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Punches and boxes were exchanged in the early night sky. Danny was once more fighting the Box Ghost. Just to think, the young Halfa (which the Box Ghost blurted out in one of their previous fights before Danny tricked him into the thermos via giving an explanation of the term) once thought this lame excuse of a ghost was annoying. He now thought the Box Ghost was a big pain in the rear. He sucked up of Danny's time for homework, classwork, fun time, sleeping, eating, and more. He was so close to thinking of trapping the moronic ghost in the thermos and burying said thermos fifty feet underground. Also during this very badly timed battle (he wanted to go to bed early for once), Danny discovered a new power, Ghost Rays. He learned about it when the Box Ghost threw a box full of pepper and body smashed into him. It made him a bit happy that he now had a way of ranged fighting without using the spare gun he carried (it was intended for Sam and Tucker if one of theirs broke) to use.

"I WILL BE BACK!" the Box Ghost screamed as he was once more sucked into the thermos.

Danny held the thermos, looking very bored. Five minutes. It took five minutes to get that annoying, lame excuse of a ghost into the thermos. Only four minutes and thirty seconds was spent chasing him. The remaining thirty seconds was used just to aim and fire at the pest. And every moment in that small time frame was a relentless drag.

"For the hundredth time this week," Danny muttered, hating his luck. "Doesn't he have anything better to do than bother me?"

"NO, I DO NOT!" the Box Ghost screamed from the non-soundproof thermos. "BEWARE!"

"Will ya, shut up?!" Danny yelled and banged the bottom of the thermos on one of the brick walls that made up Fenton Works' exterior.

A few feet from where Danny was floating, a window opened. It was his mom, and she was giving a look at her son as he banged the thermos. She cleared her throat, catching her son's attention.

"What are you doing, Danny?" Maddie asked.

"Uh..." Danny trailed off, "BEWARE!"

Danny quickly turned invisible, trying to avoid being questioned. However, once more, his luck was against him. His mother had turned on the heat sensors that she had recently installed into her goggles. She frowned.

"Danny," Maddie deadpanned, "I know you're still there. I can still see you in the infrared. Now tell me what is going on and why you were banging the thermos against the house."

"It's just the Box Ghost again," Danny said, coming back into the visible spectrum. "He escaped for the hundredth time! Again! Literally! I swear, he's trying use annoyance to kill me!"

"Honey, no one can die directly from being annoyed," Maddie said. "But more importantly, just please be more careful with our inventions. Some of them are still unstable and can be disastrous if they get damaged. Anyways, it's time to come inside; we have something important to talk about."

Turning intangible, Danny dove through the brick outer wall of the house and into the living room. Once in the room, he transformed back into his human form, startling his dad from his cross-stitching. Jack's hand dove for one of his pockets as he turned around just to see his son standing there.

"Oh," Jack said with smile as he relaxed, "It's just you, Danny-boy. You startled me there for a second there."

"Sorry, dad," Danny said sheepishly. "Do you have any idea what mom wants to talk about?"

Jack only just smiled as he put down his cross-stitching, not intending to tell his son anytime soon. Danny got the nonverbal cue and sat down on the couch. A few moments later, Maddie and Jazz came down the stairs. Jazz was looking a tiny bit more skittish than normal, but only Danny noticed. The young hybrid raised an eyebrow at his sister's nervousness, unsure what to think of it. He was going to ponder over it, but his parents caught his attention with their sudden news.

"Okay, you all must be wondering what is so important," Jack began. "Well I am going to tell you right now! Yesterday, in the mail, we got an invitation to a college reunion!"

Danny rolled his eyes. He obviously didn't want to go to a party full of old fossils, nor did he want to watch them break their backs just trying to do a simple line dance. Jazz also, didn't exactly want to go for a very similar reason. The added reason for her was that she didn't want to be there while her parents acted embarrassing.

"Aw c'mon, kids!" Jack pouted. "I haven't even gotten to the best part and you are already looking like dead flies!"

"Then please just say it!" Danny pleaded.

"The best part is that my old college friend, Vladdie, has invited us!" Jack said happily. "He has finally cooled down enough to start connecting with his old pals!"

Jazz furrowed her eyebrows at that statement.

"What do you mean exactly by that?" Jazz asked.

"You see, back in college, Maddie, Vlad, and I were great pals. We did many things together. We went to parties, hang outs, stores (where they either shopped or pulled off the classic "top # things to do at store x"), study sessions, everything you could ever think of together. Well, that was until fate blasted Vlad in the face," Jack explained, feeling a bit bad for what had happened. "He wound up being put in the hospital for a while with a nasty case of Ecto-Acne that came from a failed prototype of the ghost portal. He told me after that day that he never wanted to see me again. However, this invite that I hold before us all maybe a sign that he finally forgives me! And that is all I wanted from him since."

'Geez,' Danny thought, 'What is this? A soap opera? And no, I am not being heart-less!'

"Well, now that back story time is over," Jack said, "Go pack your bags, we are going to Wisconsin!"

Danny and Jazz sighed. This was going to be a long, very long trip. One that both didn't exactly want to be a part of, especially when it meant being trapped inside the smelly, armored RV. Either way, Danny had a bad feeling that he couldn't shake off. It felt very similar to the occasional pit feeling he sometimes has when his ghost sense goes off.

'I have a feeling something bad,' Danny thought, 'Very bad is going to happen.'

The two day trip to Wisconsin was, thankfully, uneventful for the Fenton family. All that Danny had to put up with was trying to pass time without being bored, a few car wreaks that his father didn't cause, several bathroom breaks, some stops for a quick meal, and listening to some really bad singing. If there was one thing that Fentons were not good at, it was singing. Jazz sounded like a dying cat, Jack had a decent voice, but it wasn't rock star quality, Maddie was a bit flat, and Danny did not want to try period. He didn't need any unneeded attention nor did he want his parents to surprise him with a hidden camera and post videos of him singing all over the internet. In fact, he never tried singing period in his life just because of that fact, even when he was younger.

Then there were a couple of confusing things, despite having an armored RV that was loaded with weapons, his parents still found it necessary to carry a few pistols with them. Danny also had no reason why his mom brought the Fenton Finder along. He was sure that no ghosts would interrupt their visit and there was no way Danny would be able to leave the place anyways.

However, Maddie had a reason to bring along the Fenton Finder and it was not to keep an eye on Danny (though it unintentionally gave her that bonus now that it could find hybrids at the touch of a button). The reunion brought the proto-portal accident to the forefront of her mind and sparked a theory that needed answering. She never got all the answers she wanted when Vlad stopped talking to them and she needed to know what long term effects the accident had on him. From what Danny told her about his own accident, it was likely that Vlad was trying to hide for similar reasons. Then there was the psychological effects from withdrawing from friends could have. She had to know and her inner curiosity was killing her from within.

By the early morning hours, the Fentons could see an elegantly shaped mansion modeled after castle in the distance. Jazz's eyes widened as her jaw dropped.

"No way," Jazz said in amazement. "It can't be..."

"It is," Jack said to his daughter, "We are finally here!"

Danny was impressed by the size of the castle-esque mansion but the coloring made him cringe. It was a beige building covered in a hideous combination of gold and green accents with red, cone shaped roofs. Jazz could sympathize on that part, but other than that, she was amazed at the fact that she now knew which Vlad they were talking about a few days ago. The only reason why she now knew was because this was the same mansion featured in one of the magazine subscriptions the Fentons had. Back then, she only read it because she needed something to read that wasn't ghost related (something that was hard to avoid with a family like hers) and the latest Genius Magazine hadn't arrived yet.

"Is it just me, or does this Vlad guy suck at telling his painters what to do?" Danny asked dryly with his eyes half open.

"Danny be nice," Maddie said, "Sure, Vlad always had questionable tastes, but that doesn't mean you have to be so rude about it."

"Vladdie just has his own style, that's all," Jack defended. "Nothing wrong with that!"

Jack parked the RV in front of the mansion. Everyone got out of the RV and a tall man dressed in a black business suit with white hair that was pulled back into a thin ponytail. The man's dark blue eyes looked at the arrivals, scanning them while being undetected. The look on Jack's face sold who the guy was right on the spot.

"Jack," Vlad said with a very subtle hint of disgust before switching to less subtle lust, "Maddie. It has been a very long time. Around twenty years if I'm correct."

"It sure has, Vlad," Jack said and wrapped an arm around Vlad's shoulders. "I am so glad you have finally forgiven me, and we are all happy that you wanted to have us here."

Vlad shifted uncomfortably under Jack's massive arm; trying to restrain a glare and only having a small, unnoticeable frown escape. Once he got out from under it, he readjusted his suit's coat.

"Well, yes," Vlad said and stepped aside. "I am sure your trip here was exhausting. So why don't you come inside and spend the night? You are a day early after all."

After some small hesitation on Jack's part, wanting to show every feature that he put into the RV specified for camping, Vlad managed to coax (including promises of ghosts roaming the halls) Jack enough to get him to agree on the family coming in for the night.

The inside of the mansion looked great architectural wise, but color wise, it was just as messy and hideous as he outside. The awkwardly placed greens and golds once more made the Fenton kids cringe in disgust. When Danny spotted the green and gold jerseys and several football related nick-knacks, he had a solid conclusion of what Vlad was...

"Dude, you are one extreme Packers fanatic..." Danny said shaking his head, with eyes open wide, when he saw a rather embarrassing thing: a football magazine stash.

"Fanatic is a bit of a harsh word, don't you think?" Vlad asked, nearly startling Danny with his sudden appearance behind him.

"Uhhhh..." Danny said, not exactly sure what to say at all. "No. Maybe? I have no idea."

During that little encounter, and some antics from Jack that made Vlad's calm demeanor crack a bit, Maddie decided to check the Fenton Ghost Tracker. When she turned it on and set it to the Hybrid setting she saw the cobalt dot that represented her son blinking in and out on the screen. Next to the cobalt dot on the screen was another cobalt dot. She looked up and saw that the second dot was right were Vlad was, making Maddie gasp internally. She was right, which was no surprise actually, but a part of her was hoping she was wrong because of all the implications that happened to make him that way.

Maddie debated if she should tell Jack now, or wait until night time to tell him. She knew she would need to tell Danny as soon as possible. Then there was the nagging feeling that should needed to let Vlad know that she knew as of this moment. And Jazz also had the right to know, but with the way she is with ghost related things made that one also hard to decide. The eternal battle of opening her mouth or keeping it shut raged on, causing her to ignore the outside world.

"Mom!" Jazz shouted, snapping Maddie out of her daze. "We are going to go choose our rooms now. Aren't you coming?"

"Oh," Maddie said, "I'm coming."

Jazz gave a funny look a Maddie.

"Is something wrong mom?" Jazz asked.

"I'm just thinking, that's all," Maddie said as she place a hand on her daughter's shoulder. "No need to worry."

"Okay," Jazz said, not buying it, but walked off none of the less.

Later that night in the room Jack and Maddie picked out, Maddie was trying to think of a way to tell Jack and her kids what she learned, but nothing came to mind. She tossed and turned in the expensive, fancy, comfortable bed. All of the support and softness the bed gave couldn't sooth Maddie's nerves at all. Jack, who just came into the room with his pink and white striped nightie and nightcap, noticed this and gave a concern look.

"Mads, you okay?" Jack asked as he sat on the bed. "You don't look to good."

"I'm fine," Maddie said with a tired smile. "I am thinking, that's all."

"What are you thinking about, babes?" Jack asked like a little kid as he bounced a bit excitedly on the bed. "A new invention idea? A new cookie recipe? Tell me! I know I can help!"

Maddie giggled a bit. Jack's kindness and outgoing nature was one of the greatest things she had found attractive in the big, loveable goof ball.

"It's not a new invention or recipe, but I promise, I will make a cookie recipe just for you when we get home," Maddie said, poking Jack's nose.

"Then what are you thinking about?" Jack asked, practically begging Maddie to tell him.

"Do you remember the proto-portal and Vlad's accident with it?" Maddie asked.

"Of course I do. I know it like the back of my hand," Jack said, looking confused. "I did share the story with the kids after all. But why does that have you thinking?"

"It's just that," Maddie said, "What if Vlad's accident had similar side effects to Danny's, ignoring the Ecto-Acne?"

Jack processed the question as carefully as he could with all of the genius level craziness that went on in his head. He never actually thought of that. To him, that would be actually cool in some weird way. Since Vlad seemed to have forgiven him, they could possibly do a bunch of crazy adventures that he would never drag Danny on until he turned at least twenty, give or take a few years. It would be just like the good old days that they had in college, but only twenty percent cooler and probably much more fun with all he pranks they could pull. His face beamed with happiness. That visible reaction wasn't one that Maddie was expecting.

"Jack, what are you thinking?" Maddie asked, not really sure if she wanted to know.

"If that's the case, then I say, we waltz straight up to Vladdie," Jack said, acting out the steps with his fingers, "Tell him we know, and celebrate with fudge and old hijinks we didn't get to do in college."

Maddie shook her head. That wasn't the smartest thing to do. Vlad was a friend and that wouldn't be the most polite thing to do. Then again, if by some luck and good timing, they would have a small chance of having Vlad help out with Danny and his slightly out of whack powers. While he had come a long way within the month and a half time frame, she was still nervous. What if something went wrong and the had no idea of how to fix it? Then they would need Vlad's help if he was truly part ghost like Danny was.

"Okay, okay," Maddie said with a yawn. "But let me do the talking, okay? We don't want to accidentally upset him."

"Awwww!" Jack pouted.

Jack climbed into bed, making it bounce a bit. The couple began to go to sleep from there. Maddie felt a lot more relaxed now that she had gotten that off her chest.

A few hours into the night in the guest room Danny took, Danny was sleeping but it wasn't peaceful at all. He was restless as he shifted a bit in his sleep. Even in his slumber, something just didn't feel right. It was as if someone was watching him and he wasn't even aware of them being there, period. It was flat out creepy, and he was part ghost. He shouldn't be creeped out by something like that, but he was.

As the sleeping Danny finally found some rest in his sleep, he was woken up by his ghost sense. Danny groaned as he cracked his eyes open a bit. He was tired and needed his sleep, especially since being an adolescent and the fact that his powers were still a bit taxing in the energy department. Despite that, Danny transformed anyways underneath the blankets. After he was done, he poked his head up through the blanket to see what decided to bother him now.

Flying past the door were a group of three green vultures with fezzes on their heads. Each one of them wore sunglasses, which were unneeded during the night, much less indoors. What really caught Danny's attention about the birds was the fact they were trying to drag Jack though the hallway. That was both bad and just plain rude.

"This old guy is heavy!" the first vulture cried out.

"Just keep pulling," the second one said, "We might get him to the boss by the afternoon tomorrow if we are lucky!"

"Shut up!" the third one squawked. "We don't want unwanted attention or for the bozo to wake up!"

Danny quickly flew behind the vulture and tapped the first one. The first vulture turned around and squawked in surprise. This caused a repeat of the exact same reaction from the other two.

"Don't do that to us, kid!" the first vulture cried. "If you want to help us drag our victim to the boss, then just ask!"

"He's not a victim, he's a bozo!" the third vulture corrected.

"The boss specifically said he was a bumbling, fat idiot!" the second vulture screeched.

"No!" the first one yelled. "Both of your ears lie! I heard the boss call him a victim!"

"You have the worst hearing out of the three of us!" the third one screamed.

Danny blinked as the three vultures began to fight each other. It was pretty much a "what the heck" moment for him. Shaking off the strangeness of the moment, Danny used this moment to grab his dad, turn the both of them intangible, and fly away with him. All of that was done without the vultures noticing. After Danny put his dad back into the bed safely, he flew out of the room and back to the bickering avians, who were now pecking each other on the head.

"Hey, three stooges!" Danny called out. "You should pay more attention!"

The vultures perked up and looked at the floor and screamed in panic. The second vulture glared at its companions.




That was when all heck broke out. The ghostly avians began beating each other up rather brutally. Danny cringed as he saw one of them try to rip one of the other's foot off. This was by far one of the weirdest fights he had ever participated in. And all he did was tell them to pay attention! Getting a bit tired of hearing the arguing, Danny decided to do target practice on them. If he was going to be kept up by a bunch of vultures bickering, he might as well entertain himself.

Danny pointed a finger in an "innocent" manner and shot a ghost ray at one of the vulture's rear end. The vulture he hit screamed in pain as it held its butt and began to dance around a like a total moron. Danny couldn't help, but snicker at how stupid the vulture looked. He then shot another in the foot, which led to that one hoping on one foot as it held the injured one. As for the final one, he grabbed it by the tail, lift it off the ground, and smirked.

"Hey, you two!" Danny called out.

That got the other two vultures to stop doing their embarrassing "dances" and turn around. They gasped when they saw their brother in Danny's possession.

"Polly want a bird?" Danny asked before throwing the bird and kicking it in the back. "Well let me give you one!"

The vulture went sailing through the air, crashing into its brethren. They turned intangible as they flew through a wall that was not an interior one. Danny dusted his hands off, feeling his exhaustion set in. It was really annoying that he had just wasted five minutes of sleeping time on those bird brains.

Danny began to fly to the room that he had chosen to sleep in when he saw a shadow go by. The young hybrid frowned and continued on to bed, thinking that he was just seeing things because he was tired. That was when the shadow began following him. Danny stopped in his tracks and glared at the shadow.

"Okay, what is this?" Danny asked as he turned around with his eyes closed in exasperation. "A cheesy horror film remake? Whoever is pretending to be Freddy Krueger, you better quit it! Some of us want to go back to sleep!"

"So you are that little goody-goody: Danny Phantom?" a creepy, yet calm voice asked.

'Gossip sure does travel fast by Box Ghost,' Danny thought. 'Note to self: Hope that the idiot never finds out I am only half ghost.'

Danny turned around and saw a pair of menacing eyes that had every single inch of them glowing an opaque, blood red, not just the iris. The ghost boy floated tiny bit closer to get a better look at the new person in the area. However, Danny was prevented from getting a closer look. The figure instantly pushed the young half ghost away, making him yelp. Once Danny was out of the figure's path, the figure came out of the shadows.

The now revealed figure made Danny feel a tiny bit nervous. The figure was an adult male by human physiologic shape, but was clearly a ghost. What gave that away was not just the obvious glowing, but also the fact the ghost had blue skin, jet black hair styles as devilish horns, vampire fangs, and a white business suit with red accents. Despite the nervousness that lingered in his subconscious mind, Danny still found one thing that could easily summarize the ghost before him: a ridiculous Dracula knock off.

"Who are you?" Danny asked before cracking a slight nervous look. "A vampire wannabe with Cyanosis?"

That smart aleck comment got Danny nasty punch into the gut. Danny went flying back a bit, clenching where the ghost had socked him.

"Be glad I didn't say that sparkly vampires were better than you..." Danny muttered under his breath.

"You have a wit," the ghost said sarcastically. "How charming. We will have to fix that."

"You didn't answer my question!" Danny said a bit too loudly, losing some patience with the smug looking ghost in front of him. "And why was Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Doofus dragging m- That guy away?"

The ghost gave a creepy smirk that sent shivers down Danny's spine. He gestured his hand towards a pair of large oak doors with fancy, decorative engravings.

"Follow me in here," the ghost said chillingly. "I will answer those oh so troublesome questions then."

With that, the ghost turned intangible and melted through the door. Danny, not having a very good feeling about this at all, followed with his guard up. From the way the guy answered his second question, he knew about the reason behind it. That was not including how uncomfortable the ghost intentionally made it sound.

Past the door was an expansive library. Book among books filled the shelves and cases. Most were related to either football, dating tips (humorously enough), and to Danny's surprise, a couple of sections of glowing books. The creepy atmosphere not only made Danny's skin crawl, but perked his still present childish curiosity a bit.

After reaching the center of the library, the ghost turned around to face the young hybrid. From the look on his face, things were just about to get ugly.

"To answer your first question, I am not a vampire want to be," the ghost said in a low, high and mighty tone. "My name is Plasmius. I am, in fact, the most powerful ghost you will ever meet, you little cheeky brat."

Danny tried to hide the fact he was getting really uncomfortable, but it was getting harder as the minutes went by. This ghost, Plasmius, may have been not been the best to use as a punching bag for his witty banter. It was starting to show very quickly.

"As for your second question," Plasmius began, "Why would I tell the likes of you? Like I said, you are a goody-goody. If I told you, I would have to waste my limited time on you right now and tomorrow."

Danny tried to open his mouth, even more confused, but the older ghost immediately shut him up. The younger one knew that from the sound of things, Plasmius was going to do something heinous very, very soon.

"And you are thinking 'oh look, another evil ghost to beat up'!" Plasmius mocked. "And what are you going to do about it? Suck me into that ridiculous thermos? I won't even give you a chance to be within range to do so."

Before Danny could fully process the mockery Plasmius just did of him, he was pushed back by a powerful punch aimed at his stomach. Danny went flying back into a shelf, causing it to fall backwards and cause a domino effect on the shelves behind it. It was a good thing that Jack, Jazz, and Maddie were safe in bed right now. The young hybrid didn't want to think about what would happen if they got in Plasmius's way. And if Danny drew the dots together correctly, Jack might have long ago. It was farfetched, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Danny got up and threw a ghost ray at Plasmius. However, it never reached the vampiric ghost. Instead, the elder ghost waved an arm, making a clear pink, square shield appear. The smirk Plasmius gave Danny was just annoying to the young Halfa. It was as if he was telling Danny that he was better than him by long shot and that the young hybrid would never get better.

The teenage ghost got up and tried nail the older one again. And again. And again. Danny kept getting blasted or punched back brutally, swatted away with another ectoplasmic shield, being thrown; the list just went on and on. He wound up badly bruised with abrasions littering his face and body.

Plasmius floated above Danny, looking high and mighty. Danny was exhausted to the point that his vision was starting to dim and his other senses began to become dull. He just wanted to sleep at this point. The young Halfa tried and tried to keep himself awake, but in the end, he drifted to sleep…

When Danny woke up, he shot up like a speeding bullet. His eyes darted around, looking for any possible threats. He found none, much to both his relief and concern. He had few vague memories that pointed to that something bad happened involving a ghost that looked like a rip-off version of a vampire named Plasmius.

Danny slipped out of bed and quickly rushed to the room where his parents were. He cracked open the door and saw that they were still sleeping soundly in bed. He breathed a sigh of relief and shut the door. According to the watch that he wore to bed, it was three o'clock in the morning. He was still unsure if that vague battle with that Plasmius guy was real or one really insane dream. If there was one thing he was sure about now, something felt really wrong and really off about the mansion and Vlad Masters. He just couldn't put his finger on it. Well, that was if you left out the fact the guy had a thing for his mom, a married woman.

For the time being, Danny had one thing in the forefront of his mind: surviving the actual reunion without embarrassment. He prayed that his parents wouldn't try to do off putting dances that would be described as obnoxious, ridiculous, and mortifying or do something that would wish that the accident did kill him. He didn't need to see anything that would scar him for life, period.

The reunion was a nightmare that came true… Everything that Danny didn't want to see had happened. His parents were dancing badly to new wave music; several guys high on alcohol were trying to play football in the middle of the room with a bottle filled to the brim with beer, a smaller group in one of the corners playing strip poker, and a lot of other adult/stupid things happening. It was a disaster to Danny. The poor half-ghost wished he had stayed in the theater with Jazz and watch a boring documentary on the creation of the Super Bowl.

'This is the worst moment of my life…' Danny thought as he tried his best to ignore his surroundings.

With a sigh, Danny decided to get up from the table he withdrew himself to originally. He needed some air and to get away from the insanity that was the reunion. As he walked away, he ran into his mom, who was apparently now taking a break from the fun she had on the dance floor.

"Oh mom," Danny said sheepishly. "Sorry, I didn't see you there."

Maddie saw the look in Danny's eyes: the look of uneasiness and stress that have bombarded him none stop. It broke her heart to see her baby boy like this.

"Is something wrong, honey?" Maddie asked.

"I just got this nagging feeling that something isn't right," Danny said.

"Danny, listen," Maddie began, "I think I may know what is wrong."

Danny perked up, giving his mom full attention. He wanted to know what his mom was thinking. Then there was the fact she could have faked sleeping last night just to spy. And it wouldn't be the first time she done that. She did that last week to the Box Ghost, and boy did she really want to give that pest to Jack to rip up. However, in the end, she didn't. That was mainly because the idiot escaped with a box full of spare parts as "hostage". Danny did manage to get that box back in the end at least.

Maddie pulled something out of her pocket. It was the Fenton Ghost Finder. Danny was surprised she brought that device with her. Then again, he shouldn't be.

"See this blue dot right here?" Maddie asked as she pointed at one of the two cobalt dots on the screen.

"Yeah," Danny drawled out, unsure what that had to do with anything.

"Well, I managed to get this to have two different modes: one for tracking ghosts, and one for locating you in case if something bad happens," Maddie explained.

Danny cringed. His mom was tracking him. That was a nightmare come true, and he had no doubt about it.

"I know, it's awkward for a mom to be tracking their teenage son, but I care about you," Maddie said, catching the awkwardness that surrounded Danny. "But my point is that the mode for tracking you picked up something else as well."

Maddie pointed at the other dot on the screen. From where she was going with this, Danny came to the conclusion that his mother had intended that the device was only to find him, not other half-ghosts as well (which it was, but she didn't want to worry Danny with the fact she did it deliberately).

"This dot is where Vlad is standing," Maddie said.

Danny raised his eyebrows at that information. He looked in the direction Vlad was in and back at the Finder.

"So that means…" Danny drawled out.

Maddie nodded, confirming Danny's thoughts on Vlad being just like him. It was Earth shattering news in the sense that the young boy was speechless. He had no idea what to think. He was happy that he wasn't alone in this mess, but at the same time, he felt a bit sad for that reason. Being a hybrid was just not easy. Danny, despite being naïve and just a kid, he did know that if the wrong people knew about hybrids (including Human-Ghost ones) things would go to hell very quickly.

Maddie could see that Danny was thinking that thought. It was just too easy due to the fact Danny was an open book. One that people typically ignored due to the fact his cover never appealed to anyone.

'I wish I could make this easier for you,' Maddie thought sadly.

At that moment, Vlad walked over to the mother and son with a smile that Danny still found creepy.

"Ah there you are, so how are you two enjoying the party so far?" Vlad asked.

"It is pretty good so far," Maddie said. "Can I talk to you for a second?"

Vlad lit up a victorious grin that was mixed with lustful intentions for some reason. It sent shudders down Danny's spine as his cheeks turned a sick green.

'Oh good grief,' Danny thought, 'And they say teenagers can't control their hormones!'

Thankfully, Maddie didn't return the lust that rusted off Vlad at all. She and Vlad began to whisper to each other. Danny watched as Vlad face went from a picture perfect show of someone of high status to the look that you would find on a little kid who got caught stealing from the cookie jar. Danny tried to hold back his snickers; the look on the millionaire was beyond priceless. When no one was looking, he took a picture of Vlad's shocked/guilty face and sent it to Tucker and Sam to tell them it was the only enjoyable thing that happened at the party of the old fossils.

Suddenly, a smug smirk graced Vlad's face. It was disguised as a genuine smile enough for Maddie to not catch it, but not enough for Danny to ignore it. That look just had "bad news" written all over it. Something just was not right at all.

After Maddie was done talking to Vlad, she had a slightly unamused look on her face (probably caused by the fact that Vlad tried to flirt with her).

"So, what's the verdict?" Danny asked flatly. "Are we officially crazy?"

"No Danny," Maddie said. "In fact, Vlad is indeed in a similar situation and wants to be your mentor."

Danny gave a questioning look, unsure if he was being for real or not. This sounded way too good to be true.

"I would be able to teach you everything I know and more," Vlad said, still holding that hidden smug look. "Doesn't that sound like fun?"

Danny internally cringed. He did want to learn more about his powers, but at the same time, he felt there was something being unspoken. Whatever it was, Danny would have to stay on guard for a while.

"I will go tell Jack the news," Maddie said. "I hope you don't mind that."

"Oh, goodness, I don't mind at all," Vlad said rolling his eyes. "It would be like… Good old times?"

'Wow. How did you not catch that, mom?' Danny thought, watching Vlad shudder as Maddie went off to go find Jack. 'I think I should try to go get some air to clear out my head.'

With that, Danny headed towards the exit of the party room. Behind him, Vlad gave a very sinister look.

'Things may not be going as planned, but I still got some pawns left,' Vlad thought.