Note: Like almost all of my short pieces, this was originally posted on Tumblr. I hope you enjoy.

It is remarkable how much a little snowman has in common with a queen.

Olaf was made in a moment of unbridled joy by Elsa and born of purest love, born of the silver-shining remembrance of her sister's laughter and her own from so, so long ago.

When love first put sight into his eyes of stone and movement into his twiggy arms, Olaf was awestruck by the world. It was wild, wonderful, and completely new to him.

And yet, in the early hours after his creation, he was utterly alone. She that made him did not even know of his existence. And so he wandered the wide, wintry landscape by himself, taking in its splendor.

Like Olaf, Elsa found herself caught up in a new world that was opening itself to her as she stood on the North Mountain's slopes, watching her magic flower into the grandeur of a palace of ice.

Like Olaf, Elsa's rush of elation made her lose sight of the fact she was alone.

For a while, at least…

They were both cut off from others, the snowman and the young queen. It took someone with gentle compassion to bring them into the fold, to show them the warmth that life could offer them, the warmth they had hardly known before.

It took someone Olaf felt was worth melting for.

Someone Elsa would have given up everything – her crown, her birthright, her very life – to protect.

With a tender smile, Anna let the curious snowman join her little company, never dismantling his dreams, however impossible they seemed. With that same smile, Anna ascended the stairs of Elsa's palace, never judging her.

Anna's love brought them both home, showed them they had a home to come to.

Oh, it really is remarkable how much a snowman has in common with a queen.