Title: Magical Users Collide

Rating: T

Summary: AU! Aunt Petunia is an Egyptian Magician, unknown to even her own sister. When the son and daughter of Remus and Hermione Lupin arrive she knows that her life has just turned upside down. Both are like her, magicians, and magical world has done all it can to get rid of them. How else to you explain their mentality. A Kane Chronicles/ Harry Potter crossover!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling or Riordan's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1

Unknown to anyone that has more than half a brain there is a much lower class of magical people than even squibs. Their called Egyptian magicians and they are completely prohibited from entering the magical world. They have their nomes and the magical world doesn't dare go into that area. If the Ministry finds out that an Egyptian magician has managed to enter the magical world, they are taken care of. After all, their most powerful weapon is gone.

At least that's what they want you to think.

The Egyptian magicians believe that the Wizarding world is full of snobby, stuck up, morons that can't even tie their own shoes without magic or even cook their own food. The magicians pride themselves on living in the now, and getting rid of any threat before it happens. Their most powerful weapon, hosting an Egyptian god, was given back to them when Amos Kane became lector. And they have vowed to use it to keep the wizard in check. No one even thinks that two unknown magicians could have been trained at Hogwarts and done many great things.

That's before the Lupin siblings showed up, Teddy and Rosemary Lupin!

Unknown to Lily Potter, Petunia Dursley is an Egyptian magician and allied with London House. Her job is to keep the wizards from finding London House and telling the magicians how to do business. The Ministry thinks that they own anyone that's magical, including the magicians. Children are raised to distrust them and even hate them. However there is one thing that protects the magicians from the Ministry and that is the pharaoh name Carter Kane.

If the Ministry doesn't want the pharaoh on them they would do well to play nice and by the rules. The news that the Lupin siblings had was not good. Not good at all! Apophis was rising and he had allied himself with Voldemort, to keep him from being defeated.

"Wait a minute, are you telling me that the two worst idiots have allied themselves with each other," Petunia said.

"Yes, and both of our worlds are in grave danger," Teddy said. "We have to work together in-order to stop them. I've talked to Carter and he has agreed that this is a good idea."

"Great, just great," Petunia muttered. "However, I don't know how to get to Hogwarts."

"We do," Rosemary answered.

The head of London House agreed that Petunia and the Lupin siblings should go to Hogwarts and it was approved by Carter Kane. A free pass, giving full protection, and punishment for violating the terms of the eighteen twenty seven agreement, was given to them and off they went. Though they ended up having to do things the hard way, something that Petunia didn't like.

She would have to make contact with a group called The Order of the Phoenix, as Hogwarts wasn't in session yet. A group of witches and wizards, and the sibling's parents, who were fighting against Voldemort!

"Since this is before Harry's fifth year, then the only person that you really have to worry about is Alister 'Mad-Eye' Moody," Teddy told her. "He's mentally unstable, in my personal opinion."

"Great, should have known that old fool would have someone insane," Petunia said.

She changed into her linen clothes, made sure that things were ready, and then took a small cab to Grimmald Place. Of course she should have known that things weren't going to be that simple. The moment that they were outside the protective bounds of the house that's when they ran into trouble. Teddy was the first to notice.

"Burning chickens coming at us," he said.

Petunia turned in her seat and said, "Burning chickens? Why is it always that?"

"We'll take care of it," Rosemary said and they climbed out of the moving cab and onto the roof. "Ted, their behind us. I'll keep watch on low bridges and you-."

"Kick their butts," he added and she nodded.

Meanwhile in the cab, "What the hell?"

"Keep driving if you want to be paid," Petunia said. "Nothing is going on."

As she spoke the words the cab driver nodded and continuing driving. Above Teddy had his wand and curved sword at the ready. The first one came at him and yelled, "Tas!" Twine came at them and wrapped around most of them. Four of them got away and were now renewing the attack.

"Duck!" Rosemary said and then got on their backs as they went under a bridge. "Any idea for the last four?"

"I've got an idea," Teddy said. "But we need Isis."

She glared at him and said, "You just had to ask that."

"What are you doing up there?" Petunia asked.

"She's going to let Isis take over," Teddy told her.

"Great," she muttered. "Don't you dare break the support beams of this bridge. There's only so much that can be used to cover our butts."

"Don't worry, we won't," Teddy said.

Rosemary let Isis take over and she summoned water from the river. Huge whirlpools of the stuff turned into a tornado. Petunia made a silent prayer to Ra for protection and then screams from burning chickens could be heard as the water came at them. Petunia screamed but the water went over the cab. They reached the other side and the two Lupin siblings got back in.

"All gone," Rosemary said.

"And so is my heart rate," Petunia answered. "Who taught you that?"

"Dad," they answered.

"Remind me to kick his butt when I find him," she said.

"At least we don't have to worry about the chickens," Rosemary told her.

"I'm still kicking his butt," Petunia vowed.

When they arrived they all got out, Petunia paid for the ride, and then the cab sped away. Petunia at once sensed the house, even though she couldn't see it.

"I can see it as we've been here," Teddy told her, "Though not in this time frame!"

"Let's get this over with," Petunia said, "Before something else happens."

Rosemary nodded and then suddenly the house appeared. Petunia wasn't shocked, but, at least, the first nome was hidden under the Cairo airport. They walked up the stairs and Petunia opened the door, without knocking. Petunia was ready for anything that the wizards could hand out. She had no idea that they were fast.

Well except for Moody.