OC Dimensional Journeys: World of Harry Potter Chapter 4: The Platform, The Express and The Meetings

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Kings Cross Station, London, England - 1st of September (David's POV)

I gaze up at the stunning sight of Platform 9/3 Quarters and its wonderfully majestic red Hogwarts Express, that I knew without a doubt a couple of old friends from my old life and world who were into such things would be jumping for joy at the sight of the lovely Train.

I give myself a mental shake of the head and rid myself of those random thoughts and refocus my attention on what lead to this and how I had changed Harry's arrival to this particular platform.

From the letters and notes we both sent each other, leading up to the day or our entry and attendance of Hogwarts, we both planned out what would be done to get Harry to join us on our journey to the Platform.

Harry's part was simple, all he had to do was use the number I gave him that was to my home number and tell us when he was ready to be picked up to go with us; of course he also had to explain to his relatives of how they were not needed to take him to the Platform.

They took the news better than I expected but what could you do when they treated Harry so badly like he didn't even exist or was just their whipping boy to be used at length to ignore their terrible own faults and sickening neuroses; this reinforced my budding plans to get Harry away from that Family, Blood Wards be damned.

I actually had Isis check on those so called Blood Wards at my request, which she was happy to do.

It turned out they were there but they were piss poor and really weak in terms of warding and protection; they did the minimal amount needed to help Harry and protect his so called 'home'.

According to Isis it would take about an Hour, maybe less to destroy them or remove them if you were someone as powerful as say a 6-7th year student of Hogwarts.

Obviously The Old Man Dumbledore didn't keep as close an eye on those stupid wards as he should have; that's another thing added to the list in my short one of actions and irresponsibilities that Albus Dumbledore has committed so far.

Oh I knew he wasn't evil like a lot of stories have either been made or pointed out at towards the Old Man but he wasn't exactly good; more leaning from side to side on the spectrum of Good and Evil in his own way of handling things and his so called life philosophy of The Greater Good even if he would somewhat deny having abandoned that philosophy after Grindelwald and all that mess between them.

Obviously I would have to study more and learn as much as I could in any instance I would have contact with the man while at Hogwarts, and assisting Harry in any way I could during our years at Hogwarts, to properly judge him.

I give my head another mental shake and realize my thoughts and reflections have went on in a tandent of sorts; a really bad and unfortunately impossible to break Habit I have that seems to have followed me here to this world and dimension, and possibly affecting many of my other selves as well in their own Worlds/Dimensions.

Anyway; My family, which was really just included my sister and my mother who was able to get off work for a while to see us off as my father was unable to do so but he gave us his best wishes while we saw him at home during Breakfast before he went to work, soon drove to Harry's home where he was waiting for us on the curb of the street not far from the Dursley Home with all of his things needed for Hogwarts like his Owl and Trunk.

I made sure to check with Harry about his wand to see if it was strapped to the holster for it, which it was as he said he nearly never took it off as he didn't want his holster nicked by his Uncle or Dudley if his wand was still strapped inside it.

I assured and reminded him of the charms and protections placed on his stuff of which he seemed to forget about.

Moving on from that we all headed to the Station, with careful timing and movements we all managed to get through the barrier and into the hidden Platform with no fuss or being noticed by some of the Non Magical's.

Which meant we but mostly Harry avoided meeting the Weasley's for the first time and derailing the chances for Harry to have any lasting ties to them apart from those few Weasley Children who were students of Hogwarts that I liked.

One of the things I hoped would work well into making Harry not be dragged down by the ineptitude and bunglings of one Ronald Weasley.

The boy, while having some minor redeeming qualities in some moments for the story of Harry Potter and later in life when helping the BWL, was for the most part useless and a waste of a good character.

In my opinion Neville Longbottom was the better person/companion as he was more relatable to Harry and would grow into an amazing wizard, eventually.

That was one of the side quest/tasks I set myself to do, make Neville feel worthy and not ashamed of himself.

But that was not yet possible as I hadn't even met him yet.

"Another Tangent, dammit; I cannot seem to escape them today." I say to myself in thought as I give my head another shake and mental slap to refocus on what is currently happening.

We've, Myself and Harry, already said our goodbyes to my mother after all of our Trunks and stuff was helped loaded onto the train with the assistance of herself and one of the train attendants.

My sister has only just left us, having spotted a group of her friends in her year already and joined them on the train but not before giving myself and Harry a momentary goodbye and wish of luck during the train ride to Hogwarts and Sorting.

Harry and I are now on the train and finding a compartment to rest in for the long journey up to Hogwarts from London.

I finally spy an empty one which if my memory serves me is the one where Harry is to meet the other members of the popularly coined 'Golden Trio'.

"Come on Harry I've found one to sit in," I say to Harry who is shortly behind me as I drag my Trunk and Owl Cage, containing said Owl, in with me inside the Compartment and take a seat placing the cage with owl occupant beside me; but not before I give a heave and lift of the trunk and stow it in the luggage rack above me.

"Thank Merlin for weight reduction charms," I think with a sigh of relief at not having to lift a literal 2 ton trunk in my young and much weaker body before I blink in slight astonishment as I realise I've just used the colloquial term for 'Thank God' in the HP world without realising it.

Harry's call of help in lifting his own trunk snaps me out of my contemplations and makes me rush to help the poor struggling young wizard.

"Why did you not ask for the weight reduction charms on this trunk again?" I grunt to Harry as I help him lift the massive trunk on to the luggage rack opposite mine.

Harry grunts back to me as I feel my arms shake lifting such a heavy object, "Cost too much to add with the other charms already on it and the man at the shop would have needed to restart casting all the charms on it for it to work together."

"Of course it did," I practically snarl in reply and a little bit of exhaustion plus effort as Harry and I finally manage to heave the trunk into place.

We then fall down and collapse into our seats, Harry sitting in the bench opposite me, with puffs of breath and gasps of fatigue shared between us.

"That's it, when we get to Hogwarts I'm hunting that place for a Gym from top to bottom and when I do I am gonna be working out in my spare time till I look like something out of a male fitness catalogue." I half joke half declare with a semi exhausted growl of words coming out of my mouth.

Harry pants back to me in a weak joking tone of voice, "That's if we aren't driven mad by the amount of homework and classes we'll get in Hogwarts.

I chuckle weakly only to groan in slight pain at the stitch in my sides as I breath, "Can't laugh I hurt too much."

Harry attempts to laugh in jest, too only to be similarly afflicted with the same condition as I as he weakly mumbles out back to me. "Same here."

I pant and say to him, "Let's just have a wee rest and then we can sort yourselves out when we're near the school; agreed?" I suggest with a small gasp coming out as I finish speaking to Harry.

Harry of course replies with a short, "Agreed."

I nod and then begin to nod off with the exhaustion and fatigue helping me right along till I fall asleep, the last image I see as I close my eyes is of Harry beginning to tilt to the side and slide along the compartment bench/seats till he appears to nod off too.

Hogwarts Express, On Way to Hogwarts SOW&W - A couple of hours later (Harry's POV)

I blink and clear my eyes of any bleariness as I am awoken by noise of the compartment door being rattled and then knocked, from what I can see out of my still sleepy eyes.

I sit up and shake my head as I then scratch the top of it as I realise I feel much better and not so tired from before.

I then stand up and can see David is still asleep with his body mostly upright but in a state of collapse as his arms and legs are spread out and his head is turned to the side a little.

I hesitantly reach out with my hand and give David's arm a shake to wake him up as I call out to him, "David I think someone's at the door and they want in so please wake up?"

My reply from David is a grunt and a cough as he wriggles a bit in his semi comfortable position before attempting to fall back into deep slumber.

"Come on wake up!" I call out louder and shake a bit more forcefully, that does the trick this time as he soon cracks open his eyes with a glazed sort of sleepy look before I watch as he shakes his head and gives a little stretch of his arms and then a rotation of his neck before ending with a head scratch similar to mine.

He yawns while talking, "What's the matter Harry; have we been asleep too long?"

I hold back the feeling and motion of rolling my eyes at my friends momentary lapse in attention before I simply point to the still rattling compartment door which is further knocked with more force than before.

David looks to the door with still slightly sleepy vision before he realises the situation apparently and soon wakes up completely with a surprising slap to his cheeks and now bright eyes.

"I didn't remember locking the door when we came in earlier do you?" David asks me off handedly.

I reply in the negative as I say to him, "I don't either."

I watch as David soon stands up with a stretch and moves to the door, feeling caution fill me up at whom could be on the other side?

I move near him as I stand up also but give space so I am not crowding him.

David soon quickly unlocks and then slides the door open with a small amount of force from what I can see of his actions.

The effect of this apparently startles whomever is on the other side of the door as they seem to stumble a bit before righting themselves before I can get a good look at the person or rather three people, two of whom stand behind the admittedly smaller person in the middle.

Said person in the middle seems kinda familiar but the other two are a complete mystery.

"I wonder what they want?," I think to myself as I start to notice that David has become somewhat stiff in posture for some reason.

Hogwarts Express, On Way to Hogwarts SOW&W - Now (David's POV)

"Shit, shit, shit; I forgot about these three, I cannot believe that events appear to be out of sync from what I knew happened on the train from both books and the film?"

My mind is racing as before my eyes is none other than 'DRACO FRICKIN MALFOY' along with his two bodyguards Crabbe & Goyle.

Before I can react even more I have to listen to the batty pompous wizard talk like he's the frickin prince of the world.

"Why was this door locked from my entry, I should come and go anywhere I like?"

I greatly restrain myself from rolling my eyes at this brat's speech and just reply in a dry sarcastic manner.

"Maybe some people wanted to have a bit of privacy before reaching school, did you ever think of that for a moment Malfoy."

Malfoy blinks at me in surprise at my sarcasm before attempting to reply in turn with his insufferable posh brat voice enunciate each word.

"You seem to know who I am, its expected of course, but who are you two?" Malfoy asks us as with a straight and pompous stature while his eyes linger over us both, yet they rested longer on Harry than myself to my slight discomfort at what could happen in these moments of us all meeting.

I reply clearly but with an edge of warning to the blond wizard, "My name is David and my friend here is Harry and that is all we are willing to say on that so if you don't mind leaving us in peace I would be most grateful."

Malfoy seems to be getting a little frustrated on our refusal to give both my own and Harry's last names as Malfoy attempts to make a step forward in possibly forcing his way inside and getting his way as usual, but then he suddenly pauses as he seems to see something of interest and surprise.

I am confused before I also realise at the same time what he sees as Malfoy soon announces in slight astonishment but with not so well concealed greed shining in his eyes as he says aloud.

"So the rumours are true then, Harry Potter has come to Hogwarts."

I chance a quick look back at my friend and have to hold back a groan at the inopportune timing of Harry's hair parting just enough for his famous scar to be seen by Malfoy.

Harry replies in turn as he says with an undercurrent of annoyance coloring his voice towards Malfoy, "Yes I am Harry Potter and I am going to Hogwarts but I don't see what business you have to do with any of it?"

I feel pride rise up in my at my subtle coaching of Harry through out letters to each other about dealing with some people who may be only interested in him due to his tragic and unfortunately gained fame.

Malfoy seems to not get the hint to shut up and leave us alone as he says with a direction of his head as he introduces his two bodyguards/grunts.

"This is Crabbe and that's Goyle."

"As your supposed friend here said, I'm Malfoy; Draco Malfoy."

I have to hold in a snicker at how the blond brat introduced himself, as it always reminds me of the Bond introduction from the films.

Anyway, I speak up and say to the young wizard in front of me, "Since you appear to have introduced yourself as such then I guess I'll do so as well if only to be polite."

"I am David O'Connell, and while I have your attention for a moment may you answer why you wished to enter Harry and I's compartment a moment ago even if you did not know who we were?"

Malfoy seems to have a bit of surprise at hearing the surname of my family, as while the Malfoy's are of the more elite pureblood of the British Wizarding World at the moment; my own family are of some good standing and reputation in most parts of Britain and are viewed with neither disgust nor great praise but of a more average acceptance and popularity in the general Wizarding communities.

Malfoy replies back as he speaks more to Harry than I as he says, "I wished to confirm the rumours of Potter's return and since most Wizards and Witches I know don't lock their compartments on the train; I simply was curious as to whom was behind this one."

"Well then, is your curiosity satisfied then Mr Malfoy?" I say with a dry tone as I give him a look to try and convey Harry and I's need for privacy.

Malfoy, for what seems once in his life, takes the hint and soon departs with a turn as his entourage follow behind him like hulking black robed ogre's; walking away with his last words to us both echoing back to us along the train corridor.

"See you both at School I suppose, lets hope you pick the right sort of people to associate with."

As soon as he is out of sight I shut the door with a slam and take a deep breath of relief as I comment more to myself than Harry.

"That went better than I expected."

"What did you suspect would happen?"

I turn and indicate for us both to sit back down as I then begin to explain once we are both comfortable my theory's and suspicions.

"You remember in one of our letters to each other I spoke of the prejudice and racism that is rampant in the many parts of The Wizarding World?" I ask him as an icebreaker to a somewhat delicate subject for our conversation.

Harry nods as he says back in answer with a look of recollection showing on his face.

"Yes, I know that a lot of Wizards and Witches who were born or grown up in the Wizarding World see many things of the non magical variety as strange and unnatural or with great fear and disgust; especially those few Witches & Wizards who are born from Non Magical Family's like Muggleborns."

I praise Harry with a small smile as I say to him, "Correct; well remembered Harry."

I further speak to him as Harry looks a bit more happy at my praise, giving me a small amount of joy and satisfaction on how much Harry respects and trusts my words of wisdom and knowledge.

"Anyway, Those Witches & Wizards like the Malfoy Family are of the racist and prejudice groups of The Wizarding World and those such groups were either actively or secretly supporting the man behind your Parent's Deaths; it was even said that Draco Malfoy's Father is or used to be a member of Voldemort's inner circle of followers."

I watch as Harry's expression shift from his momentary joy to a series of emotions, shock, fear, anger and paranoia.

I quickly try to calm Harry down as I say to him, "Draco may not be as bad as his father but he may show traits or actions of being against those people like Muggleborns and others he views as not worthy of magic; its all depending on how much of his father's prejudiced views have been drilled into the boy's head and how much Draco has retained of it."

"Furthermore Lucius Malfoy, Draco's father was tried before court and found to be forced into service of Voldemort through the means of mind control by a dark spell that is illegal but many believe that Lucius simply bought his way out of being sent to prison or faked his confession so I just want you to be careful on how you interact with Draco Malfoy as many like him will be students at Hogwarts."

Poor Harry looked overwhelmed by what I have told him but he does have enough focus left to ask me, "How do you know so much?"

I quickly give my answer as I expected such a question.

"My uncle is a lawyer of sorts along with some relatives who work closely with law enforcement, of which many times they have helped the Department of Magical Law Enforcement at the Ministry of Magic during the time of Voldemort's reign of terror."

"I have heard much from them on many cases and stuff not shown in the Magical Newspapers at occasional family get togethers when they have all had a bit too much to drink; so I just listened to them ramble on about this case and that about the many Witches & Wizards they all wished had been arrested or caught and jailed, one of them being the details of Lucius Malfoy's dirty handed tricks and bribery in getting out of jail with barely a trial."

I let Harry stew in his clearly overwhelmed mind and wait for the young wizard to decompress and relax.

It looks it will take some time for this to happen so I just keep my mind occupied while this happens, starting with reviewing my mental checklist and rearranging in my head how some interactions may go instead of how I expected them to happen.

Clearly this meeting with Malfoy Jnr had both benefits and faults with the benefits being that Draco would clearly not be so antagonistic to Harry since the young wizard has not snubbed off or offended Draco and has for the moment worked out a neutral association with the blond haired boy.

The faults would be future events could still find some way of making Draco antagonistic to Harry later, the flying lesson for one or Harry's sorting into Gryffindor for two and finally Harry's simple personality of not liking Bully's or those who mistreat others for being different could contribute towards the spark that begins the rivalry between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter during most of the two students time at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Express, On Way to Hogwarts SOW&W - Later on, Halfway to Hogwarts (David's POV)

It looks like Harry has calmed down now so I tell him, "Glad to see you've calmed down from our talk there; sorry if it got a bit heavy and dark during it all but I didn't want you to be unaware of things like a lot of people not raised in the Wizarding World."

Harry gives a sigh and a weary smile back as he simply says back, "Its fine; thanks anyway."

I say back to him as look out the window and watch the scenery pass us by and note the sky getting darker and bit by bit which tells me Harry and I we are getting closer to Hogwarts, "It's no problem; if you need any other things to talk about or get off your chest so to speak then I'm always willing to listen and offer advice or information."

Harry seems to find that comforting as I watch his body finally settle and relax back into his seat.

Only for the door to the compartment get knocked on with what sounded like the rapping of a fist or chap of someone's hand hitting the wood.

Harry is again sitting up with a look of unease on who he may meet this time from what I can gather of his expression and posture as he sits.

I wave off to Harry as I tell him, "It's fine I'll handle this; you just relax and maybe this person is someone you may find enjoyable to talk to other than me?"

I sit up and go over to the door and calmly open it up only to blink in surprise at who I meet on the other side.

Its a teary eyed, red faced Neville Longbottom; of whom is shaking with a nervous posture and stance as he mumbles aloud with grief colouring his tone towards me.

"Sorry, but have you seen a Toad at all around here or in your compartent; I've lost him." Neville wailed a bit at the end of his sentence as he finished speaking.

I say back to him, "I've not seen any Toad's about in here or anywhere and neither has Harry I believe."

I look back to Harry with a look of inquisitiveness as I signal Harry to answer of which he does saying, "Nope I haven't seen any Toad's; sorry."

Neville now looks even more depressed and anxious as he wails aloud, "He keeps getting away from me; every time my back is turned or I look away from his tank Trevor ends up disappearing somehow."

I ask for clarification as I act a little confused, "And Trevor is your Toad's name?"

Neville sniffles a bit and merely nods with a whimper from his throat.

I take a quick look back at Harry and nudge my head towards Neville in asking if it would be alright if I brought the distraught boy in.

Harry has a moment of thought and indecisiveness before nodding and soon I ask Neville.

"Do you want to take a seat in here as I'm sure Trevor will turn up soon?"

Neville looks hesitant to accept the offer but after a few more words of comfort and encouragement the larger and teary eyed boy enters Harry and I's compartment where I offer my seat and I take a seat beside Harry.

Neville soon sits down with a hiccup and sniffle as I and Harry watch him slowly calm down after some quiet settles in the compartment besides the rattling and movement of the train.

Neville soon speaks with a nervous tone as he says to us, "I'm Neville Longbottom by the way, what are your names?"

After a short look between myself and Harry on who should speak first of which Harry rolls his eyes and gives in when I flick my eyes back to Neville in signal on whom should start introductions.

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter and this is my friend David O'Connell."

Neville I swear stops breathing for a moment, as his face suddenly begins to clear of any signs of tears or nervousness, before he soon breaths again with a stunned awe showing in his face as he says aloud with astonishment.

"Harry Potter, The Harry Potter?"

Harry rolls his eyes and says back with a huff of exasperation, Yes; That Harry Potter."

Neville soon utters in shock, "Merlin's Beard."

I quickly cut in with a snap of my fingers to grab Neville's attention in attempt to stem any hero worship of Harry and in hope's of making an early start on having Harry and Neville become better friends than they were in the original story and films.

"Before you react any further I just want you to think for a moment on what Harry's fame and notoriety has cost him personally and how he may feel with all this reverence placed on him when all he wants is to be treated normal or equally."

Neville appears to be confused for a minute or two before he soon gains a look of understanding and for a brief second a flash of grief showing in his eyes.

Harry, meanwhile is looking at me with an expression of appreciation at my intervention and a bit of surprise at how I knew that part of him who wants nothing to do with his fame,

I merely shrug at him and turn to whisper to him while Neville appears pensive for a few moments, from what I can see of the round faced boy out of the corner of my eye.

"It's not hard to see and guess from what I know of you and your comments in our letters to each other about your fame."

Harry appears thoughtful at my answer and soon we both return out attention to Neville as the boy says more to Harry than myself, which I accept as it may happen quite often when people speak to us both due to the attention that Harry gets from his notoriety.

"I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable with my reactions as I know what its like to lose people close to me because of actions or events beyond my control."

I am nearly stunned at how Neville appears to be somewhat in a small way sharing the details of his Parents unfortunate state and ill-health; knowing how difficult it must be for the young boy to admit such a thing at this age.

Harry appears to be understanding and receptive to the compassion shown by Neville, "Thank you and I'm sorry too for whomever you lost."

There is a quiet yet tense atmosphere in the air before it is broken by another knock on the door, which is open this time as we all look up as one and I see a person who nearly makes me fall out of my seat in shock and hidden excitement.

Hermione Granger, dressed already in her Hogwarts school uniform and looking stunningly cute for her age; her features are reminiscent of Emma Watson but only a bit and the rest is all unique to this version of Hermione Granger, with a few minor details thrown in from the book like her larger than normal front teeth and her long bushy hair.

She speaks with a tone many would consider bossy or imperious towards them but I know is merely a front or defensive way she speaks to others so she can feel like she matters, this comes from the many times I dissected Hermione's reactions and speeches in the books and parts of the film when she showed her more vulnerable side.

"Neville, what are you doing here; I thought you were looking for your Toad and Holy Cricket your Harry Potter?!"

I nearly want to groan at how I will have to do damage control for this meeting between one of the most popular female characters of J.K. Rowling.

"Dangit Hermione!" I think with exasperation as I watch the first meeting between Hermione Granger and Harry Potter.

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