudly when they noticed the twins stiffened visibly and trembled in fear. Huddling closer to Kirito when they had heard of the guild name Alexandra had come from. They too have heard of the vicious Guild Jormungand. Named after the mythical son of the mischief god Loki, a colossal snake that was prophesied to bring the end of the world. Kirito knew that with the twins with him, placed him in a tighter spot than he would be alone. But he would never abandon the young players to save himself. The murders of this guild were no laughing matter even if he WAS level 75 currently. So right now, protecting the twins from these people was the beater's top priority and Kirito would never back down on keeping them safe.

To stall a bit of time to think of a plan on how to deal with the tight situation, Kirito spoke calmly "We're just passing though Alexandra-san" He reasoned while relaxing his stance slightly and lowered his sword to his side, even though he would be ready to attack on a seconds notice. "We were heading back out of this floor after gathering some items we found. So we won't bother you and take up any of your precious time."

Usually, if he was by himself Kirito would have easily fought, knocked out and captured these murders. but since he had the twins by his side, he was left with plan B. Get all three of them out of here without any deaths. Unfortunately luck didn't seem to be on his side this time when he saw the smirk on Alexandra's lips turn into cruel amusement.

"So you didn't come to play then?" The lieutenant cocked her head to the left; her smirk still in place. "Alright then" she straightened up and nodded in acceptance. Feeling a shiver of sick pleasure run down her spine Alexandra grinned maliciously inside at the hope and relief in the twins eyes. Inwardly vibrating with anticipation on wanting to see those eyes wide with horror and fear as she takes away their dream of surviving she giggled softly "But unfortunately we can't let you pass."

"What? Why?!" Amiko cried out in shock. Gripping her brothers hand tightly in her own.

"Well..." Alexandra drawled out as she started to circle around the trio. "You've stolen from our Guild."

"Stole?" Akira asked in confusion receiving a nod.

"Yes" The woman grinned and continued to explain while she prowled around Kirito and the twins. "Your black sword protector said you have gathered items on this floor" Eyes shined with mirth and stared right back at the glare Kirito aimed at her when she came to a halt in front of him. "This floor belongs to us, therefore anything you took." She purred "You stole."

"We didn't take anything-!" Amiko shouted out, but cut her sentence by clamping her mouth shut with her hands. Eyes widening in horror on stupidly giving away Kirito's bluff.

Kirito cursed inwardly on how quickly and easily his plan crashed. Gritting his teeth when the group started to chuckle sinisterly.

"You lied?" The woman question with a blank expression, even as her men continued to snicker and laugh. Knowing that their boss was finally coming to the exciting part of their game with their prey. "Well then. It looks like we have to punish you for lying to us instead of stealing from us." She grinned wildly when Amiko gave out a startled cry of distress. The younger twin was suddenly grabbed from behind and pulled away from her brother by the man who spoke up before, Goki.

"Amiko!" Akira shouted out in panic moving forward to reach out to her, but froze when Goki's bade came up to his sister's throat in threat. Amiko whimpered in fear, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"Ah-ah little boy" The large man all but purred when he held his weapon even closer to the trembling girls throat. "It would be wise of you to stay where you are unless you want to see your sister shatter into a thousand pieces." Goki bared a crazed grin as he nuzzled the Amiko's neck, gaining a frightened whimper from her. " One move and she's gone."

'Fuck!' Kirito cursed in his mind as their situation got even worse, because he had took his eyes off of the twins for a moment. Cursing himself for such a stupid careless mistake he growled lowly and glared coldly at the entertained Leader. He knew that if he let the twins die he wouldn't be able to handle another heavy burden weighing down on him. He wont let that happen. He wont let another person die because of him. Kirito wont let any more deaths stain his hands. He wont break the promise and vow he made to himself.

"What do you want?" Kirito asked even though he knew that this group wouldn't want anything that came from their inventory. And his assumtion was correct when Alexandra's smirk turned crazed and wild. The men around him now brimming with excitement and eagerness to play with their play.

"Want?" she asked though her grin didn't dim in the slightest. Kirito's jaw locked as he stood stiffly beside Akira. Both Akira and the captured Amiko paled white when she told them what she wanted.

"What I want?" A chuckle "What I want is to see yous wide in horror as we play with that little girl... I want to see her body tremble in fear and pain while you burn with rage and helplessness." The men now were taunting and agreeing with their lieutenant as she continued her desires. Her eyes filled with madness as her voice grew louder and her arms wrapped around herself. "I want to see the empty shell of that boy after we kill his sister right in front of his eyes! I want to see the fire of life dim into nothing as he comes to term that he failed his sibling! That he is and was too weak to do anything about it! And I crave to see that strong will of yours Black swordsman! To crumble into nothing but hopelessness as we destroy them before your eyes!"

The group crackled as rage burned in Kirito's eyes. Wanting so badly to to attack and destroy these evil people who stain this world but didn't know how to attack when Amiko was in danger of dying with just a move.

"But most of all" Alexandra released a breathed sigh and a shiver wracked her body again as she closed her eyes for a moment. Then opened them to show Kirito the sick desire that glowed within them. "I want to feel the ultimate pleasure... In seeing the light of light of their eyes fade right before they shatter into nothing"

"Bastards" Akira cursed them as he saw his sister tremble even more violently at the prospect of dying in the game. The men leered at the captured girl while Goki grinned widely sending a cold chill run down Akira's spine "I can't wait to have some fun with your cute sister little boy" he taunted the older twin, pressing his nose firmly into Amiko's neck and taking a long whiff of her smell and growling in approval in taking in the sent of fear and peaches. Akira moved to take a step forward but his sister's weak whimper halted him when the blade against her neck dug in lightly. "Don't worry though kid. we'll take REAL good care of her." Goki chuckled darkly as the men taunted Akira with promises on what the would do to his sister.

Both males growled in rage. Kirito quickly estimating the distance between him and Goki. Thinking on how to quickly move and how to force him on releasing Amiko. Akira having the same thought of just wanting his sister out of the disgusting man's arms.

But before anyone could move into action they all heard a low threatening growl. Heads turning to the direction of the growl they all froze when a large four foot tall black fox revealed its head from the shade of the trees. It's golden eyes pierced each and everyone of them like a true predator as it slowly stepped out. The feral growl was continuous as the fox pinned Goki and Amiko -who were the closest- where they were and took its slow prowl toward them. Walking to the light the large fox revealed its unique features. On the animal's forehead shined a bright gold jewel of a crescent moon glowed with hidden power. The tips of its ears were white as was its left front paw and right hind leg. When finally out in the light it was a shock to everyone as four white tipped tails swayed gracefully behind the fierce animal.

"What the fuck...?" "Goki mumbled to himself. He was stiff as a stone like everyone else at the sight of the intimidating Kitsune. The demon fox snarled viciously, causing the players to flinch at the sound. It bared its large fangs and its ears were pressed back against its skull. Seeing such a terrifying sight Goki had unknowingly loosened his grip on Amiko and luckily Kirito had caught the movement. The beater shifted his right foot and slightly bent his knees into the perfect stance to jump and snatch the young girl from Goki. But before anything could happen the huge fox lunged at Goki startling the man and forcing him to cry out in pain as sharp teeth sunk into his forearm. The action then made the male accidentally release Amiko from his grasp and that's when Kirito moved to catch her before she fell.

Now with the younger twin in his arms and the older right beside him he held his sword more confidently. Not willing to let the twins be captured again and now willing to protect the two, by any means necessary. Gripping his sword and holding it in front of him Kirito was ready to defend, but not a split second later steal wire shot out from all directions from within the forest and into the clearing forcing everyone to freeze in their spots. Countless thin wires webbed the area and the ends of it were lost in the shadows of the forest, making it harder for Kirito to pinpoint on where they came from.

"What the fuck is this?!" Alexandra screamed in rage and confusion. Pulling out her rapier from her side she made to cut the strings in front of her, but as her blade had already sliced a wire right beside her. Which in turn created a loud snap echo in the area.

"What-" The leader of the group opened her mouth to speak but was instantly cut off when the multiple wires snapped and started to wrap around her and her men. Effectively shoving two or three guys together and tightly wrapping around them making them grunt and yelp in pain.

Kirito's eyes widened when he saw the ends of the wires were Kunai knives dug into the trees and them. But what really caught his attention of the wires were the three small, medium, and large Teleportation crystals dangling and tired on the end of the ninja weapon and steal wire. It all happened so fast, that before Kirito could identify what was on the ends of the wires thirteen men were captured and wrapped tightly in the wire. They struggled to break free but they cried out and groaned in pain as the trap dug into their bodies. They couldn't cut their way out since there were so many wires wrapped around them, they couldn't even move to lift up their weapons. The trio were struck with shock at how quickly things had ended up this way, but even more so surprised that they weren't trapped in the wire themselves. The only one from the guild that wasn't tied up and captured by the wire was Goki. But he was effectively pinned down by the huge fox that loomed over him and stilling him in his place with a threatening growl.

"Fuck! Sonofabitch!" Alexandra screamed in fury as she struggled to break free. Not realizing that her HP was sluggishly decrease because of the wires digging into her. "Who's there?! Show yourself you Bastard!" she raged as her head whipped from side to side to find out who did this to her.

The twins gripped eachothers hands tightly as they looked around too, but their attention kept wandering back to the large black Kitsune that had saved them. Kirito -still tense and ready to attack- scanned the area to spot the person(s) who did this so quickly. His question was easily answered when a hooded figure dropped down from above and gracefully landed between him and the snake lieutenant.

The tall 6'1 figure that had appeared had the stature of what was obviously male and had a white cloak covering the upper part of his face. Kirito observed that the man in front of him was lean and had slightly broad shoulders. Even from behind the beater could feel the aura of a leader that held confidence and strength, but at the same time looked as if he was relaxed and had everything in control. Kirito stared at the firm broad back that faced him, feeling something stir inside him at the sight of someone protecting him and the twins. Looking slightly marks above the right side of the males head he was bemused to see only question in place to where a players name and level is supposed to be. No status was visible to Kirito's eyes making guess that it had something to do with the cloak that the male was wearing.

"I have to thank you for finally coming out of your hidden nest Alexandra" The figure spoke after a long moment of silence. It was fully confirmed in Kirito's mind that the figure is a male due to the deep velvet voice that dripped with confidence and had somehow made a slight shiver run down the swordsman's spine. Making him frown in confusion on why that happened.
"It was easier on my work load on seeing that you came out so willingly instead of making me look for you in this huge floor." the smooth voice held a tinge of what seemed to be a British accent to it

The cloaked male stepped towards the binded lieutenant with revealed lips quirking into a pleased smirk. Finding humor at glare of hatred was aimed at him by the blonde haired woman.

"Who do you think you are?! I'll fucking kill you!" She screamed and tried to lunge at the man before her, but was quickly shot down by the harsh back handed slap to her face. The force of the slap was strong enough to roll her on the dirt and knock her to he side. The men of the guild, who were silent till now snarled and growled. Their attempts to get free were even men more violent than before. Angered and furious on seeing their boss knocked down so easily. They started shouting out death threats and profanities towards the man, not knowing that they were entertaining him more than scaring him.

"Who I am isn't important to you" The male said clearly, ignoring the shouts of rage and threats around him. Not bothering with the swordsman and twins that stood behind him either. "Right now. What I am about to do is of more importance at the moment" He walked forward and now stood in front of the downed leader. "Alexandra, Lieutenant of the sixth fang commander of the Guild Jormungand." the men slowly silenced their threats while they watched the tall figure stand before their captain. "You and your men will pay for your crimes for the murders of nine players in S.A.O. and is called to jail to receive your punishment."

For a pause everyone was shocked at the announcement before the tied up men(and woman) suddenly roared with laughter. Kirito looked at the stranger in confusion. Wonder why he would claim to arrest these people when this hidden floor obviously had an anti-transportation and anti-crystal barrier surrounding the area.

Alexandra, who had felt fear on being caught before, was now filled with humor as she laughed at the mans declaration of the mans words. "Are you serious?" She crackled with her men, shaking her head like an adult indulging a child, even though they found their words ridiculous. "You must be pretty stupid if you don't realize that you cant arrest us without using transportation crystals right?" The men laughed loudly at how true their captains words were.

Kirito, who was observing the male as he stood silently, widened his eyes in bewilderment as a shark-like grin stretched on the lips that were just previously blank. Disbelief filled him when a chuckle escaped those lips. The laughed slowly dying and were replaced with frowns when they heard the amused chuckle.

"Who said anything about arresting you?" The deep voice mocked with a purr. Shutting the previously laughing players up and making them pause on what the man had said. "I just said you were called to jail to receive your punishment." the cloaked male chuckled "I didn't say anything about arresting you"

"That's the same thing!" one of the men shouted out with a glare but flinched lightly when the amused grin was aimed at him.

"I said 'jail'" The man repeated slowly "I didn't say 'prison'."

Confusion filled the all the players until the tall male explained, making all the murderers blood freeze. "I'm not sending you to the Black Iron Palace, where all the usual prisoners are sent to." the smile that held the grin seemed to hold a sinister curve before stretching into amusement "I'm sending you to somewhere more 'special' to receive your punishment"

A hot shot of fear struck in Alexandra's mind and heart at the words the man spoke. 'Is there really such a place' she question in her mind but not wanting to find out. Narrowing her eyes she regained her grin "Even if you were to send us to a place like that Transportation crystals still don't work!" She said triumphantly but it faltered when the grin of player in front of him, turned into a pleased smirk.

The man that was mostly hidden under his cloak lifted his left hand to reveal a crystallized bracelet dangling on his wrist. The left side of his waist revealed to Alexandra, nine Tanto swords strapped together, on the right there was a small glimpse of two sword hilts, but it was still hidden because of the cloak. Though that no longer mattered when she slowly began to realize just who was this hooded figure.

Kirito who was frowning in confusion was slowly getting angry at the man, not knowing who he was and what is just going on. When he saw the male lift up his left arm to reveal the crystallized bracelet he was struck speechless when the figure in front of him spoke up

"Activation Code Sequence 63794110. Hidden Sector 47-19, seal release, deactivate Anti-Crystal Field Lock down."

Alexandra paled and her eyes, like everyone else's, widen in complete shock. But within the blonde leader's, they shined with realization to who this stranger truly was. She had confirmed it and when the hooded figure saw that recognition, he grinned, and it pierced her heart and mind with fear.

"No way..." Her voice that had held so much arrogance had come out in a weak whisper "It can't be true..."

Kirito snapped his gaze to Alexandra's fear struck face when he heard her whisper in disbelief. The winds that were silent and dead since the beginning had suddenly picked up from a strong breeze to violent gusts forcing everyone to shield or close their eyes. The twins gave a startled cry of surprise and held onto one another while Kirito tried his best and stood his ground, shielding his eyes with his free arm. The fierce wind forced his eyes to open halfway, his brows narrowed in concentration on seeing the man in front of him. The hood of the cloak had been blown off revealing shoulder-blade length raven hair tied with a red ribbon dance with the violent wind. The exposed male had an angled aristocratic jaw and high cheek bones hinted maturity, lips stretched to a grin, and a firm chin that hinted that the male was older than Kirito. On the left earlobe had, what looked like, a sharp wolf fang. But that was all the beater was able to catch of the black haired man in front of him. Slightly frustrated on not being able to see the fact of this mysterious person, and not being able to move due to the wind Kirito growled.

Kirito stared at the raven haired male in front of him. Seeing the taller male lift up his left arm up and pressing his middle and index fingers against his thumb in a familiar action. The corner of a smirk was planted on playful lips before there was a loud 'SNAP" of his fingers. The wind had instantly died at the sound, but no one moved a single inch on the sudden silence. After a few seconds of nothing happening Alexandra, whom was still with fear, narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth to call upon the exposed male's flashy performance. When she and the thirteen captured murderers shattered into a million particles causing Kirito, Akira, Amiko and Goki- who was watching everything- to gasp in wide shock. The transportation crystals that were tied on the end of the wires had glowed unnoticed by the group and had instantly activated when the wind had immediately died.

Mixed emotions twisted inside Kirito as he tried to grasp the situation he had just witnessed. Confusion, shock, astonishment, bewilderment, and even slight fear was mixed inside him. The beater snapped to his senses when he saw the man lowered his left arm and released out a long sigh of relief. Tensing once more Kirito frowned slightly when the man turned his sight onto where the almost forgotten fox and pinned man still were.

Seeing a soft smile form on the lips off the male the deep voice smoothly spoke to the large Kitsune, no longer holding the echoed tone in his voice he had earlier. "Go on and dump Goki at Black Iron Palace Kuroma" He informed the fox who had perked up at its orders. "I'm sure they'll deal with him there so come back right after OK?"

The Kitsune nodded in acknowledgment and took hold of Goki's armor between its teeth before bursting into dark blue flames and disappearing with the male. Amiko gasped at the empty area on where the fox was just a moment ago. Snapping her sight at the tall man who loosened his cloak to reveal silver clothes with blue linings on the edges underneath. Biting her lip slightly, she gathered up her courage and took a step forward. "Um... Who are you?" she asked, her brother holding her hand tightly in encouragement.

When she didn't receive an answer she leaned her head to the side to catch sight of the man's face, but was unable to since the long bangs of hair shielded her way. The tall player had hunched over slightly to examine the bracelet that was on his left wrist. Pulling her brother with her to take a few steps forward she opened her mouth to asked the same question again, but was cut off by the gasp of her brother. Kirito, who had pulled the twins back to him when Akira had gasped in what seemed to be surprised, held them close and stood tall before speaking loudly and calmly.

"Excuse me." He inwardly sighed in relief when he noted the man straighten up his posture and stilled, though not turning to face them. "Just who are you?" He asked the first burning question that seemed to have been on his mind the moment this stranger had first appeared. There were other questions swirling in his mind but first things first. Finding out who this man was.

When he received silence as an answer he opened his mouth to ask again, but was cut off by an amazed whisper.


Kirito snapped his gaze to Akira who's eyes stared straight at the male in front of them. "What was that Akira?" Kirito frowned slightly.

"Harriku..." The older twin spoke up louder to answer the black swordsman. Still staring at the tall black haired male with wide eyes.

"Harriku." Amiko spoke up with the same tone of awe in her voice, gaining Kirito's attention.

The beater's head snapped up to look at the male, expecting to see the same broad back he faced the entire time. But was frozen in place as sharp emerald colored eyes met his obsidian orbs and had pierced him in his place. His heart gave a loud thump when those eyes pinned him in place with a burning gaze that felt like it was looking straight in his soul. Frozen within those bright green eyes he faintly heard Amiko speak out the mans name and title. Shock coursed through his veins on when seeing a whispered rumor in the flesh smirk wickedly at him.

"He's Harriku... The Multibladed Hunter"

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