OC Dimensional Journeys: World of Harry Potter Chapter 1: The Prologue

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Continued from Previous Fic - OC Dimensional Journeys: Prequel:-

As I looked about at the Pedestals with the glowing orbs that were hidden,barely, by the cloths covering them; I suddenly felt a weird feeling as if my body had just went for a wild rollercoaster ride.

I look at Isis in confusion as I steady myself and ask "What was that just then."

Isis merely smiles and then she explains to me what happened.

"What has happened is a combination of two things, the separation of one of the 'other selves' I mentioned earlier and the fact that I have had to change your body to accommodate for the world I believe you would pick next if you did not already go to the world that your 'other self' has done so and picked."

She gestures to one of the orbs which I now notice is uncovered and slightly dimmer than the others, I guess that means it is in use.

I look at the symbol of that orb and I smirk slightly as I can tell why I would have picked that one first, but I shake my head and return to my decision of which world I should go to when I spot a orb with a series of symbols that seems familiar to me as I walk up to it and uncover it from the cloth that barely hid it.

When I see the symbols flashing randomly inside the glowing orb my excitement reaches great heights at what I am seeing.

The symbols that I recognise is a Lightning Bolt symbol, a crest or shield of arms that has four very familiar animals on it and words along with a triangle symbol that had a line in the middle with a circle in its centre and the line splitting and going through the circle to the bottom of the triangle.

I feel the excitement and anticipation of what would and could happen if I selected this particular world fill me up as I turn to Isis and ask her "Can I pick this world please?"

She merely smiles again and says to me "You may, but you will need to know some things first."

I nod to indicate for her to elaborate on what she may mean.

"There will be consequences of what may happen to the story and history of the world you are about to enter, if you choose to do so after this warning."

She continues after making sure I am giving her my full attention, of which I most seriously am.

"There is a choice if you want to go there at your current age as you would be more capable of many things but you will have already lived through most of that world's aspects and what it has given you so far when you arrive as I will have provided a backstory and general memories for yourself to use and know of so it would appear to others and yourself that you have lived in that world your whole childhood and up to the beginning of adulthood and you will have knowledge of that world that you may not have had before."

"However if you wish to be much younger, of which I can grant and change to accommodate this then it would be a better chance for yourself to better experience the world at a much younger and simpler age so that everything is new and wonderful for you to discover and learn as you grow in that world."

"I hope you understand the consequences of these choices?"

I stand with a contemplative expression on my face as I ponder and weigh the pros and cons of each choice.

I do understand the points made by Isis and think that the choice to be younger in this world would have more benefits as he knew a certain person would be more appreciative and responsive of someone who was of a similar age rather than a much older person who the certain person could not relate to very well as from what I have seen and understood about that specific person.

I make my decision as I tell Isis "I would like to be aged younger to about 11 or at least 12 years of age."

I see Isis nod and smile as she speaks to me saying "Very well then, so when you arrive in this world you will be aged at either 11 or 12 years old, the result will show itself when you awake in that world."

I nod as I say to her "Wish me luck."

She nods as I walk up to the orb again, having walked away from it when I had been speaking to Isis, and place my hand upon the orb and say "activate" and soon after the orb glowed brighter until all I saw last as I blacked out was Isis waving gently towards me and smiling as I had a single thought running through my mind as the light consumed me and I lost consciousness.

"Look out cause I am coming to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and they won't know what hit them!"

And that is the first chapter to my second OCDJ'S Fic, I will be writing the second chapter very soon but I may not get a chance as guess what...

I'M HEADING TO FLORIDA TO SEE TWWoHP (The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) in a couple of days for two weeks.

So you can guess my reason for FINALLY writing the first few chapters for this fic as I want to be inspired and get some good content for my HP fic as I will be taking photos and other stuff that will help me so much in description of what wizarding stuff will look like and other general things I either do not know about Harry Potter or have not much knowledge on.

I already went to the place down in London and that helped a lot with my work but I bet nothing will compare to Florida's Theme Park about Harry Potter.

I am soooooo looking forward to it.

If any of you have already been there then give me some advice general tips of things to look out for bar the regular stuff you hear about from adverts.

So until then, if I don't or cannot write more then I bid you all a fond goodbye for a few weeks as I will be back and ready to write some more fics; I even may write something more 'Mystical' if I want.

See You my fellow Wizards AND Witches.