I don't own Harry Potter that is left to J.K. Rowling. Here I present the sequel to Wishing on a Star. Enjoy!

Severus shot up out of his bed not knowing what to think. He had just had one of the worst nightmares of his life and it didn't involve his past. It dealt stickily with one Harry Potter. What the hell was that all about, he thought to himself as he watched from his bedroom's window as life seemed to start to awake. He shook his head trying to clear his troubling thoughts before getting ready for the last day that the brats would be here.

"Are you feeling okay mate?" Ron asked as he practically dragged Harry to the Dining Hall for breakfast before the train would come to take them all home.

"Ya, I'm fine," Harry stated with a distant glaze in his eyes. Harry looked around the Dining Hall and for the first time in his life truly felt trapped. The urge to cut was creeping up his spine making his fingers twitch, wanting to feel the cool steel in his fingers.

"Oh, cool I'm glad," Ron stated obliviously as he saw the food on the tables with Hermione already sitting down with another textbook, reading.

"You two over slept," Hermione stated not even looking up from her book as the two boys sat down next to her and Ron immediately started digging into his breakfast like it was his last meal on earth.

"Mm, hrr, ugh," Ron stated thinking that the other two could understand him. Hermione glanced up before slapping the back of Ron's head causing him to swallow his mouth full in return causing Hermione to nod in satisfaction. "I said, Harry was the one who over slept."

Hermione paused her fork from her mouth to look at Harry, asking clearly, "Are you feeling okay Harry?" Harry just nodded pushing the food around his plate as Hermione looked on in concern. "You never over sleep Harry, if anything you are usually the first one in the Gryffindor tower who is awake."

"I'm fine," Harry growled lightly glaring into Hermione's eyes before scooping up a spoon full of some scrambled eggs and putting it into his mouth. He swallowed quickly as his stomach churned, "I forgot something I have to do before we leave for the train," Harry said to Ron and Hermione as he practically flew from the hall.

Hermione looked over to Ron in concern, "Something is wrong with him."

"Yes, there is," Ron softly stated looking at the empty spot that used to be occupied by Harry before glancing at Hermione in anxious worry.

Harry barely made it to the closest bathroom. Went into the stall and locked it before his fingers desperately made a move to start picking the scabs from the recently starting to heal cuts on his arms. His glamor started to buzz and come in and out before falling leaving only a scarred and scared boy in its wake.

He finally finds the razor blade that he keeps stashed in case of emergencies and starts feeling light headed as his fingers caress the shiny haven. He starts slowly barely braking the skin before going harder and deeper with each smooth cut that lessens the hurricane of emotions and feelings. Harry quickly realizes he is losing to much blood and might have nicked an artery but is that so bad? To die in a place that feels like home even if the people inside of it doesn't? He realized that it wouldn't be all that bad and slowly fell into oblivion praying that maybe, just maybe he would soon meet his parents for real.

Severus didn't know if he should yell out or take points, but something made him stop before he could. He could see his eyes, glazed over with sorrow and anger. What could make a Potter feel like that, he pondered sarcastically. He started to walk away when that dream popped up into his mind making him freeze before changing directions to go after Harry.

Some feeling of dread filled his stomach as he approached a bathroom making him speed up. Your acting like a Gryffindor, he thought to himself, running into situations without thinking. A stall was locked and yet he could hear crying from the inside before everything went quiet. Some where inside of him he felt something was slipping away and bust open the stall door to see a pale and deathly looking Harry Potter. "It was a true dream…"

"Harry!" Severus called pulling Harry out of his memories of that day and how everything changed. Severus became Harry's guardian before he awoke from his suicide attempt and had the Dursleys arrested for a multitude of abuse, neglect and mistreatment of a child. The Dursleys were all sentenced and are still in muggle jail when their muggle sentence is up they must face the wizarding world for judgement. That day was almost a full month ago and Harry couldn't help the smile coming onto his fading scarred face.

"Coming father…" Harry looked over the field in front of his home and whispered to himself, "Maybe wishing on stars really work."