Just an idea that popped into my mind. Enjoy :)

She had heard about the app, but never tried it. It didn't really feel natural to hear; she didn't feel the need to join. Not yet. But curious, that she was. She had heard all the stories, from her friends. Even Rachel had done it, before Mike…but currently it was her younger sister that was showing off. Almost every Friday she would get a message from Anne telling her about the guy she was going out with and they were all extremely handsome and interesting. She had wondered about the kind of men that she'd be able to see; but not enough to really tempt her. Not until the rehearsal dinner of her friends. She hadn't found the time or mind to find a date for the part. And for once she didn't mind, because she knew he didn't have a date as well. Or so she thought. She was sitting at the table with Jessica and Louis when he walked in. She spotted him instantly; black tuxedo's, bow tie, the brown hair and eyes and that smirk smile. She smiled at him, but he didn't seem to notice it. He turned around and extended his arm to this woman. She was in her mid-twenties, way too young for him, had long blonde hair, blue eyes and bright red dress. Donna swallowed; he had brought a date. And not just any date, a woman that made feel a bit insecure although she knew she looked just as good.

Later that night she thought about how pathetic she must have looked. Jessica had brought Jeff and even Louis had brought someone. She was the only one without a date that night. She thought about the girl Harvey had brought. Her name was Julie, she was a model. Of course she was, but besides her looks there was seriously nothing interesting about her. She wondered what he saw in her, maybe even what that girl had over her. Her thoughts were interrupted by an WhatsApp from Anne; a picture of yet again a handsome guy with the caption 'Date Night – wish me luck'. Donna tried to smile at her phone, but she somehow she couldn't. Her sisters words 'you should create an account too, it's fun' went through her head as she opened the app store. The combination of too much alcohol, loneliness and a lack of better judgement were the reason she was staring at the profile of a guy named Dave five minutes later. She looked at his profile picture, and read the short description; wanting to see more about him she double tabbed and accidentally swiped to the right. Ooh, no…what was that. What did I do, she thought when his profile disappeared. She was even more shocked when his picture returned on her screen with a small picture of her own profile; 'it's a match!' was the caption. OOooh, Shit! This wasn't supposed to happen… Donna freaked and closed the app, but a couple of minutes later curiosity got the better of her and she grabbed her phone again. There were a lot of weird guys on there, but also some respectable looking ones. She chatted with a man named Nate for the rest of the evening.

Two days later she was at the office preparing some files for Harvey when she got a message from Nate; if she wanted to grab lunch in half an hour. She replied she would love to meet him, before she entered his office. 'Do you need me for anything or I'll be out for lunch,' she asked him.

'Uhm, no. But why don't you stay? We could order some lunch?' he countered putting up his Specter smile.

'Harvey.. we can't.'

'Why not? We've had lunch together before.'

'Actually, Harvey. I have a lunch date.'

Harvey took in her words and his smile disappeared slightly, 'Have fun, Donna.'

'Thanks,' she replied as she walked back to her cubicle to grab her purse.

The date with Nate had been horrible, but it could have been worse. He was actually the guy from the pictures, she had heard of her sisters stories that this wasn't always the case. But somehow the click they had on the phone just wasn't there in person. He was quiet and didn't really have an opinion about anything. When she thought back about their text conversations, she realised how coincidentally she had found it that he liked everything she liked; he had just agreed with every statement she had made. Although the date was going nowhere, she was too polite to walk away. So she stayed for the entire hour, secretly hoping she had asked Harvey to call after fifteen minutes so she could back out if she wanted to. Like she had done on more than one occasion for him. When she wanted to say goodbye he tried to kiss her, which made her channel her inner Donnaness. 'Okay, listen, Nate. You wear a suit that is two sizes too big, you're obviously not over your ex and you want to take another direction with your life, but you don't have the balls to go for it.'

Nate stared at her in shock; how on earth did she know all this.

'Well, it's been… interesting,' Donna continued, 'let's not meet again,' she said as she turned around and walked away.

Back at the office Harvey questioned her about lunch, but the moment he had seen her face he knew all he needed to know. It had been horrible, and although he felt sorry for her he couldn't help but smile a little.

'Okay, so next time I'm going on a date you're most definitely calling after fifteen minutes to give me an out,' she demanded when she waltzed into his office.

'That bad?'

'Worse, your lunch with Louis was nothing compared to this.'

His face winced, 'where did you find the guy?'

'Tin.. Tina. Old friend from the theatre set us up,' she lied, she wasn't about to confess she had gone on a tinder date.

'Let me guess, it was one of those quiet kind of guys?'

'Worse, a 'I'll just agree to whatever you have to say'.'

Their conversation was interrupted when Mike entered the office, 'Harvey, are you ready to go?'

Harvey looked up at his associate and back to his watch, 'Yes. Sorry Donna, have to go celebrate the last days of Mike as single man.'

Donna smiled at the men in front of her, 'Have fun guys!'

She walked towards Rachel's office. 'Hello, stranger! Ready for Happy Hour? You, me & Harvey's corporate card.'

'Ooh yeah, time to bring Harriet and Michelle out of retirement,' Rachel answered as she got up and walked towards Donna. The two of them went to their regular club and started the evening with some margaritas. After the third round of drinks and sending off random guys, Rachel noticed a change in Donna's mood. Like she wasn't enjoying the attention from all the men at the bar. She asked what was wrong and Donna told her that she felt embarrassed for showing up alone at the rehearsal dinner and that she'd been on this terrible lunch date that afternoon.

'Donna, I'm so sorry. We didn't know he had brought someone.'

'No, that's not it.'

Rachel gave her friend a questioning look, only because she knew Donna was staring at the drink in her hand and would notice. 'Don't give up just yet. You never know who'll you find. It might be the one.'

Donna threw herself on her bed; it had been a crazy night out with Rachel and the alcohol in her system made her open the app again. 15 Matches of whom four had started a conversation, but she didn't want to reply. She just wanted to look at what the app had to offer. 'You never know who'll you find.' She continued swiping to the left, when she found herself looking at a picture of Harvey. 'It might be the one.' Donna froze, what to do, what to do?! She knew she shouldn't, she had made it clear she didn't want to; she had made the rule, but it was as if her fingers where leading a life on their own. She swallowed at the realisation she had just swiped his picture to the right.