A Hunters Purpose Pt.2

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Warning: Minor Character death, violence, mentions of murder, Language, OOC

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It was late in the evening of the first day of their investigation and already both Kirito and Asuna were stuck with another death of a player in a safe zone.

Asuna quietly observed Kirito as his mind drifted off when he mumbled something about the teleportation crystal the mysterious murderer had used to get away. He looked to be deep in thought and that brought Asuna into thinking of the two murders that she had witnessed in one day. Disbelief and fear gripped her heart at the two deaths, but Asuna took control of herself and held onto her resolve to solve this murder case that she was given.

Their investigation was a close one but there was just something that they were missing and the two of them just couldn't figure it out. Looking back to see that Kirito was still deep in his thoughts Asuna couldn't help but let her mind think of Harriku. The relationship between the hunter and swordsman was a strange one in her eyes, but there was something about the two that drew them together like moth to a fire.

To her Harriku was like an annoying older brother. One who teases, and taunts her but also guides her when she feels lost and pulls her out of the dark parts of her mind if she lingers too long in there. His teasing smirk only seem to rile her up into reacting just the way an older brother would, just to annoy her at any time possible.

But for Kirito, Asuna could clearly see that his relationship with the older hunter was something more. The warmth of the smile that Harriku would give Kirito on the few moments that Asuna had caught them together were completely and entirely different from the playful smirks that were aimed towards her.

The truth was, Asuna really didn't hate Kirito. It was more of an annoyance towards herself because of how she envied how strong the beater was. He had this air that made him be confident and powerful and the skills to back it all up. Where his code name, 'the black swordsman', was whispered down at the lower floors on how he was one of the few solo players to easily stand amongst the guilds and players within the front Assault lines. It infuriated her because such a easy going type of player was stronger than her. Where she needed her guild and the strong players around her to be able to move forward but Kirito himself didn't need anyone to watch his back in-

Asuna paused at her thoughts. A flash of a playful smirk appeared in her mind and the lieutenant knew she was wrong at one thing "There was someone who watches his back now"

Blankly looking down at her half eaten sandwich, Asuna remembers how fluidly and skillfully both Kirito and Harriku were when they were up against enemies and floor bosses. Matching step for step, every swing, parry, spin, block and strike was perfectly synced into a deadly dance that only they knew the step too. She knew their strength and she was both in awe and longing to be like that, to have that. She was strong; that she knew. But those two -alone or together- they were a whole other level. She wanted to be strong like Kirito. To have more confidence in herself and not be afraid like Harriku. Strong, unafraid, standing on her own two-

That was when her swirling thoughts came a halt. She furrowed her brows in confusion when her insecurities stopped and reason came back to the front of her mind.

Why would she want to be strong like Kirito when she was already strong in her own right and in her own way?

She had confidence and skill to back it up and that was why she became the lieutenant of the strongest guild of SAO. So she didn't have to match Harriku's ways. He had told her that it was alright to be afraid, that it made them human. That it separates up from whats real and what's fake.

'Breath a little princess' thin lips twitched to smile at her and emerald eyes shined with familiar mischievousness

Maybe... Asuna thought, slowly coming to a realization 'Maybe I'm strong in my own way... I don't need to be strong like Kirito or Harriku... why would I compare my strength to theirs when they are different from me? I'm my own person... I don't have to be as strong as them...'

Something inside Asuna's heart eased slightly making her sigh inaudibly. A small unnoticeable weight that she didn't realize she carried lifted from her shoulders and making her feel light. Looking at Kirito, who was still deep in his thoughts and then looking up to see the night sky, Asuna came to a decision. Opening up her inventory she brought out two sandwiches and promptly offered the second to the swordsman. Inwardly rolling her eyes at how he was dubious on her offer, then awkwardly thanked and complimented her after. Quickly correcting him when he asked that, Yes she made those sandwiches that morning. She knows how to cook too, and, no she did NOT buy it from any of the NPC food stalls. Harriku wasn't the only one who knew how to cook in this game after all. When he stuttered another awkward complement Asuna was now mildly irked at how nervous Ksirito was. Stomping her foot down to shut his mouth she ended up making him jump from his seat, fumbled his sandwich from his loose hands before accidentally dropping it on the floor, the 3 point durability on the food shattering into nothing once it hit the ground.

"You're not getting another" Asuna stated firmly, watching Kirito dramatically stare at his lost dinner and then falling onto his hands and knees on the ground.

She stared at him for a long moment before getting a little bit concerned "What's wrong?" But right as she said that Kirito shot his arm and shushed her, pausing and then causing her to startle when he let out a loud exclamation.

"I see! So that's what happened!" Kirito said with obvious disbelief in his voice making Asuna look at his with slight confusion.

"Huh? What did you figure out?" The lieutenant asked, already assuming that Kirito had figured out something about their investigation.

"I..." Kirito paused shaking his head "No, we didn't really see anything. We thought we saw something, but we were looking at something entirely different." Kirito's eyes shined with clear realizations his brows furrowed as he continued, not seeing Asuna sitting up more alert and focused on his discovery. "There was never a weapon or any kind of logic that would allow killing within the safe areas!"


The Harpy screeched its final cry before shattering into a thousand polygons by a jade spear. Not even pausing in his kill, Harriku continued onward towards the closed level of the hidden floor, Kuroma silent beside him.

The hunter walked steadily down the familiar pathways of level 60s hidden floors. His mind swirled with new information that Luna had given him.

"Rabastan Lestrange is dead"

Harriku gaped in shock at the sudden information Luna just dumped at him. Staring her in disbelief while she was calmly petting the blissful Kitsune laying his head on her lap. The death of one of the fourth commanders of Venom guild being the first thing she told them when they settled down after their free duel.

"How?" The hunter asked still shocked but was slowly gaining his composure. "How did the younger Lestrange die?"

The information broker hummed quietly "Naga poison." Even though her dreamy blue eyes were focused on the soft black fur of Kuroma's head she continued "Two unfortunate souls were lost by the blades of the poisoned axes. Sharp as they may cut and poisonous as they kill they had unknowingly stepping into the hidden Queen's territory. One where even the body and venom of a basilisk should not enter. One where even the venom of a basilisk is not welcome into',for the Queen herself took it as her duty to show punishment. In turn, one poisonous ax has shattered and the other half is on their own type of hunt.

"Queen?" Harriku narrowed his eyes, he had read in between the cryptic words Luna had said and easily understood. The couple had been killed by the Lestrange twins but they had somehow walked into Naga territory and had come across the hidden floor boss. But... one thing Luna had said made him suspicious.

Nagas in general were species that are usually in small packs consisting three to five Nagas in one. They were strong on their own and even stronger in together. Five fully grown Nagas were a challenge to any player who wasn't prepared with multiple antidote and healing crystals. Adding to the fact you need to be at least 4 to 5 levels higher to take down all the ancient snakes. The reward on defeating a group of Nagas or a single were high in loot and equipment, but the struggle for that reward wasn't worth it in the death game such as SAO. That's why many solo players tend to avoid them or just go in groups of 5 or 6.

The Basilisk was one of the tougher bosses that Harriku had unfortunately encountered before. Its poisonous bite was one of the worst attacks he had taken to his arm, being able to heal himself with his S class Phoenix tear crystal he had received from completing a secret quest early on. The regenerative quality of the tear crystal was able to fight off the continuous affect of the venom bite, helping the hunter in barely surviving the fight in the end for him could apply an antidote.

Harriku believes that it was just pure dumb luck and the bull hard stubbornness not to die was what really had Harriku winning in the end.

It wasn't until the later hidden floors that Harriku noticed something. The Basilisk was something very different from any of the monsters that Harriku usually encounter in the hidden floors. Because he had only ran into a basilisk once and haven't encountered another in any of the hidden floors again. In normal circumstances, once a new monster spawns it usually has similar types of that form in other floors appearing over and over again. Some of the stronger coming in fewer numbers, but still pop up once in a while. The basilisk was something else entirely if it had spawned only once.

"Luna" Speaking up Harriku needed to know. Needed to confirm what he was thinking and hoping wasn't true. "What did you mean by 'even the venom of a basilisk is not welcome into' and 'the queen herself'?"

Luna hummed, not looking up as she continued to pamper the fox on her lap. Her voice soft when she spoke "The territory of a queen should be one to be cautious about, if the hunter plans on finding the broken Ax. He may or may not see scales of royalty. But even so a warning." Looking up to finally meet sharp emerald eyes with her own shining blues "A Queens fangs may not be as sharp as a predators claws, but the venom that drips off of white that shines can still kill more faster than a kings stare and bite combined."

Harriku stiffened. Luna's warning had confirmed what Harriku didn't want to be true. He hadn't told Kirito or Asuna about these monsters because he knew the small minuscule percent chance that they or he would run into a hidden floor boss.

Little to no information was found about these types of bosses because they were extremely rare to come across. There was no specific way to find a hidden floor boss, and Harriku was surprised that they had come across one at all. Even more so that one of them had survived. Unlike normal floor bosses that are usually found at the last room of every floor, hidden bosses were even known to be encountered since rarely players wouldn't take the chance to explore deeper into hidden floors

The hunter hadn't mention these types of monsters to either Kirito or Asuna because he would force both to telelport out or escape the area before even thinking in engaging with the over powered monster. Harriku wasn't really worried about the KoB guild running into a hidden floor boss either since his inside source had told him that Heathcliff himself had strict control over who goes in any of the hidden floors and how many goes within them. Adding to the fact that Heathcliff himself goes in those expeditions with said groups. That was something of a small relief in Harriku's mind. He didn't need the burden of worrying about more people he didn't even know nor care about players from the strongest guild in SAO.

"He knows you're hunting him, you know." The soft but heard voice of Luna snapped Harriku out from his deep musings, making him look at his friend in confusion. Gently nudging Kuroma's head off her lap and standing up gracefully, brushing off the dirt from her bum before walking up to the hunter. Her soft hands lightly cupped his cheek and blue eyes staring up at him with a sad light "Be it by this world, or by your hands, the oldest Lestrange will accept death when it comes his way."

"Luna-" Harriku started but was quietly hushed by the petite girl.

"I fear that you will lose your way this time around Harriku. That he will blind you from your new purpose for this world as Fenrir had almost did a week ago." Worried orbs stared straight to him and Harriku couldn't help but remember flashes of the week before come to the front of his mind.

Of a victorious blood thirsty grin. The brief feeling of panic when Kuroma was down to red and about to die with a killing blow. Then everything moved so fast it was over before Harriku knew it.

The hunter shut his eyes tightly briefly before he looked away from Luna's gaze. The light in those mesmerizing green dimmed and Luna frowned sadly at the sight. The last hunt had taken a large part of Harriku that the both of them wished didn't have to happen. It was only truly bad luck that the older player had fallen into a trap that was so elaborately set up by the Alpha of the Jormungand guild.

Fenrir Greyback. The infamous feared Beast tamer whispered in SAO. He was also the most vicious PKers within the game and the second commander of the Venom guild. He was seen by multiple witnesses killing seven young children on the lower floors. He was apprehended once, but had managed break free; killing four other players before escaping by teleportation crystal.

It was only better for the world that the monstrous man was now dead. But Luna still mourned at the sacrifices that had been made in the end.

Kuroma whined and growled quietly beside Harriku, drawing the hunter out of his memories. The hunter huffed and scratched his partner's ear in gratefulness, but when he looked back up to Luna his smile faded at the sharpness of her eyes. He could only feel apprehension when those normally distant eyes stared straight into his own green with focus that held both reluctance but also firm determination to come out.

"Luna?" Harriku narrowed his eyes and frowned, unable to stop the feeling of dread seep in his stomach when the blonde spoke.

"Have you ever heard a Snake laugh Harriku?" Luna asked in a soft whisper, her cryptic words having a deeper and even more dire meaning within that small question.

Harriku came to a stop. His mind, even now, swirled with the information that Luna had left him with. He could easily deduct on what those worlds meant and it only filled him with multiple emotions that was starting to cloud his mind.

A whine and a rough nudge from his side snapped Harriku out of his chaotic musings. Kuroma who was looking up at the hunter with a tilt of his black head, ears cocked to the side to make an adorable sight had Harriku huffing out a small laugh.

It seems that Luna's words shook me up more than I'd like to admit Kuro" He confessed with a sigh. Shaking his head to push back his worries of Luna's words to the back of his mind, he looked down and stroked and playfully pulled on his Kitsune's ear, getting a growl and wet lick to his palm.

Harriku laughed and pulled his hand away. "Alright then Kuro. Time to find our prey." He voiced in a more serious tone, watching as his partner sat tall and focused straight forward.

"Scan." Harriku commanded watching Kuroma's golden eyes glow eerily. They've trained hard and long to get the kitsune's skill level high enough for multiple commands from the hunter. The skill 'Scan' being one of the firsts. Kuroma's tails weren't only for show after all. They were proof of how strong the fox was and Harriku was confident that his partner will get stronger further down the line. "Expand. Focus. Target." The steady commands easily flowed one after the other in a Chain Skill that Kuroma had unlocked on his latest tail. Growing and adding more details to a single command to make small skills stronger.

White tipped ears perked up and flattened back when Kuroma locked onto something. A soft growl rumbled in his throat while he started to crouch into a position to run. Harriku grinned and got ready for a chase. Shifting his feet to stand beside his beast partner and finally giving out his last command. "Hunt"

Kuroma blurred into a dash and Harriku wasn't far behind. The beast tamer had faith in his companion and that faith was proven when they both heard a loud unearthly screech and a manic laugh.

Coming to a complete stop Harriku only had a second before he leaped away when a large ax was thrown in their direction and impaling into the floor. Breaking and shattering a few seconds after, its durability having reached its limit. Harriku skidded a few meters away, Kuroma landing right beside him, both surprised when something else came crashing right after in the same spot. It was the last surviving Lestrange unconscious and beaten. Harriku could clearly see that his health bar was in the orange danger zone and the familiar paralyze symbol directly above it.

Harriku narrowed his eyes at the PKer before it widen and both he and Kuroma jumped and flipped back when an enormous spear embedded into the ground right where they were crackling with sparks of electricity. The hunter landing once more and snapped his head to look at what had attacked, his stomach dropping when he saw just what it was. A giant female naga wielding the same spear that had just attacked them a few seconds earlier gripped in hands that had sharp poisonous nails. Armor that were build for speed and protecting most common weak spots of normal nagas was equipped to the huge monster. Jewels that shined in the light were wrapped around reptilian arms, matching the armor itself, but what completed the whole set from the sole female Naga, was the shining black crown on top of her head.

Harriku could only curse his stupid luck on these new events, when he saw the name of the monstrous naga.

*Royal Empress Renenutet*

*Level ? ? ?*

"Bloody fuck!" The hunter swore out loud, not realizing he slipped into his first language, wincing when the Empress released an ear piercing screech. His hands blurred to parry the large spear with his own, grunting at the force of the attack and making him stagger two steps back. But it gave Harriku enough time to shout "Kuro! Blind! Distract! Illusion!" the strings of commands were instantly followed not even a second the hunter gave them. Kuroma ran towards the monster who had an opening from Harriku's parry, tails bursting into bright blue flames as he ran forward. Leaping up high enough to come face to face with the naga and then blurred into a flaming wheel and slamming all blazing tails right into the monsters face. Momentarily blinding the Empress into a screech of pain and bouncing away, just in time to dodge a blind swing from the monster. When the large fox landed, but his body was already glowing white and not a second later over a dozen clones of Kuroma surrounded the Hidden floor boss, all snarling and tails burning blue flames.

Harriku could inwardly curse his luck when he glanced at the wounded PKer and then focused his main attention at the Naga Empress. There was no time to hesitate in this fight and Harriku didn't. Spear gripped in his hand and feeling the familiar thrum of energy build up inside of him the hunter let his instincts guide him. In a blink he stood in front of the Empress who was now regaining her vision, and in another blink he was in the air right in front of the golden snake like eyes of the monster. His hand blurred, unleashing the spear skill Piercing Gale into the royal's face, his eyes widening when his weapon only pierced through a large scaled hand instead. He grunted when the Royal Boss swiped her hand to the side to toss him away. Landing in a crouch Harriku swung parry another attack, spinning around to unleash another Piercing Gale and this time landing a hit to the boss, taking the split seconds to chain his attack with Raining Thorns as a 9 rapid combo before jumping away to dodge a large tail sweep.

A Kuroma clone took its chance to catch on fire to run and slam right into the Empress before exploding, causing significant damage and flinching the boss just long enough for Harriku to move again. This time, a glowing mace replacing his spear. The heavy oriented weapon slamming - this time- right into the face of the Naga, causing her to screech in pain and be pushed back. The hunter flicked his wrist and switching his weapon into a dagger right when he landed right behind the boss. Before he could attack again the large serpent tail swiped in a counter, forcing Harriku to back flip away. Not a second later his arm flashed to parry again but was taken by surprised that his dagger parried the Empress' tail, grunting when he just managed to take a step to the left to minimize the spear attack the sliced his waist, taking a chunk of his health. He spun away twirling his dagger in hand blade pressed closer to his wrist, ducked under the impaled spear and moved. Charging up his weapon before unleashing the 4 rapid combo skill Bleeding Fang. Coming right up to the unprotected stomach. Savagely grinning when he perfectly switched his dagger into a rapier chain from his Bleeding fang to Star Shower a 12 plus combo.

"Kuro Cover!" Two clones ran in sync towards each other and collided. Exploding and covering the entire area with smoke giving Harriku just enough seconds to switch to his long sword and get into the right stance to maximize his charge attack. There were different forms, stances, and postures for every type of weapons. If done correctly the attack damage done would triple in contact and would critically inflict a status ailment if that particular weapon had that effect. Bleed, poison, ice, burn, stun, sleep and blind. Not many players use such techniques because mistaking a single thing in it would cancel the boost, plus it takes a few seconds longer in charging it completely. Bleed was the most common in slash type weapons and that was just fine for the hunter. 150 damage every 3 seconds for a minute and a half was good enough for a minor back up damage after all. Harriku needed every bit of skill and trick for this solo fight.

A spear swiped the wide area clearing the smoke just in time for a large blue fire ball to impact and explode right in front of the face of the snake monster, flinching her for a second time.

The Snake beast screeched at the Kitsune and swiped her enormous tail. Landing a hit on the clone that had attacked her and destroying it. The original Kuroma snarled and as one with his remaining clones started running around the Empress circling her, effectively distracted her. Leaping over and around all the kitsune's were sweeping and striking with their claws and burning tails pushing and stopping the Empress from using heavy attacks or focusing on the hunter.

With an enraged scream the Naga royal had enough and swiped her clawed hand in a wide attack, taking out six clones at once. Barely clipping the real Kuroma and forcing the fox to land right beside his partner, who had just finished charging his skill.

Eyes closed and hand gripped tightly on the hilt of his katana and everything honed in one thing only. His heart thundered, his mind cleared and for just a moment everything slowed. The hum of power that trembled in his grip rose until it could no longer be contained. Harriku vanished in a blur a line of light followed him horizontally. A second later 7 more slashes cut through the Naga Empress, causing her to cry out in pain as an entire bar and a half dropped completely to the last bar and a half. The symbol of the Bleed status aliment blinked under the bosses health bar notified Harriku of his successful attack, but that didn't mean he could stop.

As if proving his thoughts, another swipe of her tail came towards him but he easily dodged it by flipping over it. His long sword switched into a one-handed sword just before Harriku's arm instinctively moved in front of him to block the whip lash attack from the Empress' tail. Just barely cutting the attack damage by half, but still bringing Harriku's health in half bar.

The empress grinned and green eyes narrowed. A moment of stillness before everything moved instantaneous into a fight that would be a blur to a low level player. His weapons clashed and parried, countering every attack with his own and jumping back when he knew he couldn't parry. The Boss managed to get clips and powerful hits that ate his health little by little and the hunter kept track of his health bar in the back of his head. He could faintly hear the familiar sound of the orange danger zone close to the critical red. Harriku knew he had to finish the fight soon and he was close, seeing that the boss's health was down to the last half bar.

It was when Harriku heard a pained yelp that his head snapped left to see his partner, Kuroma surrounded by three Naga Knights. Snarling with tails aflame blue but health bar down to half. The remaining clones must have been destroyed while the kitsune fought against the other enemies, and while Harriku was preoccupied with the hidden floor boss.

"Kuro!" He shouted, cursing himself inwardly while wonder when the empress had summoned the smaller monsters. He didn't have time to ponder when he heard, more than saw a giant spear coming at him in another powerful attack. Just barely switching his rapier into a spear once more and knocking the weapon away from him, just barely causing the weapon to impale into the ground. Though the backlash of the strike took a bit more of the hunter's health, putting him in the darker red-orange zone. But what was more obvious in the weapon that attacked him was the now purplish haze emmiting from it. Which was obviously assumed as poison since the boss WAS a snake species.

"Fuck" Harriku cursed under his breath, right as he parried a tail strike and a wide spear swipe one after the other, doing his damnest to not get nicked by poison or hit to lose any more health. Back flipping into the air while his two hand sword charged in a bright purple glow and slicing a Naga Knight right in half, killing it instantly. A block from a sword attack was enough opening for Kuroma to slam his burning tails into the other, killing it. For the last Knight Harriku didn't bother using his weapon to attack but instead unleashed a powerful charged kick to its side, causing it to shriek and then shatter into a hundred polygons.

They had no more time. No more chances and both Hunter and beast moved to finally finish the fight once and for all. Harriku had no plans on dying today.

All in one movement the hunter's two handed sword switched into a sword and shield blocking the next two rapid tail lash and parrying a spear strike, giving him a two second opening. Kuroma then took the opening and blasted three fox fireballs into the naga's torso, crouching down for Harriku to use him as leverage to jump into the air. His sword and shield switched to a rapier and was already glowing ready for the final attack.

With the settling dusk sky at his back and the serpent form of the Empress beneath him Harriku twisted his body downward into a rapid falling spiral, Rapier pointed straight down straight at the boss. The Empress aimed her spear up to attack the hunter, her eyes looking up to the sky, but was blinded by a blue burning flare in front of her, caused by Kuroma. Distracted and weapon at peaked power Harriku roared as his attack connected, piercing through the Empress from shoulder all the way to her lower waist. Landing in a crouch and there was a long silent moment until a loud shatter resonated in the area making Harriku released the breath he was holding in during that small time. The adrenaline pumping through his veins and heart thrumming from both the fear of almost dying and the thrill of an intense fight. Controlling his breathing, his heart slowed back into rhythm and only then was when Harriku felt the exhaustion of the fight creep up to him.

The familiar jingle of leveling up sounded in his ears and the screen with the bold text on it appeared in front of him making him look up to see his rewards.

'Congratulations! You've leveled up! Lvl88 - Lvl89'

Reward: Demigod Spear 500atk 250Def

It was Kuroma's snarl that had Harriku moving in to a side step spin. Blocking a large ax that came down on him from behind with his rapier. He glared at the wicked grin aimed at him by the now conscious Rodolphus Lestrange, but quirked his own tiny smirk when he felt his partner leap over him and tackling the Player Killer to the ground. Snarling with dangerous teeth bared down at his pray, but yipping in pain when the PK curled into a ball and slammed both of his feet into the kitsune's stomach, tossing the beast away from him before rolling backwards in an attempt to escape. Unfortunately for the player killer, before he could get his steady bearings wires shot forward and wrapped around his body, knives connected to the wires impaling into the large tree behind him trapping him firmly and completely. Rodolphus grunted as he tried to struggle, but his arms were tied tightly to his sides, immobilizing him from doing anything else.

"I wouldn't struggle too much now." Harriku advised without looking at the older player, holding a healing crystal and kneeling down to fully restore Kuroma's health back up, as well as his own. "The wires will only tighten even more if you do..."

Rodolphus chuckled darkly, tilting his head to stare intensely at the hunter who now looked at him with a blank stare "The infamous PK slayer, worried for me? I feel honored" He mocked with a smirk but received no response from the male in front of him. But that didn't stop him from continuing his taunts "That's what all player killers call you, you know. A slayer of our kind. A killer of a different breed. Though your hands are not stained by our blood you hands are what lead us to our death. A Slayer. A killer. One of us yet not."

Harriku stood, now fully healed and steadily walked toward the killer and stopped right before him, seeing that his health was nearing the red zone. "Is your words suppose to trigger me?." He asked dryly, not really affected by Rodolphus' words but noting it in the back of his mind. "Technically I would send you to where I send all the Player killers and have you suffer under the monsters that lurk there. But seeing you so low on health you would probably die a minute you enter there, and what's the satisfaction in that?"

He rolled his neck to release more of the tension and adrenaline that still pulsed through him. Body now slowly relaxing while looking down at the last Lestrange twin. A hum escaped Harriku's throat "I still have use for you Lestrange and I know you'll give me what I want." He said with smooth confidence. Knowing he will have his way.

"Give you what want?" The player killer murmured in disbelief, before he suddenly snapped and snarled in rage "THIEF! Why would I give a thief anything he asks?! You stole my KILL! You TOOK MY REVENGE FROM ME!" came the outburst, a crazed glint in his eyes as he started to struggle again.

"Pretty big works from a Pker who would have died without his revenge." Harriku silenced Lestrange with his words "You barely dented into the hidden boss' health and when we arrived you were breathing distance away from your death. If you had died you know your so called revenge would be nothing but false claim and your efforts would be in failure." Harriku scoffed cruelly, shaking his head.

"Enough of that though" The hunter said dismissively, not caring of any more accusations coming from Lestrange. "There's a bounty placed on your head for the murder of the couple you killed a while ago. Honestly the col is enough for me to turn you in and look the other way as you're placed in a cell while you deal with the so called military of this game."

Green eyes sharpened at the twitch and squirm that came from the bound man "I can draw this out longer but..." Harriku continued knowing he has the attention of the player killer "I will give you what you want for a price of information..."

The two of them knew what Harriku was talking about and Harriku knew it was wrong. Luna's words of him 'losing his purpose' of losing himself in the hunt rang through his head. But what the player killer truly wanted -after his twin died- was to die himself and Harriku is offering that up to him. The only time he would really actually offer the option.

Before he met Kirito, Harriku reveled in the hunt, the chase. To take down small guilds and smaller groups of player killers. Not caring if he turned into a murderer - a slayer - of a different kind. But that was what he was. Different methods but in the same way it got rid of the pkers of SAO. He was doing it before his name became known. Before he was given his nickname.

Now ever since he met Kirito, he was stepping away from his hunts albeit slowly. Now that he was growing closer Kirito, hunting seemed to slowly dim in his interest. But... with the most dangerous player killer guild Jörmungandr still around, he knew he can't stop.

Won't stop now that he has something to protect, something to live for. The game of cat and mouse has higher risks for him now.

There was something dangerous stirring deep under SAO. With Luna's words of foreboding, Harriku needs to step up to find out as much information as possible to be prepared. He will need to be ready. But first...

With a flick of his wrist his newly acquired weapon was equipped and the tip of the spear pressed lightly on Rodolphus's throat.

"Now tell me Lestrange," Emerald eyes sharpened and shine with harshness that reflected a different type of poison. Voice commanding and cold that demanded everything. "What do you know about the merge of your guild and laughing coffin?"

"Once Grimlock was finally captured, Asuna decided to go with Yolko to clear up everything and report back to her guild. But even with the investigation was done I'm still worried about the Laughing coffin members that managed to get away before the assult party could apprehend them" Kirito finished his side of event that had happened while he was away from Harriku. The two of them sitting in a cozy tavern with their drinks in front of them, Kuroma resting underneath their table beside Harriku's feet.

The hunter hummed as he took a drink of his beverage, mulling over the story. "Even if the PKers got away, at least you solved the mystery of Griselda's death and no one else was hurt in the confrontation." Harriku smiles proudly at the swordsman across from him "Great job Kirito-kun. I knew you could handle it with the princess."

Kirito's ears pinked a little at the praise, quickly taking a sip of his own drink to hide away his embarrassment. A smile stretched Harrikus lips, amused again at how surprisingly easy for Kirito to blush from his words.

When they had met up at the end of the day at the teleportation gate, Kirito had instantly asked how Harriku's side of things went. With the hunt and with the Lestrange twins. The older player had been silent for a long while before he finally gave in and told the beater of his hunt.

He had met with his info broker on which floor the pkers were last seen, but was told that one of the twins had died to the game by a territorial monster. Finding the Player killer was a different matter that was easily solved because of Kuroma's seeker skills, but when they had finally found the last Lestrange twin, he was fighting the same monster that had killed his brother. Which had turned out to be a hidden floor boss. Then after witnessing the death of Rodolphus from said boss Harriku was unfortunately the next target of the monster.

It was then that Harriku had to quickly explain to an upset Kirito about Hidden bosses and reassure him that he had managed to defeat it with a lot of help of Kuroma. And that it was unlikely that he would run into any bosses soon without bringing Kirito with him.

Reassuring and promising the beater to now take him in his future hunts ("So help me Harriku I'll- "Promise, I promise I'll take you Kirito-kun") Harriku then showed an eager Kirito his newly acquired spear. Smiling fondly when the younger gushed over its stats and babble on about how Harriku should use it in battle with its boost and element. Nodding along and leading the swordsman to a nearby tavern to hear about Kirito's own investigation.

That night once Kirito left to grind some higher level mobs Harriku was left to his thoughts in the darkness of his room. Letting Kirito know he was heading back to his own home for some rest and shooing the other away when he got a concerned look, reassuring him again that he just tired.

His eyes closed and mind returning back to what had happen between Rodolphus and him. In the end Harriku didn't have much to go with in information of Laughing coffin and Jörmungand due to the loyalty that Lestange had for his lord. But Rodolphus had given him something.

An mirthless grin stretched the older players lips "He knows... he knows about that precious black sword that's been hanging around you." Rodolphus released a dark chuckle, uncaring as he pressed his throat closer to the spear tip. "You should already know hunter. Lord Voldemort hates distractions... and that black swordsman? He's becoming a distraction." Harriku could feel the pressure Lestrange was putting on his spear, distantly knowing what the player killer will do but for some reason too frozen to pull away "I'll give you a warning instead hunter." Rodolphus said with eyes that clear of madness "Finish this game. Finish this 'game' between you and him before you lose something precious forever." A bitter smile had replaced the grin "It's all fun and games until one loses their purpose right? Don't lose yours hunter."

With a push and a sharp twist of his head, Rodolphus pierced his neck with Harriku's spear and killing himself in the process. Shattering into countless polygons. The hunter stood silent and unresponsive to what was said and what had just happened. Uncaring that the green of his indicator had turned orange and deaf to the whines that came from Kuroma beside him. Forced murder one would say but Rodolphus got his death from Harriku in the end.

A few minutes was left in silence before Harriku flicked his weapon back into his inventory. Patting his partner on the head in an absentminded reassurance. "It's only your lord that thinks it's a game between us" he mumbled into the silent air to where the player killer had been. Turning back to where he had come Harriku walked away. Mind heavy with thoughts of the warning given to him.

It wasn't a game to the hunter. Before in the beginning it had been. Then everything became too real, following with a betrayal and the loss of a dear friends.

It hadn't been a game between him and Tom for a long time once it came to people losing their lives.

Sharp emerald eyes glared harshly at the ceiling fan, gaze distant but blazing with anger and hatred "and if he thinks he will be able to hurt or take away what belongs to me?" Harriku raised his hand up and formed a tight fist "Then I'll show him how much fun this 'game' can be."

And that was a promise he would keep.

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