She paced back and forth like a trapped wild cat ready to bite the hand that feeds her. White, everything was white, the room; the walls, the ceiling, heck even the whole bed was white. She knew that they are watching her but she couldn't hide the fact anymore that she was beyond annoyed, she was pissed. She let some of her anger out by punching the wall making a hard dent while now having at least one broken bone in her fingers.

White, it is always white; gas leaked through the air vents and before she knew it she was passed out on the floor. It could have been five minutes or five years she could care-less. When she was asleep she could see things like everything that goes on in the building she is in. In the beginning, she didn't believe it but as time went on it became a sanctuary of sorts. She learned everything she knows by watching the people in the warehouse such as mathematics, science, guns/knives, a load of languages and a lot more.

She hid everything that she was learning and because of this, people thought of her as dumb; too bad, for she was planning an escape plan. She slowly woke up on the bed but she had it, a paper clip. Walking over to the door she started tapping her fingers on the door as her other hand picked the lock. She knew that as soon as the door was open an alarm would sound.

Bursting into the hallway, she came across a guard. She took the guard down with a kick to the back of his knee cap and a jab to the neck; she twisted around while pulling his gun out. She held the gun like a cop before shooting him in the head without a blink. He was dead before he hit the ground. She kept on going through the maze of hallways before she reached what she was looking for.

Creating a time bomb big enough to take this terrible building to the ground wasn't the hard part; it was lugging it to the center of the building. Once placed she took off only having two minutes to get out. Running through the hallways leaving a river of blood behind her. She just got out when the bomb exploded flinging her over twenty feet in the air and she blacked out.

She thought about all of this, "Miss, Miss," she looked up to the receptionist, "you can go in now Miss." She stood up with her legs quivering with nerves making her way to the wooden door. Opening it, she slowly entered watching the man behind the desk.

"You said you have a story to tell me?" the man questioned. She nodded before sitting on the chair's edge ready to flee if need be.

"You won't believe me," she stated blankly staring him down.

"Try me," he replied seeing the dead look in this young woman's eyes.

"It all started."