Binas: Here is the long waited sequel to "Accident: Month One". What actually happens will have a high chance of drastically being different due to the changes I had made in the last story like Danny's parents knowing and Jazz finding out sooner. The overall plot of Danny becoming a hero is still in full swing. I will try to throw in a few curve balls to keep things interesting and try to bring in some mature subjects. No, I will not be doing smut- that's just gross. I will, however, try to do things among the lines of dealing with loss and stuff like that. Something we can all relate to. I mean, we all have lost someone or something close, right?

Which reminds me, when the time comes, things are going to get pretty crazy. How crazy? You will have to find out, that is unless you have some sort of psychic powers or the ability to see through time. Then there is the fact you may be able to guess from my writing style and the trend my stories follow when they don't adhere purely to transcripts.

Special thanks to one of my old high school friends for helping me with a good chunk of this story.


"Dad," Danny asked with confused eyes, "What the heck are you doing?"

"C'mon, Danny-boy," Jack said patting Danny's back, "Can't let your old man surprise you anymore, can't ya?"

Jack immediately went back to work on what he was working on, which happened to be taking apart an old, dented, hand-held vacuum cleaner. How it even got dented was only known by Danny. The only reason why he was the only one who knew was he had accidentally busted its dust collecting chamber in one of his many intangibility screw ups. Not a pretty sight in the end. The entire room he was in that day became caked in a thick layer of dust and fine particles. It also helped that his parents were away at an interview, so he had plenty of time to patch it up as best as he could.

Now that his dad had modified it, it was no longer dented, but that didn't mean there were still a likelihood it would cause some sort of trouble. Then there was the other part that worried Danny: what it was likely going to be modified for. While his parents accept Danny and the fact he is now a hybrid, there was always the lingering fear that something would go horribly wrong and cause everything to fall apart. Okay, Danny had to admit that last part was a bit of an over-exaggeration, but hey, with his crazy life, anything could happen.

Danny bit his lip and braced himself as his dad finished the trickiest part of the invention: Wiring the mechanism together. His dad is known for how easily he could make a slightly tricky a bit complicated, and wasn't because he was always making mess as the invention went- -


Danny quickly grabbed his dad and turned the both of them intangible. The debris and now useless pieces of scrap metal went flying as the invention exploded. A large chunk of components covered in fried duct tape fell in front of the father and son blatantly. Danny tried not to look suspicious as Jack blinked at the fact it was covered in duct tape.

"Who makes a vacuum cleaner motor with duct tape?" Jack asked as he narrowed his eyes. "That's stupid!"

"Yeah..." Danny chuckled nervously. "Totally stupid! And... Uh... Dangerous?"

Jack carefully picked up the motor. He turned around, wanting to say something to Danny. Danny instantly rushed out of the lab, afraid his dad had figured out what happened to the vacuum cleaner.

"I was going to tell him to throw it in the shed, but what the heck!" Jack said and threw the motor into a random box.

It had been at least two weeks since the Lunch Lady Ghost attack, and so far, Danny's progress on his powers had improved very nicely. Now he didn't accidentally go back into human form whenever he was distracted or fatigued as often as he had before which was a good thing. Another good thing was the fact his accidental intangibility phase was almost over. This was given away by the fact he was no longer phasing randomly through various objects (such as the floor) or turning invisible at inconvenient times. Sure there was one or two hiccups caused by hormones and/or embarrassment, but improvement was improvement.

Also during that time period, Maddie found out that Danny could overshadow people (and theoretically inanimate objects and other living things). It took a while for her to figure it out, but when Maddie realized it was her son in her husband's body (it took her trying to kiss "Jack" on the lips), she wasn't very amused. Even less so when she made Danny cough up the reason behind it (which was preventing Jack from learning about a parent-teacher conference when he was upset). She told Danny not to let her catch him overshadowing anyone (especially Jack, his teachers, the principal, or herself) again, or she would put a ghost shield around Danny's room or find a way to make a bracelet that would cancel out his powers without hurting him.

On the side, Jazz was doing her best at trying to help from the shadows (AKA helping without hunting ghosts down). She had done things to help Danny like slipping a thermos into Danny's backpack just in case he forgot to put it there. Another act of helping was studying some of the blueprints to some of the inventions that their parents made. If she knew how they worked, she could protect Danny from accidentally getting hurt like he did during the Fenton Lipstick Incident (he tried to sniff it out of curiosity, thinking it was a new lipstick scent).

However, she knew that the best thing she could do was be there for him, no matter what. If he needed advice, she would give it to the best of her ability. If he needed a hug and some support, she was willing to give that as well. If he wanted to hide Bearbert like he did when he was ten, that would be a no and for a good reason too. She may not play with Bearbert anymore, she still considered it a piece of her past that she wanted to keep as a reminder. And same went for using her car when he gets his learner's permit or driver's license. Then again he could fly, so it would be kind of silly for him to need to use a car.

As for Jack and Maddie, adjusting to Danny being half of what they hunted with passion was a bit complicated. There were days were it was easy to forget Danny even had ghost powers (which either led to Danny catching them off guard or him accidentally getting hurt) and other days where Maddie tried to keep him out of the lab even if they weren't working on something that would hurt ghosts or disable their abilities. Then there were days were Jack did something Oscar worthy. By that, he did something reckless and dragged his unwilling son into it, leading to massive embarrassment on Danny's part, especially if it was in public. The time he accidentally put fudge in a prototype bazooka and went to go test it out in the open definitely counted. Him saying "I didn't mean for that to happen" didn't help the situation at all that day.

So here was the present day, beginning slowly like a turtle as the sun began to loom over the horizon. The early Saturday sun began to spread its rays through Danny's window and into his bedroom. Danny tossed in his slumber to face the other direction to get his eyes away from the sun's bright glare. Just as his sleeping form got comfortable again, his alarm clock went off. Danny cracked open his irritated, tired eyes and glared at the alarm clock. He swatted at it, failing to hit the snooze button several times. After about ten tries, he finally silenced the irritating device. With a small, content smile, he slipped his arm back under the covers and tried to go back to sleep.

However, that was not meant to be. His ghost sense went off. He groaned in irritation as he threw his bedsheets to the side. His hair was a disheveled mess (more so than usual) from his restless sleep. One peek out the window and he saw one of the weirdest sights he had ever seen. It was a parade of various types of boxes flying down the streets.

'You have got to be kidding me...' Danny thought. 'Do I HAVE to deal with this NOW?!'

With an incoherent grumble, Danny climbed out of bed and wiped the crap out of his eyes.

"I'm going ghost..." Danny said flatly with yawn.

With that, he transformed and flew outside through the wall. Wasting no time in hopes that he would be able to climb back into bed before his parents tried to drag him out, he flew in the direction the boxes were heading. Every box bobbled as they flew below Danny's flight path. They ranged from simple cardboard boxes (which the majority of them were) to jewelry boxes and various crates. What they contained greatly varied. Some contained the obvious, others carried unexpected things like pipes, and smaller boxes held the latest PDAs, iPhones, Portals 10 Phones, and Androids. Danny also swore he saw a dirt filled box with a plant in it.

It took five minutes of following a bunch of boxes just to find out where they were going. They were heading to an abandoned, unkempt warehouse that was covered in cobwebs, mold, moss, dirt, dust, and trash. There was even a barbed wire fence surrounding the place completed with numerous "KEEP OUT" and "NO TRESPASSING" signs.

"How cliché can you get?" Danny asked as he stared at the run down warehouse. "What is with bad guys and abandoned warehouses? You know what, that doesn't matter."

Danny flew over the barbed wire fences and phased into the abandoned warehouse. Around him in the spacious building floated hundreds, maybe even thousands, of boxes. He couldn't exactly tell, but all he knew, whoever was stealing them needed to be stopped. Just as when Danny was going to begin searching the warehouse for the culprit, he heard the hammiest, worst evil laugh he had ever heard. In fact, it sounded flat out dorky.

Out of thin air (literally), a chubby blue ghost with black hair appeared. He wore blue overalls, tiny black boots, and a blue beanie. He wore an evil grin on his face as he wiggled his fingers in a menacing way.

"Beware, for I'm the Box Ghost!" the ghost bellowed. "You, young specter, should have stayed away from this warehouse! Now you shall face your doom!"

Danny fought to hold back his laughter. He couldn't believe this ghost was being serious at all. First of all, The Box Ghost was trying way too hard to sound scary. And second, the ghost's name was ridiculous too! It didn't take long for Danny to lose control and burst out laughing. The Box Ghost stared at Danny in confusion.

"Ummm... Why aren't you screaming in fear and running away from me?" The Box Ghost asked.

Danny tried to catch his breath before giving a few more chuckles.

"Dude, do you have any idea how stupid you sound?" Danny asked between laughs. "You're definitely not a very good villain."

The Box Ghost groaned, obviously getting mad. Without a single word, he let his hand glow a bit. Some of the already glowing boxes glowed brighter before being hurdled straight at Danny. The boxes bombarded the hybrid, effectively getting him to stop laughing. Danny phased out of the pile of boxes, looking a bit disoriented.

"Before you say good bye to this world," The Box Ghost began, "I must know who I am about to destroy! So ghost child, tell me your name!"

Danny thought; he couldn't tell the ghost his real name. If this ghost was as talkative as he was hammy, things would escalate very fast. He didn't need the population around him in Amity Park, heck even the whole world, to know that he now had ghost powers. His parents and friends were one thing, but people who he never met and the people at school were another thing entirely. They would probably start judging him by his powers and make him go from geek to freak in social terms.

He could create an alias to prevent those issues...

"It's... Uhhh..." Danny began, making the Box Ghost more and more anxious with anticipation, "It's... Phantom... Danny Phantom!"

Or make it completely obvious with a slight tweak to his actual name... He silently prayed that if this ghost was chatty, that people would not connect the dots.

'I am such a doofus...' Danny thought, mentally slapping himself, 'But at least I didn't choose something like Invisobill... That would be a nightmare...'

"Now that I know your name, I can now say this!" the Box Ghost said. "Farewell, Danny Phantom!"

The Box Ghost summoned a horde of boxes behind him. With a dorky laugh, he fired the boxes at Danny. Danny, with his arms raised in a defensive position, quickly turned intangible and shut his eyes instinctively as the boxes passed through him. When he opened his eyes, he realized that he was, in fact, intangible and no defense was really necessary.

'Oh right...' Danny thought, slightly embarrassed.

"You must be a new ghost," the Box Ghost stated and threw another box at Danny. "That gives me all that I need to package you to your doom!"

'That pun really sucked...' Danny thought as he let the box pass through him.

What Danny didn't count on was getting hit from behind by another box. He held his head where the box smacked him. This ghost was officially very annoying and very pathetic by Danny's standards.

Without wasting a second, Danny began to chase the annoying ghost. Once he got into range, he kicked the Box Ghost across the room. Unfortunately, being annoying and pathetic as all heck did not equal being easy to keep down. The Box Ghost was beyond persistent in trying to beat up Danny. He came close to landing a few nasty blows, but Danny's small bit of luck kept them from striking him. He also had to add "Keep the Box Ghost away from boxes that contain panties, stockings, and garterbelts" to his mental sticky notes. As much Danny would want to mess around with such clothing items, he did not have time to do that.

With a full powered right hook into the pesky ghost's gut, Danny sent the Box Ghost flying... Literally. He did want to use a pun there, but it was way too cheesy for the moment. And the cheesiness was not caused by yours truly this time.

The Box Ghost sailed across the room. His eyes darted around the room.

"Uh... Beware, for I will be back!" the Box Ghost proclaimed and darted out of the spacious room via intangibility.

"Oh no you don't!" Danny called out in annoyance.

Danny did not want to chase the lousy excuse of a ghost, but now he had no choice. He turned intangible and dove through the wall, not letting the Box Ghost have a five second head start. This caught the annoying villain wannabe off guard effectively, giving Danny the opening he needed to knock him into the ground. The second the Box Ghost began to struggle, Danny began to put him into a half nelson. The Box Ghost tried and tried get out of Danny's grip, but kept on failing. Danny rolled his eyes and pointed the thermos at the Box Ghost and sucked him up. The annoying menace protested as he tried to resist the thermos's pull, but ultimately failed in the end.

"That was by far the most annoying ghost I have ever met," Danny said as he frowned at the thermos.

Danny took a look at his phone's clock. It was 7:50. He had spent at least an hour and a half chasing the idiot. Danny's eyes widened in shock. He had promised to go to the movies with his friends at around 8:00. Normally they wouldn't go so early, but since it was the only time they were airing a Dead Teacher movie marathon that day.

"Oh crud!" Danny shouted. "I'm gonna be late!"

In a panicky haste, Danny flew as fast as he could out of the abandoned warehouse, unaware that someone was watching him from the shadows.

Sam and Tucker waited at the entrance to the room where the Dead Teacher movies were being marathoned. Tucker sat on the left side, playing a version of Pong on his PDA. Sam was on the right side, leaning against the wall with a disinterested scowl. Her eyes wondered to her wrist watch. There was only about ten minutes left until the previews for the new horror movies began, thirty until the actual movie marathon began.

"Danny better have not over slept again!" Sam exasperated. "If he did, I'm going to personally go over to his house and drag his lazy butt out of bed!"

"Maybe he ran into a ghost," Tucker suggested. "With the portal functioning, ghosts have been coming here and causing some trouble for our group."

"True," Sam said, calming down slightly with that possibility planted in her mind. "I really hope his parents find away to keep that portal shut or something."

"In the mean time," Tucker said, "Wanna grab some snacks at the concessions while we wait? I had to skip breakfast just so I could make it here."

Sam gave Tucker a look. It couldn't be more obvious that Tucker did over sleep. She sighed as she massaged her head.

"Nah," Sam said, "I'll pass."

"Suit yourself," Tucker said as he ran off. "They got cheesy nachos with bacon bits!"

"Another reason why I don't want to go get snacks," Sam muttered to herself in disgust.

Sam began to stare off into her dark version of La La Land, unaware something was lurking around her. She didn't even notice what was lurking due to it being invisible. An out of nowhere tap to her back startled her, causing her to jump from her leaning position. She turned around to see Danny, in his ghost form with his head poking through the wall, with a mischievous smirk and an index finger extended.

"Danny!" Sam scolded. "Where the heck were you!? The previews are going to start in five minutes!"

"Sorry," Danny apologized, "A new face decided to show up and steal a bunch of boxes, but I managed to send him packing."

Danny couldn't help but snicker at what he said as Sam just gave a deadpan stare. She didn't get the joke. Period.

"You see what I did there? He called himself the Box Ghost." Danny began explaining. "He was stealing all the boxes in Amity Park and I sent him packing."

Sam frowned, very unimpressed with Danny's joke. If looks could slap, then her current facial expression just did it twice.

"That is the lamest joke I have ever heard." Sam said. "Next time, don't explain the joke."

Danny gave a mock pouty face as he stepped out of the wall and transformed back into his human form. Sam was still not very impressed, but she was, however, relieved that it was a ghost that was causing trouble instead of Danny sleeping in like Tucker did. But what caused her some confusion why it was a ghost that was stealing boxes. A ghost like that didn't seem too hard to beat at all. In fact, she thought that even Paulina could beat a ghost with a box fetish. She would ask for details later, but she had other matters to tend to. Tucker had returned with a popcorn bin, a large soda, and a large container of nachos with cheese and bacon bits.

With the whole trio there, they entered the theater room and took a seat so they could begin watching the previews while they waited for their movie marathon. In the background, a shadowed, glowing figure kept watching Danny (he didn't notice that his ghost sense went off due to the numerous distractions) as he and his friends laughed at one of the most ridiculous previews on the line up. The figure smirked.

"Keep laughing, whelp," the figure said, "This will be the last time you do in this world."

The marathon ended at least four hours later. The trio emerged from the theater room, looking a bit disheveled and dirty from the horror induced chaos that erupted during the movies. Two of the three were also laughing from what went on.

"Did you guys get to count how many people fainted?" Tucker asked. "I have never seen so many go out like that! And it was during the SECOND Dead Teacher Movie! The LAMEST one!"

Danny tried to calm down enough to speak, but ended up failing. Sam, with a scowl on her face, tried to remove the popcorn kernels and puffs from her hair and tank top.

"Don't forget how many people don't know what a trash can is," Sam muttered and spotted a set of hotdog crumbs on her shoulder. "Eww!"

Sam flicked the hotdog bits off her shoulder via her sleeve so that she didn't have to touch the disgusting pieces of meat that invaded her personal space.

"I am sure it was an accident, Sam," Danny said, finally dousing his rampant chuckling. "I mean, some guy did accidentally did a spit take on the back of my head."

"I am not so sure that was a spit take, dude..." Tucker trailed off, his amused smirk becoming tainted with disgust at that memory. "It didn't smell like cola, juice, or soda. Plus there were chunks of something in it."

Danny froze when he heard that and cringed with major disgust. Now he knew why he smelled so badly. In fact, it made him want to puke even more now realizing what was on his back.

"I will be right back..." Danny said with discomfort.

Danny ran into the nearby men's room. Sam and Tucker faced each other just as soon as Danny disappeared into the bathroom.

"Still think being covered in meat crumbs is worse?" Tucker asked with a smirk.

"Tucker, I'd rather be in the middle of a ghost attack instead of being covered in either of those things," Sam said with irritation.

Danny locked himself in a bathroom stall. When he was certain nobody else was in the restroom area, he became intangible over the toilet, letting the nasty stuff that his clothes and hair had collected in the theater room. After he was certain everything that didn't belong was gone, he looked away and flushed the toilet. He did not want to confirm what he was covered in, period.

Just when he finished unlocking the stall door, he finally noticed his ghost sense. He tensed. This was definitely not a good place for a fight to break out. The biggest reason was because there were too many people in the building and not much room. Another reason was that Danny just didn't want to deal with another ghost that was just as annoying as the Box Ghost.

Danny pressed his back against the stall door, effectively keeping it shut. A second before Danny could transform, a large, glowing net pinned him to the stall door. It was also, unfortunately, very painful. Not only was the net giving him rope burn, it was sending a small shocks throughout his body. The shocks weren't too bad, they were pretty much on the same level as static shocks that you got from woolen clothes that didn't get put in the dryer with a dryer sheet.

A robotic ghost then became visible, hoovering over Danny. He looked really pleased with the fact that the hybrid was "helplessly" pinned to the stall door. The robot ghost had a functioning face (which confused Danny for some reason), a green, flaming mohawk, a black tank top with a skull on it, black leggings ('Why would a robot need clothes?' Danny thought), spiked combat boots, and a black, spiked choker.

"Who are you," Danny asked, wincing at the constant zapping, "And what do you want with me, metal head?"

"The name's Skulker," The robotic ghost said with a large, feral grin, "The Ghost Zone's Greatest Hunter! And I what I want is you."

"Dude, that sounds very wrong!" Danny said, cringing at the last part. "I am not a Robophile!"

"Not like that, you dirty minded whelp!" Skulker said in annoyance and slapped Danny across the face, "I am a collector of rare and unique creatures. What I want with you is not what your sewer brain thinks. What I want is to skin you, rest your pelt near my fireplace. Maybe even use whatever is left of you for making new weapons for my arsenal."

If Danny wasn't disgusted in the first place, he was now feeling massive revoltion. In fact, he threw up a bit in his mouth.

"Aw gross!" Danny cried out. "That is just sick! I am just a kid!"

"Not just any kid," Skulker said, not buying the half ghost's bluff, "You are the ghost kid. Rumors spread quickly in the Ghost Zone. I personally wanted to see if they are true, and now I can have you."

'Great, I should have been more careful where transforming!' Danny thought. 'If I was, then I wouldn't have to meet this robotic creep!'

Hoping the net didn't loop affect any of his powers, Danny went intangible and pushed himself backwards. To his delight, he fell through the door just like he had hoped. Once free, he didn't spare a single second and transformed instantly, not even shouting out his battle cry. The second after Danny was done transforming, Skulker had a laser aimed where his heart was located. This freaked the hybrid out a tiny bit, causing him to bolt from where he was standing and out of the men's room.

"Of all the days to forget the equipment," Danny muttered to himself as he looked behind himself. "It just had to be the day that some psycho thought it was a good idea to try to kill me!"

Danny dodged the incoming lasers, causing walls and some objects to get blasted. Every object that was hit was smothered in soot or was turned into soot. Thankfully, nobody got hit, that would have been one nasty trip to the hospital or something just as bad.

"Keep on dodging, ghost child!" Skulker called out. "It's making the hunt very interesting and exciting!"

"Dude," Danny called out, "I am sure what you are doing is illegal!"

"I don't care about the rules of this ridiculous human world!" Skulker shouted and fired a tiny rocket. "Skulker gets what he wants no matter what!"

The rocket homed in on Danny, causing his eyes to go wide as if he were a deer about to be run over. He gulped and tried to get the rocket off his trail, but the stupid thing was unable to fall for any misdirection that he threw at it. The rocket eventually caught up to him and slammed into his side, exploding. Danny cried out in pain as the explosion sent him flying into the ground, battered and bruised. Black and blue. Danny's consciousness teetered as he tried to stay awake. Danny won the fight against unconsciousness for now, but he was too weak to keep his ghost form. This in turn caused him to transform back into a human. Skulker threw an ectoplasmic gag on Danny's mouth, keeping him from speaking and/or shouting.

"Leave him alone!"

Danny's eyes wondered to the direction the two distinct voices came from. He saw it was Sam and Tucker holding the Ecto-pistols. He was certain he had gotten those back, but in a way, he was thankful he accidentally left them in his best friends' hands. But now, he didn't want them to fight a ghost with a thing for dangerous weapons that could potentially maim someone.

"And lose a chance at capturing my prey?" Skulker asked. "Not a chance!"

Danny wanted to tell them to run, but he was gagged and was very shaky with his movements due to the pain that ran through out his body.

Sam fired her pistol next to Skulker's metal head. It was too close for comfort as it nearly grazed the polished metal.

"Next time you won't be so lucky!" Sam shouted, "Release our friend now!"

"Never!" Skulker said. "And since you dare to approach me in such manner, I might as well make you two into a footstool and a tether ball!"

"Man, that is just gross!" Tucker grimaced.

"Without a doubt," Sam said, looking a bit green in the face.

Skulker advanced at the two humans, who were trying to get a good aim on the flying hunk of metal. Danny saw this and was highly alarmed, causing adrenaline to race through his system. That gave him the boost he needed to get moving again. With every ounce of determination, Danny quickly got up and ran towards Skulker. In one leap, Danny crashed his body into Skulker's screwing up Skulker's flight path. This gave the opening that Sam and Tucker needed for open firing. They shot at Skulker as Danny transformed and kept the robotic ghost pinned down. One of the ectoplasmic lasers that Tucker fired hit Skulker at the welding that connected the head to the torso, causing the head to pop off.

Danny slumped as the gag disappeared and went back into human form. Skulker's torso laid limp on the ground, but the head however, was rattling around like crazy. Two little stubby green feet were poking out of it. Danny got up and crawled over to the metal head and grasped the green legs. Whatever was in literally in Skulker's head, it obviously didn't want to come out. With a forceful tug, Danny managed to pull out a frog-esque green ghost that was the size of a smurf. Danny blinked at it.

"Put me down!" the green thing screamed in a high pitched voice. "I'm Skulker! The greatest hunter! You better listen to me!"

Tucker snickered.

"So the thing that was about to kill you was a booger?" Tucker laughed. "Man, that is so embarrassing!"

"No wonder why he was so snotty earlier!" Danny said with a few chuckles.

"Good one, Danny!" Tucker said, laughing some more.

"A BOOGER?!" Skulker screamed, highly insulted. "WHY YOU LITTLE-!"

Sam rolled her eyes as Danny gagged Skulker with his finger.

"Only you two can joke around after a life threatening situation," Sam muttered. "Hey, you might want to, you know, suck him into the thermos right now."

Danny looked around like he was guilty of something. Sam could easily read what was going through Danny's head at that second.

"You forgot it, didn't you?" Sam asked with half closed eyes.

"Yeah," Danny chuckled nervously, thinking back to when he left it on a table in the lab after getting rid of the Box Ghost, "This is a new duty after all! Can't expect me to remember these things!"

"Please try harder," Sam pleaded, "We can't make being forgetful a habit. Besides, we just can't carry a ghost in between our fingers. Someone will start asking questions."

Danny pondered for a second. His eyes lit up as a devious smirk grew on his face.

"Danny," Tucker asked, "You okay? I don't like the look you're giving Skulker the Ghost Zone's Biggest Booger!"

A toilet flushed, followed by high pitched screams. Skulker swirled around and around in the toilet bowl as he was flushed down the loo. Danny grinned at his handy work. Tucker had an amused smirk while Sam, gave a deadpan look at the two boys.

"You guys do realize this only solves a part of the problem?" Sam asked.

"What do you mean?" Danny asked. "I practically flushed it down the toilet!"

"What I mean is, we still have to deal with his suit!" Sam said and held up the robotic suit Skulker had worn.

"Can I keep it?" Tucker asked eagerly. "Pretty please!"

"I am pretty sure that is a bad idea considering who uses it," Sam said.

"Come on, Sam!" Tucker pouted before switching to pride. "I am pretty sure I can get information from that suit that will make beating him easier next time!"

"Go ahead, take it with you," Sam said. "I am not saving your rear end if it attacks you."

"Don't be so heartless," Danny said. "Skulker isn't in there so nothing bad can possibly happen with that suit while it's in Tuck's care."

Tucker cheered and hooked up his PDA to the suit. As soon as the information downloading began, Tucker got zapped for a brief second.

"Well, except for that..." Danny said.

With those words said, Sam and Danny chuckled as Tucker pouted on the floor of the bathroom. His PDA was off to the side with the downloading process at thirty percent.